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    • Ep. #9953
      Ep. #9953
      Season 40 - Episode 84

      Phyllis' family deals with her getting arrested. Adam and Chelsea prepare for their wedding.

    • Ep. #9960
      Ep. #9960
      Season 40 - Episode 91

      Tim is questioned by the police, but refuses to answer questions, then goes to secretly contact Phyllis in hopes of talking to her privately. Jack and Nikki inform their family and friends about getting married next week. Kay is touched by Abby's apology for what she did trying to save the gala. Paul decides to plead guilty. Jack and Victor end up stuck in an elevator together.

    • Ep. #10150
      Ep. #10150
      Season 41 - Episode 29

      Jack is frustrated with Phyllis' involvement in Nick's love life. Billy finds himself being tempted by Carmine's offer. Kay is welcomed back into her home after her stint in the hospital.

    • Tribute to Jeanne Cooper
      Tribute to Jeanne Cooper
      Season 41 - Episode 46

      Cast members, family and friends gather for a special tribute episode celebrating the life of Jeanne Cooper (Katherine Chancellor).

    • Ep. #10120
      Ep. #10120
      Season 40 - Episode 251

      Victor and Nikki have an unwelcome guest appear at their wedding. Phyllis is upset to find Kyle and Summer together.

    • Ep. #8443
      Ep. #8443
      Season 34 - Episode 91
      Nikki wants Nick to take things into his own hands when it comes to his son, now that he's divorcing Sharon. Jack wants to continue working with Nick. They both agree to bury the hatchet and continue working together. Nikki is stunned when Victor announces he's leaving on a temporary retreat. He lies about feeling better and how the medication helped him. Jack distracts Nikki so Victor could leave in peace. In Kansas, Victor arrives at Hope's house. Colleen, Abby and Rebecca are on their way to Hawaii. Colleen talks to Rebecca about what she knows of Brad's past. Brad finally tells Victoria the truth about his past and that he never told Traci or Ashley, but Victoria is angry with him for not telling her sooner. Brad receives a phone call from an anonymous person who tells him he took his wife. Brad is surprised to learn that the man kidnapped Sharon. Sharon wakes up next to J.T., who is tied up to a chair, just like her. He says they are probably places in Cleveland, and warns her that Brad might be the kidnapper. A man enters the place, tells J.T. that he's no longer of use to him, and then stick a needle in J.T. and J.T. faints.moreless
    • Ep. #9914
      Ep. #9914
      Season 40 - Episode 45

      Cane has to decide what to do about Genevieve. Danny and Phyllis are faced with problems due to their past.

    • 2014/09/04
      Season 2014 - Episode 20140904
      Victor tries to get answers from Phyllis about Sharon; Ashley has an interesting proposition for Stitch; Nick fights to keep his family together.
    • Ep. #9926
      Ep. #9926
      Season 40 - Episode 57

      Ashley is upset to learn what Abby got herself into with Jack, and she confronts her brother about it. Chloe interferes between Genevieve and Kevin's business dealings by revealing to Cane that Genevieve has a secret account. Sofia and Neil deal with having to separate, and Harmony and Tucker react to drifting away from their son.

    • 2015/04/13
      Season 2015 - Episode 20150413
    • Ep. #9938
      Ep. #9938
      Season 40 - Episode 69

      Abby's family and friends wait to find out if she was located. Paul is forced to take action against his own son.

    • Ep. #9952
      Ep. #9952
      Season 40 - Episode 83

      Sharon follows Adam and Chelsea to Kansas in order to stop their wedding, claiming that she wants to rekindle her romance with Adam. Billy is pressured into firing Phyllis.

    • Ep. #10045
      Ep. #10045
      Season 40 - Episode 176

      Victor tempts Adam into betraying Jack and taking control of Newman, and Phyllis is suspicious of Adam's behavior. Sharon decides to distance herself from Adam in an effort to give his marriage to Chelsea a chance. Avery presents Nick with a chance to buy a place.

    • Ep. #10173
      Ep. #10173
      Season 41 - Episode 52

      Lauren is forced to do damage control. Sharon is shocked by Adam.


    • Ep. #10206
      Ep. #10206
      Season 41 - Episode 85

      The tension continues growing between Lauren and Carmine. Cane and Lily share a romantic evening together. News of Phyllis' accident spreads.


