The Young and the Restless

Season 41 Episode 19

Ep. #10140

Aired Weekdays 12:30 PM Apr 19, 2013 on CBS

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  • EP#10141

    Dear writer

    Adam and Chelsea are both victim of Sharon why not just let Sharon get over herself without using Chelsea being pregnant. Let Adam and Chelsea get back together, because the writer are going to spin the Rylan as a pon to make Adam be the guy that has to fight after the fact that is his son. Don't let Adam&Chelsea baby be a victim w/out parent and a lie.

    Adam really love Chelsea and it nothing to with NICK and that SHARON. This is ADAM and CHELSEA love only.

    Put Sharon with Rylan

    Acery need to STOP all that anoring wining I don't what with that.

    Lily & Cane Micheal&Loren the only two marriages who have had a chance and now that gone. Carmine is bad new and that cocky Tyler is bad bad news for Lilly

    Oh well daytime drama

    I will just stop recording and watching Y&R because it is not what I and others I talk with on the phone are proud about being a woman in DAYTIME Sharon now keep them like those kind of bed jumping women because Sharon is determine to have Adam, knowing that he LOVE his wife Chelsea

    And please, please help Chloe so she can stop prostituting Chelsea from Adam. Give Rylan to Sharon


    Love and Love is not in the scoop of the Y&R when it come to ADAM&CHELSEA let them fall in love again and be a family

    She is still there where she felt that ADAM had to leave