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  • Pitiful.

    Another lame cartoon trying to get to the top. I watched the commercial for this stupid show & i knew i wouldn't like it. But, everyone else is like "Give it a chance. You'll love it." I can't even sit through one second of it. The jokes suck, the action is just flat out retarded, & the dad tries to act like Stan off of American Dad. This show needs to go.
  • AGGHHHH my eyes hurt!

    I don't enjoy this show at all. The plot is stupid and I think I've seen this idea somwhere before. The entire family is just too predictlable, the plot of "super family team" has been used alot and was killed by a certan movie (The Incredibles). And thats baisicly what this show is, a cartoon version of The incredibles exept the family has no superpowers.
  • NOT AGAIN! Nick, what are you thinking? Catscratch, now this? Someone shoot me please, just so i dont have to watch Nick fall out, and sell to CN

    A family of spies? Where've i seen this before? Uh, Spy Kids, i believe, which i actualy liked, but this? this is just plain pathetic. When Nick came out with Danny Phantom, I called them geniuses. When they came out with Avatar, i practically worshipped the ground the creators walked on. After Catscratch I questioned their sanity. After The X's? I'm calling the Wacky Shack
  • derivative of so many things we've seen before. the x's want's so badly to be like danny phantom, the Incredibles, spy kids and samurai jack. but the art direction of the characters, animation, and writing doesn't even come close to the the show's it's tr

    derivative of so many things we've seen before. the x's want's so badly to be like danny phantom, incredibles, spy kids and samurai jack. but the art direction of the characters, animation, and writing doesn't even come close to the show's it's trying to imitate.

    i can't help but think about the end credits to the incredibles when i'm watching the x's. it's uncanny how obviously similar they look, it's shamless.

    worse still is it's style of comedy, a sad and contrived counterfiet of the many other poorly written shows on tv. it's just more of the same, unoriginal stuff.
  • Spy family, yaddda, ,yadda blah blah. boring and etc.

    this is a total waste of nick programing. The plots are dull , the characters have no realisim to them and the animation is horrible. the kids are steriotypical brats and teenagers. This is a fairly overused plot similar to the plot of the incredibles movie. What is with nick that they keep feeding this boring drivel called the \"next major nicktoon\"
  • Unoriginal, stupid, and definitely doesn't belong on Nickelodeon. Its got Cartoon Network written all over it.

    This show is a waste of time. There are a million other shows out there in the world about a group of undercover spies, why bother making another? Especially Nickelodeon, you'd think they'd have learned thier lesson after the downfall of stupid shows like "My Life As A Teenage Robot,""Kablam," and in a way, "Jimmy Neutron." They all have a general villain or villains and a general hero that saves the day in ever-stinkin-episode. All those shows hardly lasted a year! And now they're trying to throw in this garbage that basically just copies "The Incredibles"!Personally, I think it would save a lot of time and money if they just never made this dumb show. Now if this show were to turn around and show a little reason to be liked, I swear I'll take back everything I said. I admit, there are some succesful super-hero shows. "Danny Phantom" is one, though the animation is poor and some of the characterization is a bit on the corny side, it definitely shows the sucess in its ratings. Basically, I think that the idea for the X's was very unoriginal, and I honestly think that airing this show on NIckelodeon was a bad idea. You could see 2 seconds of the commercial and guess that it belonged to Cartoon Network.
  • ugh this show is horrible nobody should be posting on its fourm cause you have to be 13 to join and nobody thats 13 would watch thisits badly drawn and is yet another nick show stealing avatar airtime thats way better then this piece of *cencered*

    ugh this show is horrible nobody should be posting on its fourm cause you have to be 13 to join and nobody thats 13 would watch thisits badly drawn and is yet another nick show stealing avatar airtime thats way better then this piece of *cencered* i hope this show gets cancled and all the other shows that always are showing reruns 50 times (spongebob fairly odd parents jimmy nutronshall i continue?)i dont have time to finish my bad review because i have more important things to do then rant about the worlds worst show ever! yes ever nothing in the future or the past was worse or will be worse!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • OK what loser cameup with this???