    • 4/18/2012
      Season 39 - Episode 9887
      Victoria confronts Victor.
    • 2015/01/21
      Season 2015 - Episode 20150121
    • 2015/11/02
      Season 2015 - Episode 20151102
    • Ep. #9250
      Ep. #9250
      Season 37 - Episode 141
      Paul learns that Patty might never be sane again. Nick and Sharon say goodbye to their daughter. Ashley tells Victor about her future plans.
    • 4/16/2012
      Season 39 - Episode 9885
      Phyllis becomes suspicious of Ricky.
    • 2015/10/29
      Season 2015 - Episode 20151029
    • 8/29/2014
      Season 2014 - Episode 20140829
      Victor clashes with Nikki; Jack breaks the news to Summer that he's asked Kelly to move in; Phyllis opens her eyes.
    • 2016/02/15
      Season 2016 - Episode 20160215
    • Ep. #9930
      Ep. #9930
      Season 40 - Episode 61

      Ricky confronts Paul about trying to bring him down. Genevieve receives unexpected assistance. Daniel is stunned when Phyllis makes a confession. Tucker and Harmony discuss their fling.

    • 2015/01/05
      Season 2015 - Episode 20150105

      Haven't  seen it.  Could call it A Very Special Wedding... Billy & Chelsea are planning a big wedding.  Wonder who shows up for all the excitement.



    • 2015/01/07
      Season 2015 - Episode 20150107
    • 4/20/2012
      Season 39 - Episode 9889
      Ricky puts his plan in motion.
    • 2015/03/11
      Season 2015 - Episode 20150311
    • Ep. #10200
      Ep. #10200
      Season 41 - Episode 79

      Michael wants Carmine behind bars, but Leslie helps Carmine be released after proving he didn't sell drugs to Fenmore. Gloria confronts Lauren about sleeping with Carmine, and Lauren reminds Gloria of her own past mistakes. Jack lets out his frustration on Nick. Summer continues dealing with the revelation that Jack is her father. Sharon admits to a hallucination of Cassie that she switched the paternity results Nick got.

    • Ep. #9943
      Ep. #9943
      Season 40 - Episode 74

      More information comes to light regarding Daisy's disappearance. Victoria is overjoyed when Billy returns home.

    • The Young And The Restless
      The Young And The Restless
      Season 2015 - Episode 20150306
    • The Young And The Restless
      The Young And The Restless
      Season 2015 - Episode 20150305
    • 2015/05/13
      Season 2015 - Episode 20150513
    • Ep. #9945
      Ep. #9945
      Season 40 - Episode 76

      Phyllis is aware of the fact that her dark secret is about to be exposed. Ashley comes to a conclusion regarding her marriage to Tucker.

    • 2015/05/06
      Season 2015 - Episode 20150506
    • 2015/05/05
      Season 2015 - Episode 20150505
    • Ep. #9936
      Ep. #9936
      Season 40 - Episode 67

      The information regarding Daisy's disappearance becomes even more mysterious. Lily and Cane celebrate the birthday of Charlie and Matilda.

    • 2015/03/30
      Season 2015 - Episode 20150330
      Sharon plays hardball with Nick; Jack forces Billy to take a look at his future; Abby confronts Ashley about her relationship with Stitch.
    • Ep. #9860
      Ep. #9860
      Season 39 - Episode 245

      Ashley and Jill fight over business. Kevin and Chloe continue arguing.

    • 9/3/2014
      Season 2014 - Episode 20140903
      Ashley Abbott returns to Genoa City; Neil makes a big change in his life; Michael and Lauren's marriage hits a bump in the road.
    • 9/2/2014
      Season 2014 - Episode 20140902
      Sharon's confession rattles Mariah; Jack and Kelly take a big step in their relationship; Nikki and Ian have a dangerous standoff.
    • Ep. #10235
      Ep. #10235
      Season 41 - Episode 114

      Family and friends father for Katherine Chancellor's memorial service.


    • Ep. #9826
      Ep. #9826
      Season 39 - Episode 211

      Sharon feels stuck between Adam and Victor. Nick is confused by Victor's decision. Jack thinks about where Genevieve's money might be coming from.

