The Young and the Restless

Season 36 Episode 24

Ep. #8881

Aired Weekdays 12:30 PM Apr 28, 2008 on CBS
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Ep. #8881
Lily learns that things aren't great between Karen and Neil. Victoria continues complaining about Adam and Sabrina's presence in her life. Nick is put between two fires when Sharon and Phyllis continue to disagree on doing business. Adam insults Sabrina, who then comments on Adam's attraction to a married woman. Lily and Cane are shocked when the doctor informs them that Lily isn't pregnant. They then returns home and give Neil and Devon the bad news. Victoria is irritated when Victor insists on having Sabrina at Reed's christening. Phyllis, Nick, Nikki, David, Sharon, Noah, Victor and Paul also arrive. Sabrina tries to renew her friendship, but Victoria isn't ready to forgive. Nick blows off Sabrina, and Victor realizes he needs to confront Nick about his attitude. The christening continues, as Nick and Phyllis take the pledge of responsibility of looking out for Reed. Paul notices that David is constantly on the phone. Sharon sees Nick, Noah, Phyllis and Summer together and then leaves. Across the town, Adam sits alone watching the picture of his mother.moreless

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  • Bad news.

    It is now when things are starting to change. Or at least I hope they will. Lily's pregnancy was a weird storyline to start with, but what was the point of playing that card if they knew they'd end it soon anyway? Is Lily suppose to learn something big from this? The way I see it is that she'll probably sink deeper in the modeling business, drugs and bulimia. But I hope not. There's one thing sure---Cane and Lily don't strike me as an interesting couple.

    Reed's christening was okay. Beside the usual Sabrina-hostility thing there was nothing else too special at the very beginning. Victor stepped up for Sabrina even if everyone else wanted her out of that room. David was doing his usual hidden business, while a clueless Nikki didn't realize anything, and was more concentrated on rolling her eyes when she saw Victor and Sabrina kissing. That's good. Jealousy makes you do wild thing. And Nikki should do something interesting sometime.

    The ending montage was also okay. Adam being alone must have some effect at him. Paul was finally back. When are they finally going to give this man something to do? He didn't have a storyline since he held Sheila captive in that nursery. And what was with Sharon? Seeing Phyllis, Nick, Summer and Noah together must have made her feel very lonely. The hostility between Phyllis and Sharon is finally showing. Let's hope they'll make a war out of it.moreless
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Mark Hutter


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    • Nick (giving the speech at Reed's christening): Well, a lot of you may not know this, but Vick's a packrat. She's kept every notebook from school, starting from first grade. And, uh, I know this 'cause I dug through the old storage unit, found 'em and read 'em all. (Victoria giggles) They were, uh, illuminating. They were, uh... a lot of notes in there about boys, starting from seventh grade-- ones you liked, you know, ones that you thought were worthy of your attention. And you had bunch of lists of names of kids, boys and girl names-- ones you like, ones you didn't like, family always meant so much to you. It was a long road having one of your own, but now we know why. It's because you were unwilling to settle for anything but the best.
      Victoria: Well, I got the best.
      Nick: And you picked the perfect name for Reed. You know, I always dreamed growing up that you and I would live next to each other and our kids would grow up together. Then you moved to Italy and it crushed me. But you came back. And now it's perfect. You live down the road. It's the way I always imagined it would be. And you know, you're taking a big risk having me as the baby's godfather.

    • Adam: You'll be at the christening?
      Sabrina: Yes. I'll be at the christening. I'm invited.
      Adam: Not by Victoria. Not after last night. She sees you only, uh, wearing blush and a blanket.

    • J.T.: All right, I think I'm ready. Uh, veggie fritatta, champagne poached eggs with smoked salmon, uh, blackberry crepes for two and the best latte you got in that kitchen. Thanks.
      Adam: I hope that's not all for you.

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