The X's

Nickelodeon (ended 2008)


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  • A Pure Comedy about a family of spies.

    I Admit, I liked this show the moment I saw it. Sure, it's not a good replacement for Danny Phantom, but I'm obsessed with it so expect me to say that. The animation is not the best, but Still, look at Edd Ed'n Eddy! The animation doesn't necesary have to be good for the cartoon to be good. Also people, this show is PURE COMEDY. That's the aim of the show, to make us laugh. While this has many flaws I can list: The Animation being the only one I can think of right now, but the comedy more than makes up for it. While most villians aren't exactly dangerous, Glowface is the funniest Villian ever. There is nothing more Hilarious than the villian. It can improve,though, but since it's cancelled, I'm happy with what we got now. It made me laugh when I needed it, so I like this show.