The Yogi Bear Show - Season 2

(ended 1988)



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Episode Guide

  • Yogi must circumvent a strict new edict forbidding him to beg tourists for food. / Tired of having his only performing be at the business end of a whip, Snagglepuss tries to better his lot as a Shakespearean actor. The big game hunter, Major Minor, buys a front row seat to Snags first show at starts shooting at the lion thespian. The manager will not permit this, so the Major disguises himself as Juliet and walks on stage. Then the Major and Snagglepuss decide to work up an act, only to start bickering over who gets top billing. / Chopper is in bed with a cold and Yakky is coming through the woods with a picnic basket for him when Fibber Fox decides to deviate from the classic Red Riding Hood formula and eat Yakky and Yakky’s basket on the spot. After Fibber burns his paw on hot soup, Yakky escapes to Chopper's house. An ailing Chopper saves the day by sneezing Fibber out of the house, then sneezing the leaves off the tree where Fibber is hiding.moreless
  • Yogi meets his former girlfriend, who's in town performing with a circus. / Tiring of circus life, Snagglepuss returns to the one place he feels he belongs -- the jungle. But the natives are ugly, the giraffe throws him in a lake, a crocodile attacks him and a gorilla takes him home for the young gorillas to play with. Tarzan is the worst of all, and Snagglepuss is delighted to get back to the circus. / Yakky is in imminent danger from Fibber Fox. Only Yakky's stalwart friend Chopper saves him. Then, Fibber Fox comes up with a magic potion which shrinks Chopper so small that the surprised bulldog skulks into a mouse hole. But before Fibber can capture Yakky, the potion wears off and Chopper stages a comeback.moreless
  • Acrobatty Yogi
    Acrobatty Yogi
    Episode 16
    Yogi and Boo Boo see a traveling circus passing by. When Yogi realizes that his old girlfriend Cindy is in the circus he hops on one of the trucks so he can talk to her. She seems bored with him so Yogi becomes the new lion tamer to try an impress her.moreless
  • Yogi's taste in food causes problems when Boo Boo and Yogi win an all-expense-paid trip to Paris. / A mouse is annoying the family of Mr. and Mrs. Evil J. Evil, the scientists, and Snagglepuss is offered food and lodging if he will get rid of the pest. The trouble is that the Evil's little boy has been experimenting with the mouse, and the furry rodent is now six feet tall! / The baby ducks and chickens in the pet shop window have all sold for Easter -- all except Yakky, who is about to give up hope. A kindly old lady buys Yakky for her granddaughter, but the happy new home is inhabited by a possessive cat. Then things go from bad to worse as Yakky gets involved with an alley cat.moreless
  • Yogi Bear plans a surprise party for Ranger Smith's birthday. / Snagglepuss graduates from a mail-order musketeer school. He is tricked by the fun-loving musketeers into believing that a little fat man is a spy. Snag dunks the fat man repeatedly in the moat, chases him around, and too late learns that the fat man is the king. / Little Yakky Duck sets out to save Charlie, an old plow horse, thought to be slated for a glue factory. He hides Charlie in a tree, then disguises Charlie as a moose and a merry-go-round steed.moreless
  • Slap Happy Birthday
    Slap Happy Birthday
    Episode 15
    Yogi and Boo Boo want to try and do something special for Ranger Smith's birthday. Yogi asks visitors to donate food so he can throw a party for the ranger. Ranger Smith suspects that Yogi is up to no good so he sets a trap for him. He is shocked when he finds out Yogi had just been setting up a surprise party.moreless
  • Yogi believes that Ranger Smith is tough--until "Iron Hand Jones" arrives! / Low on cash, Snagglepuss takes a job boxing the Australian kangaroo at the county fair. But “K-O Kangy” is one tough marsupial. Even Snag’s famous propeller punch proves ineffective. The cagey kangaroo is just as adept at side-stepping and feinting as he is at punching. After a terrific beating, Snagglepuss decides to go back to his old job at the fair -- dodging baseballs in the baseball-throwing booth. / Yakky Duck's shopping stamp book needs only one stamp to fill it. Chopper is glad to supply the stamp, but it won't stick in the book. It blows away, sticks to a speeding truck's tire, lands in a manhole, gets stuck to a bird's foot, is deposited on a floating log, and is carried away by a butterfly.moreless
