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  • This show is very entertaining! I love it!

    The show may sorta be like The Incredibles but The Incredibles is one of my favriote movies. With the exception of no copy of Jak-Jak the characters are just like those of The Incredibles.

    This is another fine-example of Nickelodeon's great Nicktoons! My favriote character would have to be none other than little Truman! His attitude is seems to be like mine! He is a great character.

    Glowface is a strange but likeable villan. He not the smartest villan but he can always be foiled as all villans should be. I love this show! I hope this show last many, many, many seasons!
  • The writing and comedic value is all there. However, going with a highly stylized look might not work to its advantage.

    The writing is solid and the humor works on many levels in my opinion. The voice-acting is also very entertaining. Dad having the voice of Buzz Lightyear is a nice touch, and the mom sounding like Principle Fulsom from Fillmore works just fine for me. About the only real problem that I see with it is the flat-out terrible chracter design. I can tell that the creators wanted to go with a more stylized look for the show, but that's not always a good thing. It worked with the Powerpuff girls and Ed, Edd, and Eddy, but this is a Nicktoon, not a Cartoon Network original. The character I like the least is their primary villian who's face is butt-ugly and not in a funny sort of way. Some of the others don't look so bad. The girls in the slumber party episode were nicely done, especially the blond one. If they can make some of the character features less exagerated, there is a lot of potential with this show. Until then, I'll keep watching, but I'll try not to get too attached to this show.
  • There's potential here, give or take a few problems.

    Every night, there's one particular show I like to watch that comes on at 8:30. I was bored waiting for this, so I decided to do some channel surfing, and I found this. It looked interesting enough, so I decided to watch. Sure, I switched to my other show when 8:30 came around, but then I went right back to this. Needless to say, this WAS rather interesting. There a just a few kinks that need to be worked out.

    First off, I really don't like the animation. All the backrounds are the same exact color. Whenever they cut to the X's house, the entire screen was green - even the sky! They NEED to fix that. Then there's the matter of the writing. The plotlines were original, for the most part, but I feel they weren't played out to their true potential. I think there's a lot more they could've done with the stories. Also, there's not much variety in the villains - it's ALWAYS Glowface! You can't feature the same villain in EVERY episode, people, no matter how enjoyable they may be.

    Now onto the good. The characters - although somewhat stereotypical - are funny and smart. My favorite is Glowface. He absolutely cracked me up, especially in "Photo Ops." I also like Tuesday - think how tough it must be to be an international spy AND a teenager. And yet Tuesday carries the burden with grace, wit, and an AWESOME head of stylish green hair. You're a true American, Tuesday. This show is also funny, and not just stupid funny. Because - yes, it's true - banging your leg on a coffee table is the worst physical pain to ever experience (I's happened to me about a thousand times...).

    All in all, if the staff can work out the smaller problems, I'm very sure "The X's" can reach it's full potential. But for now, it's nothing to obsess over.
  • It's okay, but it's a sad parody of The Incredibles.

    The show is about a family of spies. There's a mom and a dad (I don't remember their names), a teenage girl named Tuesday, and a younger boy named Truman. They go on missions and stuff but have the worst cover.

    This show is okay; it has its funny moments and all, but it's kind of overhyped. It's sort of like the Incredibles, but they don't have superpowers. Nick has definetly overdone the "saving the world" thing. They should have just stuck with one or two of those shows. This is what happens when people are too lazy to come up with their own ideas.
  • This show is good,but has a few problems.

    Ok,so basically the X's is about some spies who work for some organization called SUPERIOR and their enemies are another organization called SNAFU,while trying to be a normal family.Now I'll discuss this show.My problems with this show are that the animation is bad.I also don't like that Glowface has to appear in almost every episode and that he can't give other villains a chance to appear.One final thing is that they almost copied Totally Spies with,but there are some good things about this show.One,that there are other characters to enjoy,like Mr. X or Homebase,which I like anyways.Also I get to see some weapons,like the fart-ray.There is some good writing.So this show is good,but needs to fix some problems.
  • This show has potential... it needs to be a little funnier and the animation needs to get better... but it DOES have potential

    The one thing I noticed when I first saw the show, was how fast the credits went by, so i had no idea what the episode was called. That was a big Bad distraction and then I noticed the Animation. It's a new style, but it lacks to me. And the BACKGROUNDS are TERRIBLE! They are in just one color and it is very stupid... BUT! This show made me laugh and the action was usually quite exciting... so it DOES has Potential, it just need to get there...
  • In short, and in my very humble, cool, awesome opinion, this show SUX!

    Ahem... this show sux! No originality whatsoever, horrible animation, stories to snore, and it has been done before! This is the Incredibles with a new skin, and might I add, a very stupid skin. This was an immature atempt at something that would have failed anyway, and I really think someone should send Nick a wake up call and throw this show along with Catscratch off the air. Only reason it got a score at all is because the evil guy's voice is kinda cool.
  • this show is AWFUL!

    it's not funny,it doesn't have good lines or storylines for that matter.this show insults Nick,i love Nick,its one of my favorite channels.
    Disney useto be til they ended Kim Possible,poor KP...any way,the Xs?i do not like this show,i just saw the frist ep,and i had to change the was boring,bad animation,terrible story,WHAT WAS NICK THINKING?
    i think they should make more shows made from the Danny Phantom/Fairly 0dd Parents,maybe not the same shapey design but the same idea in stories and charcters.i'm not saying people who do like this show to not watch it but i just wanna know WHY W0ULD Y0U WATCH IT?
  • it like amrican dad mixed with kim possible to become funny crap!!!

    the show is really funny the art will take some getting used to it beautiful but it is funny i give it that funny
    the actors did a good
    job the art is like good enough for the show
    but i recomend watching this over and over
    and over but not farther than that
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