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  • Why does everyone hate this show?

    Come on people! The show just started only a few weeks ago and instantly people are hating...The show just freakin started!! Give it a chance!!! It could get better (even though its already good now). The animation may be zany and weird but it doesn't matter on how the cartoon looks...It matters on how the cartoon performs! Just look at Ed,Edd n' Eddy!! The animation may be weird but the plots and performance makes up for it!!! What I'm trying to say is don't judge a book by its cover...Give this cartoon a dang chance along with Catscratch!!!!!! And if you think its copying The Incredibles, its not! Show this cartoon some mercy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Okay, why the hell did I watch that?

    Maybe Mr. Meaty is the worst Nick show, but that has one redeeming quality, it's promotion of meat and demotion of vegans. The X's is horrible, appalling, whatever, with no redeeming qualities.

    The animation is gag-worthy. It's jagged and the holy grail of the standards that animation today. You know what, it makes the Replacements look like the Mona Lisa! The Replacements darn you! And that's saying something! I hate animation nowadays, anime and all. The only good animation left is Spongebob, FOP and Avatar, with a few others. And other greatly animated shows like Danny Phantom, American Dragon Jake Long and Kim Possible are cancelled, so that just leaves crap.

    The acting is, okay, but their wasting it. Tom Kane, Wendie Malick and Patrick Warburton are great actors/actresses, but it is zapped by this mindless excuse for a show. The writing is horrible and the jokes are appalling.

    And it's a complete ripoff of The Incredibles! I loved the Incredibles, but this is downright plagiarism! They are a family that has to keep a secret identity, they have a teenage daughter who wants to live normally and a younger son who loves having his powers/gadgets. The father loves his job as a superhero/spy and their mother is sweet and sensible. Sounds like it, no?

    So waste your time on the Replacements or Cory in the House or even Phineas and Ferb, and save your mind for something else.
  • Oh my Flipping God!!!!!!!! This cartoon is one of the most pointless things EVER!!!!!!!! It's also like "the Incriebles" and "Spy kids" combined into a ripoff for stupid idiots.

    My 29th review after "Spongebob Squarepants."

    Oh my god!!!!!!! Oh my god!!!!!! Oh my God!!!!!!!!
    Nick was not that serious to allow this pitful excuse for heroes on their flipping channel!!!! This cartoon is Pointless!!!!! There was No need for this Garbage!!!! I hate this. I hate this cartoon so much. Forget it! This cartoon is Defienely gonna get an F-!!!!!!! Because the reason why I'm giving it anF- is because this cartoon is just no fun and was no need for it AND it's terrbily drawn. Here's the results FOR this Piece of *beep* Cartoon!

    Voice-acting B 7.0/10.0 Good and some funny scenes but mostly corny.

    Animation: F-- 1.5/10.0 That's the worst animation right next to Peppa Pig, and Hi hi puffy amiyumi's Animation!!!

    Graphics: F 3.0/10.0 Poor, Ugly, Stupid, Awful, Pointless, Horrible, No good, very bad Drawing.

    Sound: F- 2.5/10.0 Horrbile music and it's in Low Quitaly. The music is soo bad that the cartoon should have just been slient.

    Dialouge: F-- 0.0/10.0 Pointless and Brainless. I want to kill the X family with a Shocking Cenipete Gun! They should change their last names from the X's to the Pitfuls! (Evil Laughter) Mya! Ha! ha! ha! ha! ha! ha! ha! ha!

    Lasting Appeal: F-- 0.0/10.0 There is Totally no Lasting appeal to this show because this cartoon stinks!!

    Overall: F- 2.2/10.0 ....Cowabunga.......Cowa-Flipping Piece of dog *beep*!!!! This cartoon had Direea come up out my butt! I had more fun cleaing up Dog pee rather then watching this piece of garbage! I rather dive into a Man-hole full of Sewer rat Crud! It flipping stinks so stinking much it Flipping Stinks like *beep*!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And I don't Like it.
    That's the end of my review, I don't want to talk about this stupid and pointless cartoon anymore!!!!!!!!
  • The X’s has potential to be a great show but they need to fix a few things.

    Many people are comparing The X’s to The Incredibles. I fail to see the connection. The two are nothing alike, The Incredibles revolve around the family’s need to work together, while The X’s is just a spy show.

    The characters are generic and aren’t anything you haven’t seen a thousand times before. You’ll figure out each characters personality in about two minutes and won’t see any other sides to them. The show is meant to be funny, not tragic or dramatic. There are several great jokes throughout the show, but they are few and far between.

