The Yellow Rose

NBC (ended 1984)


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  • Addictive

    I watched The Yellow Rose faithfully, although looking back, I don't know why. It wasn't a very good show, but I really liked the cast. Sam Elliott, Cybill Shepherd, David Soul, Edward Albert, Susan Anspach (who quit after only a few episodes) all gave it the old college try, but the performances were uninspired and the dialogue hokey. The Champion family were enemies with Jeb Hollister, played by Chuck Connors. Jeb was supposed to be a heartless villain, which he was, but he was really nothing more than a cartoon villain, minus the twirling moustache. He did love his daughter Juliette, played by a pre-Dallas Deborah Shelton, but she eventually disappeared without explanation and Connors was dropped as well. But it was too late and the show was cancelled after one season. It had so much promise, but just didn't live up to expectations.