The Young and the Restless

Season 36 Episode 79

Ep. #8937

Aired Weekdays 12:30 PM Jul 15, 2008 on CBS
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Ep. #8937
Daniel confronts Korbel about sleeping with Amber, and the three get into a fight. Jeffrey explains to Gloria and her sons that he no longer has the cream, and he tries to assure them that he's telling the truth. Gloria reluctantly agrees that Jeff should go to Korea to see if Kyon took the cream. Victoria and Sabrina apologize to each other for their child-like behavior. David and Jack discuss working together again. Nick asks his mother to stop trusting David because he believes he's trying to control her, but Nikki desperately wants to believe David. Daniel tells Kevin that Amber slept with Korbel. Adrian comforts Amber and agrees to go to Australia so she'd have time to straighten things out with Daniel. Daniel catches them hugging. Victoria and Nick make it clear to David that they have trouble working with him. Amber cries as Daniel packs his bags and leaves the penthouse.moreless

Who was the Episode MVP ?

  • Oh the drama.

    With Hogan Sheffer's name finally appearing in the credits, I can't wait to see the amazing things he's going to bring to the show, and I hope I won't be wrong about it. His influence in the first episode might not have been too special, but already today I liked what I saw.

    The drama that Amber caused certainly seems interesting. I got tired of watching happy families and relationships during the last few months, and a little breaking up will certainly help the show. Sabrina and Victoria being nice to each other? Okay, I'll buy that. We'll see where it leads. However, we got another round of Nikki trusting David when she shouldn't. Her son told her the truth, yet she constantly refuses to accept it.

    Jeff and Gloria didn't interest me much, but I always love the humor provided by Michael and Kevin. I already think that Jeffrey has the cream and is just trying to fool Gloria so he'd have a backup plan one day.moreless

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    • Nikki: You know what? Stick to publishing. You're a lousy psychologist.
      Nick: Whatever you say, Mrs. Stepford.
      Nikki: Not funny.

    • Victoria: You know, there was a time when, um, our disagreements were over much smaller things.
      Sabrina: Mm-hmm. Yeah, I remember. Like, uh, what's better, ice cream or gelato?
      Victoria: Gelato.
      Sabrina: Ice cream.

    • Jeff: Gloria, don't do this.
      Michael: Hold it. I'm loath to admit this, but Jeffrey has a point.
      Jeff: Hear that, Gloria? Michael and I are on the same side of this.
      Kevin: You and Michael on the same side? I'm so gonna have nightmares.
      Gloria: So you agree with Jeffrey, too, Kevin?
      Kevin: Well, don't make me say it.
      Gloria: Say it.
      Kevin: Fine! I agree, all right? Definite nightmares. I'm outta here.

    • Jeff: You'll have to do something very unusual in our relationship. You'll have to trust me.
      Gloria: And maybe she took the cream so you'll have to go back to Korea...
      Jeff: It's possible.
      Gloria: And she won't give it up until you get in the sack with her.
      Kevin: All right, look, look. I don't need any more images in my mind of either of you two having sex.

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