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  • My favorite character

    This will be my favorite TV show and my favorite character will be Tuesday X.
  • I love the show. I think it is funny and original(in the sense that it has NOTHING to do with the Incredibles). The animation may be different but that does not make it bad. I thought the episodes were funny. I give it a 10 out of 10.

    What some people call bad animation is really just animation that is different from the norm of today's animation society. I really enjoyed the X's and love the characters. My favorite part would have to be the voice actors. They are my personal favorite. I have to agree that the first 15 minute episode could have been funnier but all in all I like it.
  • Don't leave Tuesday and Truman it was great to have you on Nick!

    I love The X's. Why does it have to be on at night? Why can't it be on more. I wish it was on Nick still at least it's on Nicktoons Network. Why does this show have to be done with episodes. Why can't they have a season 2? With new episodes airing on Nicktoons Network and not nick. I don't mind if it's on the digital channel. All, I mind is it's an awsome show that's on at night usally now a days. It was a great show while it had newer episodes I hope to hsee more I haven't seen in the future. I really wish they might have DVD's of it to.
  • I hate that I like this show! I just can't resist!

    I know everyone says that this show is like an unoriginal, not funny cross between The Incredibles and American Dad, but of course there is still a lot of originality. The animation I find unique from other shows and the characters are hilarious, especially Glowface. Everyone says he hates him because he acts like a five-year-old. That's what makes him funny! Mr. X isn't really a good leader. Honestly, I can see why people hate this show, and that's why I gave this the category "Guilty Pleasure" because I like something that most people hate. Just listen to a few episodes and you may find you like it after all.

    This, along with Spongebob and Ed, Edd, n Eddy, are the three shows that helped me start my show (for more info, look at my blog page).
  • the funniest show on nick.

    next to Speed Racer: the next generation and Kappa Mikey, this my third favorite show. some people say Mr. X is an idiot. NEWS FLASH! HE IS! that's what makes him funny! and some people think this show is stupid. i think it is too. but that's what makes it funny. before it really found it's voice, it got canceled. before it got to the best episodes, it got canceled. and before it even got a real fan base, (all together now!) IT GOT CANCELED! you see my point. some people say it's unoriginal. is there another show EXACTLY like this one? think about it. EXACTLY like this one. i didn't think so. now, before you even THINK about giving this show a bad reveiw, think. EXACTLY like this one. now, your turn. on your mark, get set, REVEIW!
  • Whoa only a 5.6? Man this show is awesome! I always loved watching this great show!

    Bring this show back indeed! The first time i saw this show was when it first premiered which was some day in November. I saw it once and i thought: "Hey this is prety neat!" and i was interested in seeing more! Its a shame this show lasted for only about a year, it is also unfortunate that one of the reasons why it probably got canceled was becasue of the low fan base, and the decreasing score which is now at a 5.6, if it is up to a 5.7 though when i am done with this review though, then that means my rating for this show helped it rise up again! Man i loved this show so much, I remember Mr. X and Mrs. X, and also Tuesday and Truman! I was over at my Grandpa's house when i saw this premiere at (i think 8:00 P.M. was it?) That means it was nighttime. i will miss you The X's, i thought you were a great show with cool characters! Back then in 2005, this show definitely brings back memories. So you will also always be in my memories The X's! This was a great show and i wish it didn't get canceled so soon. Man, well rest in peace, The X's. Spies rule and are so cool!
  • The X's is Awesome!

    The X\'s is a wonderful show both stylistically and in writing. The voice talents are perfect. I don\'t know why so many people hate this show. Perhaps it\'s because they\'re used to the usual Nick garbage that has come along. Now lately Nick has had a few quality shows, Invader Zim, Fairly Odd Parents, Danny Phantom, Avatar and of course The X\'s. I\'ve also noticed that many view The X\'s as an Incredibles rip-off, where as The Incredibles was more or less a Fantastic Four take-on. The X\'s are spies not superheroes. Kudos to Carlos Ramos for actually making this show brilliant :)
  • Nick May Have Gotten Worse, But One Of Their Problems Is That They Keep Airing These Same Boring Cartoons All The Time, When They Have Been Cancelled!! This Cartoon Is Not One Of These Shows, And They Need To Air It More, And I Support That.