    This really shows Nick's stupidity. and their rivalry with disney. mayb if they made better shows more ppl woould watch it?! Instead of trying to copy something that has already been made by disney. and not to mention a crapy remake! Nick really needs to air the good shows again and make NEW, GOOD shows.
  • No no no...

    Oh goodness, where do I begin?? This show is soo...unoriginal! The jokes are only funny to my little cousins (4 and 5) because of the yelling and weirdness. There are too many shows about spies and spy life (Totally Spies, for example), and we DON'T need a another one. Every time I see a commercial about the X's...I pray it will get canceled.
  • why did I stand up for this crap?

    it's so stupid! It was a rip off of the incredables and spy kids! in a stupider version! I thought it was funny! but it's not! it's so darn stupid! and the son is stupid, the daughter is stupider, the mom is med stupid and the dad is really stupid! this show does need to get off air!
  • What are those?


    Plot: Somewhat a rip-off of "The Secret Saturdays" or Kim-Possible.

    Character: They have okay on personality detail, good voices.

    Humor or action value? Huh: I don't understand this show what it focuses about.

    Art: TERRIBLE! MORE TERRIBLE THAN PROBLEM SOLVERZ. Those artists are too lazy to make a cartoon, and should get out and go back to their couches. The animation, is bad too.

    Overall: -5.7. What is this? Are they human? This is worst than Problem Solverz!
  • I'd rather watch CatDog than this garbage

    I thought CatDog was Nickelodeon's worse nicktoon, but then came a show called The X's. The X's is a show about a family of spies that go save the world froman evil villain organization called SNAFU. SNAFU is led by a guy named Glowface who literally has one of those glowing electrical balls for a head (I am not making that up, I wish I was). So the premise would be good, if we didn't see it done a million times before! Totally Spies is a good example, but in the X's case it's just a very bland show and a rip off. The show is a rip off of spy kids (a movie series I do not like at all) and The Incredibles, combine those movies together and put it on the small screen and you have The X's. The plot lines are not too bad, but I have seen better on other shows, but they weren't so boring that it made you fall asleep. The artwork and animation just looks terrible. The animation itself looks choppy from time to time, and the artwork looks like a bunch of shapes that were cut, thrown into a bin, and when they were dumped and it resembled a character, the developers went, "OK, that's good enough." The villain Glowface is just so pitiful and is he really supposed to be taken seriously? He wants to do "evil" (I use that word very lightly) plans like turn the oceans into soup or have a fight between two monuments. What kind of plans are those? As for the X family, they are boring and very bland. Mr. X acts and almost looks like Stan from American Dad. The wife (can't remember her name) to me seems to resemble Mom from Dexter's Laboratory. I don't know what it is, but she almost looks like her and has that presence of her. Truman is just your generic and stereotypical young brother who picks on his older sister. The daughter (can't remember her name either) is generic and stereotypical as well. The only person who was good in this show was the assistant of Glowface. I saw the episode where he took Glowface's spot and he was really evil and could whoop the X's around and not break a sweat. He should be the villain, not the guy who is obsessed with soup and monuments fighting. He was great and was the only redeeming factor of this show. The humor itself is just plainly stupid and feels rather forced onto the viewer a lot, but the humor just sucks in this show. This show is just so stupid and bland. The characters are flat and generic, the humor is terrible, the stories are not interesting, the villain is a joke and has the worse plans I have ever seen. The only good thing in the show was Glowface's assistant, he knew how to be evil and the X's could never beat him up. I'd rather watch CatDog than this junk. Even though I hate that show as well, at least CatDog had some uniqueness and originality to it, but The X's is just a very poor attempt to cash in on successful spy movies or other spy shows. Avoid this show at all costs and let it be forgotten.
  • Terrible.

