The Young and the Restless

Season 36 Episode 44

Ep. #8901

Aired Weekdays 12:30 PM May 26, 2008 on CBS
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Ep. #8901
Elizabeth explains to Paul how David handled each of his ex-wives. Phyllis is informed that Nick was in a car accident. Sharon wants Noah to open up about his feelings. Danny asks Daniel to be the main photographer on the tour. Nikki, Victor, Phyllis and others arrive to see Nick at the hospital, and he explains that he's okay. Noah asks Jack to take him to the cemetery. Nick suddenly gets a flashback of the day Cassie had her accident, but he doesn't say anything. He asks Victor to take him home, and then calls to see Sharon. Paul realizes that Elizabeth might be crazy, and he's worried because he has no real evidence of David's misdoings. Sharon arrives at Nick's, and he immediately apologizes to her for shutting her out after Cassie's death. Gina assures Amber that Daniel will be fine. Daniel informs Phyllis that he decided to go on tour with Danny. Adam and Victor share a bittersweet talk about Cassie. Sharon and Nick cry at Cassie's gravesite.moreless

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  • Another bittersweet episode.

    In another Cassie-related bittersweet episode, the viewers finally got a forgotten storyline resolved. Even though I thought some of the storylines would never be resolved (hint: Ji Min), at least we got closure on this one. In a minor accident, Nick finally got his memory back. I couldn't wait for this to finally happen. The scenes that Nick shared with Sharon were interesting and sad, but I guess now it's time to move on. Why don't these two realize that they are a great couple? I don't like Nick and Phyllis that much, Phyllis seems very bored with him. She used to be such an amazing character. Meanwhile, the flashbacks of Cassie were interesting to see.

    The other part of the canvas today was also good. I didn't care much about Daniel's departure or Danny, but I liked Phyllis' scene when she learned Daniel decided to leave. And I like the new side of Amber we've been getting lately. The Nikki, David, J.T. and Victoria scene was nothing special, but there was a bittersweet tone added to each scene today, so it was quite bearable.

    I also liked Adam's conversation with Victor. Victor must be in heaven now that Adam called him "dad." I didn't care about Sabrina in those scenes, however. And the other part of the episode was Paul's visit in Bermuda. Aliens taking over France? LOL - That Bitsy is one crazy chick. I hope someone else will be able to prove the fraud that is David. Someone. Anyone. And then Irizarry can go back to AMC. We don't want him here.moreless
Dey Young

Dey Young

Elizabeth Hartford

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Patty Weaver

Patty Weaver

Gina Roma

Recurring Role

Michael Damian

Michael Damian

Danny Romalotti

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Hunter Allan

Hunter Allan

Noah Newman

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    • Adam: I regret not getting to meet my niece.
      Victor: Uh-huh.
      Adam: What am I saying? Four months ago, I didn't even know any of you existed. It's... it's weird. Life is weird, isn't it?
      Victor: Yeah, it certainly is sometimes, isn't it? And then when there are family feuds and people don't get along and fight each other and... then someone that close passes away... it makes you think. And then you realize how ridiculous all these fights are. How meaningless.

    • Nick: How do you do it, Sharon? How do you go on? How do you even get out of bed in the morning?
      Sharon: I don't know. I guess days like, uh, today, I, uh... I thought about Noah and I thought about what Cassie would want.
      Nick: It doesn't seem possible.
      Sharon: I'll help you.
      Nick: I don't deserve your kindness.
      Sharon: Yes, you do. You were an amazing father to Cassie, and you really do deserve that.

    • J.T.: So wife number three thinks David killed one and two? Is there any proof?
      Paul: None. In fact, did I tell you that she, uh, she thinks aliens are running France.

    • Paul: Well, why was there no arrest?
      Ms. Hartford: There was no proof. You know, I always thought that David got help from them.
      Paul: From who?
      Ms. Hartford: Oh, come on, you know who I'm talking about.
      Paul: No, really, I don't.
      Ms. Hartford: They look like us but have no D.N.A. Did you know that every presidential candidate gets tested by the secret service? Imagine if one of them got into the White House. I hear that one of them is running France now.

    • Adam (About Victor): The man's mood changes with the weather.

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