The Young and the Restless

Season 36 Episode 57

Ep. #8915

Aired Weekdays 12:30 PM Jun 13, 2008 on CBS

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  • It could get better.

    Lately it seems like only special occasions, like Father's Day in this case, bring more quality to the show. We had the Restless Style party and it was more fun than anything before it. We had Cassie's memorial and that was more fun than anything during this last few months. And now one-episode Father's Day celebration delivered a good episode.

    Even though Gloria has a huge impact on Michael's storyline concerning the search for his father Lowell, I consider this storyline a bit more Michael-based, which is what I like. Not everything needs to be about Gloria all the time. I still don't know if I like the storyline, considering the fact that Michael is acting like a little child during this search, but it's still better than having no storyline at all.

    There were many great parts to the episode, but my favorite would be the Heather and Adam exchange. It didn't last long, but there is a connection between those too. They're good together in the bedroom, and they're good together in every other room. Their bonding over their father's was interesting. I also liked the scene between Heather and Paul. And I liked Paul checking on David.

    The Newman/Hellstrom/Chow part of the episode actually wasn't anything special. These couples are way too perfect for me to care about them. Even real-life families aren't that happy. We had Phyllis who seems to be a total impostor, J.T. is totally boring, and they both make it hard for me to watch the scene. Today I didn't think about how much I hate Sabrina, but I was more concentrated on Victor. And finally we got a good Friday cliffhanger.