  • Iron Hand Jones
    Iron Hand Jones
    Episode 14
    Ranger Smith is going on vacation and Ranger Iron Hand Jones is replacing him. Yogi thought he had it tough before but the new ranger is ex-military and very strict. When Ranger Smith returns they both realize how much they missed each other.
  • Yogi Bear raids Ranger Smith's refrigerator but discovers that Smith has booby-trapped the door. / Lila Lion has cast myriad longing glances in the direction of Snagglepuss, a confirmed bachelor who never had any thought of marriage. When his twin brother Snaggletooth comes for a visit, he unwittingly takes Snagglepuss off the hook -- he decides Lila is just his type, and Lila mistakes him for Snagglepuss. The pair departs, she in coquettish flight, he in pursuit. Now Snagglepuss can got back to his daily routine. / Alfy Gator invites Yakky Duck to a formal dinner and tells Yakky to bring along a friend. Alfy planned to eat Yakky as the main course of the dinner, and thought Yakky might bring a brother or sister, even for dessert. But Yakky’s friend turns out to be Chopper and Alfy’s plans are wrecked.moreless
  • Bare Face Bear
    Bare Face Bear
    Episode 13
    A thief steals a million dollars in jewels and then heads into Jellystone Park to hide. He then gets into a bear suit to blend in. A bloodhound keeps finding him because of his scent. The policeman with the bloodhound can't understand why his dog keeps finding bears instead of a crook. Yogi helps the bear/crook hide thinking that he is being tracked down for stealing a sandwich.moreless
  • 12/6/10
    On the occasion of Yogi's birthday, his animated friends fete the amiable bear, foremost citizen of Jellystone Park. (Parts 1, 2, and 3)
  • Little Red Riding Boo Boo
    Boo Boo takes over Little Red Riding Hood's battle with the Big Bad Wolf.
  • Yogi and Boo Boo become involved in the story of the Three Little Pigs. / Major Minor, the game hunter, has lost face and may be forced out of the Adventurer's Club unless he can do something startling -like catching the wily lion, Snagglepuss, who has eluded him for years. The Major approaches Snagglepuss in Snag's cage at the city zoo. He makes a deal: he will release Snag if the lion will consent to being recaptured. Snagglepuss consents and the Major is restored to his former eminence in the club. / When Yakky the duck falters during his long migration south and falls near Chopper, the bulldog, it looks as if the trip will have to be called off. After Yakky persuades Chopper to share his supper, Yakky tries the flight once again but nearly falls prey to a hungry cat. Finally, Chopper becomes resigned to being a tiny duck's protector.moreless
  • Oinks and Boinks
    Oinks and Boinks
    Episode 11
    Yogi and Boo Boo help the three little pigs face the Big Bad Wolf.
  • Yogi Bear's fairy godmother grants Yogi's wish--that everything he touches becomes a picnic basket! / Snagglepuss glows with noble sentiments after reading the fairy tale of the mouse who saves the lion. So he is quick to free a mouse named Bigelow from a trap. Bigelow is officiously and overwhelmingly grateful. When Snagglepuss is willingly captured and happily ticketed for the St. Louis Zoo -- his head filled with visions of thick, juicy St. Louis Zoo steaks -- Bigelow repeatedly frees him. Back in the jungle, Snag wearily rescues the mouse again, but has many misgivings about doing so. / A flea named Clarence is ousted from his cozy home when his dog stops and scratches. Yakky Duck's tender heart is touched and he tells Clarence to make himself at home on Chopper, Yakky's bulldog pal. Another flea, Muggsy, also appears and Clarence and Muggsy become fierce rivals.moreless
  • Touch and Go-Go-Go
    Touch and Go-Go-Go
    Episode 10

