The Young and the Restless

Season 36 Episode 222

Ep. #9080

Aired Weekdays 12:30 PM Feb 10, 2009 on CBS
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Ep. #9080
Jack is shocked when Gloria reveals that she sold her stock to someone, but won't reveal who that person is. Kevin visits Gloria, who asks him to help her out in convincing Kay to help her out, but Kevin isn't ready to help out his mother this time, worried that he might end up in jail one day for being in her schemes. Jill tries to convince Victor to change his mind about appointing Billy as the CEO of Jabot, but Victor won't back down. Chloe fights with her attraction to both Cane and Billy, but is convinced she made the right choice. Traci, Ashley and Colleen discuss about how life without Brad is so far. Billy is puzzled when Jill tells him she regained the control of Jabot and that she is appointing him the new CEO. Billy gloats as Cane arrives and learns the news, convinced that Jill doesn't trust him, even though Jill assures him that her hands are tied. Billy informs Jack, Ashley and Traci about Jill's announcement and Jack is sure that Victor is the one that bought Gloria's stock, but Ashley tells him there's no way Victor would do something to harm her in the process. At the Newman offices, Victor meets with a mysterious woman, tells her that he needs her for a job, informs her that Jack is still in Genoa City, then arranges to her her appearance altered if she agrees to do the job. Colleen decides to go see Rebecca in Italy. Lily and Billy agree to go to the cabin over the weekend. Chloe comforts Cane when he arrives upset home. Victor feigns being surprised when Ashley tells him about Jill taking Jabot back into the hands of the Chancellors. Jack visits Jill and gloats about Jill beings someone's puppet.moreless

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  • "My life is officially a charade."

    Isn't it funny how Ashley would just assume Victor wouldn't go behind hard back? Looks like the last 28 years of Victor Newman didn't teach anyone anything, didn't it? It was no wonder that Jack would immediately suspect Victor was behind the stock purchase. I loved how Victor met with the mystery woman, it has a very soapy feeling to it. I can't wait to see the woman in action, I know Stacy Haiduk will do a wonderful job in whatever role she is given. Meanwhile, seeing Traci is almost all scenes was an added bonus. Such a shame she's leaving. But at least Colleen is departing for the time being.

    I loved seeing Jill squirm when she had to appoint Billy as the CEO, and even more liked it when Billy learned the news and gloated in Cane's face. Those scenes are always priceless. And to top it all off, I loved having Jack tell Jill that she is a puppet.

    Even Gloria's scenes were okay today, we had quite a long break from her which is always a positive thing. I'm overjoyed that Kevin finally decided to listen to reason and take a step back from plotting with her. Chloe was wonderful as always in her scenes, but what I'm mostly surprised is the fact that Lily doesn't bother me that much anymore.moreless

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    • Cane: Mom regained control of Jabot and gave Billy my old job.
      Chloe: What?
      Cane: Yeah. So she blindsided me, too.
      Chloe: I-I don't understand. How could she do that? You've been so loyal to her.
      Cane: I don't know. Maybe Billy worked it out somehow.
      Chloe: Well, then I'm sorry, but she's off the christening list.

    • Kevin (to Gloria): Look, there's being a good son, and there's being a sap. I'm surprised you haven't asked me to put on a wig and lay down in your cell so you could escape.

    • Chloe: (sighs) My gosh. Oh, my. Okay, I just patted my husband on the back to say good-bye. I have hit rock bottom. (sighs) My life is officially a charade.

    • Cane: Oh, you know what is forbidden... you and anything to do with ladders.
      Chloe: Yes, that I know. I've been there. I've done that, and, well, you have the hospital bills to prove it.
      Cane: So anything to do with the ceiling, you wait till I get home, okay?
      Chloe: Okay. It's sorta crazy, you know? In a couple months, that empty room is gonna be filled with our baby.
      Cane: Yeah. You know, last night I went and stood by the door and tried to imagine it. It's... it's so quiet now, but, soon, there's gonna be this gurgling and this spitting up and laughing and crying. (laughs)
      Chloe: And that's just gonna be me, yeah.

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