The Young and the Restless

Season 36 Episode 94

Ep. #8952

Aired Weekdays 12:30 PM Aug 05, 2008 on CBS
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Ep. #8952
Jana makes preparations for Sabrina's funeral. Michael and Adam are worried about Victor, who suddenly decides to get rid of Sabrina's things. J.T. shows up to support Victor and ask him about Nick and Victoria, but Victor doesn't seem to care for anything. Kevin tells Amber that Daniel is having hard time not being with her. Chloe is surprised when Lily, Devon and Cane agree that Chloe should take a DNA test to determine if the baby she's carrying is in fact Cane's. Tyra tells Devon that he shouldn't quit school, and Neil is impressed to learn about the good advice Tyra gave to him. Tyra ponders moving out of the apartment, but Neil asks her to stay. Paul finds a dead female body without fingers or teeth buried underneath Athena's place at the stables. Adam and Heather go through the person's stuff, and Adam is deeply shocked to find Skye's Harvard ring. Adrian tells Amber that he's leaving Genoa City. Colleen asks Daniel out on a date. Kevin tells Jana that their wedding preparations are over and that they'll get married in Malibu in a week.moreless

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  • "Has Shakespeare finished his latest opus?"

    Only a few hours after Sabrina's death, Victor is having tough time dealing with it. Braeden portrayed the role amazingly well, and I can only imagine what's to come next. I can feel his pain for losing Sabrina, it was definitely stunning and unexpected. Meanwhile, it was hard seeing Adam finding out that Skye's body was found at the stables. That's just so weird and I have a feeling that the story doesn't end there.

    The teens spent a few hours just blabbing about stuff, but without Chloe or Amber there it wouldn't be fun. It's weird seeing everyone ganging up on Chloe, but she deserves it. I will always defend her. It's weird because most people probably see Chloe as the bad guy, but I rather choose to see Lily, Devon, Colleen and Devon as the bad guys.

    Looks like Korbel is on his way out of the soap, and I am not at all stunned by this. The character was pretty much useless up until recently. Another Latham creation destroyed. Tyra and Neil seem to be bonding more. I hope they develop this into something more meaningful, because Neil hasn't exactly had a decent storyline since Dru left.moreless

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    • Devon: What's wrong, Chloe? You look a little sick. (Chloe clears her throat) Is it the baby? Or are you being caught in a lie?

    • Michael: So has "Shakespeare" finished his latest opus?
      Kevin: Uh, no, but Kevin has finished making his wedding plans.

    • Colleen: Gee, Chloe, maybe Satan spawned your kid? Just a thought.

    • Chloe: You know, I should have just paid more attention in sex ed, because apparently, you can get pregnant after the first time you do it.
      Cane: You can't get pregnant if you didn't sleep with the guy, Chloe.
      Colleen: Well, maybe it's an immaculate conception.

    • Jana: Did you know?
      Kevin: That Chloe is pregnant with Cane's baby? No way.
      Jana: No way she's pregnant, or no way you knew?
      Kevin: Both.
      Jana: Why would she lie about that?
      Kevin: Because she's insane. No, no, no. You know what? I think she's telling the truth. I think Cane is insane.
      Jana: But why would Cane sleep with Chloe if he's in love with Lily?
      Kevin: Because he's insane.

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