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The Young and the Restless

Season 36 Episode 250

Ep. #9108

Aired Weekdays 12:30 PM Mar 24, 2009 on CBS
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Episode Summary

Ep. #9108
Jill confronts Jack about Billy authorizing a huge salary for their newest hire, Mary Jane, but Jack won't discuss it since it was Billy's idea. Mary Jane surprises Jack with many amazing ideas for the future and they seem to be getting along well. Kay tells Murphy how happy she is to have him, and Murphy thinks of proposing to Kay. Nikki is now convinced that Kay is alive and she sets out to prove it. Along with Paul, she decides to exhume Marge's body and they ask Heather for help, who explains that they need to ask Jill for permission. Michael and Daniel reveal to Det. Sloan that they know Kevin. They set out to find Amber and Kevin, while they worry about what is going on with Jana. Amber screams when she sees Clint's body, so Kevin releases her. Kevin finally realizes that Clint is dead, but he still can't tell the difference between Clint and Tom. He decides to build a coffin for Clint and goes so far as to putting Amber inside when she makes him mad. Jill pleads Victor to sell the Jabot shares, but he refuses to. Jill is even more angry when Heather, Nikki and Paul ask her to let them exhume Marge's body, and she rejects them instantly. Murphy tries to propose to Kay, but they're interrupted by Nikki's and Paul's arrival. Nikki explains that she believes Kay and tells her they will prove her identity once and for all. Michael and Daniel find Clint's body in the closet, but Amber and Kevin are nowhere near. Jill promises to irritate Jack in the future. Nikki shows up at the ranch asking Victor for a favor regarding Marge, but Victor continues insulting Nikki until Kay steps in and confronts Victor for his behavior.moreless

Who was the Episode MVP ?

  • "Dripping venom."

    Did I mention yet how much I love Murphy and Kay? The best couple on daytime had another set of great scenes. I just loved how Murphy contemplated proposing to Kay only to get interrupted by Nikki and Paul. It was so sweet and you could see the disappointment on his face, which only made it harder for the viewers. The writers are hitting all the right spots with this storyline. I am also very thankful that Nikki believes Kay and that we won't have to go through any more episodes with Kay being distrusted.

    The scenes with Amber and Kevin were quite scary, and the music that played along only made it even more scarier. I love this storyline as well. I wonder what's next to come now that they ran away and Michael and Daniel found Clint's body. The thing that I didn't like is the fact that Heather only seems to be used when someone needs legal help or when Victor and Adam need someone to reject. Lousy.

    I adore Jess Walton and her portrayal of Jill. She doesn't change, she's always the same old Jill, and I can expect much more of that in the future, can I? I also liked Mary Jane, even though the character is yet developing. I wonder who she really is, and I hope the writers do good with her storyline.moreless

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    • Jack: Jill, I'd invite you to stay, but I don't want you dripping venom all over the rug.

    • Mary Jane: All you need to know about me... is that I'm a woman who's gonna change your life.

    • Kay: Do you know what you are, Murph?
      Murphy: Yeah. You know, some of us still have the capacity--
      Kay: No, no, stop, stop. No, I'm--I'm serious. You're the only man in this world who doesn't care what my name is or what my past was. You're just happy being here with me. I need that now.
      Murphy: I'm sorry about your troubles, but... I'm glad that it led you back to me.
      Kay: Do me a favor?
      Murphy: Anything.
      Kay: Remind me where the bathroom is?

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