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  • NOT AGAIN! Nick, what are you thinking? Catscratch, now this? Someone shoot me please, just so i dont have to watch Nick fall out, and sell to CN

    A family of spies? Where've i seen this before? Uh, Spy Kids, i believe, which i actualy liked, but this? this is just plain pathetic. When Nick came out with Danny Phantom, I called them geniuses. When they came out with Avatar, i practically worshipped the ground the creators walked on. After Catscratch I questioned their sanity. After The X's? I'm calling the Wacky Shack
  • Ummm eww!!

    First of all it isn't original at all really. The characters get on my nerve, well at least most of them do, a lot! The animation needs fixing up the most. It's just horrible. This is another show that is just going to hog up space so Nickelodeon won't be able to show some more of its better shows. I gave it a 3 because like 1 or 2 scenes weren't too bad and I've seen worse.
  • Yep nick has lost it alright and I hope they relize it.

    Well,let me start off with this. Its a complete ripoff of the incredbiles. Why, ok let me point out the obvious. Lets see a family that fights crime, is abnormal from everybody else, and tries to act like a family. This is a disgrace incredbiles was such a good kids movie why would they take some dumb ass show and destroy it. I hope nick takes this crap off the air as soon as possbile. I can't stand 1.0 seconds of this monstroustity. Anybody who likes this crud I'm sorry but I just can't see why. This is my opinion so please don't take it seriously.
  • this show is AWFUL!

    it's not funny,it doesn't have good lines or storylines for that matter.this show insults Nick,i love Nick,its one of my favorite channels.
    Disney useto be til they ended Kim Possible,poor KP...any way,the Xs?i do not like this show,i just saw the frist ep,and i had to change the was boring,bad animation,terrible story,WHAT WAS NICK THINKING?
    i think they should make more shows made from the Danny Phantom/Fairly 0dd Parents,maybe not the same shapey design but the same idea in stories and charcters.i'm not saying people who do like this show to not watch it but i just wanna know WHY W0ULD Y0U WATCH IT?
  • Spy family, yaddda, ,yadda blah blah. boring and etc.

    this is a total waste of nick programing. The plots are dull , the characters have no realisim to them and the animation is horrible. the kids are steriotypical brats and teenagers. This is a fairly overused plot similar to the plot of the incredibles movie. What is with nick that they keep feeding this boring drivel called the \"next major nicktoon\"
  • Completely Pointless & Unoriginal

    ~~~Edited to fix some wording issues.

    Actually watching this show wasn't a thought I had in mind at first, but I watched it anyway. In my opinion, I think this show should be entirely redone and they should try to use a better animation style. Maybe 3 dimensional animation would work better.

    I find this series to be very unoriginal.... The X's could use a lot more work. It's got a little promise of being good in its future---possibly, but not enough promise to grab a strong encouraging audience following.

    Every other line spoken is corny and the jokes are extremely sad. Nothing from this show could conjure any amount of laughter in my honest opinion. It's boring. The Incredibles done it better.

    And yet, it's just another cartoon series where the parents are only given last names. Just like The Fairly OddParents and so many others. Is it really so pointless to give all main characters first and last names? How long and how hard could it possibly be to do that?

    Like everything else about it: the plot is somewhat the same to that of The Incredibles. Really not much new to it. Plus naming the kids somewhat close to the names of the kids on The Addam's Family doesn't really help the show much either.
  • I love the show. I think it is funny and original(in the sense that it has NOTHING to do with the Incredibles). The animation may be different but that does not make it bad. I thought the episodes were funny. I give it a 10 out of 10.

    What some people call bad animation is really just animation that is different from the norm of today's animation society. I really enjoyed the X's and love the characters. My favorite part would have to be the voice actors. They are my personal favorite. I have to agree that the first 15 minute episode could have been funnier but all in all I like it.
  • Nick's thrid strike: First All Grown Up, then Catscratch, now the X's. A futile attempt to cancel Danny Phantom by ripping off other series.