    Boo-Boo is reading a Fairy Tale book and Yogi doesn't believe in that junk, until his Fairy Godmother appears

  • Ranger Smith's plan to teach Yogi a lesson backfires. / Melvin Martin and Calvin Cloy, two mountaineers, ask for the hand of Susie Sal, the prettiest gal in the mountains. Since it's proposal Sunday, Susie Sal gives the two mountain swains a task. To the first one who brings her a genuine mountain lion fur, she will give her hand in marriage. By coincidence Snagglepuss is taking his morning stroll and is set upon by the lovesick hunters. A chase ensues and ends with Snagglepuss proposing to and winning Susie Sal. / Yakky the duck is befriended by a baby kangaroo named Hoppity. When Hoppity takes Yakky home, Hoppy's mother throws him out of the house. Despondent, Yakky is soon joined by Hoppity, who decided to run away from home. A hunter tries to capture the kangaroo and Yakky comes to the rescue.moreless
  • Booby Trapped Bear
    Booby Trapped Bear
    Episode 9
    Yogi must avoid all of the booby-trapped baskets in the park while still trying to snag a few real baskets.
  • Yogi is mistaken for a runaway circus bear. / Legend has it that Snagglepuss the Lion-hearted was King Arthur's favorite knight. To gain a seat at the round table, Snagglepuss had gone on a quest to bring back the sword belonging to the evil Stormy Knight. Snagglepuss endured myriad trials and hardships and finally succeeded in gaining possession of the prized sword. When he returned, King Arthur asked to see the sword and Snagglepuss just happened to have it on him -- right where Stormy Knight had stuck it in him. / For Yakky's part in helping Chopper escape the dogcatcher, the dog gives the duck a whistle to use in emergencies. Between a sharp-shooting hunter, a hungry fox, and the dogcatcher, Yakky's whistle gets used quite often.moreless
  • The Biggest Show Off on Earth
    Yogi and Boo Boo have an encounter with a mean circus bear. Big trouble lies ahead for Yogi and Boo Boo.
  • 12/6/10
    To learn who's stealing lunch baskets, Ranger Smith places hidden cameras and microphones throughout the park. / The evil Count Down kidnaps the queen and Snagglepuss, true to his king, sets out to save her majesty. Things look bad when the Count prepares to duel Snagglepuss, but the queen herself steps in and saves him. As his reward for his devotion to his monarch, the queen decides, instead of a bear rug, she will make him her own personal mountain lion rug. Snagglepuss loudly complains about the queen's favorite new fashion, spike heels, but to no avail. / In order to avoid detection while raiding the hen house, a sly fox places earmuffs over sleeping Chopper's ears. Yakky outwits the fox by grabbing them off, allowing the guard dog to hear the unusual noises he had been missing.moreless
  • Spy Guy
    Spy Guy
    Episode 7
    Yogi thinks his conscience has gone crazy when he keeps hearing it in every corner of the park. Has Yogi gone crazy? Or is Mr. Ranger up to something?
  • A Bear Pair
    A Bear Pair
    Episode 6
    Boo Boo and Yogi go to Paris as Ambassadors of Jellystone National Park.
  • Yogi and Boo Boo come under fire when they enter a restricted area during army exercises./Snagglepuss escapes from his cage, dons a Southern gambler's costume and mingles with passengers aboard the SS St. Louis Lou. Lacy Cravat, the river pirate, holds up the passengers, but the robbery attempt is foiled by Snagglepuss when the lion takes off his costume and the terrified Cravat jumps overboard. Snagglepuss jumps over too, when the ship's captain decides to cage him./Fibber Fox is about to lunch on Yakky Duck when Yakky's friend Bigelow the mouse saves him. But Fibber is not discouraged and soon corners Yakky in a garbage can. Things look bleak but Bigelow again intervenes and lures Fibber into a cannon, which sends the fox soaring. The chase takes to the air for a time but it isn't until Bigelow summons his big brother, a giant mouse, that Yakky is safe.moreless
  • Cub Scout Boo Boo
    Cub Scout Boo Boo
    Episode 5

    When boy scouts have an outing at Jellystone Park Yogi dresses himself and Boo Boo up as scoutmaster and scout to get free eats.

