The Young and the Restless

Season 36 Episode 35

Ep. #8892

Aired Weekdays 12:30 PM May 13, 2008 on CBS
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Ep. #8892
David gives Nikki a wedding ring and suggests they elope in the night. He later learns that the purchase put him over his limit. Victoria informs Kay about Victor's engagement to Sabrina. Nikki confides in Kay about her plans with David. Victoria confronts Sabrina and Adam at the Ranch, suggesting that Sabrina seduced Victor to get further in her career and calling Adam a manipulating backstabber. Karen tells Neil that she realized he's still in love with Dru, and that she can't be Dru. She informs him about leaving to New York, and he confesses that he still loves Dru. She leaves in tears. Phyllis is irritated when Jack continues leading the magazine in his own way, with Jamie at his side. Kathy Hilton arrives with Samantha Cresswell, and they continue discussing business. Amber, Daniel, Kevin and Jana are having a double date at the penthouse, and a worried Jana thinks her karma changed because she took a job at the gallery. Daniel calls Amber his girlfriend. Lily shocks Devon and Cane by asking Chloe to move in with them after learning that Chloe's place was flooded. Jack continues doing everything to make Jamie satisfied. Sharon tells Lily that her cover was pulled from the magazine. David and Nikki aren't happy when an old lady prevents them from sitting together in the plane.moreless

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  • Pacing?

    Although some storylines seem a bit interesting, the pacing on the show and the constant repeat of the same scenes is somehow making things worse. Why doesn't the writer learn from the mistakes? The way I see it was that the show was suppose to return to it's old glory once the writers were fired, but now, a couple of months later, we only got rid of Lynn Marie Latham and a couple of the writers. Meanwhile, there are still at least five or six more writers from the era who shouldn't be there. Get on with it already.

    The reason why this episode wasn't all that bad was the bittersweet goodbye from Nia Peeples. At least she can, as opposed to some other actresses on the show, play a good goodbye scene. I'm sad to see Karen go, but this instantly makes me wonder if there's a chance we might get Dru back in the near future. The Devon, Lily, Chloe and Cane scene was also pretty boring. I hate Cane's character, and I find Lily to be a huge bore, with Devon as her sidekick. Chloe is surrounded by absolute freaks.

    The rest of the show was pretty boring. I keep finding myself getting bored while watching the Restless Style scenes, and I had absolutely nothing interesting to see in Kathy Hilton. And Jack is making me hate him so much right now. The Nikki and David wedding saga began, and it was okay. I actually didn't care if David is boring or not. But Nikki is making a huge mistake.

    Victoria is still showing huge signs of immaturity on the show. No wonder the show is so boring. After all those years, I think at least Victoria should learn from her mistakes. But no, she's still as blind as they come. Sabrina and Adam were actually quite okay in this episode. I don't know why but I got a very strange vibe from both of them at the end of the episode. It was as if they were hiding something. Is it possible?moreless
Jelly Howie

Jelly Howie

Samantha Cresswell

Guest Star

Kathy Hilton

Kathy Hilton


Guest Star

Diane Salinger

Diane Salinger

Jamie Whitfield

Guest Star

Elizabeth Hendrickson

Elizabeth Hendrickson

Chloe Mitchell

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    • Adam: Well, I tell ya, you know, I don't think Nick or Victoria ever really gave me a chance.
      Sabrina: Well, d-did you give them a chance?
      Adam: Oh, so you're defending them.
      Sabrina: Oh-- you asked me a question, and I'm giving you an honest answer.
      Adam: Okay, listen. When you came into town, as a matter of perspective, I think you saw me through Victoria's eyes, naturally. So now that you know what it's like when one of the Newman offspring unleash their wrath upon you, maybe you won't be so quick to judge.

    • (Kevin and Jana playing Pictionary together against Amber and Daniel)
      Jana: Oh, God. You bloody idiot, it's war! Can't you see that?
      Kevin: What? How the hell is that war?
      Jana: It's Picasso's "Guernica."
      Kevin: Give me a break. We are out of here. Let's go, Pablo. "War."
      Jana: You know, it's not my fault you don't know art.
      Kevin: Why didn't you just draw a cannon?
      Jana: He's a very sore loser.

    • Devon: Are you a frustrated model?
      Chloe: What makes you ask?
      Devon: I don't know. It's just a gut instinct.
      Chloe: Well, I'm short... ish. Every inch makes a difference. Ergo, Lily is the great Oz, and I am just little man behind the curtain.

    • Victoria: (To Sabrina) I mean, how do you get the job and the man of your dreams in one fell swoop? And so what if you ruin your friendship with your best friend, right? And so what if my father asks you to marry him three months after you two met. So what if he's still hurting over the divorce from my mother? Oh, well. Oh, well. If Sabrina gets what she wants, then it's fine. And you're so charming, and you're so wonderful. I mean, who could resist you? Right?
      Adam: Yeah, she has a point.
      Victoria: And you-- you've been playing my father since day one. It probably started when he went to Kansas to see your dying mother. And then you show up here-- the poor, lost son, who's actually a manipulating backstabber. (Adam scoffs) You wanted my father all to yourself? Well, guess what. You got him. So nice job. In fact, nice job to both of you. You all make one big, ugly family.

    • Kay: Married in Mexico? Sounds romantic.
      Nikki: Oh, it will be. Even though I will have to toast my groom with horchata instead of tequila.

    • Amber: Oh, in honor of your new job in the art world, let's play "Pictionary."
      Jana: How fun!
      Daniel: We are totally gonna take them.
      Kevin: Prepare to be humiliated by Fisher and Hawkes, private eyes.

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