The Young and the Restless

Season 36 Episode 228

Ep. #9086

Aired Weekdays 12:30 PM Feb 18, 2009 on CBS
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Ep. #9086
Adam talks to a pastor about how life has been treating him since his mother died. Victor reminisces about the times he spent with Hope before going to jail to visit Adam. Adam isn't happy to see Victor and he brushes him off, leaving Victor impressed by Adam's change. Jack is convinced that Victor is plotting something when Ashley informs him of Victor's offer to be on the Newman board of directors. Ashley tells Jack that not everything Victor does is a plot against Jack. Karen wants to adopt Ana as soon as possible. Rafe informs the family that Yolanda has given up her parental rights to Ana. Lily is worried as Cane promises to Chloe that he will take care of the baby no matter what happens to her. Adam wants Frank to give him something they've been talking about. Tyra tells Olivia that she regrets not telling Neil the truth about how he feels, but Olivia warns her that Neil is now off limits because he's married. Lily warns Billy to tell Cane the truth about the baby's paternity, or she will. Cane questions Lily about the reason why Chloe went to the cabin, but Lily tells him to talk to Billy and Chloe about that. Tyra tell Neil that she loves him and she kisses him. Karen catches them kissing, but slips outside before they can see her. At Jimmy's bar, Billy gets drunk as Jack arrives to offer him advice on how to handle his situation.moreless

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  • "Didn't think you had it in you."

    Isn't it nice to see Adam again? The character just brings something that the soap needs. I loved every scene he had in this episode, especially when he snapped at Victor. That's the way to do it. I didn't appreciate Victor's comment at the end, but it wouldn't be Victor if he didn't have the last word.

    It's no wonder Jack immediately smells something fishy when it comes to Victor. I just wish Ashley would be a little bit more careful. She's bound to get hurt yet again.

    It's good that Olivia is now against Tyra. She appreciates marriage (even though she had no probably hopping on Brad a few years later while he was married to Ashley, but never mind) and she won't let Tyra do anything. Tyra is just such a horrible character it hurts my eyes. There's no investing, no charm, nothing. She isn't a new Drucilla and the writers are gonna have to realize that.

    Billy did great in his scene, managing to outshine Cane wherever he could. I wonder what he'll do drunk.moreless
Sandy Martin

Sandy Martin


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Clyde Kusatsu

Clyde Kusatsu

Dr. Dennis Okamura

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Yani Gellman

Yani Gellman

Rafe Torres

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Larry Bagby

Larry Bagby

Frank Ellis

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    • Billy: I sat in that hospital today and I watched the mother of my kid... my kid fighting for her life. And then in comes "Cane the magnificent" big super daddy Cane. He's holding my kid. It's my kid, Jack. We all know I'm a screw-up, right? Just--I didn't know I was this guy.
      Jack: Okay, so... what do you think your next move's gonna be?
      Billy: Ooh! Carnival. You wanna go to carnival, Jack? We can go to-- the Abbott brothers and carnival.
      Jack: Have you maybe given any thought to facing the music?
      Billy: There's music in carnival, Jack.

    • Adam: Why are you here? You just trying to make a bad day worse? You know what? I never expected much outta you, but you're the only family I've got. And you chose to let me rot in prison. Okay, Pop? The choice has been made. Have you called? Have you come by? Visited? Written a letter? Anything? So you show up here on the anniversary of my mother's death and you think that, uh... that this gesture is going to assuage your guilt. Nice touch with the bible, by the way, but I see through it. And so did Mom, and that's why she didn't want you to have anything to do with me. If she were alive today, she wouldn't want me to have anything to do with you. So why don't you just take the bible and get out!
      Victor: Well done. Didn't think you had it in you.

    • Adam: I would sit on the bench every game and just stew. Coach wouldn't play me. I hated it. I wanted to quit that team so bad. I remember I went home and I told my mom I was gonna quit. She said, "Absolutely not. Absolutely not, Vic. You made a commitment. You better stick with it."
      Chaplain: You know, she sounds like an extraordinary woman.
      Adam: Oh, she was. She was. Tough as nails. But she had a kind of... a kind of gentle, soft spoken quality all the time. Like... velvet over steel or something, you know? I guess if I hadn't listened to her... I never would've got to experience that. I used to think that day that she died was the worst day of my life. As it turns out, every day thereafter is just getting worse and worse. I had my whole life ahead of me. Now look at me.

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