    • Ep. #10145
      Ep. #10145
      Season 41 - Episode 24

      Leslie and Tyler are confused about Gus' secrets. Sharon warns Avery not to hurt Nick.


    • Ep. #10261
      Ep. #10261
      Season 41 - Episode 140

      Adam and Chelsea receive news about their son. Nikki prepares to reveal a secret.


    • Ep. #10263
      Ep. #10263
      Season 41 - Episode 142

      Billy awaits Delia's fate at the hospital, while others learn of her 'accident'. Nikki talks to Johnny about her son Dylan.

    • 2015/09/15
      Season 2015 - Episode 20150915
    • 2014/11/03
      Season 2014 - Episode 20141103
      Phyllis forces Sharon to remember, while Victor makes a shocking discovery.
    • Ep. #9921
      Ep. #9921
      Season 40 - Episode 52

      The tension between Ricky, Phyllis and Daisy continues growing. Victoria won't comment on Nikki's engagement to Jack.

    • The Young And The Restless
      The Young And The Restless
      Season 2014 - Episode 20141022
    • Ep. #10165
      Ep. #10165
      Season 41 - Episode 44

      Nick and Sharon get together on the anniversaty of Cassie's death. Tension rises between Victoria and Billy.


    • Ep. #9911
      Ep. #9911
      Season 40 - Episode 42

      Victor is angry over Jack's success. Jack tells Nikki he's sure about finally going out on top. Cane is faced with a difficult choice. Noah returns to town.

    • Ep. #9234
      Ep. #9234
      Season 37 - Episode 125
      Victor and Jack rush to help Colleen but it may be too late. Lily has a dream of Colleen. Billy tells the truth to Ashley.
    • Ep. #10205
      Ep. #10205
      Season 41 - Episode 84

      Phyllis confronts Sharon about what she overheard at the cemetery, and their fight puts one of them in grave danger. Adam confronts Nick at the gala. Billy tries to talk Melanie into going after Adam together.

    • Ep. #10321
      Ep. #10321
      Season 41 - Episode 200

      Jill’s evening takes a shocking turn. Victor and Adam plays the game of cat and mouse. Lily gets her test results back.


    • Ep. #10181
      Ep. #10181
      Season 41 - Episode 60

      Fen freaks out after learning his mother has been having an affair with Carmine. Lauren confides in Michael about Carmine texting her. Traci confides in Jack about her marriage suffering after Colleen's death. Phyllis and Nick talk about telling Summer and Jack the truth about Summer's paternity. Courtney encourages Summer to have sex with Kyle.

    • Ep. #10043
      Ep. #10043
      Season 40 - Episode 174

      Victoria is devastated when Victor reveals that Billy knew he was alive back when Victor had amnesia. Michael questions Fen. Fen is jealous over Summer's friendship with Jamie, and he orders Jamie to stay away from her. Victor pays Jack a visit, and Jack deals with taking painkillers.

    • 2015/10/13
      Season 2015 - Episode 20151013
    • Ep. #10226
      Ep. #10226
      Season 41 - Episode 105

      Carmine taunts Michael and Lauren, and manages to escape before the police locates him. Jill confides in Jack about losing Katherine. Avery and Nick reaffirm their wedding plans, while Sharon continues trying to get closer to Nick.

    • 2014/12/01
      Season 2014 - Episode 20141201
    • Ep. #10123
      Ep. #10123
      Season 41 - Episode 2

      Sharon learns devastating news. Leslie and Tyler bicker while waiting for their father's verdict.

    • 9/8/2014
      Season 2014 - Episode 20140908
      Victor puts the pressure on Phyllis' doctor; Summer and Mariah face off; Paul makes a startling discovery at the Newman Ranch. Meredith Baxter debuts as Maureen.
    • Ep. #10177
      Ep. #10177
      Season 41 - Episode 56

      Kyle and Summer go on their first date. Lauren and Michael take steps to repair their marriage. Fen hangs out with Raven. Nick finally admits the truth about Summer's paternity to Phyllis.

    • Ep. #10135
      Ep. #10135
      Season 41 - Episode 14

      Tyler pours his heart out to Lily. Nick issues a warning to Kyle to stay away from Summer.