    In what is a clearly cliche attempt to continue the dominace of a post-KlaskyCsuepo Rugrats series, another series about creature that lives in a pineapple under the see that has jumped the shark, and to continue the removal of whatever childhood children have left --if the advertisements for various products hasn't brainwashed them into pre-teen eMpTyV posers-- Nick came out with two series this year to wheen kids off of animated series and get them to watch the other drek (Drake and Josh, Ned's Declassified, Zoey 101, Romeo, Unfabulous, and All Grown Up).

    If by the third episode of this series you have not had a serious case of deja vu, you have quite possibly have been desensitized by the overkill of flashing graphics and yelling and have probably had to start taking Ritalin for the TV-enduced ADHD.

    The characters are unoriginal: worlds-greatest dad, the always busy mom, misunderstood teenage daughter, the bratty little brother. Let me know when Astro and Rosey get here.

    The bad guys are stupid. No really, they are stupid. A short red guy with a glowing head trying to be another Dr. Drakken.

    If that weren't enought, the misunderstood teenage daughter has three friends that are very similar to the other show the network trying to cancel: a goth, a nerd, and a snob.

    This show seems to rip off alot of other shows just to cancel one show that is way better than this crap.

    Nick needs to keep their hands off Danny Phantom, stop trying to rip of Danny Phantom, the Jetsons, Kim Possible, and the Powerpuff Girls, and stop trying to turn kids into mindless consumers.

    Kids aren't stupid. If the network wants ratings, they need to stop adlibbing the schedule with crappy programming.
  • Criminally Underrated

    No, The X's was not the most original show ever. No, it was not always consistent. No, it did not always know what it wanted to be. All those things said, this show still got WAY too much criticism for what it was back in 2005-2006 ( i . e . the time mainly considered the point where Nickelodeon went downhill), probably thanks in no small part to the fact that The Incredibles was still fresh in people's minds and everyone was on the "it's not original" bandwagon. I guarantee if The X's didn't coincide with the downfall of Nickelodeon, and it instead aired during the heyday, or heck, even today (when put next to even MORE horrible shows), it'd be viewed in a more favorable light.

    While some parts of the show suffer from some awkward repetition, and some lapses in continuity, the humor is pretty spot on in most cases. The thing is, it's hard to find the middle ground for humor when it comes to shows like this, where the majority of it comes from dialogue. That's not something a lot of kids shows these days do, because many kids don't understand the dialogue or have the attention span to listen to it. That must have been obvious to many of the writers, and that's probably why they had to insert utterances like "Fartmonkeys", said by Glowface and Truman, into the show, to captivate the yougest viewers' attention. But really, when you look past that stuff, much of the dialogue is pretty damn good.

    Voice acting is superb, my favorites being Mr. X, Mrs. X, Lorenzo Suave, and Home Base (all his subtle, "hmm, yes"s and bursts of outrage are awesome). And the art, this is something that people complained about back when this show was on, but in my opinion it's a strong point. Took me a while to realize it, but the art style is actually very unique without being jarring, and to me the simplicity of color in backgrounds (where the backgrounds themselves are pretty damn detailed) makes the whole scene appealing. The show's mix of 2D and 3D is also quite astonishing by 2005 standards, for a show that I can only assume had a very limited budget.

    Relationships between characters change between episodes (refer back to continuity lapses), but they still remain relatively believable over time. While SNAFU's intentions don't really seem to have a point, neither do most bad guys in shows aimed for the family or kids these days; it's just something you can overlook when you learn to enjoy the characters themselves. Glowface is just so helplessly idiotic you can't help but like him, especially in his brief moments of sympathy when he's otherwise evil (yet very childish).

    I recently saw the episode that supposedly never aired, "Theater of War/Breaking Camp", and it felt so good to see what I considered a "new" episode of The X's after over 8 years. It makes me want to try and at least get the show back into the public eye because, let's face it, the show was poorly received back in its day, and because it wasn't the gross-out kinda bad or the hyperactive/directionless kinda bad (just the "boring" kinda bad- codeword for "too much dialogue"), it was quickly forgotten.

