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AIRED ON 3/10/2014

Season 41 : Episode 10366

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The Young and the Restless revolves around the rivalries, romances, hopes and fears of the residents of the fictional Midwestern metropolis, Genoa City. The lives and loves of a wide variety of characters mingle through the generations, dominated by the Newman, Abbott and Winters families. When the show premiered in 1973, it revolutionized the daytime drama. It continues to set the standard with strong characters, socially conscious storylines, romance and sensuality. The Young and the Restless premiered on March 26, 1973, and was originally a 30 minute show. It was not until January 1980 that the show had become a one hour show like it is today. The show has ran for years at 12:30 PM on the east coast, and at 11:00 AM on the west coast. Over the years, many things have happened, and there have been many twisted story lines, many stolen husbands, and many people dead. It has also featured character cross-overs with another CBS soap, The Bold and the Beautiful. These include the psychotic Sheila Carter, who began on The Young and the Restless and shown her more psychotic side on The Bold and the Beautiful. The same goes for Lauren Fenmore, who also can be seen on The Bold and the Beautiful occasionally. The Young and the Restless is not like other soaps which convey a surreal way of life. This show, however, is based on the lives of people in a small town called Genoa City, Wisconsin, where the money is plentiful and so are the women. Many times, we wish that we could live in that small, mid-western town, just to see how life would really be like. Sometimes, we put our own problems aside and worry about what will happen next on the show. However, we're very fortunate not to have a world like they do on any soap! The theme song was written by Barry DeVorzon and Perry Botkin, and originally entitled Cotton's Theme from the film Bless the Beasts, but later became known as Nadia's Theme.

Doug Davidson

Doug Davidson

Paul Williams (1978-)

Melody Thomas Scott

Melody Thomas Scott

Nikki Reed Newman [2] (1979-)

Eric Braeden

Eric Braeden

Victor Newman (1980-)

Kate Linder

Kate Linder

Esther Valentine (recurring 1982-1985, contract 1986-)

Tracey E. Bregman

Tracey E. Bregman

Lauren Fenmore Baldwin (contract 1983-1995, 2013-, recurring 2000-2013) / Sara Smythe (2010)

Peter Bergman

Peter Bergman

Jack Abbott [2] (1989-)

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Fan Reviews (325)

  • Please bring back the old Billy

    OMG!!!! Why can't you bring the old Billy back!? The two PATHETIC replacements have really taken away from the show. Billy Miller and Victoria were perfect together. I was happy to see the first replacement gone until I realized this guy is worse!! He can't act. Please bring Billy Miller back. PLEEEZZZEEE!!!!
  • Enough is enough

    When is the truth going to come out about Sharon it's so stupid that she gets away with what she's is Sharon going to come out of the coma WITH her memory in tact. When is Adam coming back? Chelsea is a tramp she needs to lose everything. It has to be proving that Ben did not kill his father and him and Victoria should be together. Enough is enough . This used to be the best almost true to life show now it's going in circles all they do is jump from bed to bed with the same people. I'm sick of Jack, Billy etc always putting down Victor but when something happens everybody turn to Victor for help.moreless
  • I don't recognize my show anymore

    The writing is not capturing my interest anymore. Character changes are happening more rapidly then I can absorb. I am so bored with the Winters family and, in addition, the interaction between Jill and the Aussie, (whose screen name escapes me). I fast forward through the scenes that show those characters. If this keeps up, I'm gone.
  • OMG - please - the new Billy has to go!

    Sorry folks, but this new Billy has to go. He does not fit the part at all and is far too old. It makes me cringe every time I see him come into a scene. I have no idea why Billy Miller left, but the powers that be should really be trying to get him it takes, something has to be done. Ruining the whole show watching these new actors coming in trying to be Billy. Do something or guaranteed you will lose viewership. Just read these one likes the new Billy.moreless
  • Billy Miller plz come back to Y&R

    I love this show! Been watching for more than 40 years! Please bring Billy Miller back! He is the best for this role! He played the gambler drinking cheater so convincingly. He was easily forgiven with at charm of his. These other two actors, Tom & the current guy, have no charm or on scream chemistry with Victoria! Tom is to calm & sweet, new guy just ain't working at all. Sorry, terrible casting assignment. Please get Billy Miller back. Looking forward to seeing Shamar in Sept. Thanks for many years of wonderfully colorful shows, both my grandmother & mother also watched.


    Young and the Restless and Steve Harvey Win Big at the Daytime Emmy Awards

    Trophies were also awarded to Katie Couric, Good Morning America, and Days of Our Lives.


    The Young and the Restless Leads the Daytime Emmy Nominations

    Meanwhile, The Bold and the Beautiful received with 18 nominations, followed by General Hospital's 16.

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