The Young and the Restless

Season 36 Episode 9

Ep. #8866

Aired Weekdays 12:30 PM Apr 07, 2008 on CBS
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Ep. #8866
David anxiously asks Nikki to set a wedding date, but she still thinks they need time and urges him to keep seeing a therapist. David talks to a bookie and rejects him at first, but then later seems to be changing his mind about gambling, as Brad looks on. Kyon is furious to learn that Gloria is Jeffrey's wife, while Gloria accuses Jeff of trying to get rid of her and flying off with Kyon. Jeff enjoys Gloria's jealousy. Lily refuses to believe that she might be pregnant, and Cane urges her to buy a pregnancy test. Devon accidentally sees the test, but doesn't say anything to Lily. Victor returns from his trip in Los Angeles, and Victoria immediately questions him about hiring Sabrina. Nikki confides in Victoria that she doesn't intend to marry David anytime soon, and Victoria tells the news to Victor, who isn't least bit interested. Jeff and Gloria decide to have a first date.moreless

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  • Pregnancy scare.

    Yet another uneven episode doesn't bring much news to the show, but at least it keeps me a bit entertained. I liked the music in this episode, especially at the end.

    I don't like Lily and Cane's story at all, but seeing how a pregnancy scare is going through is interesting. Sadly, I can't turn back time nor could I ever have the ability to stop such a storyline, but there's a part of me that hopes that somehow Lily's pregnancy will be done, hopefully with some other medical reason, but not abortion.

    I liked how Victoria tried to find a way to get Nikki and Victor to think about getting back together. Of course, they're both too stubborn to recognize that they still love each other. Instead, Nikki is in the arms of the world's most boring man, while Victor is taking yet another younger woman.

    Gloria's storyline was okay today, the best part being when she was telling Jana about how Kyon entered the scene. Jana is total wacko, and I love her character. Kyon was also okay.moreless

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    • Jeff: Hi, honey, I'm home.
      Gloria: You will never hear me say that.

    • Victoria: Sabrina hopes to broaden his [Victor] horizons to contemporary art and sculpture.
      Nikki: Wish her luck for me.
      Victoria: Actually, he seems kinda open to it.
      Nikki: Oh, come on, Victor Newman and modern art? He thinks Monet is too edgy to acquire.

    • Gloria: No, I cannot fancy him [Jeff]. Because my sons are right. He's a monster.
      Jana: You know, the course of true love isn't always a smooth one. I mean, look at me and Kevin. I tried to kill him, remember? Of course, I was very sick at the time, but my point is, that love and hate are two very close emotions. You and Jeff might just be meant for each other.

    • Victor: Sweetheart, how are you and Adam getting along?
      Victoria: Um... trying.
      Victor: Mm-hmm. What about Adam?
      Victoria: Jury's still out, Dad.

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