The Young and the Restless

Season 36 Episode 61

Ep. #8919

Aired Weekdays 12:30 PM Jun 19, 2008 on CBS
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Ep. #8919
Victor asks Nikki to convince Victoria to attend his wedding. Korbel is furious after Colleen breaks up with him. Lily catches up with Colleen. Gloria informs Kevin about getting her job at Jabot back. Karen explains to Neil that she's still confused and she refuses to attend the wedding with him, but she agrees to take things slow again. Ashley and Abby show up at the Abbott mansion, and Ashley is immediately shocked to learn that Jack allowed Gloria to stay at the pool house, but she later congratulates Jack on trying to make things right and atone for his past mistakes. Sharon is frustrated when Ashley tells her she isn't impressed with the new decorating in the house. Devon and Cane are worried when a half-drunk Chloe hangs around them. Cane rents Chloe an apartment and gives it to her under the condition to stay away from him. Lily puts Neil and Karen in a weird position when she implies they're back together. Victor prepares a romantic dinner for Sabrina at the gallery. Sabrina is surprised to learn that her mother Zara arrived in Genoa City for the wedding.moreless

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  • The mother arrives.

    Korbel's behavior is starting to worry me. It seems like he's very clingy. Doesn't he know that if he want to hold onto a girl, he can not insult her like that? I'm glad Colleen stood up against him, but not much interesting came out of those scenes. I expected that Karen and Neil would take things slow, but they are usually always slow. Slow and boring. They aren't a couple I'd rave about. Personally, both characters are good, but they just don't click together. And we all know who's to blame for that.

    I was glad to see Ashley and Abby again. Ashley belongs in Genoa City. Her comments on the Abbott mansion were interesting, and there is so much storyline potential here, but she is being underused at B&B. Such a shame. Meanwhile, I wonder if they'll SORAS Abby now that Noah is being SORASed?

    I though Chloe was hilarious at Indigo, but at the same time I'm wondering how come a girl like her can't find someone else to hang out with. I realize that she is irritating, but trying to hook up with a boring fellow like Cane is just embarrassing. Victor and Sabrina weren't that interesting until the very end and the surprising arrival of Sabrina's mother. I'd like to get some dirt on Sabrina already.moreless
Cynthia Sikes

Cynthia Sikes

Zara Costelana

Guest Star

Eileen Davidson

Eileen Davidson

Ashley Abbott

Recurring Role

Darcy Rose Byrnes

Darcy Rose Byrnes

Abby Carlton

Recurring Role

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    • Jack: Gloria is going through a, uh, difficult stretch, both personally and financially.
      Ashley: They have charities. I don't think any of them are named Gloria.
      Jack: We have reason to think that she is newly philanthropic.
      Ashley: Please. The only charity that Gloria is ever interested is her own. Besides, she got half of Dad's money. And what happened with the-- the last ex?
      Jack: Well, she lost quite a lot on that divorce, and she gave away a lot.
      Ashley: I'm waiting for a punch line.
      Jack: We're on the level here.
      Sharon: We think-- to Cassie's Challenge and the Abbott Foundation, among others.
      Ashley: Was she hit by lightning?
      Jack: I think she just wants to improve her karma.
      Ashley: (Laughs) Oh. Well, she could pay off the national debt, and that still would never happen.

    • Jack: You got a big night planned?
      Gloria: Uh, just me, the film "The Way We Were," tissues, popcorn and a Martini.
      Jack: Make it a weak one. I don't want a repeat of your skinny-dipping in my pool.


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