    If they just work on the comedy a little, this show would be great. But until then only watch it if you have nothing better to do.
  • why did I stand up for this crap?

    it's so stupid! It was a rip off of the incredables and spy kids! in a stupider version! I thought it was funny! but it's not! it's so darn stupid! and the son is stupid, the daughter is stupider, the mom is med stupid and the dad is really stupid! this show does need to get off air!
  • Terrible.

    This show may be- is the most appaling and worst show I have ever seen or hgad the dis comfort to have ever watched this show for even 0. 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 1 seconds of my life! It is a show and movie rip off of the incredibles. It has no plot and each episode or bar bag is terrib;e, hate it! Cancelled! Yay!
  • Do not like this show end of story!

    Hmmm,Nick used to have good shows like Ren and Stimpy and Rocko's Modern Life but in this so called new generation people are making more stupider shows for children this show for example it's a rip off of the Incredibles and that is getting old nobody i know likes it anymore except idiots in my school such as Nathen Ross and Brad(the two are bullies Nathen and Ross but Brad is'nt)but why this? There's no need for it Truman really annoys me ever since i saw that episode Truman X Super Villain in the USA(when i was in the USA for the holidays)what the hell? don't waste your time watching this annoying show i'd rather watch Incredibles than this pile of crap.
  • The X's is a decent show that can use some fine-tuning. It does have potential to become a good series, but some drastic changes need to be made.

    The X's is the latest Nicktoon and it's about a family of super-spies that live in suburbia. They work for an organization called SUPERIOR and their rival organization is S.N.A.F.U. -- led by the evil Glowface.

    After viewing the first three (six) episodes, I admit, The X's has potential to become a good Nickelodeon series, but some changes need to be made. Firstly, the animation . . . I think it's good for the most part, but it could use work. Most of the time, the backgrounds are just one color. This definitely needs to be fixed. The moon is white -- not green or blue.

    Next, the characters. The characters are totally 2-D and stereotypical. After watching one episode, you could probably figure out their entire personality. They need more depth to them -- give them more emotions and make them more realistic. Also, concerning the characters -- out of the six 11-minute episodes that aired last night, Glowface was the villain FIVE times. He is used way too much. Quite frankly, he's not too great of a villain either. Aren't villains supposed to be evil and sinister? I mean, it's okay to use him for comic relief once in a while, but he should actually be a REAL villain most of the time.

    And finally, the comedy. First of all, cool it with the potty humor. I know it's a Nick show and everything, but it's just gross most of the time. There should be more subtle humor. Also, the show just tries too hard. I admit, there were some funny moments, but they were quickly overshadowed by more poor attempts of humor.

    In conclusion, The X's has potential to become a great show, if taken in the right direction, but as for now, the show is just "eh" -- nothing special.
  • More Underapriation

    if you think this suck well your wrong realy it's

    Yakkity Yak that sucks on nicktoons

    people keep saying there classics but realy there not, The episode I like is where Tuseday & Trumen thows a party I think this show desives more credit another season of the X's it a looooooooooot better than Johnny Test

    c,mon give it a chance & you'll love it.
  • Nick May Have Gotten Worse, But One Of Their Problems Is That They Keep Airing These Same Boring Cartoons All The Time, When They Have Been Cancelled!! This Cartoon Is Not One Of These Shows, And They Need To Air It More, And I Support That.

    I liked this show from the first time that I have seen it, but I didn't eXpect it to last very long, because of some of the shows that have been on way before it. And I looked at the reviews, and instead of giving the ratings that the bad shows deserve, they state that they don't like this show instead. The X's is much better than those other shows, it is funny.... It is very eXtreme, like the characters are drinking too much coffee, and some characters are more eXtreme than others, like the Dad, and Glow Face, and then there is the tempers of the Mom (I know, I forgot the names of the characters of a TV show again.... ) and Tuesday X. I think that is very cool that they have a living house and I think it is funny that their main rival is crazy. Perhaps that some people should re-examine this show. It clearly has several things about it such as the opening. And another thing about the show is that it has eXcellent sound and animation. Cartoons with eXcellent sound and animation have been around since the 1960s, when Chuck Jones produced T&J, but The Xs also have this, especially when They fly the X Jet.....
  • I've only saw one episode of this, but it looks pretty good.

    The X's is about a family of spies that are having trouble keeping their secret. They show how hard it is to keep a secret. They have amazing gadgets, fight amazing space battles, and are pretty darn funny. The comedy is good, but the animation needs fine tuning. Overall, this show isn't as bad as everybody thinks.
  • The X's are awsome

    Why does everyone hate the X's?
    its a great show. but i'll admit it does need just a little improvement.but i bet half the people who hate this show never even watched 1 episode..hey when they first premeired Danny Phantom i thought it was stupid then i watched 1 episode and i loved come on X's haters just watch 1..just 1 episode and i'll bet you'll love it

    Im not trying to force you. jus' sayin'
  • Terrible, terrible just terrible!!!

