The Young and the Restless

Season 36 Episode 29

Ep. #8886

Aired Weekdays 12:30 PM May 05, 2008 on CBS
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Ep. #8886
Skye wins the poker game, leaving David to ask Brad for a loan because he can't cover the check he wrote. Paul warns Nikki that all the things she loves about David don't matter if he's lying to her face. Gloria questions Esther about Jeffrey's presence in the Chancellor mansion. Jill and Jeff start flirting and soon Jeff decides to give Jill a foot massage, but they're interrupted by Gloria. Jill insists that Jeff is still in love with Gloria, but he refuses to admit it. Adam insults Sabrina yet again. Victoria confronts Victor about being undermined since the day Adam arrived at Newman, and she quits. She goes to see Nikki and asks her to work at Jabot, and Nikki happily agrees. Skye informs Adam about her success at the poker game, and they make love. David tells Nikki that he'll prove to her that he loves her. Skye reveals to Adam that David was gambling, and Adam wonders if he should informs Nikki.moreless

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  • Quite interesting.

    For some reason, this episode was quite great. Maybe it's the fact that I haven't watched the show for two days or something, but I was pleasantly surprised. Not even Sabrina could ruin this episode for me. Victoria finally cracked under pressure (I knew that would happen as soon as she had her first fight with Adam). I guess Jabot will be crowded with Nikki's loved ones soon. I can't wait to see Jill's reaction.

    I don't care about David and I never did. I still consider him extremely boring, which is why I enjoyed seeing him lose all of that money today. Skye is one amazing chick. And brad did his usual flirting thing. Adam was okay today too. Nikki and Paul's dinner was also amazing. They should build something from there. Paul is an amazing character and should be used more.

    I'm also quite surprised that Gloria is acting normal. She's actually a decent human being. The newly-formed triangle with Jill and Jeffrey is also quite interesting. Things are changing for the good... and I hope they'll only get better. And oh yes, I also liked seeing Esther. Three episodes in a row... that's great. She had an interesting exchange with Gloria. Do I see a friendship coming up? Probably not, but it was still a good set of scenes.moreless
David Joyner

David Joyner

Keith Joyner

Guest Star

Mandy June Turpin

Mandy June Turpin


Guest Star

James Tumminia

James Tumminia


Guest Star

Laura Stone

Laura Stone

Skye Lockhart

Recurring Role

Ted Shackelford

Ted Shackelford

Jeffrey Bardwell

Recurring Role

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    • Nikki: Well, what's going on? What did he do?
      Victoria: No. No, no, no. It's not David. It's dad. Adam. Newman.
      Nikki: Oh. Your father's playing favorites again.
      Victoria: Mom, you know me. You know me. If something's bothering me, I can't be quiet about it. So... I told him what I thought.
      Nikki: Yikes. I hoped you ducked after you said it.

    • Esther: He always expects me to pick up after him. What does he think I am, the maid?
      Gloria: Well, Esther...
      Esther: Well, I prefer the term "household manager."

    • Victoria: Well, maybe you'll understand this. I am done finished with Newman enterprises.
      Victor: You're what?
      Victoria: You and Adam-- you can do whatever you want. You can rule the underworld together, all right? I quit.

    • Sabrina: You know, Adam, maybe if you stop trying so hard to impress Victor, then maybe, just maybe, you could become popular.
      Adam: You're not too popular these days, though. From what I gather. Well, except with the old man.

    • Jill: I really wasn't eavesdropping.
      Jeff: No, no, I know you weren't. Anyway, I've got nothing to hide. People get divorced every day. With, uh, Gloria, I just call it avoiding being dead husband number three.

    • Gloria: What's that funny thing you're drinking?
      Esther: Oh, wheat grass, raw eggs, spinach, carrot, tomato juice. They blend it for me.
      Gloria: On purpose?

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