    I liked this show from the first time that I have seen it, but I didn't eXpect it to last very long, because of some of the shows that have been on way before it. And I looked at the reviews, and instead of giving the ratings that the bad shows deserve, they state that they don't like this show instead. The X's is much better than those other shows, it is funny.... It is very eXtreme, like the characters are drinking too much coffee, and some characters are more eXtreme than others, like the Dad, and Glow Face, and then there is the tempers of the Mom (I know, I forgot the names of the characters of a TV show again.... ) and Tuesday X. I think that is very cool that they have a living house and I think it is funny that their main rival is crazy. Perhaps that some people should re-examine this show. It clearly has several things about it such as the opening. And another thing about the show is that it has eXcellent sound and animation. Cartoons with eXcellent sound and animation have been around since the 1960s, when Chuck Jones produced T&J, but The Xs also have this, especially when They fly the X Jet.....
  • Meet the X's you're Untypical Family of Spies

    A Family of Spies called The X's working for Superior Save the World from Snafu Led by Glowface and Being a spy Family it's hard Blending in the Sub-Urbs but Mr.X The Father will do anything to Stop Snafu alongside his Family Ms.X,Tuesday and Truman they can Be A Family and Super Spies
  • I absolutley love the x's , there cute and adorable i love truman! hes soo adorable. i like how he acts like a little kid , some-times,he acts like a responsible adult it some episodes, and i can relate to truman! hes my favorite character and tuesday als

    Well what can i say i love the x's and i think there cute and adorable, i love truman x, and tuesday, mr. and mrs. x! and homebase, it is alot like a incredibles spinnoff! i do enjoy watching it alot , even more that any other nick me!
  • I've only saw one episode of this, but it looks pretty good.

    The X's is about a family of spies that are having trouble keeping their secret. They show how hard it is to keep a secret. They have amazing gadgets, fight amazing space battles, and are pretty darn funny. The comedy is good, but the animation needs fine tuning. Overall, this show isn't as bad as everybody thinks.
  • A cartoon starring Wendie Malick (Just Shoot Me) AND Patrick Warburton (The Tick, Family Guy)???!!! Beam me there, Scotty!

    What a cool show this is, it's funny, it's action packed and the art and design looks pretty sweet. The show is funny in terms of it's a show about a family of spies, who are completely ignorant on how to be a normal family and live a normal life and the only way they can handle it is by the actions of a CIA agent or SWAT team. Yup, everyone in the show is stupid. The bad guy, the mother and ESPECIALLY the father. And I guess the show gets credit because of Warburton's meathead sensibility. The action in this show has pretty much no limits because every member of the family fights and the villain's a total wacko. Recommended for viewers who miss the Tick.
  • The X's are awsome

    Why does everyone hate the X's?
    its a great show. but i'll admit it does need just a little improvement.but i bet half the people who hate this show never even watched 1 episode..hey when they first premeired Danny Phantom i thought it was stupid then i watched 1 episode and i loved come on X's haters just watch 1..just 1 episode and i'll bet you'll love it

    Im not trying to force you. jus' sayin'
  • The X`s are an amazing family of spies that can`t seem to get along.

    The X`s are an amazing family of spies that can`t seem to get along. Okay, they aren`t the best spies but they are pretty good. They argue over the smallest things. The thing that amazed me the most though was the fact the Tuesday accually played video games with her brother. My sister doesn`t even do that. Over all the show is great not just because of the cool jet but because of the show.
  • One of my top favorite shows.

    The X\'s is one of my top favorite shows. First I never thought of watching it. I can be over obsessive towards characters belive me. And when my younger brother (he does not know the characters names till I told him) said \"You should start liking \"that red guy\" from The X\'s.\" I gave him a annoyed stare. But in my mind I was shouting \"His name is Glowface! And that is when it started. I watched one episode of The X\'s and fell for Glowface. NOTE: Remember I can become totally obsessive to cartoon characters. To a point that I can\'t stop talking about (insert character name here).

    So my total grade for The X\'s is 10/10.

    And for those of you who hate The X\'s this is for you:

    Give this show a chance! I don\'t want it taken off air all because some people hate it. If it is canncailed I\'d be heart broken so please give the show a chance or start liking it or I\'m going to be really mad.

  • Great show!!!!!!!1

    This show is awesome and funny!!!I don,t even know how people could hate this show.The show has no outline but who give a freakin crap.If you hate this show you have no taste in comedy.I say they should keep this show on the air but,if they even take off Nickoldeon,it does not even mattter if you have Ondemand like me you could watch it on channel 129 qith Ren and stimpy and Invader zim,so whatever go ahead I'll watch it on ONDEMAND!!!!!!!
  • it like amrican dad mixed with kim possible to become funny crap!!!

    the show is really funny the art will take some getting used to it beautiful but it is funny i give it that funny
    the actors did a good
    job the art is like good enough for the show
    but i recomend watching this over and over
    and over but not farther than that
  • A family of spies try to fit in with regular people. "TRY" is the key word there. Mr. X lives by the spy rule book and Mrs. X isn't what you'd x-pect from a mother! The characters are great together and the show stays funny all the time!

