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Nickelodeon (ended 2008)


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  • Been there,done that

    Obviously this is one of the worst Nicktoons I ever had the displeasure of seeing. Just take The Incredibles,remove the CGI elements,take some really bad drawing style and braindead dialogue,add American Dad and Power Rangers,remove the cussing,morphing sequences and Megazord battles,then add James Bond,dumb it down,put the entire glop in a blender and then ino the microwave for just 5 minutes and you get this. I am well aware that this show trys to be funny without good drawings styles like Cartoon Network's Ed,Edd n Eddy,however it oten falls flat on it's face trying to do that. From the creator of Oh Yeah! Cartoons,I'd expect more,a LOT more. The heroes are cliched.For example Mr X tries to act like Stan from American Dad,and Mrs X tries to be like his wife.Homebase is basically like that alien who lives with them and Tuesday's a typical "teen with issues",not to mention Truman's nothing more than the average annoying little brother.Glowface,he's got the personality of a five year old,his assistant is the only actual villan in the show.I mean what kind of evil scheme is turning the world's oceans into soup or getting the Eifel Tower and Big Ben to fight each other with some sort of lazer that makes them alive? I can't even go forr five seconds without hearing one of the characters say something so braindead I just want to strangle him/her
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