The Young and the Restless

Season 36 Episode 171

Ep. #9029

Aired Weekdays 12:30 PM Nov 24, 2008 on CBS
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Ep. #9029
Sharon rushes out of the Abbott house when she witnesses yet another of Jack's lies surfacing. Nick asks Nikki to move in to the house, but she rejects the idea. Heather warns Adam that the FBI will be investigating everyone involved with Victor's diary. Adam suggests they should move to Europe, but Heather isn't ready to just drop the life she has in Genoa City. Paul comforts Nikki. Michael gives Victor the journal that he supposedly wrote, but Victor realizes that he had it in Mexico and there's no way Adam could have found it at the ranch. Ashley asks Nikki to come and see Victor. Nikki is pleasantly surprised when Paul asks her to come and stay with him. Phyllis confronts Jack about Sharon and Nick becoming more closer and she makes it clear that she isn't joking around. Jack thinks she's paranoid, so she tells him she knows about the business he conducted in Mexico and the motel room plus hooker bill he made. Nick and Sharon mutually agree that their kiss was only because of Cassie's memory. Ashley tells Victor she's going to London to get Abby. Sharon finds out that the Abbott family got back in control of Jabot, but she knows it must have been yet another shady move. Phyllis appears at Brad's doorstep looking for help with Jack and Sharon's marriage.moreless

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  • "It's war, sweetheart."

    What a chilling episode. The storylines are now slowly developing, as things get tougher for some of the characters. For example, Phyllis seems to be going off the edge. I enjoyed her conversation with Jack that ended up with both yelling at each other. I just know that someday they will both lose their spouses. Sharon and Nick were okay, I guess, nothing too special, but more tolerable than Sharon with Jack.

    Victor's storyline is still great and I don't think there will ever be a time when it won't be great. I loved Paul and Nikki's conversation, it seems the writers are keen on bringing them closer which is exactly what I'd like to see happen.

    Heather and Adam were also good, but after having learned there is a chance they might ship the off the canvas, I'm getting worried. I love both the characters and wouldn't like to see then out. The ending was also quite great when Phyllis came to see Brad. Hell must be freezing over.moreless

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    • Phyllis (yelling): I am telling you to wake up. Your wife is slipping away from you! Do you understand this?! Every single moment you spend with some hooker in some motel room, your wife is spending with my husband! I am done with it! Do you understand?! I am done! Get a hold of your life. It's slipping away from you!
      Jack: It's handled.
      Phyllis: All right. Is that how you're gonna play it, for sure?
      Jack: If you ever dig into my personal information again, if you ever stick your nose in my marriage again, it's war, sweetheart. And I promise you, you will lose.

    • Nikki: I couldn't impose.
      Paul: I would enjoy the company. Seriously. No pressure. No conversations that you don't want to have. And... and this is big... I will relinquish the control of the remote.
      Nikki: Oh. Who could turn that down?

    • Phyllis: I can't take it anymore. Put your wife on a leash, okay?
      Jack: If it really disturbs you that much, perhaps you should talk to Mr. Perfect.

    • Paul: Well, that's what old friends do, right?
      Nikki: They also respect each other's space. Now would you really have dragged me out of there if I refused to go?
      Paul: Well, now there's an image.

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