    • Ep. #10132
      Ep. #10132
      Season 41 - Episode 11

      Jill and Cane give support to Katherine while she goes through a crisis. Billy and Victoria celebrate Johnny's birthday.

    • Ep. #10166
      Ep. #10166
      Season 41 - Episode 45

      Victoria and Billy continue addressing the problems in their marriage. Madame Miranda gives Chelsea a lot to think about regarding the baby's father. Dylan thinks of buying Crimson Lights. Doctor Watkins advises Sharon not to reach out to Nick. Sharon almost lets it slip to Phyllis about Nick's problem.

    • Ep. #9806
      Ep. #9806
      Season 39 - Episode 191

      In a special Christmas episode, Nikki is taken on a journey by an angel as she revisits her life.

    • Ep. #6285
      Ep. #6285
      Season 25 - Episode 7
    • Ep. #10338
      Ep. #10338
      Season 41 - Episode 217

      Billy and Adam have a huge showdown. Nikki faces off with Ian.


    • Ep. #9963
      Ep. #9963
      Season 40 - Episode 94

      Victor crashes Nikki and Jack's wedding. Ashley leaves Genoa City.

    • Ep. #9983
      Ep. #9983
      Season 40 - Episode 114

      Billy makes a revelation in LA. Jack makes a stand in his marriage to Nikki.

    • Ep. #9972
      Ep. #9972
      Season 40 - Episode 103

      Phyllis wants Daniel to cut ties with Heather. Victoria and Nick team up in an attempt to bring down a power-hungry Sharon.

    • Ep. #9949
      Ep. #9949
      Season 40 - Episode 80

      Ronan arrests Paul for murder. Phyllis worries about Nick's trust. Michael wants Phyllis to get her affairs in order.

    • 2015/02/13
      Season 2015 - Episode 20150213
    • Ep. #9958
      Ep. #9958
      Season 40 - Episode 89

      Christine is convinced that Phyllis did something to harm Tim Reid. Chelsea issues a warning to Sharon to stay away from her husband.

    • 2015/07/31
      Season 2015 - Episode 20150731
    • 2015/02/25
      Season 2015 - Episode 20150225
    • Ep. #9968
      Ep. #9968
      Season 40 - Episode 99

      Michael has to take a big risk to help out a friend. Christine prepares to leave town.

    • The Young And The Restless
      The Young And The Restless
      Season 2015 - Episode 20150302
    • 2015/02/19
      Season 2015 - Episode 20150219
    • Ep. #8803
      Ep. #8803
      Season 35 - Episode 200
      Nick asks Phyllis if she thinks that Jack actually killed Ji Min. Ben tells Jack that he should write a book about his fallout. Lauren finds jewelry in Gloria's purse. Heather is stunned when Daniel asks her out on a date but she turns him down. Michael wants answers from Gloria regarding giving Jeff 50,000 dollars. Jack learns that Sharon has a meeting with Brad, Jack tells Ben that he almost lost her and can't risk that again. Kevin visits Jana and says that she's going to be out soon. Amber tells Daniel that she sent in her video to the Face of Jabot contest. Heather agrees to sit down and have a bite to eat with Daniel at Crimson Lights. Amber thinks that she can get Kevin to rig the contest. Kevin approaches Heather and says that Jana should be released. Sharon kisses Brad while in the conference room. Jack interrupts the kiss and asks why the door is locked. Heather tells Kevin not to get his hopes up in Jana getting released. Jeff shocks Michael by saying that Gloria has agreed to marry him.moreless
    • Ep. #10262
      Ep. #10262
      Season 41 - Episode 141

      A tragedy takes place.