  • A visiting Japanese bear causes problems for Yogi./The Raindance Kid has a policy of always shooting a sheriff on his birthday. And Raindance's birthday comes on the very day he arrives in Snagglepuss' town. The regular sheriff, who knows of Raindance's quaint custom, picks this day to leave the country. The badge of office then is given to Snagglepuss, who proves to be just as ineffective as the missing sheriff./Alfy, the alligator, tries everything he can to grab Yakky Duck for lunch. Numerous ploys, including a log trap, a string trap, and a helicopter all fail Alfy. When the helicopter runs out of gas leaving the alligator in mid-air, Yakky is touched by Alfy's inexperience with air travel, but Alfy will have nothing more to do with the duck.moreless
  • Yogi and Boo Boo unwittingly unleash a genie from a teapot. / Snagglepuss no sooner hears a police report that Muggsy, Public Enemy Number One, is at large when Muggsy and fellow ruffian McGoofy enter Snag’s house. Snagglepuss hides in the closets, disguises himself as a lion rug and tries other ruses to avoid detection. The hoodlums leave in terror when they discover Snag is a lion. / Little Yakky Duck aspires to be a singing star and perform on TV, but at each attempt Yakky's auditor’s walk away in disgust. Finally, Yakky’s bulldog pal, Chopper, forces an audience of cats to sit and applaud, while Chopper himself has his ears plugged.moreless
  • Genial Genie
    Genial Genie
    Episode 4

    Boo Boo finds a magic lamp with a genie inside and gives it to Yogi to make a wish.

  • Instead of eating honey, Yogi trades jars of honey for treats from visitor's picnic baskets! / Snagglepuss sees his dream of TV stardom realized the day he applies for a film job and is hired on the spot. It's because he’s the only available actor who can play the part of a lion. Somebody at the casting office had sent elephants even though lions had been ordered. After being mauled by a Samson character getting flattened by a Jungle Man and lighting a match in the dynamite shed, Snagglepuss in not so sure about being famous. When he learns the cameras had run out of film and everything has to be shot over, he walks out for good. / Yakky Duck comes running when he hears a hunter’s duck call, hoping to find his lost mother. The hunter's dog quickly snags Yakky, but the pathetic little duck talks the dog out of bringing him back to his master.moreless
  • Bears and Bees
    Bears and Bees
    Episode 3
    Yogi tries to deceive a colony of bees to get their honey by dressing Boo Boo like a queen bee, but disaster lies around the corner for poor Boo Boo.
  • Do or Diet
    Do or Diet
    Episode 2
    Jellystone Park opens up at the beginning of spring. Yogi is going nuts over all the new picnic baskets, so the Ranger must come up with a way to stop Yogi.
  • Shot by Cupid's arrow, Yogi falls in love with a beautiful girl bear. / Snagglepuss dons a green outfit to emulate the great Robin Hood, about whom he has been reading. He decides to protect the little ducks from the hunters who infest the forest. The ducks don't understand and they turn Snags bow and arrows on him. Later, Snag tries to succor an elephant in distress. In despair, Snag finally asks the zoo keeper to put him up in the zoo. / Chopper accompanies his sportsman owner on a duck-hunting trip. He is afraid they will encounter his good friend, Yakky the Duck. Sure enough, they do, so Chopper tries everything he can think of to get Yakky to go away and hide. Yakky thinks Chopper is being unfriendly and gets his feelings hurt. When the dog hides Yakky inside his mouth, Yakky strikes a match because it's so dark. Before the day is over, Chopper gets a load of buckshot intended for Yakky.moreless
  • Love-Bugged Bear
    Love-Bugged Bear
    Episode 1
    Boo Boo asks Yogi about the birds and the bees and Yogi wants nothing to do with it until he is shot by a Cupid.
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