    This is the stupidest show I have ever seen. A family spy that saves the world from snafu. All the charaters are dumb and all the plots are terrible. This show is never enjoyable even when Im boring. Im glad I dont see this show anymore. They should put this show it the worst shows ever channel. Why you make new episodes if no one watches it anyways. The voices are terrible especially Truman. Whoever did the voice of him Im sorry for him having that terrible voice. Shows like this could never last even in season 3. When this is cancel, Im thanking Jesus for this.
  • A family of spies. Whoop-de-doo.

    This show is horrible. The potential for a spy family show is high, but this show just crashes and burns. Take The Incredibles, for instance, which isn't a show but was very popular. It was a family superhero plot, and Disney took it and ran with it, and came up with a great product. That didn't happen with the X's. It's cliche, there's bad artwork, do I need to go on? As I've said before, with Danny Phantom and Avatar Nick shows that they have the ability to come up with plot-driven, well researched shows, but that doesn't happen here.
  • I don't really like this show at all. None of the episodes make any sense! It's the same as Catscratch, just pointless and boring.

    ~"I rated this show a 1.1, and that's only being generous!"~ I don't particularly recommend this show to anyone who's looking for a GOOD show that's decent and makes some sense.
    I can name 5 things wrong with this show (even though I could go on forever!)

    1.Episodes don't have a meaning
    2.Makes no sense
    3.Not in the least bit funny at all
    4.Only 1 Enemy (Boring after a while)
    5.Same theme each episode : Homebase says there's a mission, X's complete it, Gloface whines and complains that he's been beaten again.
  • This is the most retared show on the air.

    I watched one episode and I thought it was the worst animaited show on the air it makes no sence. I fell bad about watching it. the animation was terrible my cousin who watches Nick crap Eeven hates this show wont last much longer as long as we refuse to watch it. and glow face looks so stupid he dosen\'t look evil he looks like someone on drugs if you ask me I mean nick is coming out with some really sucky shows I mean Spongebob is the only reason I watch nick now or I watch nick at nite.
  • The animation killed it for me

    The X's is one of those shows that, just from the animation, you can tell is going to be terrible. It's very inconsistant, and extremely annoying. I mean, what color are Tuesday's hair and clothes?? It's always changing! You'd think they'd try to save it with a storyline, but no, that was worse. Can you say "Incredibles ripoff"? How many shows do we need about a family who has special powers, or is unusual in some way, trying to fit into normal society? It's been done before, don't poison Nick any longer with this crap. All I can say it I couldn't be happier that it's been canceled. It had too long of a run aready!
  • A good show to watch while your waiting for something else but obviously a rip off.

    Haha, the x's are such a big rip off that I can't believed they havent been sued yet.

    The incredibles- If you have ever seen the movie then you know what I'm talking about. The X's house is almost the same thing. Same with the family.

    Spy kids: The name says it all nuff said.

    American Dad: Mr.X= Stan Smith. Wow the first time seth macfarlane (creator of AD and FG) gets ripped off.

    Also the animation is horrible. I hate how everything is so polygon looking. At least this show is canceled because all the plots are nothing more then these spies doing all these typical spy things. Well good riddins!
  • This Show is Pretty Good.

    I Think This Was Great in the Beggining, But Now It's Just O.K. I Like Tuesday X (Even Though They Need Knew Voice Actors) Shes My Favortite. I Like Mr. X to His Pretty Cool. I Think This Show Does Need New Voice Actors and Better Art, But Other Then That It's an O.K. Show.
  • I have to admit I like thsi show more and more with each new episode...

    I figured it out, finally. This show is a bad Incredibles rip off, yes we all know that. But it has a couple good and bad other things. First, the charatcters, save Mr. X, all suck. They're taken too much to the extremes (not a pun), as is Mr. X, but that's ok. because this would be a very good show if they got rid of the action stuff. If instead of being an action/adventure show, it was a comedy, it would rock. The writers are funny, this show makes me laugh. But it's not worth watching a full episode to get maybe 2 punch lines when there could be 15 or 20.
  • The X's are a family that works for a secret spy agency called SUPERIOR. SUPERIOR's arch enemy is SNAFU who's leader is Glowface. The X's must try to defeat the evil SNAFU while trying to act like a normal family.

