The X's

Season 1 Episode 6

To Err is Truman / No More Mrs. Nice X

Aired Friday 8:30 PM Jan 13, 2006 on Nickelodeon

Episode Recap

To Err is Truman: Pepe's Lagoon has arrived close by to the X's, and they are all ready to have fun there, and Truman (also along with Glowface) are interested in obtaining the rest of their Pepe's Lagoon collection of prizes. The family is getting ready for it in the morning, but the parents make sure the kids behave. Unfortunately, Truman forgot about his toilet bombs that he planted in all of the toilets in the house. Once the whole family uses them except for Truman, they are angry about this and they think it would be a good idea for him not to go. Truman does convince them to give him a second chance, unless he causes trouble again. Meanwhile Tuesday knows about this and plans to get revenge by framing Truman so he can get sent to Mime Camp. Tuesday and Homebase work on this together, so Homebase deletes all of the video camera footage in the house while Tuesday plants the toilet bombs so Mr. and Mrs. X will think its Truman again and send him to Mime Camp. This plan actually backfires when Mr. and Mrs. X find Tuesday planting them, Homebase finds Truman doing some more mischief and tries to inform the family about it, but there's a problem, Homebase doesn't have the footage of Truman either. So Mr. X, Mrs. X, and Truman go to Pepe's Lagoon and Tuesday is sent to Mime Camp.

No More Mrs. Nice X: One day at the spy family's house, known as Homebase, there's a cockroach that appears all of a sudden in the kitchen. Once Mrs. X sees it she starts blasting her weapons all over the place trying to get rid of the cockroach, this upsets Tuesday when Mrs. X still is trying to get it and accidentally destroys a lot of Tuesday's valuables. Tuesday is crushed to see all of her things destroyed, and wants Mrs. X to go to some relaxation classes to help control her destructive ways. Once she arrives she is energetic and telling people there to go out and get in action by kicking enemies to pieces! Everyone goes out and follows her advice, but the teacher wonders about Mrs X, and tells her what could be helpful about her being more at peace. The teacher coaxes her into being a peaceful mom by saying her current personality could hurt her family. When she goes back to Homebase, everyone is shocked to see her new appearance and personality, and Tuesday is impressed for a while. However, when Glowface and his new evil plans enter the picture, the rest of the family are in dire need of her assistance. Once Mrs. X realizes what needs to be done, she agrees that it is better to be her old self, and successfully beats Glowface again and punches his machine to bits. Now the X's are currently back in full power.
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