The Young and the Restless

Season 36 Episode 235

Ep. #9093

Aired Weekdays 12:30 PM Feb 27, 2009 on CBS
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Ep. #9093
Kay notes how rude Clint is being to Annie, but Annie won't let Kay trick her into helping her out. Esther refuses to accept Jill's news regarding Roger. Chloe and Esther have a close family moment. Gloria decides to go see Jeff now that she is out of jail. Eden is touched when Michael and Lauren explain that they believe in her innocence. Cane convinces Neil to take some time to talk to him about Lily. Neil finds out the truth about the baby and how Cane wants to be with Lily again, and he warns Cane that he should not bring Lily into the custody mess. Billy asks Lily to help him out in convincing Cane to let him raise Delia with Chloe. Jill arrives at Jeff's suite and tries to brush him off, but it only leads into another passionate encounter, followed by a surprise visit from Gloria. Jill and Gloria fight for a brief moment before Gloria decides to just let go of Jeff. Roger isn't happy when Esther refuses to sell her part of the Chancellor mansion and even won't go on their honeymoon. Lily is stunned when Cane asks her to marry him and help raise Delia. Chloe is shocked when Billy shows up explaining that he wants to raise Delia with her. He tells her that they could get married to help them out in the custody case. Neil questions Karen about possibly causing Tyra to run, when Karen finally reveals that she saw the two of them kissing, then urges him to get his act together or their marriage will be over. Kay finally convinced Annie to run with her, but just as they are about to exit, Roger arrives and Esther follows. After reuniting with Kay, Esther slaps Roger for lying to him, but they're all interrupted by Clint's arrival.moreless

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  • "Mary Poppins I'm not."

    Slowly but safely, Kay finally worked Annie into believing her, but of course they were stopped in the nick of time. I loved the little reunion Esther had with Mrs. C. and then slapping that idiot of a husband she has. Too bad Clint came along to stop them. However, this means even more fun with this storyline.

    I liked Eden's speech about how good it is to have Michael and Lauren believing her. I also liked Chloe's and Esther's emotional conversation. They've come a long way since Chloe was revealed to be Kate.

    I did not care about Cane talking to Neil. Sure, it was expected of him to inform Neil about the truth, but I don't like what Cane is expecting of Lily, and more so I'm afraid Lily might just go along with his plan which practically means stealing someone's baby.

    I enjoyed the little catfight Gloria and Jill had, even though it wasn't nice seeing Jill go so low. Is Jeff really worth it? And why are they still keeping Jeff around? The character is so old news it's not even funny anymore.

    Most importantly, Karen finally told Neil that she saw him kissing Tyra. It was about time she revealed this, I was already worried she might keep this a secret for a long time. Neil needs to wake up and realize that Tyra is just a little girl with a schoolcrush and that he should avoid her.moreless
Marcia Wallace

Marcia Wallace

Annie Wilkes

Recurring Role

James Michael Gregary

James Michael Gregary

Clint Radison

Recurring Role

David Leisure

David Leisure

Roger Wilkes

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    • Jill: Well, now your hubby pursued me. He begged me to show him what it felt like to be with a real woman.
      Gloria: That's a lie.
      Jill: You wish!
      Gloria: You filthy tramp!
      Jill: You are a mental case! What is wrong with you?! Get her off of me!
      Gloria: Aah!
      Jeff: What, and ruin all the fun?
      Gloria: Shut up! What?!
      Jill: Fun?! You find this amusing?
      Jeff: Well, yeah, all we need is a vat of mud.

    • Michael: Well, it's been quite a day. Fenmore's a happy camper. And Eden is, you know, surviving being arrested with little or no trauma. Gloria, believe it or not, is no longer a felon.
      Lauren: Oh, my god. Everything's good. Boy, this makes me nervous.
      Michael: Well, yeah. Yeah, I know, right?
      Lauren: Yeah.
      Michael: I mean, I don't wanna jinx it, but wouldn't it be wonderful if we could have a happy, sane, wonderful life for like a nanosecond?

    • Michael: Gloria, I don't care about the money. I just want you to stay out of trouble.
      Gloria: Yeah, well, don't worry about that. I never wanna see the inside of a jail again.
      Lauren: Can I get that in writing?

    • Annie: I could've gotten the groceries.
      Clint: Your job is to stay here and babysit.
      Annie: Mary Poppins I'm not.

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