The Young and the Restless

Season 36 Episode 12

Ep. #8869

Aired Weekdays 12:30 PM Apr 10, 2008 on CBS
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Ep. #8869
Sharon is outraged when Jack informs her that Michael is suing him for $2 million dollars. Nick confronts Adam about flirting with Phyllis and Adam tries to defend himself, but Nick won't let go. Phyllis is surprised when Adam calls her, apologizes and informs her that he'll be working on the ads with Jack and Nick from now on. Alistair intentionally locks himself in the cellar with Gloria, but the two manage to release themselves. Gloria kicks Kyon out of the mansion and then confronts Jeffrey, accidentally blurting out that she would rather go to jail than spend any more time with him. Alistair questions Gloria about prison, but she claims it was only an expression. Victoria wants Victor to let her work on the Beauty of Nature, but Victor refuses to give her the old spot back. Jana and Kevin are appalled when Michael suggests they don't invite Gloria to their wedding. Nick and Phyllis discuss about Adam. Jack confronts Michael about the lawsuit. Jeff orders Kyon to leave town. Victoria informs Adam that he is now running the Beauty of Nature line alone. Sabrina accepts Victor's job offer.moreless

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  • "...The truth is, I've just about had enough of doubles."

    For some reason, the entire lawsuit Michael filed against Jack is simply stupid. I don't know why but Michael is really hard to even listen at. Is it the overacting or something else, I have no idea, but I'm glad at least he isn't under Gloria's supervision for awhile. Jana was there to bring the usual fun. And so was Alistair. That dude is really awkward. I don't see any possible interesting storyline for the man after this one runs out, and I'd much rather see his leave the show than stay. Just like Gloria said "...The truth is, I've just about had enough of doubles." Jeff is fine, but Alistair should leave eventually.

    Adam surely knows how to upset people around him. That dude is making everyone around him either jealous or mad at him. I'm looking forward to more interesting complications in the future. Sabrina decided to stay in Genoa City... eh. She just doesn't seem that interesting to me, but if she has a hidden agenda then I'll be very interested to see it play out.moreless
Alexandra Bokyun Chun

Alexandra Bokyun Chun


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Ted Shackelford

Ted Shackelford

Jeffrey Bardwell

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Jerry Douglas

Jerry Douglas

Alistair Wallingford

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    • Jack: I mean it, Michael. This is not going to work. Stick to this man's case. Your case against me is not gonna fly. It's trivial, Michael. I have already offered to pay Lauren's medical expenses, paltry though they are. It's gonna cost you a lot more to file this thing than you're every going to get in damages.
      Michael: I understand your frustrations, Jack. If you hadn't fought so hard to keep the house, none of this would be happening. Lauren wouldn't have sustained a concussion. So try looking at the bright side. You should be happy to get rid of the place. You'll save a bundle in property taxes.

    • Kyon: It's muddy!
      Gloria: Get out!
      Kyon: That was silk!
      Gloria: Well, maybe your lover boy can find you a dry cleaner in Korea!

    • Kevin: Good. This is not meant to be a punishment.
      Jana: Yeah, but she'll see it like that.
      Kevin: I want our wedding day to be the happiest day of our lives, okay? I don't want it ruined by momzilla.

    • Jana: She [Gloria] paid for my surgery, remember?
      Kevin: I know.
      Jana: And God, she's the reason you're alive at all.
      Kevin: See? Look at all that maternal guilt.
      Jana: Okay, I-I know she can be a bit daft and maybe a bit Machiavellian.
      Michael: At least Machiavelli had a book deal.

    • Jana: Oh, it's hard for Kev. He loves his mother.
      Kevin: Well, plus, you know, she's just used to leaning on me.
      Michael: She's used to breathing for you. You're joined at the hip.

    • Sharon: What... Michael is suing us? For... $2 million?
      Jack: Apparently, that's the kind of damage a ghost can inflict. Hopefully it's covered by our homeowner's insurance.
      Sharon: But Lauren is fine! What is Michael thinking? I mean, you would think that he would lay off now that we gave his mother the house.
      Jack: You'd think so, wouldn't you? Apparently Michael's wrath runs a little deeper than that. Particularly where it's directed at me. Well, he's a tough little pit bull, but I'm tougher. He wants to sue? He can bring it on.

    • Adam: Threatened by a client and relative for having a business discussion with your wife? Wow. I had no idea you were this insecure.
      Nick: Your mind games don't work with me, Junior.
      Adam: It really galls you that I'm here, taking over your position at Newman, working so well with our father, doesn't it?
      Nick: Is there any part of me that seems like I miss working here?
      Adam: I don't really know you.
      Nick: All this is yours, Bud. Break a leg.
      Adam: If you say so.
      Nick: You know, it's ironic. When you first got here, I thought I was gonna have to warn you about Dad-- how tough he is, how he plays with people. Maybe I got it wrong. Maybe I should be warning him about you.

    • Jack: Belgian chocolates?
      Phyllis: Yeah.
      Jack: Very decadent.
      Phyllis: I know.
      Jack: And just right for "Restless Style."
      Phyllis: Unless we put it next to the swimwear editorial. Then it's not so right.

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