    This show isn't very interesting. First off, the drawing is bad. They're faces look distorted along with many other objects. This is like Spongebob only on a much lower scale because they both have only one extremely funny character that keeps the show going. In Spongebob's case it's Patrick. In the X's case, it's Mr. X. It can be related to The Incredibles as well only on an extremely lower scale. They both have the same plot line except that the X's don't have superpowers. So, if they make the drawing, which reminds me of Yakkity Yak, better, make the characters and plot lines funnier, and give it a touch of orignality, this would be a MUCH better show.
  • This show is way better than I thought it would be!

    This show is way better than I thought it would be! It has the same amont of laughs as Action League Now, exept with a different kind of humor. My favorite part is when they were fighting the villans and they encounter "some old guy!" Hahahahahahah! Yes, t is not the best cartoon in the world, but if you like superhero/spy spoofs, this is your show!
  • This show has potential... it needs to be a little funnier and the animation needs to get better... but it DOES have potential

    The one thing I noticed when I first saw the show, was how fast the credits went by, so i had no idea what the episode was called. That was a big Bad distraction and then I noticed the Animation. It's a new style, but it lacks to me. And the BACKGROUNDS are TERRIBLE! They are in just one color and it is very stupid... BUT! This show made me laugh and the action was usually quite exciting... so it DOES has Potential, it just need to get there...
  • This show is very entertaining! I love it!

    The show may sorta be like The Incredibles but The Incredibles is one of my favriote movies. With the exception of no copy of Jak-Jak the characters are just like those of The Incredibles.

    This is another fine-example of Nickelodeon's great Nicktoons! My favriote character would have to be none other than little Truman! His attitude is seems to be like mine! He is a great character.

    Glowface is a strange but likeable villan. He not the smartest villan but he can always be foiled as all villans should be. I love this show! I hope this show last many, many, many seasons!
  • Great show!!!!!!!1

    This show is awesome and funny!!!I don,t even know how people could hate this show.The show has no outline but who give a freakin crap.If you hate this show you have no taste in comedy.I say they should keep this show on the air but,if they even take off Nickoldeon,it does not even mattter if you have Ondemand like me you could watch it on channel 129 qith Ren and stimpy and Invader zim,so whatever go ahead I'll watch it on ONDEMAND!!!!!!!
  • The X's is Awesome!

    The X\'s is a wonderful show both stylistically and in writing. The voice talents are perfect. I don\'t know why so many people hate this show. Perhaps it\'s because they\'re used to the usual Nick garbage that has come along. Now lately Nick has had a few quality shows, Invader Zim, Fairly Odd Parents, Danny Phantom, Avatar and of course The X\'s. I\'ve also noticed that many view The X\'s as an Incredibles rip-off, where as The Incredibles was more or less a Fantastic Four take-on. The X\'s are spies not superheroes. Kudos to Carlos Ramos for actually making this show brilliant :)
  • Meet the X's you're Untypical Family of Spies

    A Family of Spies called The X's working for Superior Save the World from Snafu Led by Glowface and Being a spy Family it's hard Blending in the Sub-Urbs but Mr.X The Father will do anything to Stop Snafu alongside his Family Ms.X,Tuesday and Truman they can Be A Family and Super Spies
  • A cartoon starring Wendie Malick (Just Shoot Me) AND Patrick Warburton (The Tick, Family Guy)???!!! Beam me there, Scotty!

    What a cool show this is, it's funny, it's action packed and the art and design looks pretty sweet. The show is funny in terms of it's a show about a family of spies, who are completely ignorant on how to be a normal family and live a normal life and the only way they can handle it is by the actions of a CIA agent or SWAT team. Yup, everyone in the show is stupid. The bad guy, the mother and ESPECIALLY the father. And I guess the show gets credit because of Warburton's meathead sensibility. The action in this show has pretty much no limits because every member of the family fights and the villain's a total wacko. Recommended for viewers who miss the Tick.
  • Pitiful.

    Another lame cartoon trying to get to the top. I watched the commercial for this stupid show & i knew i wouldn't like it. But, everyone else is like "Give it a chance. You'll love it." I can't even sit through one second of it. The jokes suck, the action is just flat out retarded, & the dad tries to act like Stan off of American Dad. This show needs to go.
  • derivative of so many things we've seen before. the x's want's so badly to be like danny phantom, the Incredibles, spy kids and samurai jack. but the art direction of the characters, animation, and writing doesn't even come close to the the show's it's tr

    derivative of so many things we've seen before. the x's want's so badly to be like danny phantom, incredibles, spy kids and samurai jack. but the art direction of the characters, animation, and writing doesn't even come close to the show's it's trying to imitate.

    i can't help but think about the end credits to the incredibles when i'm watching the x's. it's uncanny how obviously similar they look, it's shamless.

    worse still is it's style of comedy, a sad and contrived counterfiet of the many other poorly written shows on tv. it's just more of the same, unoriginal stuff.
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