The Young and the Restless

Season 36 Episode 49

Ep. #8906

Aired Weekdays 12:30 PM Jun 02, 2008 on CBS
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Ep. #8906
Chloe feigns being sick, so Lily has to go to New York alone. Nikki is surprised when Kevin reveals that Jill fired Gloria from Jabot. Paul confronts David about his gambling problem and mentions his step-daughter Mina, but David claims he loved all of his ex-wives, and that Mina didn't like him because she had a drug problem. Gloria makes plans for her future, and Michael suggests she should take a job as a waitress at Crimson Lights. Jill asks Jeff not to pretend in front of her, but he assures her that the only thing he cares for is Gloria's money, and not Gloria. Jack questions Kay about the possibility of her giving a huge donation to the foundation, but she says she had nothing to do with it. Amber tells Kay that her business isn't going good. Jack and Jeff fight over Gloria, and Jack states that Jeff is obviously still in love with her. Jana convinces Kevin to give Gloria a job. Paul learns more about Mina's drug abuse problem and then confronts her about it, but assures her that he still believes David isn't a good man. Jack realizes that Gloria donated the money to charity. Nikki confronts Jill about firing Gloria behind her back, but Jill refuses to discuss it. Katherine sides with Nikki. David loses another horse race and then begs Walter for another chance. Chloe makes plans to have Cane visit her while pretending to be sick. Michael punches Jeffrey in the face. Jack learns about Gloria getting fired at Jabot, and then surprises her by offering her to stay in the pool house. Gloria happily accepts.moreless

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  • Charity.

    In a weird turn of events, Jack finally managed to find a way to be nice to Gloria. I must admit, it was a real shocker. Why would he really do it? I guess learning that Gloria lost her job and all of her money really brings out the charitable part of a person's soul. That should raise conflict in the house again, right? I like Gloria without any money. Working at the coffee house would have been a great job for her. She was poor before, so why would she not be again? I don't know if the writers plan to keep Gloria in that state, but I sure would like to see it. Lauren and Michael didn't do anything for themselves in this episode, yet again. Why would they spend the day home discussing about Gloria? That's just weird. But I loved the punch Michael gave Jeffrey at the end. He deserved it, although it's obvious he still loves Gloria.

    I'm also glad Paul finally told David he's investigating him. David looks more nervous in every episode. I can't wait to see him tumble already. A clueless Nikki learned about Jill firing Gloria and that started yet another fight, in which Katherine decided to side with Nikki. A surprise? No. At least Jill and Kay are fighting again.

    I love the humor that the writers throw in every once in a while. It's good for the soul. And I really liked the episode, even though it opened with Lily and Cane on the couch together. When will the writers finally learn? When Devon and Chloe returned, that's when it started to be more interesting. I would like to see them as a couple. Meanwhile, Chloe did an amazing thing today. So I guess her career isn't the only thing she cares about.moreless
McCready Baker

McCready Baker

Mina King

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Ted Shackelford

Ted Shackelford

Jeffrey Bardwell

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Tracey E. Bregman

Tracey E. Bregman

Lauren Fenmore Baldwin

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    • Michael (To Jeffrey): What you did to my mother... you are callous, self-involved. I'd call you scum, but that would be an insult to scum, wouldn't it?

    • Jack (sees Gloria working while entering Crimson Lights): Gee, nobody told me it was bring your mother to work day.

    • Lauren: You're concerned about your mother?
      Michael: Conflicted. She has no one but herself to blame. On the other hand, in her own bizarre, twisted, peculiar way, she was just trying to do the right thing. I warned her about him.
      Lauren: Well, I mean, there is a silver lining. Some of her money is gonna go to charity.
      Michael: Whether she likes it or not. And apparently we will be running a private charity from our couch without any of the tax benefits.

    • Jeff: Gloria did something good.
      Jack: Wait a minute, are we talking about the same person here?

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