    This show may be- is the most appaling and worst show I have ever seen or hgad the dis comfort to have ever watched this show for even 0. 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 1 seconds of my life! It is a show and movie rip off of the incredibles. It has no plot and each episode or bar bag is terrib;e, hate it! Cancelled! Yay!
  • Here's what I think the working title should be:The Pitifuls

    Ok this show is a pitiful American Dad! ripoff(and AD was actully kinda funny though it's tamer than Family Guy)Award wiinin writers making something like this doesn't give me a reason to like this.I'm sorry Mr Ramos,but this show has got be the WORST nicktoon since Yakkity Yak.ok first we get Super Duper Sumos and Butt Ugly Martians,then we had Yakkity Yak,and now this and Mr Meaty.The animation is bad,the heroes are not heroic nor are the villans villanous.In fact that guy with the glowing head has the personality of a 5 year old.The dad tries to copy of Stan Smith(American Dad)and fails,the characters are clich'ed

    World's Greatest Dad,check
    Always Busy Mom,check
    Misunderstood Teenager:Check
    Anoyying little brother:Check and mate!
  • What kind of loser came up with this?! Superheroes are okay, but this show?! GET!!! OUT!!!

    Is Nick serious about allowing this junk on their channel?!! I wish this show had never premiered! This show also needs to be cancelled... quickly. Don't watch this show! That is, unless you want brain damage from watching it. The first few seconds you watch of this show, it will poison your mind! I give this show a 1.0 for a rating. (Note: This show really deserves a zero for a rating, but the site won't let you rate anything zero for some reason, I don't know why.)
  • Okay, why the hell did I watch that?

    Maybe Mr. Meaty is the worst Nick show, but that has one redeeming quality, it's promotion of meat and demotion of vegans. The X's is horrible, appalling, whatever, with no redeeming qualities.

    The animation is gag-worthy. It's jagged and the holy grail of the standards that animation today. You know what, it makes the Replacements look like the Mona Lisa! The Replacements darn you! And that's saying something! I hate animation nowadays, anime and all. The only good animation left is Spongebob, FOP and Avatar, with a few others. And other greatly animated shows like Danny Phantom, American Dragon Jake Long and Kim Possible are cancelled, so that just leaves crap.

    The acting is, okay, but their wasting it. Tom Kane, Wendie Malick and Patrick Warburton are great actors/actresses, but it is zapped by this mindless excuse for a show. The writing is horrible and the jokes are appalling.

    And it's a complete ripoff of The Incredibles! I loved the Incredibles, but this is downright plagiarism! They are a family that has to keep a secret identity, they have a teenage daughter who wants to live normally and a younger son who loves having his powers/gadgets. The father loves his job as a superhero/spy and their mother is sweet and sensible. Sounds like it, no?

    So waste your time on the Replacements or Cory in the House or even Phineas and Ferb, and save your mind for something else.
  • Been there,done that

    Obviously this is one of the worst Nicktoons I ever had the displeasure of seeing. Just take The Incredibles,remove the CGI elements,take some really bad drawing style and braindead dialogue,add American Dad and Power Rangers,remove the cussing,morphing sequences and Megazord battles,then add James Bond,dumb it down,put the entire glop in a blender and then ino the microwave for just 5 minutes and you get this. I am well aware that this show trys to be funny without good drawings styles like Cartoon Network's Ed,Edd n Eddy,however it oten falls flat on it's face trying to do that. From the creator of Oh Yeah! Cartoons,I'd expect more,a LOT more. The heroes are cliched.For example Mr X tries to act like Stan from American Dad,and Mrs X tries to be like his wife.Homebase is basically like that alien who lives with them and Tuesday's a typical "teen with issues",not to mention Truman's nothing more than the average annoying little brother.Glowface,he's got the personality of a five year old,his assistant is the only actual villan in the show.I mean what kind of evil scheme is turning the world's oceans into soup or getting the Eifel Tower and Big Ben to fight each other with some sort of lazer that makes them alive? I can't even go forr five seconds without hearing one of the characters say something so braindead I just want to strangle him/her
  • Ok this has got to stop.....

