The Young and the Restless

Season 36 Episode 119

Ep. #8977

Aired Weekdays 12:30 PM Sep 11, 2008 on CBS
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Ep. #8977
Amber is keen on proving that Liam is real, but she isn't able to. Colleen flaunts her hookup with Daniel in front of everyone, but Amber puts her in her place. She's surprised when Amber tells her Daniel invited her to the showing. Jack makes it clear to Gloria that he'll talk to his family about Jabot only if Gloria manages to get more stock from Katherine. Brad tells Jill that the feds will be contacting her soon. At Jabot, Cane has to deal with the guys from SEC, and Jill immediately wants to do damage control, but Cane believes the best thing would be if Jill stepped down as the CEO of Chancellor Industries. Gloria tries to apologize to Kay for her behavior with a gift, and Kay accepts it but refuses to give Gloria stock. Jack gets a visit from John and they talk about their past times spent at Jabot. Gloria catches Jeffrey trying to talk to Jack and they both realize they've been working behind each others backs. Jack refuses to work with them anymore, but Gloria intrigues Jack by claiming she got the shares from Katherine. Kevin confides in Daniel that he wants to do something bigger with his life. He also urges Daniel to make a move on Amber until it will be too late. Kay is impressed to learn that Cane managed to convince Jill to step down. Jill makes a deal with Heather that includes revealing info about Brad to the FBI. Daniel tells Colleen that he isn't over Amber.moreless

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  • "Goody gumdrops."

    In a little step off from the Newman storylines, this episodes focuses more on the other part of the show, and I'm happy to say that I didn't see either the boring Winters stuff or a sign of a Lane storyline. Isn't it just so much better without that? Starting off with a funny conversation between Jill and Brad, the episode lead us to Jill having to step down after being asked to do that by Cane. Good storytelling, I must say. At least today I didn't care about Cane. He was just a businessman and there was nothing boring about it. Finally. But it won't last, I can already see it.

    Of course, Gloria's plan to win over Kay didn't go that well, but that didn't stop her from lying to Jack. I want to see her succeeding in her plan, but on the other side I want to see her pay for her crimes. Who knows, maybe they are setting her up for a fall.... first they let her raise to the sky, and then drop her down, taking everyone else she was involved with to the ground. That's be nice. I liked the conversation between Jack and Ghost John, it was quite peaceful. Jeff was okay, nothing special. The stuff at Crimson Lights was also okay. I love how poor Amber is getting blasted for making up Liam. I can already see him surprising everyone. Meanwhile, I could care less about this version Colleen.moreless
Joseph C. Phillips

Joseph C. Phillips

SEC Agent Jed Paulson

Guest Star

Ted Shackelford

Ted Shackelford

Jeffrey Bardwell

Recurring Role

Jerry Douglas

Jerry Douglas

John Abbott

Recurring Role

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    • Jack: Lying and backstabbing as foreplay? And they said I was a degenerate.
      Gloria: Actually, you've gotten better, Jack.

    • Kay: Uh, people from the S.E.C. are leaving.
      Jill (Clears throat): Goody gumdrops. Tell 'em to hold the elevator.

    • Colleen: I think he wants a girl that's not gonna cheat on him the second his back is turned maybe.
      Amber: Hmm. Wow, well, that's too bad it won't be you, because from what I just saw, you're strictly the go-to ho.

    • Amber: Wow, Daniel's really into you. So cool, huh?
      Colleen: Well, as a matter of fact, he was just saying how he can't wait to take me out again, so, sorry.
      Amber: Again? He slept with you once to try to get over me, but hey, you want to call that a relationship, just go for it.

    • Jeff: Hiding in plain sight, are we?
      Gloria: And what's that supposed to mean?
      Jeff: I jumped out of the shower this morning. You were gone. No note, no good-bye back scrub.
      Gloria: Oh, Honey, big sale at Fenmore's. I wanted to get there early and spend lots of your money.
      Jeff: Ahh, yeah. Judging by all those invisible shopping bags, you must have worked up quite an appetite.
      Gloria: Oh, silly man, they're in the car. But you're right. I'm famished.
      Jeff: Well, why don't I feed you?

    • Gloria: As a matter of fact, Jeffrey is working the phones right now talking to brokers buying up stock for dirt cheap, thanks to David Chow. You think they have casinos in hell, Jack?

    • Jack: Shocking as this may sound, Gloria, I do not spend every waking moment thinking about your pie-in-the-sky takeover plan.
      Gloria: Because you're too busy trying to figure out how to double-cross me?
      Jack: That must be it.

    • Kevin (to Amber): Oh, come on. Come on, "Liam"? Liam, Liam-- leprechauns are named Liam, not mysterious studs from Los Angeles invented to make your ex-boyfriend jealous.

    • Daniel (to Colleen): I swear to God, it's like the art opening that ate my brain.

    • Jill: Well, working on your resume?
      Brad: I'd recognize that charming voice anywhere. Good morning, Jill.
      Jill: By the way, be sure to include your recent tenure at Newman Enterprises. What was it? All of five minutes? Quite an achievement.
      Brad: Oh, it doesn't begin to hold a candle to your many and varied achievements. I'm sure when the feds come calling, they'll want the whole story. That little article Jack wrote just scratched the surface.
      Jill: Oh, yeah, the article. You know, I was thinking of visiting "Restless Style" myself. I have a ton of dirt to feed them on a certain Bradley Carlton, professional snake in the grass.
      Brad: Well, if you do, I'd appreciate it if you could make sure that they use a good picture.

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