The Young and the Restless

Season 36 Episode 226

Ep. #9084

Aired Weekdays 12:30 PM Feb 16, 2009 on CBS
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Ep. #9084
Lily accuses Chloe of faking when her water breaks, but when she realizes it's true, both Lily and Billy start preparing Chloe for delivering the baby, although she is keen on not delivering it at the cabin. Cane asks for permission from the park ranger to get to the cabin, but when he doesn't get it, he runs out and goes anyway. Amber is shocked when Jill claims Marge is a fraud, while the rest of the team is questioning the possibility. Murphy shows up with info on Kay's sudden disappearance and he thinks she may have been kidnapped. Clint brings Kay to a house where she is being held prisoner. Kay overhears Roger talking on the phone to Esther. She is concerned when Clint brings in a woman named Annie to take care of her, someone that doesn't exactly look sane. Lily and Chloe fight over which one is more desperate before going back into reality and worrying about the baby coming. Olivia and Ashley catch up at Crimson Lights. Victor plays dumb in front of Neil, who is wondering who might have bought the stock from Gloria. Ashley is surprised when Victor gives her a seat at Newman as a present for Valentine's Day. She promises to think about it. Nikki interrupts an intimate moment between the two. Chloe is shocked to realize that Billy knew about the baby being his for a very long time. Lily calls Olivia on the phone, who is at the hospital with Neil. Lily gives Billy orders on what to do while questioning Olivia. Billy successfully helps deliver his baby. Cane arrives at the cabin and takes the baby in his arms. Esther learns about Kay and decides to go through with the wedding to Roger. Roger informs Clint about the DNA results.moreless

Who was the Episode MVP ?

  • "In purgatory with incubus and succubus."

    Now that it has come time for Chloe to shine, it has become even more apparent how much more talented Elizabeth Hendrickson is than Christel Khalil. Lily, as a character, is quite boring, so she did good with going after Chloe for what she did, but still Chloe managed to outperform her in every scene. Billy did an outstanding job as usual, while Cane fails to impress me as a viewer day after day. I want him gone. I can't go through with Lane again.

    Kay's storyline is an absolute joy to watch. I'm intrigued to see how the storyline develops now that they've thrown in Annie to the mix. Jeanne Cooper is doing great, and the show can really be described as wonderful for giving an 80 year old actress a frontburner storyline. Kudos.

    The scenes at Crimson Lights were also great, mainly because Jill was there to fight the others from thinking Kay is alive. Esther was the usual stupid person. I feel that Jana and Daniel are being wasted a bit; hopefully that will be changed later on when some of the other storylines conclude.moreless
James C. Burns

James C. Burns


Guest Star

Marcia Wallace

Marcia Wallace

Annie Wilkes

Recurring Role

James Michael Gregary

James Michael Gregary

Clint Radison

Recurring Role

David Leisure

David Leisure

Roger Wilkes

Recurring Role

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    • Neil: Happy Valentine's Day.
      Olivia: Oh, chocolates! Apply directly to thighs.

    • Billy: You are not in charge anymore. The baby's in charge and she's sliding down the chute and there's nothing you can do about it. So unless you wanna have this baby in a blizzard in minus-10 degrees, you're stuck here with us.
      Chloe: Oh, yeah, in purgatory with incubus and succubus. Don't you dare smile at me like that, Billy Abbott!

    • Ashley: So what's going on with you this Valentine's Day? Do you have a hot date tonight?
      Olivia: Mm, yeah, if you call, uh, visiting my 81-year-old pastor in the hospital a hot date.

    • Lily: So why didn't you turn back?
      Chloe: Because I was not thinking clearly!
      Billy: I'm starting to detect a pattern here.

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