    I truly think that if people still remembered this show, new viewers would find it better than others did in 2005.
  • A family of spys try to pose as a normal family.

    This show wants to be original but it is a total rip-off of "The Incredibles", "Spy Kids" and all of those other shows. I was watching this with my friend because she thought nit sounded cool but I hate it. What kind of last name is X anyway!? If they were smart they would have changed it. I am only giving it the 5.7 because I like the animation style and Wendie Malick as Mrs. X.
  • What's with nickelodeon rallying in all these horrible shows?

    Seriously. Take this off along with Catscratch, this is crap.

    I don't like the artwork, it's just not for me. The storyline isn't all that appealing either, it's been done already. Get something new.

    I don't find the humor funny at all. Please, just do us all a favor and cancel it.
  • Its not something I'll watch again and again, but I might watch it occasionally. It could be better.

    Well, this show is a no. I think they need to take more time to make the characters just right and not make everything so cubed. I gave it a chance and said it doesn't have lots of potential. Its lacking something to become a big hit, but i don't knwo exactly what it is.
  • At first I hated it but then I felt like loving it but couldn't.

    The X's is although kinda like a rip-off to The Incridibles but hold it right there , I can find the same things between these and they are...

    1. Both the main villians have a behavior of a kid
    2. Both share the formula ( expect with their work )

    But however it leaves me to the point that it's beginning to not look like it but it is sometimes. The art blinds me with style and everything else is near the core as the overall score is a 5 out of 10 with some problems left behind which is perhaps a bad score to the review and yet I'm still beginning to like it...
  • What the heck? This is a complete waste of time!!

    This IS a complete waste of time.
    Come on.
    Maybe it would be good, but I really don't like the animations.
    And why is there only ONE bad guy? He's really stupid, too.
    He's the only bad guy and it's the same old thing every episode!
    They have to defeat Glowface! Where are the other bad guys and super villians, huh?
    Plus, they seem to have no idea abouta normal life except for one person in the show, Tuesday.
    And why does her hair change all the time?

    I really don't like this show, and if you ask me, there's nothing interesting to see.
  • rip off!

    this show is so dumb! it just a copy of The Incredibles & i dont like that movie either. the villian in this show is really weird lookin too. teh animation is crappy & the jokes are stupid. i dont really like shows/movies that focus on a family of spies. Oh, 7 the villian's name is really dumb(Glow face?!?! they could've come up with somethin better than that) i'm soo glad this show's cancelled! Nick actually did somethin right for once. sorry fans, but the x's is too cheesy for me. it was a disgrace to Nickelodeon. at least i dont have to look at this horrible show anymore
  • Ok this has got to stop.....

    OK, Nick, get a hold of your minds! Stop producing stuff like this. First of all, this show is so dumb. The Animation is very terrible even a 5 year old could draw better than this! Plus the whole plot is dumb. This is the 2nd worst nicktoon alongside with Mr. Meaty witch I reviewed a year ago. I mean its basically a Rip-off of the Incredibles and American Dad! But that stuff was good, this just takes it to a lower level. I don't think this show lasted for a friggin year. Im sorry for all the lovers of this show. And i truley respect them, but this show is just plain dumb. Please nick Revive yourself. Thank God this show was cancelled.
  • A really horrible Incredibles ripoff.

    The X's should be X off the air forever because it's so dumb. If this is Nick's Incredibles it looks like they drove off the road drunk. The kid's look ugly and the parents are not as good as regular parents. Glowface looks like a combonation of Red Skull, a monkey, and a lightbub. The other villians are lame. The animation looks awful too. If you want to see spy shows, watch any other spy show except The X's. What the hell was Nickelodeon doing?!
  • It is so stupid, disagree all you want!