    Some shows constantly use old jokes, or keep repeating their own ones. This show is different! It surprises me with a clever and funny comment very often. And its so well thought out! I mean its not a complex idea, but nobody would have thought of it! Also, it has a few great voice talents! It features the great Patrick Warburton(well-known as Lok in \'Tak and the Power of Juju\') as well as Wendie Malick(the track lady on \'Racing Stripes\' as well as Nina on \'Just Shoot Me\')! Those two fit together well! This show is funny, entertaining, and FUNNY!
  • Criminally Underrated

    No, The X's was not the most original show ever. No, it was not always consistent. No, it did not always know what it wanted to be. All those things said, this show still got WAY too much criticism for what it was back in 2005-2006 ( i . e . the time mainly considered the point where Nickelodeon went downhill), probably thanks in no small part to the fact that The Incredibles was still fresh in people's minds and everyone was on the "it's not original" bandwagon. I guarantee if The X's didn't coincide with the downfall of Nickelodeon, and it instead aired during the heyday, or heck, even today (when put next to even MORE horrible shows), it'd be viewed in a more favorable light.

    While some parts of the show suffer from some awkward repetition, and some lapses in continuity, the humor is pretty spot on in most cases. The thing is, it's hard to find the middle ground for humor when it comes to shows like this, where the majority of it comes from dialogue. That's not something a lot of kids shows these days do, because many kids don't understand the dialogue or have the attention span to listen to it. That must have been obvious to many of the writers, and that's probably why they had to insert utterances like "Fartmonkeys", said by Glowface and Truman, into the show, to captivate the yougest viewers' attention. But really, when you look past that stuff, much of the dialogue is pretty damn good.

    Voice acting is superb, my favorites being Mr. X, Mrs. X, Lorenzo Suave, and Home Base (all his subtle, "hmm, yes"s and bursts of outrage are awesome). And the art, this is something that people complained about back when this show was on, but in my opinion it's a strong point. Took me a while to realize it, but the art style is actually very unique without being jarring, and to me the simplicity of color in backgrounds (where the backgrounds themselves are pretty damn detailed) makes the whole scene appealing. The show's mix of 2D and 3D is also quite astonishing by 2005 standards, for a show that I can only assume had a very limited budget.

    Relationships between characters change between episodes (refer back to continuity lapses), but they still remain relatively believable over time. While SNAFU's intentions don't really seem to have a point, neither do most bad guys in shows aimed for the family or kids these days; it's just something you can overlook when you learn to enjoy the characters themselves. Glowface is just so helplessly idiotic you can't help but like him, especially in his brief moments of sympathy when he's otherwise evil (yet very childish).

    I recently saw the episode that supposedly never aired, "Theater of War/Breaking Camp", and it felt so good to see what I considered a "new" episode of The X's after over 8 years. It makes me want to try and at least get the show back into the public eye because, let's face it, the show was poorly received back in its day, and because it wasn't the gross-out kinda bad or the hyperactive/directionless kinda bad (just the "boring" kinda bad- codeword for "too much dialogue"), it was quickly forgotten.

    I truly think that if people still remembered this show, new viewers would find it better than others did in 2005.
  • Why does everyone hate this show?

    I like this show. I dont get how come so much people hate this show. its a preety good nicktoon and its much better then alot of shows on Nick like its better then shows like "Icarly, All that, etc..." When the show came out I knew that it was going to probably be good. From the commercials it seemed like it was going to be nice. Im just sad that they ended the series but glad that they just kept the show on Nicktoons Network. The bad part is that they leave it like at 2:00 AM. If you havent seen the show you gotta give it a try because its preety good.
  • This show is very entertaining! I love it!

    The show may sorta be like The Incredibles but The Incredibles is one of my favriote movies. With the exception of no copy of Jak-Jak the characters are just like those of The Incredibles.

    This is another fine-example of Nickelodeon's great Nicktoons! My favriote character would have to be none other than little Truman! His attitude is seems to be like mine! He is a great character.

    Glowface is a strange but likeable villan. He not the smartest villan but he can always be foiled as all villans should be. I love this show! I hope this show last many, many, many seasons!
  • I don't get it - why is this show so underrated? it's not a nimick of The Incredibils! it's a p-a-r-o-d-y!

    Without really watching this show , you'd probably think it's just a cheap action adventure seris that nimicks The Incredibils . but if you give it a real look , you'll see that this show is hilarious , totally making fun of super-hero-spies . if there's any resemblens between The X's to The incredibils . it's because it's a pardoy (like a spin-off) .

    The X's live in their own little spy world , almost disconected with real normal life . and they always mix the 2 worlds as they try being a normal family .

