The Young and the Restless

Season 36 Episode 206

Ep. #9064

Aired Weekdays 12:30 PM Jan 16, 2009 on CBS
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Ep. #9064
Jill is thankful to Cane for deciding to work at Chancellor. Chloe gives Esther a makeover and then suggests a date for her, which she reluctantly accepts. Meanwhile, Roger informs someone over the phone about the progress of his assignment. Gina and Nikki catch up on the news of Marge. Joe fires Kay, but she makes him realizes that she is irreplaceable at the diner. Amber finally apologizes to Kevin for being convinced that he killed Kay, and she begs him to let her know where Kay is. Cane and Chloe are happy when Esther and Roger seem to be bonding. Jill and Nikki end up dining together. They talk about their recent meetings with Marge and they tell each other how they sometimes dream of Kay being in the car wreckage. They agree to bury the hatchet between them. Jana tries to talk to Kay's spirit but isn't able to reach her. Kevin is convinced that Kay is alive. Daniel and Amber, who is in a "disguise," approach Kay at the diner, but when Kay doesn't recognize them, Amber is left disappointed. Amber returns alone to the diner and when Kay makes a comment about her cellphone, she realizes that Kay is alive. Kay recognizes Amber. Roger is revealed to be working with Clint Radison.moreless

Who was the Episode MVP ?

  • "They said the Titanic wouldn't sink."

    It's so nice to see Gina after all this time. She is always a great addition to the staff and even though she almost never had a bigger storyline, she was always nice to see, welcoming guests to her establishment or talking to others over there. I wish they used her more. It was nice seeing her catch up with Nikki, and for bringing Nikki and Jill to nearby tables. I loved how civil Nikki and Jill were to each other while taking to Kay, but I can already see them going against each other in whatever other storyline coming.

    I loved Kay's little firing storyline at Joe's diner and how she stood up for herself. I fully expected Kevin to resist helping Amber after all the accusations, but he turned out to be the big man and let her know where Kay was. I was very surprised at the end when Amber realized Kay was alive. I just love this storyline. And on the other end, I'm not surprised that Esther is so blind, but I guess Roger is playing his role greatly. And then, near the end, Clint Radison comes out of the shadows. Kudos to the writers for keeping his return a secret. This ought to be one hell of a storyline.moreless
James Michael Gregary

James Michael Gregary

Clint Radison

Recurring Role

David Leisure

David Leisure

Roger Wilkes

Recurring Role

Louis Mustillo

Louis Mustillo

Joe Jr.

Recurring Role

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    • Jill: I can't believe this. We actually had a nice conversation.
      Nikki: Hmm. I'm sure Gina had the fire hose ready.

    • Jana: Do you realize you sound exactly like Amber right now?
      Kevin: Crazy?
      Jana: Positively mental.
      Kevin: Well, it could have happened that way. They said the "Titanic" wouldn't sink.

    • Joe Jr.: Oh, well, looky who decided to grace us with her presence, Lady Cotrooke.
      Kay: Uh, I'm glad to be back.
      Joe Jr.: Well, what-- what do you think, this is some kind of vacation villa, you can just check in and out any time you please?
      Pearl: Nobody'd ever mistake this place for no vacation villa.

    • Jill: Esther and a date?
      Cane: Yeah. Chloe set it up.
      Jill: Well, now as tempting as it would be to be a fifth wheel on that particular wagon, I think I'll pass.
      Cane: (Laughs) Are you sure?
      Jill: Yeah, I think the best present I could give Esther is if I don't show up. I did get her a gift, though, you know. It's--it's at the house.
      Cane: I'm sure she will love it, uh, after I revive her with the smelling salts.
      Jill: I had to get her something. Your grandmother would have come back to haunt me.

    • Chloe: Look, you're not upset, are you?
      Esther: I haven't had a date since they shot J.R.
      Chloe: Mom, it's like riding a bike.
      Esther: I gave up riding bikes. Too many nasty spills.
      Chloe: Bad choice of metaphors.

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