    I hate this show, it is so retarted. How could somebody actually like this show?!?! I don't care if people disagree about this review. But come on, kids are not retarts, that should be watching retarted shows. Kids who watch this show are the kids of tomorrow! They shouldnt be as dumb as a doorknob, and amazingly this show it not helping! Take it off of Nick. I have to say, Nick has many bad shows on air, but this one is MENTAL!!! This show needs to go ! I hate this show, it should have never been created!!! It is SO stupid.
  • I loved Catdog, and I loved this "garbage"...

    Oh come on. How bad was this show? Catdog was creative, and this show had potential. Lots of it. It was just low-rated, and hardcore animation fans just couldn't take another look at it before criticizing it. Now, from what I remember about the X's, there was a Helen Parr-like mother, a Dash-like son, and a Violet Parr-like daughter, as well as the bumbling Mr. X. Sure, it sounds like an Incredibles rip-off TV show; but I just want people to give the X's another chance and not just mindlessly criticize it at first glance. Same went with Catdog. Both shows were rather well-played in my opinion.
  • It's not that bad... If you watch a number of episodes.

    So many just said this is a "The Incredibles" rip-off. I doubt it. Just because they're a family who would save the world from some bastard villain, doesn't mean it's a rip-off.

    First of all; they're spies, not superheroes with powers of such.
    Second; the Incredibles don't have a talking house.

    I can name more if you want. It is a pretty good show, what I don't understand is why does the rating of this show so low, I don't know if that's exaggerated. So, the show is about the life of a spy family, is that even original? Maybe, yes. The story is fine, so as the characters, except Glowface, he's just plain annoying (and a stupid villain, too). The rest is fair, but not bad.
  • In short, and in my very humble, cool, awesome opinion, this show SUX!

    Ahem... this show sux! No originality whatsoever, horrible animation, stories to snore, and it has been done before! This is the Incredibles with a new skin, and might I add, a very stupid skin. This was an immature atempt at something that would have failed anyway, and I really think someone should send Nick a wake up call and throw this show along with Catscratch off the air. Only reason it got a score at all is because the evil guy's voice is kinda cool.
  • It's been done, Nickelodeon.

    Take The Incredibles, subtract the high-tech CGI animation and the cleverness, add American Dad, remove the German goldfish, alien, pop culture and political jokes, add some stupid and unoriginality, and what do you get?

    The X's.

    This repulsive train wreck of a cartoon is basically another one of those "crime-fighting family" shows. The character designs are attrocious, the plots are unfunny and bland, and it's altogether ugly. The dad's basically Stan from American Dad, except not as funny. The kid's have weird names. Truman and Tuesday? Wow, never heard of those before.

    Anyway's this is proof that Nickelodeon sucks now, and never will be the same again. Pity.
  • There are already shows like this!!!

    wow super heros again. I don't get it. Why waste your time with a show about heros when the other 15 million shows just like it all jumped the shark?? It is so unoriginal and just.. dumb. This show will probably (i hope) be off the air soon. I really want to see new shows on nickalodien but if they are going to be like this show, then I am not going to watch them anymore. Also, the title doesn't fit.
  • so uninteresting

    First of all I have to say that this seems like a cheap copy of the movie, The Incredibles. Also, this has some pretty bad animation. It is rushed through and painful to watch. Another thing is that the fighting scenes are great proof that the show is uninteresting. The villain, Glowface, he is just a loser with a big rid head! i also say that the childrens action show rule applies to this. The hero fights the villain. The hero gets puzzled. The hero finds a way to win and does so. I say don't watch the X's. 1/10. Abysmal.
  • Unoriginal, stupid, and definitely doesn't belong on Nickelodeon. Its got Cartoon Network written all over it.