    OK, Nick, get a hold of your minds! Stop producing stuff like this. First of all, this show is so dumb. The Animation is very terrible even a 5 year old could draw better than this! Plus the whole plot is dumb. This is the 2nd worst nicktoon alongside with Mr. Meaty witch I reviewed a year ago. I mean its basically a Rip-off of the Incredibles and American Dad! But that stuff was good, this just takes it to a lower level. I don't think this show lasted for a friggin year. Im sorry for all the lovers of this show. And i truley respect them, but this show is just plain dumb. Please nick Revive yourself. Thank God this show was cancelled.
  • Two words; "what the..."

    On a scale of one to ten I rate this show a negative three(Which is a little off from my actual rating). The animation was poor, I think HiHi Puffy AmiYumi had better animation then this. Although they tried to be funny with different things, it was all quite annoying to watch. What was most annoying was the lack of anything new. It was always the same thing. The same villain begins some evil plot, then the family is called in and they save the day... woohoo. It wouldn't have been as dumb if they had tried to incorporate something new. All in all I just don't like this show.
  • Terrible, terrible just terrible!!!

    This is the stupidest show I have ever seen. A family spy that saves the world from snafu. All the charaters are dumb and all the plots are terrible. This show is never enjoyable even when Im boring. Im glad I dont see this show anymore. They should put this show it the worst shows ever channel. Why you make new episodes if no one watches it anyways. The voices are terrible especially Truman. Whoever did the voice of him Im sorry for him having that terrible voice. Shows like this could never last even in season 3. When this is cancel, Im thanking Jesus for this.
  • Change the channel!! Fast! You do NOT want to watch this!

    This show is like Mr. Meaty. It is Over-Funny. Over-Funny is not funny. Nickelodeon did it again. They featured another over-funny cartoon. The X's are really dumb. (I mean the show) I don't know why it's not cancelled yet. I don't even know why they show it. It's really not a good show. If you like the X's, and you tell me to at least watch it. I did. It's pathetic. Glowface (or whatever his name is) is especially ridiculous. He's being over-funny like I said!! It's a really lame show. I strongly, STRONGLY, reccomend you do NOT watch this show. But remember, it's my opinion. And my opinion is that this show STINKS!!
  • so uninteresting

    First of all I have to say that this seems like a cheap copy of the movie, The Incredibles. Also, this has some pretty bad animation. It is rushed through and painful to watch. Another thing is that the fighting scenes are great proof that the show is uninteresting. The villain, Glowface, he is just a loser with a big rid head! i also say that the childrens action show rule applies to this. The hero fights the villain. The hero gets puzzled. The hero finds a way to win and does so. I say don't watch the X's. 1/10. Abysmal.

    This show is stupid, pointless, and show go NO WHERE! I am outraged that this show is getting more recognition than Avatar: The Last Airbender, I mean wake up people they cancelled it for a reason! Stop ruining your brains by watching this. It's not funny or even interesting. Nick has made horrible choices in show productions lately..except Avatar. That was their best bet. By accepting shows like this they will continue to lose ratings. This show should not be watched at all. The characters are unoriginal and it has all been heard before and has all gone in the same direction, DOWN! HORRIBLE!
  • I HATE THIS SHOW. Period.

    This it the worst show in history. The absolutely worst!!! Very stupid, not good story line. Oh wow another family spy cartoon. Big deal! Extremely unoriginal, period. There are so many other shows to watch than this piece o' crap. I gave it a 1 because it's at LEAST has pictures. I rather watch my dog sleep than this! A total waste of 30 minutes. Thanks creators of the X's. Thanks. For Wasting 30 Minutes Of My Life! Dang this show is horrible. I didn't expect such a foul show. Ok, if you don't get what I'm saying it's this: THIS SHOW REEKS!
  • A family of spies. Whoop-de-doo.

