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The Young and the Restless

Season 35 Episode 207

Ep. #8810

Aired Weekdays 12:30 PM Jan 16, 2008 on CBS
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Episode Summary

Ep. #8810
Nikki reluctantly approves of David's idea to try to sell NVP to Victor. Neil brings Victor the files on the counter suit against Nikki and warns Victor that this might destroy Nikki because she will be left with absolutely nothing, and Victor says that it was his plan to do so. Nick confronts his father about the counter suit and a huge fight between them starts when Nick tells Victor that he never wants to turn out like him, and then Victor fires Nick. John urges Jack to find out what's going on in Chicago. Sharon tells Brad that she always needed him more than she actually loved him and that they should end their friendship. Brad tries to change her mind, but she is determined to end things between them. She later calls Jack and tells him that she took care of Brad. Neil and Karen catch Cane and Lily making out on the sofa. Neil gives Cane a warning, while Lily confides in Karen about her father being overprotective. Lily then tells Neil that it's time for her to get a place of her own. Nick informs Nikki about being fired from Newman, and then tells her that Victor will strip her of everything she ever owned.moreless

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  • "Fired."

    I've been waiting for a quite a while to see Brad out of Sharon's way. I'm glad she managed to get him away, but I wonder for how long? This seems to hurt her a lot and although she seems fine with Jack, I have the feeling that for some reason she'll run to Brad sometime in the future. They shared a very powerful scene today together, and I enjoyed it when she did what she did.

    The Newman vendetta continues and I'm enjoying every step of the way. Everyone seems to have some problem with Victor's determined attitude, even the people who work on his case. When the whole thing is over, I hope Victor comes out as a winner. The firing of his son was very interesting. Victor berated his son for betraying him (a nice touch on history, the writers seem to actually recognize it). Anyway, the war continues and it's about to become even more interesting.

    Neil is against Cane? What a shock. Not. It's exactly what Karen said-Neil will be overprotective even when Lily will be 30 years old.moreless

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    • Victor: You stay out of this. You got that? You betrayed me more than once, son, and I've not forgotten it. You squealed to the feds about me, about corporate malfeasance. I was convicted for that. You have opposed me every step of the way since that time. Don't think I will forget that!
      Nick: I feel sorry for you.
      Victor: Don't feel sorry for me!
      Nick: You've turned into an angry, bitter man.
      Victor: You bet!
      Nick: I don't ever wanna turn out to be like you.
      Victor: You're fired.

    • Lily: What incident has generally been blamed for starting the civil war?
      Cane: The assassination of archduke Franz Ferdinand.
      Lily: What?
      Cane: No, it's true. See, that was a trick question.
      Lily: But, wait, that happened in Europe, didn't it?
      Cane: Uh-huh. No, no, it actually happened here. Uh, a rich northerner went down to Dixie and he was shot when he bought some cotton farms. You didn't know that?
      Lily: An archduke?
      Cane: Uh-huh. What, you don't think Americans have titles?
      Lily: No, they didn't.
      Cane: Yeah, they did. They did. It's just been erased from the history books. You don't believe me? You don't think that Washington and, uh, his wife Martha weren't Lord George and Lady Martha?
      Lily: No way.
      Cane: No way.

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