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The Young and the Restless

Season 35 Episode 230

Ep. #8833

Aired Weekdays 12:30 PM Feb 18, 2008 on CBS
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Episode Summary

Ep. #8833
Phyllis, Nick, Sharon and Jack continue to make arrangements to put their new business into action. Nick surprises the gang by buying the warehouse for their office. Jack informs them that Forrester Creations are also on board to join them. Hope begs Vic and Victor to get along. Gloria tells Kevin and Jana that they'll get married at the Abbott mansion. Jeffrey finds out about Gloria and Kevin's scheme by playing the video device that he hid in the house. He also finds the poison in Gloria's purse. When she realizes that she didn't take her purse, Gloria rushes to the house to get it, and Jeffrey pretends not to know anything. Sharon, Noah and Jack returns to the Abbott mansion. Hope begs Vic to give Victor a chance to be his father, and then she dies. Vic holds her hand and cries, as Victor looks at them with tears in his eyes.moreless

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  • Hope dies.

    In one of the most heartbreaking scenes I've seen recently, Hope Wilson passed away. We all knew it was coming (it was quite essential for the upcoming storyline), but I keep wondering if this might have been avoided somehow. Anyway, the scenes with Hope, Vic and Victor were just amazing. I recently had to deal with the exact same situation (minus the absent father) and I can relate. It's just heartbreaking.

    Aside from the dramatical part, we got a bit more playful Gloria going up against Jack and Jeff. I'd rather have Gloria in every episode than have to endure Lily or Devon.moreless
Signy Coleman

Signy Coleman

Hope Adams Wilson

Recurring Role

Ted Shackelford

Ted Shackelford

Jeffrey Bardwell

Recurring Role

Hunter Allan

Hunter Allan

Noah Newman

Recurring Role

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    • (entering the mansion)
      Noah: Whoa. What a mess!
      Sharon: Jack... look at this place.
      Noah: Okay, if I did something like this, you'd send me to my room for a month.
      Jack: I'd like to send Gloria to her room permanently, a nice, quiet padded room.

    • Jeff: I still have the tainted cream, so... I still hold all the cards.
      Gloria: Oh, I'm so sick of being reminded.
      Jeff: Well... kiss me and I'll stop. Make love to me... and I might really be generous.
      Gloria: Oh, yeah? I'll believe that like I believe in time travel.

    • Jeff: I can't help myself. You're such a beautiful woman.
      Gloria: Yeah, well, take a cold shower. Better yet, take a lover, and then I can sue you for infidelity.
      Jeff: Why on earth would I wanna cheat on somebody as exciting as you? I don't wanna be rid of you. I'm in this for the long haul. Till death do us part.
      Gloria: Don't tempt me.

    • Vic: I owe my mother everything. And you... who have had no part of our life together, really have no business talking to me about it.
      Victor: Your mother explained to you why I wasn't part of your life. But I just wanna point out to you... that she always did what she thought was best for you.
      Vic: Why are you so adamant about this?
      Victor: I've lived a little longer than you have. And I know that if you don't listen to what she said, her words will keep on running through your mind for the rest of your life. And you will know no peace.

    • Kevin: I should get over there.
      Gloria: I think I'll go with you.
      Jeff: What for?
      Gloria: Oh, I don't know, get some fresh air and throw around some ideas for their wedding.
      Jeff: Plan my demise?
      Gloria: If I have enough time.
      (Jeff laughs)

    • Gloria: And now, for the guest list for the poison dinner party.
      Kevin: You know, it's kinda like playing "Clue." I think it was Miss Scarlett in the study with the lead pipe.
      Gloria: Or Mr. Bardwell in the dining room with the poison.

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