The Young and the Restless

Season 37 Episode 40

Ep. #9149

Aired Weekdays 12:30 PM May 20, 2009 on CBS
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Ep. #9149
Mac has a dream of making love to Billy. Chloe and Billy bond over the time they spent together in New York. Amber doesn't understand why is Daniel acting strange. Jana notices that Daniel's painting bares a resemblance to another piece she saw and he excuses himself saying that he was just trying to copy a painting because of a block. Aucker shows up and berates Daniel for hanging around with Jana, but Daniel refuses to take notes from him as to who he should and shouldn't be friends with. Phyllis is thrilled that the latest issue Restless Style was another success and she wants to celebrate. She picks the same day as Cassie's anniversary without realizing it, and later apologizes to Nick for failing to remember. Mary Jane reassures Jack that their business relationship won't be affected by Jack's reconciliation with Sharon. Mac tries to lift Kevin's self esteem while he cracks jokes about it. Sharon attempts to go through therapy with Dr. Mason, but when things get too rough, she bails on working through her problems. Paul is curious about Mary Jane, while she tries to stay away from him. Nick sees Sharon visibly upset from therapy and tries to talk to her, but she asks him to leave her alone. Mac listens to an old tape of herself and Billy singing and wants to send Billy a message about it. At the same time, Billy and Chloe continue bonding and end up between the sheets. Sharon stares at Cassie's drawing and comes to a conclusion that she has to leave Genoa City, but Jack persuades her to stay. Nick is distraught when Summer gives him a drawing and it reminds him of when Cassie gave it to him. Mary Jane feels alone without Jack and is overjoyed when she thinks Jack came to her room, only to find Paul standing there.moreless

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  • Finally picking up.

    A rather interesting episode certaily picked up the week, making it a little bit easier to forget about the previous few boring episodes. I don't exactly like all of this Mac and Billy fawning, but this time things have started to change. Clementine Ford is finally managing to do better in her performance, while the character is also beginning to sound more interesting. I just loved how Chloe and Billy bonded and ended up together. I can almost feel Chloe's pain every time she tries to build something in their marriage only to have it taken away. Billy always works on impulses, so I have a feeling this won't hold him for long.

    The Daniel storyline wasn't anything special, but at least it wasn't boring. I can live with that, yes. I even liked the short scene with Mac and Kevin. Finally their friendship is back on our screens. I just love that Paul is getting more airtime and that his inquisitive nature is making him try to understand exactly who Mary Jane is. It's so obvious it's Patty, but we'll have to wait to see the big reveal.

    As for the best part of the episode, it's got to be the Sharon and Nick drama. I loved all of the performances in this episode, starting with Sharon seeing the therapist; Jack and Phyllis still keeping secrets from each other; and Nick feeling as if he's still pushing Sharon away and doing her harm. The episodes with Cassie's anniversary are always very interesting to watch.moreless

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