The Young and the Restless

Season 35 Episode 208

Ep. #8811

Aired Weekdays 12:30 PM Jan 17, 2008 on CBS
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Ep. #8811
Kevin, Amber and Daniel are stunned when Heather tells them that she'll be withdrawing the charges against Jana. Nikki and David are stunned to realize how outrageous Victor's counter suit is. Michael confides in Lauren about the trouble that Victor is putting him through during the case, and then they discuss a bit about Gloria. Nikki confronts Victor and then offers to sell him NVP in exchange for dropping the charges against her, but Victor refuses her offer and tells her that he's looking forward to seeing her where he picked her up--on the streets. Michael tries to convince Heather to drop the charges against Victor, but she bravely refuses. Jana and Kevin happily embrace in prison. Jana is stunned to see the party that Kevin arranges for her at Crimson Lights. Nikki seeks advice from Kay. Kay is stunned to see Nick packing his things and leaving Newman. Kay tries to talk to Victor, but he refuses to discuss the matter with her. Michael tells Victor that there is new evidence against him, but a fearless Victor urges Michael to find a way to prove his innocence or he'll fire him.moreless

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  • "Finally out?"

    The time for Jana to come out has finally come? But is she really as innocent as she seems? Her story was ruined for her when she exited the show last year, and I must admit it was quite a good conclusion to the Carmen Mesta murder investigation, but things don't seem as good for Jana since she returned. I keep thinking that the entire prison thing was just a little thing that Jana played to get back her freedom. But what is her next move? Will she continue playing the normal girl or is she actually innocent?

    The Nikki and Victor story is still interesting and it keeps me watching. The counter suit that Victor filed against Nikki was quite funny. Although I totally support Victor for standing up for his freedom, there is also a bit of his personality that I don't like. I know that he built Nikki from the ground and made her what she is, yet he will always see her as that stripper. Nikki needs to be more careful when she's fighting for her freedom, especially when she's stepping over the person that helped her rise. The scenes between those too are just amazing. The show is slowly returning to the interesting show that it used to be.

    One thing bugs me. Why do we need to have a murder mystery every few months? This is all Lynn Marie Latham's work and I don't like it. I hope the Ji Min murder is cleared as soon as possible and I don't want another mystery for more than a year.

    I must admit it was surprising to see Katherine in a scene without Jill. It was time to separate those two already. They were like Siamese twins. Katherine and Victor's scene was also great. Nick's departure from Newman was also quite interesting. I'm also liking Tammin as Colleen every day. On the other hand, Eyall as Korbel isn't as needed or interesting anymore.moreless

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    • Nick: I was just trying to play peacemaker.
      Kay: Well, you know Victor. If you're not on his side, my dear, you are the traitor.
      Nick: And now I'm an unemployed traitor.

    • Victor: What the hell did you expect? That you could hurt me and get away with it? That you could flaunt an affair with that sleazy character right under my nose? That you could defy-- arrogantly defy every piece of advice I've ever given you? That you had the gall to sue me for half a billion dollars? Where the hell do you think you would get away with that? You should have thought about this. Too late, my dear.
      Nikki: Yeah, well, I'm thinking now. I will send you a proposal in the mail.
      Victor: Don't waste the paper. I wanna see you back on the streets where you came from. Nothing would make me happier. Get the hell out of here.

    • Nikki (In response to Victor's countersuit against her): I'm surprised you didn't ask for my shoes. What's the problem? Not your size?

    • Lauren (To Michael): Right, but don't you think it would be odd and suspicious if a man like Victor Newman wasn't shouting from the rooftops that he was innocent?

    • Lauren (About Heather): So you're telling me that she's as sneaky as you are?
      Michael: Now you're just being nasty.
      Lauren: Okay. Almost as sneaky.

    • Kevin: Free Jana. It worked.
      Colleen: And she has you to thank.
      Amber: That's right, wonder boy. You pulled it off.

    • Michael: It's Victor. While Gloria is certainly frustrating me, Victor is infuriating me. He is arrogant, self-centered, opinionated, uncommunicative...
      Lauren: And this is new news to you?
      Michael: I know, I know, I know. Even in the best of times, Victor's a difficult man to love. But he has got to start courting public opinion. He has to obtain the benefit of the doubt from the public. They will be his future jury. This trial will be fought in the media as much as in the courtroom, and if he doesn't start acting innocent, he may not be found innocent.

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