The Young and the Restless

Season 36 Episode 242

Ep. #9100

Aired Weekdays 12:30 PM Mar 10, 2009 on CBS
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Ep. #9100
Nikki arrives at the tackhouse to watch Summer and she flashes back to happy days she spent with Victor while coping with the fact that Ashley is now carrying Victor's child. Jill is outraged when Jack accuses her of intentionally refusing to believe that Kay is alive. Murphy tries to jog Katherine's memory but ends up realizing she doesn't remember anything that happened during the last couple of months. He sneaks out when Esther and Amber come to see Kay, who is shocked to learn that everyone thinks she is dead. Ashley is worried that something might happen to her or her baby and she explains that she feels she could not handle any loss. Victor comforts her. Billy makes it clear to detective Wallace that Kevin could have planted the bomb, but Kevin's family immediately negates the possibility. Billy goes to see Kay and realizes that she isn't an impostor, but Cane is convinced that she is, and he tries to offer her money to leave. Lily and Chloe insult each other. Estella is surprised when Ashley questions her about a piece of art Sabrina owned before and she feels like Ashley is accusing her of stealing. She shares her thoughts with Nikki and explains that she doesn't get along too well with Ashley, who is now supposedly getting married to Victor. Meanwhile, Ashley tells Victor that she is not ready to get married yet. Katherine tells Amber and Esther that she has to find a different way to get her life back. Phyllis and Nick informs Jack of Ashley's pregnancy and he tries not to make a big reaction, even though Phyllis knows it's bothering him. Jana is angered when she realizes Gloria thinks Kevin could be behind the bomb and she accuses Gloria of being the one to blame for everything bad that happened to Kevin. Pearl and Joe Jr. urge Murphy to go see Kay, but he decides not to.moreless

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  • "Australian sleeping pill."

    Jill really must be out of her mind or at least she doesn't care about Katherine. That could be the only explanation as to why she would take Cane's word regarding Katherine. He is not known to have been the brightest character on the block, so why would she trust him? I am deeply disturbed every time I see Lily and Cane on the screen. I hate that the writers keep giving them the last lines, always supposedly winning the argument over Chloe and Billy. I can only hope Chloe and Billy will have the last laugh because otherwise it would just be unfair.

    I was crushed when I saw Kay actually crying over the fact that Jill didn't come to visit her. It was also sad that she didn't remember Murphy, and how he slipped out of the room quietly when Amber and Esther entered. I'm glad Billy believed that Kay is the real deal. The writers did great at the end when Billy came to Jack and it was obvious that even though he spent the entire day in harmony with Chloe, he still didn't want to be with her overall. This will bring him more trouble, I can already feel it.

    Victor and Ashley's scenes didn't bring much, but at least they explained that Ashley's pregnancy is a miracle without retconning anything. When they play the score that used to be Sabrina's I always flash back to that depressing relationship and I'm glad it's all over with. Seeing Estella also brought back those memories. Even though Nikki constantly seems to be over Victor and telling it to everyone, that flashback proved that she is nowhere near ready to let go of Victor. Nick and Phyllis' scenes were okay, I guess, nothing too special.

    The seed of doubt planted in the mind of Kevin's loved ones was also very interesting to see. I loved Emily O'Brien's performance as Jana when she realized that Gloria is behind everything and that Kevin basically got into trouble because of her. All of Gloria's plotting followed by Amber's accusations ties in well with the ending of Clint's storyline. I can't believe how good the entire storyline has been written. I miss Lauren, who wasn't in the scenes, but then again she'd just be a prop, right?moreless

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    • Lily: Don't tell me that you were trying to listen in. That's so not like you. Oh, wait, yes, it is.
      Chloe: Aw, oops! Yep. You got me. You know, I-I just wish I had big puppy dog ears so I could hear through those walls. And I just love how you follow around your master and you're just so happy with your little tail wagging, 'cause you're just-- you just love those leftovers, don't you?
      Lily: Hmm. Speaking of dogs, how is Billy?
      Chloe: He's great. He's great. Faithfully eager to please. I think that fatherhood has really changed him around. 'Cause he's just-- he's just so good. You remember, right? But you know, you made your choice. And now you're with that Australian sleeping pill. But you know, I guess it just doesn't take all that much to satisfy some women.

    • Jack: Victor's birthday? Oh, I didn't even get him a present.

    • Billy (to Det. Wallace): Kevin Fisher is a documented psycho, and that picture proves it. You know what you need to do? You need to go out there and find him before he blows somebody else up. Kevin Fisher's record's about as long as my arm.

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