    This show is horrible. The potential for a spy family show is high, but this show just crashes and burns. Take The Incredibles, for instance, which isn't a show but was very popular. It was a family superhero plot, and Disney took it and ran with it, and came up with a great product. That didn't happen with the X's. It's cliche, there's bad artwork, do I need to go on? As I've said before, with Danny Phantom and Avatar Nick shows that they have the ability to come up with plot-driven, well researched shows, but that doesn't happen here.
  • Some show about a family working undercover for a secret organization. At the same time they have family problems that are solved the weirdest ways. The X's battle the SNAFU as their mission under Superior.

    This show is an embarassment. It's the 21st century and the animation for this show is poor. Older shows like Angry Beavers and Rocko's Modern Life have better animation than this. It just looks too bleak. Plus the show doesn't make sense. Some of the episodes are just about family problems and teen life purely, rather than action. I don't see effort placed in this show. This show isn't well organized. I'm surprised this show is still on. Catscratch is already starting to disappear. This show doesn't follow its own theme very well. If Nick wants to change their lineup, take this show out and put it on their secondary channel. Also, this show doesn't live up to its name. It's about secret agents doing their you know what, but what they really end up doing is just family and teenage stuff.
  • Nick is really starting to lose my respect.

    Why? That's all I have to ask. WHY? This is the second terrible show nick has made in a row! Up next is the god for saken Mr. Meaty which is the only show in existence worse than this one. This show has absolutely no point to it! It's boring unfunny, and makes me wanna barf. The only good thing about this show is the fact that it's cancelled. The worst part is, it took Avatar's place in the Friday lineup! Avatar is a wonderful show of godly wonders compared to this useless peice of crap! If this show's on, save yourself from death and change the channel.
  • WTF y did I watch that. It's stupid. (detects something suspicious) OMG!!! CHANGE THE CHANNEL. IT'S A TRAP!!!!!!!!!

    Ok where should I start.

    It's about a family of spies called the X's. Yep definitely a ripoff of Spy Kids and the Incredables. Why would Nick pull such crap out of this. Maybe because of that program Oh Yeah Cartoons especially when they made the creator of that show a successful director (which of course has no talent whatsoever) I mean look at that guy's work. It's really boring and stupid, and it's so not worth your time.

    Now I'll explain the genre of the show.

    Animation: *barfs* Ok what the... My five year old sister can draw better than that and OMG why do they have to do it so quick. Try to take your time idiots. Man they have no respect whatsoever.

    Concept: Who thought of the concept a two year old!!!! I really dislike the way they copied Spy Kids Concept and The Incredables concept. The "action" is really boring and it makes me want to change the channel really quick.

    The characters

    Mr. X: Well I don't know him that much that's for sure.

    Mrs. X: Why does her face have to be oval shaped. They should just make it normal like her husband (jeez)

    Tusday X: Yea thank you **** who created a superstar that's even stupid than Paris Hilton and Lindsay Lohan combined.

    Truman X: He's the worst character in the show, especially when that spoiled brat dosn't even learn a stupid thing about kindness. STFU will you!!!

    Overall: This Show Stinks!!

    Big fat 0 out of 10
  • A horrible and not to mention very poorly animated excuse for a cartoon...

    This show not only sucks but it is a complete disgrace! I mean with its sloppy animations and horrible story line it makes you wonder what happened to good shows like Futurama and DBZ. Most of the episodes revolve around \"the x\'s\" trying to save the world from some top secret spy orginization. Every episode is boring as hell and i really don\'t see how anyone in their right mind can watch this! Anyway i just wanted to say if you haven\'t seen this show yet spare yourself the pain and change the channel, and pray it gets cancelled very very soon!
  • A really horrible Incredibles ripoff.

    The X's should be X off the air forever because it's so dumb. If this is Nick's Incredibles it looks like they drove off the road drunk. The kid's look ugly and the parents are not as good as regular parents. Glowface looks like a combonation of Red Skull, a monkey, and a lightbub. The other villians are lame. The animation looks awful too. If you want to see spy shows, watch any other spy show except The X's. What the hell was Nickelodeon doing?!
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