The X's

Season 1 Episode 5

Secret Agent Manual / The Spy Who Liked Me

Aired Friday 8:30 PM Dec 16, 2005 on Nickelodeon

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  • Noone gets the joke about the spy manual

    There is a joke about the spy manual noone gets. In this episode, the spy manual is resembeling the bible. It even looks like it! And Mr. X is someone who takes it way too far, like many people of the christen religion. Here's how you can tell-

    1. Mr. X is obsessed with the manual and follows all it's rules.

    2. Mr. X doesn't question the manual- many people in many religions do this. Once again, many Christens do so.

    3. When they where in the X jet, Mr. X had a ring around his head, much like how Jesus is visualized.

    4. It seems Mr. X was about to disown his family beacuse they didn't follow it like he did. Not too many religous people do this, but it does happen sometimes.

    5. The Manual looks like the bible, mostly in one scene in the X jet.

    6. Mr. X covered the manual's "ear" beacuse he didn't want to be heard questioning the manual.

    7. "The Manual is law!" need I say more on this?

    There's alot of hints about this. It's definitly making fun of the bible. But beacuse the U.S. is turning into what we tried to get rid of when the U.S. was first formed and it's beacome one big bible belt, they probably didn't tell the truth.
  • it revealed to me that they had The X's had a good ep.something i didn't think possible. (good review i promise)

    in this ep Tuesday gets a boyfriend(Brad)that she really likes and he really likes her back but then there's the family.

    Mrs.X says she was upset cause she didn't want Tuesday to grow up but really she didn't like the idea of being old.

    Mr.X hated the idea his baby girl was dating some guy!he thought Brad was an evil agent but he just loves his daughter.
    but turns out Brad was an evil agent working for S.N.A.F.U(and he was Glowface's nephew) ,sure Brad stole from,lied and used Tuesday but he did really like her.

    and Turmen just wanted to tease Tuesday for having a boyfriend.

    p.s.i don't hate this show,i just don't really like it

    but this was a good episode

    This was the best episode so far! That is what I think. In my way of grading the episode:

    Funny Glowface parts-100000000000% (I love that guy. Evil or not he rules!)

    So that is my review on the best episode of The X's so far.

    come on how many of you out there belive with me. This is the best episode EVER!