The Yogi Bear Show

Season 2 Episode 3

Bears and Bees / Paws for Applause / Duck Hunting

Full Episode: Bears and Bees / Paws for Applause / Duck Hunting


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Instead of eating honey, Yogi trades jars of honey for treats from visitor's picnic baskets! / Snagglepuss sees his dream of TV stardom realized the day he applies for a film job and is hired on the spot. It's because he’s the only available actor who can play the part of a lion. Somebody at the casting office had sent elephants even though lions had been ordered. After being mauled by a Samson character getting flattened by a Jungle Man and lighting a match in the dynamite shed, Snagglepuss in not so sure about being famous. When he learns the cameras had run out of film and everything has to be shot over, he walks out for good. / Yakky Duck comes running when he hears a hunter’s duck call, hoping to find his lost mother. The hunter's dog quickly snags Yakky, but the pathetic little duck talks the dog out of bringing him back to his master.moreless
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