The Young and the Restless

Season 35 Episode 210

Ep. #8813

Aired Weekdays 12:30 PM Jan 21, 2008 on CBS
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Ep. #8813
Sharon and Jack enjoy their getaway at the Bahamas, and they make love, followed by an agreement to start over. Amber manages to convince Daniel to pose as "Marina"'s assistant on an interview. Nikki and Victor separately imagine apologizing to one another, but when they snap back to reality, they have to face the drama in the courtroom. They both make statements and the judge rules that Nikki will keep the lifestyle that she got accustomed to, and that Victor is now the owner of NVP as a repayment for the loan. Katherine and Jill catch Cane and Lily making out on the sofa, and they both have different ways of comparing her to Cane's ex lover Amber. Cane and Lily meet "Marina" and Daniel during the interview, and Amber does her best to keep the new identity safe.moreless

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  • "Dignity?"

    The entire episode seems to be about dignity. Let's start off with Amber. Her entire Marina storyline just doesn't cut it for me. Amber is a very complex character and many have cursed the day she joined this show, but she has so much potential. The writers could mature her and let her find a way to be a different person, but she keeps doing this crazy plots. This plot, just like every other one, will probably hurt her again. There's a chance for a Daniel and Amber pairing, but that seems to have been put off. The Marina story is LML's work and just like I said before, I hope it ends as soon as possible. On the other hand, I must admit that her accent is hilarious. At least I had a good laugh.

    The other dignity includes the Newman court hearing. The daydreams seemed interesting because we were able to see what both Victor and Nikki want. Neither of them wants to admit they were wrong, but they long for each other. I've been cheering for Victor, but Nikki made a good statement today. I'm interested to see how this story will continue.

    Jack and Sharon filled the romantic scenes today, and they were okay. I still don't see them as a supercouple and I probably never will. Sharon still seems lost. On the other hand, the Lily and Cane pairing had me fooled for a bit, but now it seems not right. I just don't like them together. Isn't Cane suppose to be more mature? Lily is making him a child. They got caught, again. Boring. We got Kay and Jill again, but nothing interesting there either. Also, David didn't help with this episode. I can't wait for his trick to be revealed already.moreless

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    • (In court)
      Nikki: When I fell in love with him, he was masquerading as the butler. Obviously, an attempt to make sure I was falling in love with him and not his money. Which I was. It was never about the money. I was in love with the man. And I was too immature to really think about these things. I-I-I just overlooked it. I hoped that things would get better. You like to think that people can grow and change. When I married that man I thought we would be married forever. I had no idea that he would be incapable of looking at me in any way other than a business deal. It was my realization that I was just a commodity, like stocks and bonds or real estate.
      Victor: That's ludicrous.
      Nikki: That is what finally ended our marriage. But my proof for my dedication to my family is there. Always. I raised our children. I ran a large home and staff. I was by his side always, for every business function, for every charity event. And what I didn't know in the beginning, I learned. I put being Victor's wife first, ahead of everything, until he decided to completely ignore me. That was really the end. That's what destroyed our marriage. There is only so much loneliness a person can take before they just... give in. They break away. It was either that, or let it destroy me, your honor, and I was not about to let it destroy me. So I had to make the decision to break away.

    • Victor (To the judge): Your honor, Nikki married me when I was already a successful businessman. I shared everything with her. She knew who and what I was from the beginning. And yet she cheated on me.
      Nikki: I object to him bringing up the topic of cheating. It is completely out of context, your honor.
      Victor: What, pray tell, would you call it? Sleeping around with another man?

    • Amber (Playing Marina): Sorry, I apologize. I hope we didn't keep you waiting too long.
      Ed: That's okay. Nice to meet you. I'm Ed.
      Daniel: Ed? Ed the editor? That's funny. It's cool. Never mind.

    • Sharon: Okay, Flipper is terrifying?
      Jack: Oh, believe me, there's a serial killer behind that smile.

    • Sharon: Oh, I am so glad we did that.
      Jack: A whole lot better than that nap we were planning, huh?
      Sharon: Yeah, well, maybe the sleeping part.

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