    This show is a waste of time. There are a million other shows out there in the world about a group of undercover spies, why bother making another? Especially Nickelodeon, you'd think they'd have learned thier lesson after the downfall of stupid shows like "My Life As A Teenage Robot,""Kablam," and in a way, "Jimmy Neutron." They all have a general villain or villains and a general hero that saves the day in ever-stinkin-episode. All those shows hardly lasted a year! And now they're trying to throw in this garbage that basically just copies "The Incredibles"!Personally, I think it would save a lot of time and money if they just never made this dumb show. Now if this show were to turn around and show a little reason to be liked, I swear I'll take back everything I said. I admit, there are some succesful super-hero shows. "Danny Phantom" is one, though the animation is poor and some of the characterization is a bit on the corny side, it definitely shows the sucess in its ratings. Basically, I think that the idea for the X's was very unoriginal, and I honestly think that airing this show on NIckelodeon was a bad idea. You could see 2 seconds of the commercial and guess that it belonged to Cartoon Network.
  • Don't leave Tuesday and Truman it was great to have you on Nick!

    I love The X's. Why does it have to be on at night? Why can't it be on more. I wish it was on Nick still at least it's on Nicktoons Network. Why does this show have to be done with episodes. Why can't they have a season 2? With new episodes airing on Nicktoons Network and not nick. I don't mind if it's on the digital channel. All, I mind is it's an awsome show that's on at night usally now a days. It was a great show while it had newer episodes I hope to hsee more I haven't seen in the future. I really wish they might have DVD's of it to.
  • I hate that I like this show! I just can't resist!

    I know everyone says that this show is like an unoriginal, not funny cross between The Incredibles and American Dad, but of course there is still a lot of originality. The animation I find unique from other shows and the characters are hilarious, especially Glowface. Everyone says he hates him because he acts like a five-year-old. That's what makes him funny! Mr. X isn't really a good leader. Honestly, I can see why people hate this show, and that's why I gave this the category "Guilty Pleasure" because I like something that most people hate. Just listen to a few episodes and you may find you like it after all.

    This, along with Spongebob and Ed, Edd, n Eddy, are the three shows that helped me start my show (for more info, look at my blog page).
  • Whoa only a 5.6? Man this show is awesome! I always loved watching this great show!

    Bring this show back indeed! The first time i saw this show was when it first premiered which was some day in November. I saw it once and i thought: "Hey this is prety neat!" and i was interested in seeing more! Its a shame this show lasted for only about a year, it is also unfortunate that one of the reasons why it probably got canceled was becasue of the low fan base, and the decreasing score which is now at a 5.6, if it is up to a 5.7 though when i am done with this review though, then that means my rating for this show helped it rise up again! Man i loved this show so much, I remember Mr. X and Mrs. X, and also Tuesday and Truman! I was over at my Grandpa's house when i saw this premiere at (i think 8:00 P.M. was it?) That means it was nighttime. i will miss you The X's, i thought you were a great show with cool characters! Back then in 2005, this show definitely brings back memories. So you will also always be in my memories The X's! This was a great show and i wish it didn't get canceled so soon. Man, well rest in peace, The X's. Spies rule and are so cool!
  • Why does everyone hate this show?

    I like this show. I dont get how come so much people hate this show. its a preety good nicktoon and its much better then alot of shows on Nick like its better then shows like "Icarly, All that, etc..." When the show came out I knew that it was going to probably be good. From the commercials it seemed like it was going to be nice. Im just sad that they ended the series but glad that they just kept the show on Nicktoons Network. The bad part is that they leave it like at 2:00 AM. If you havent seen the show you gotta give it a try because its preety good.
  • One of the best nicktoons from the 00s.

    Of course this dosen't beat the classics (Rockos modern life, Catdog, etc...) but I'm not talking about the 90s i'm talking about the 21st century. This is my 2nd favorite nicktoon from the 21st century, (Avatar is the first.) The comedy is great, and it beats the hell out of all the Nick shows you'll find today. The animation isen't some HD anime style, but I ignore that. I think the reason people hate the show, is because they keep thinking it's a Rip-off of the Incredibles. That's all I hear actually. I don't care about that, and I don't think it's a rip-off of the incredibles because for 1 thing they use Weapons instead of Supernatural powers. I even think they should make a dvd of this, instead of putting 1 episode into the "Nick picks" dvd. Or nick should atleast show reruns of this.
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