The X's

Nickelodeon (ended 2008)


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  • I don't get it - why is this show so underrated? it's not a nimick of The Incredibils! it's a p-a-r-o-d-y!

    Without really watching this show , you'd probably think it's just a cheap action adventure seris that nimicks The Incredibils . but if you give it a real look , you'll see that this show is hilarious , totally making fun of super-hero-spies . if there's any resemblens between The X's to The incredibils . it's because it's a pardoy (like a spin-off) .

    The X's live in their own little spy world , almost disconected with real normal life . and they always mix the 2 worlds as they try being a normal family .

    Truman is your average 10 year old boy... that likes blowing stuff up with lasers . Ms X is like your usual loving and caring mom... ecxept the fact she likes training with batlle axes . Mr X is sort of like James Bond , only 50 percent less smart , and 100 percent funnier . and the Teenagegirl is almost normal (probably the mose sane person in the family) . (except maybe from home-base , the tallking mission reporting computer , which is yet another spy parody feature...)

    their perseonalities conflict and that cause alot of chaos in the show . their arch enemy Glowface is a hilarious loser villan . along with his side-kick whho's a british butler (sounds familiar?) .

    the jokes are original , not corny , and most importantly - hilarious . the voice acting is great , very noisy and insane . probably the best voice-acting I ever heard on an animated show . the stories get a little repetable though (it's usually either them trying to be normal type of story - or their perseonalities conflict and make alot of chao - or even both at the same time) . the animation art style took me sometime to get used to . and the action and adventure thing in the show is not bad at all - though it shouldn't be taken seriously because the real point of this show is it's comedy .

    overall this is a great funny spy parody show , very underrated . and I wish there were more episodes to it...