    Truman is your average 10 year old boy... that likes blowing stuff up with lasers . Ms X is like your usual loving and caring mom... ecxept the fact she likes training with batlle axes . Mr X is sort of like James Bond , only 50 percent less smart , and 100 percent funnier . and the Teenagegirl is almost normal (probably the mose sane person in the family) . (except maybe from home-base , the tallking mission reporting computer , which is yet another spy parody feature...)

    their perseonalities conflict and that cause alot of chaos in the show . their arch enemy Glowface is a hilarious loser villan . along with his side-kick whho's a british butler (sounds familiar?) .

    the jokes are original , not corny , and most importantly - hilarious . the voice acting is great , very noisy and insane . probably the best voice-acting I ever heard on an animated show . the stories get a little repetable though (it's usually either them trying to be normal type of story - or their perseonalities conflict and make alot of chao - or even both at the same time) . the animation art style took me sometime to get used to . and the action and adventure thing in the show is not bad at all - though it shouldn't be taken seriously because the real point of this show is it's comedy .

    overall this is a great funny spy parody show , very underrated . and I wish there were more episodes to it...
  • One of the best nicktoons from the 00s.

    Of course this dosen't beat the classics (Rockos modern life, Catdog, etc...) but I'm not talking about the 90s i'm talking about the 21st century. This is my 2nd favorite nicktoon from the 21st century, (Avatar is the first.) The comedy is great, and it beats the hell out of all the Nick shows you'll find today. The animation isen't some HD anime style, but I ignore that. I think the reason people hate the show, is because they keep thinking it's a Rip-off of the Incredibles. That's all I hear actually. I don't care about that, and I don't think it's a rip-off of the incredibles because for 1 thing they use Weapons instead of Supernatural powers. I even think they should make a dvd of this, instead of putting 1 episode into the "Nick picks" dvd. Or nick should atleast show reruns of this.
  • Finally this show's on! Now I can review it!

    I\'ve always liked this show. A lot of parts had me laughing out loud, rare for cartoons on Nick. Not that I don\'t like Nick, it\'s just that now that Rugrats has ended, Fairly OddParents jumped the shark and is about to end, and SpongeBob jumped the shark, a new series on Nick keeps you on that network.

    I honestly have no idea WHY this show\'s got a mediocre rating. There is a funny villian and a wimpy dad. Even though those are slghtly overused, in some ways the jokes they give are original. This show is truly funny and I haven\'t seen animation like this. While this show reminds me a little of the Incredibles, it\'s okay, because the smallest amount of similar traits.

    Overall, I give this show a 9.0 for it\'s animation and humor. Hopefully The X\'s can be recognized as a good show and last a long time.
  • it's humor is ok...but the grahics are wayyyyyyyyyy too shiny!

    It's...alright....but it looks like to me this was a spin-off of Spy Kids. Even though that movie sucked. ANyway, back to the topic. It's about a family of spies who go on missions and beat up bad guys. I supose some of the jokes are ok and no bathroom far. just they way I liek it.
  • Its ok.

    "The Xs" is a decent show. It's not really good and not really bad. Ive been watching it since it came out in 2005. I like this show alot and I dont know why alot of people hate it. I miss seing it and I really want it to come back. I dont have Nicktoons Network so I havent been able to watch it since Thanksgiving in 2006. That was the last time it aired on regular Nickelodeon and the Last new episode. It was also my favorite. My favorite character is Truman. His hair is awsome. I wish they (Nick) would show this more.
  • Why does everyone hate this show?

    Come on people! The show just started only a few weeks ago and instantly people are hating...The show just freakin started!! Give it a chance!!! It could get better (even though its already good now). The animation may be zany and weird but it doesn't matter on how the cartoon looks...It matters on how the cartoon performs! Just look at Ed,Edd n' Eddy!! The animation may be weird but the plots and performance makes up for it!!! What I'm trying to say is don't judge a book by its cover...Give this cartoon a dang chance along with Catscratch!!!!!! And if you think its copying The Incredibles, its not! Show this cartoon some mercy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • A Pure Comedy about a family of spies.

    I Admit, I liked this show the moment I saw it. Sure, it's not a good replacement for Danny Phantom, but I'm obsessed with it so expect me to say that. The animation is not the best, but Still, look at Edd Ed'n Eddy! The animation doesn't necesary have to be good for the cartoon to be good. Also people, this show is PURE COMEDY. That's the aim of the show, to make us laugh. While this has many flaws I can list: The Animation being the only one I can think of right now, but the comedy more than makes up for it. While most villians aren't exactly dangerous, Glowface is the funniest Villian ever. There is nothing more Hilarious than the villian. It can improve,though, but since it's cancelled, I'm happy with what we got now. It made me laugh when I needed it, so I like this show.
  • This is a great show for those of you who like humorous fights, spies, and explosions.

    The show is great on the humor scale, but yet, some of the things in there aren't that good. Like the plot, a family of spies is pretty much the same as a family of superheroes from the Incredibles. The animation may not be that good, but the 3-D animation is pretty impressive. The music can also be pretty funny, but there are several more things on this show that need some tuning. The show, since it has only one main villain, can suffer from monotony, but it's so funny, it can hardly be noticed. I strongly suggest this show to most people.
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