The Young and the Restless

Season 36 Episode 86

Ep. #8944

Aired Weekdays 12:30 PM Jul 24, 2008 on CBS
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Ep. #8944
Heather gives Paul a box of Ji Min's things. Phyllis and Nick tells Jack that he should be at the gala after what he's done. Victor tells Sabrina that he wants to tell everyone about her pregnancy. Nikki assures Victoria that she is over with David. Katherine criticizes Victor's skills as a father. Cane tells Kay and Jill that he'll propose to Lily again. Adam tells Victor that he arranged a story about David to run on the news. Victoria tells Nick that she doesn't want to stay on the ranch if he won't be there. Phyllis tells Michael that the Sabrina article incident being written about Jack. Paul informs J.T. that he found a picture of Walter and Ji Min together. Amber tells Kay that she's moving back to L.A. Jill and Brad confront David about his gambling problem. Gloria and Jeff discuss about buying shares of Jabot, and they're even more excited about it when the coverage of David's gambling is broadcasted live. Victor asks his children to come to the ranch the day after the gala. Walter approaches Heather. David drugs Nikki's drink. Chloe tells Lily and Cane that she's pregnant.moreless

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  • "That's like the pot calling the kettle black, isn't it?"

    The first part of the gala event brings up a series of storylines all combined into one. What will happen? The tension is just killing me. Having most of the cast at one place is always great, and this gala was done pretty greatly, but just like every event, something bad is bound to happen.

    I liked Victor and Katherine's exchange about parenthood, it really made me smile, along with Michael's numerous jokes about Phyllis and Nick being ordered around by Jack. It was also nice of Jack to admit his mistakes, at least now Sabrina knows that neither Korbel nor Nick had a hand in the newspaper mess.

    What really made me worried was when Heather spotted Walter. I was worried for her, and I still am. Hopefully he won't do anything to her. And by the way, can Vail Bloom get any prettier? Chloe's confession to Lily and Cane was also great. You go tear that stupid couple apart! I even liked Gloria and Jeffrey's scenes, along with the explanation that David and Walter were colleagues with Ji Min. It's all wrapping up nicely. And what's to come?moreless
Tracey E. Bregman

Tracey E. Bregman

Lauren Fenmore Baldwin

Recurring Role

Ted Shackelford

Ted Shackelford

Jeffrey Bardwell

Recurring Role

Scott Hoxby

Scott Hoxby

Walter Palin

Recurring Role

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    • Michael: Oh, Sweetie, are you cold?
      Lauren: No.
      Michael: Now that's funny, because the temperature seems to have dropped 50 degrees in here which is weird, because your magazine is so hot, I-I understand that it started global warming.
      Phyllis: You're-- you're so funny.

    • Amber: You promised you would protect me from Daniel, remember? That was the whole deal.
      Chloe: He... (Sighs)
      Daniel: That's cute. Who's gonna protect me from you?

    • Kay: Well, you know, Lily, uh, Lily's a lovely girl.
      Jill: Unlike your previous.
      Kay: Amber?
      Jill: Well, do you know of any other girl who tricked him into marrying her?

    • Kay: I mean, how are you going to--to learn from your past mistakes if you refuse to, uh... not repeat them in the future?
      Victor: And that, my dear Katherine, from the paragon of motherhood. That's like the pot calling the kettle black, isn't it?

    • Victor: Between the two of us, she has been a disappointment.
      Kay: Oh, well, of course you have absolutely nothing to do with that.
      Victor: (smiling) I will ignore that remark, Katherine.

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