    • Ep. #8833
      Ep. #8833
      Season 35 - Episode 230
      Phyllis, Nick, Sharon and Jack continue to make arrangements to put their new business into action. Nick surprises the gang by buying the warehouse for their office. Jack informs them that Forrester Creations are also on board to join them. Hope begs Vic and Victor to get along. Gloria tells Kevin and Jana that they'll get married at the Abbott mansion. Jeffrey finds out about Gloria and Kevin's scheme by playing the video device that he hid in the house. He also finds the poison in Gloria's purse. When she realizes that she didn't take her purse, Gloria rushes to the house to get it, and Jeffrey pretends not to know anything. Sharon, Noah and Jack returns to the Abbott mansion. Hope begs Vic to give Victor a chance to be his father, and then she dies. Vic holds her hand and cries, as Victor looks at them with tears in his eyes.moreless
    • Ep. #9027
      Ep. #9027
      Season 36 - Episode 169
      Gloria is surprised when Jeff insists on attending Katherine's will reading with her. Kay is demented from her accident as she continues trying to adapt in her "new" life while Murphy doesn't know who she really is. John's ghost gives advice to Billy, Traci, Ashley and Jack, all separately, as the family finally comes together. A crowd of people reunite at the Chancellor mansion, where Mitchell Sherman reads the contents of Kay's will, and it comes as a great surprise when Esther learns she got 50% of Kay's estate. She also leaves Daniel and Amber money to finance their business, a few shares to Danny, Gina and Brock, Jill gets the remainder of the estate, Nikki gets Kay's jewelry, and Gloria finally gets her wish when Kay leaves her 5% of Jabot stock. Gloria and Jeff happily inform Jack about the change of events. John confronts Jack about his actions again, but Jack is convinced that he is doing the right thing.moreless
    • Ep. #8853
      Ep. #8853
      Season 35 - Episode 250
      Gloria refuses to have sex with Jeffrey after finding John's book. Michael and Lauren are suspicious when Sharon and Jack inform them about moving out of the mansion. Cane and Lily spend some time together, and Chloe immediately makes a fuss about their relationship coming in between Lily's career. Sharon and Jack start looking for a perfect actor to portray John's ghost. Kevin, Jana, Michael and Lauren visit Gloria and Jeffrey at the mansion. Lauren and Michael pretend to fight so Lauren could spend the night in the mansion to spy on the Bardwells. Amber and Daniel turn the camera to film them while they are burning the stolen money. Esther witnesses a moment of weakness in Katherine. Daniel visits Katherine to discuss about Amber.moreless
    • Ep. #8828
      Ep. #8828
      Season 35 - Episode 225
      The morning after they slept together, Amber and Daniel realize that their friendship will never be the same. Jana urges Amber to choose if she wants to be Daniel's lover or if she'd like to forget about him, and Amber realizes that she needs to move out of the apartment. Sharon, Phyllis, Nick and Jack agree on getting a place to work at. Jack is surprised to learn that Nikki owns Jabot now. Victoria hesitates, but J.T. manages to convince her to move back into the loft with him. They inform Nikki and David. Victor arrives at Hope's house in Kansas, and is stunned to see the bad condition that Hope is in. He is surprised when Hope tells him that Victor Jr doesn't know about her condition, and Victor promises to take care of their son. Later, Hope tells Victor that she wants their son to know who Victor is. Gloria and Jeffrey continue bickering. Brad accepts a job offer from Nikki, and then shares the news with Neil. Gloria takes a first dose of poison and immediately feels sick. Jeffrey buys Kevin a car. Heather and Daniel make a dinner date.moreless
    • Ep. #8847
      Ep. #8847
      Season 35 - Episode 244
      Heather nervously refuses to listen to Paul's advice, and later when she apologizes, she admits that she's thinking of leaving Genoa City. Adam and Victoria have yet another spat. Jack shows Sharon the clock that includes a mini camera that they could use to spy on Jeff and Gloria. Kevin hires Paul to follow Jeff. J.T. urges Victoria to fight for her beliefs. Phyllis and Nick introduce Adam to Jack and Sharon, and Adam questions them about the possible awkwardness between ex-lovers. Nick and J.T. agree to have dinner with Adam. Victoria notices the change in Adam and she confronts J.T. about talking to Adam. Gloria returns back to the mansion, where Jeffrey once again assures her that he wants to divorce her and leave.moreless
    • Ep. #8811
      Ep. #8811
      Season 35 - Episode 208
      Kevin, Amber and Daniel are stunned when Heather tells them that she'll be withdrawing the charges against Jana. Nikki and David are stunned to realize how outrageous Victor's counter suit is. Michael confides in Lauren about the trouble that Victor is putting him through during the case, and then they discuss a bit about Gloria. Nikki confronts Victor and then offers to sell him NVP in exchange for dropping the charges against her, but Victor refuses her offer and tells her that he's looking forward to seeing her where he picked her up--on the streets. Michael tries to convince Heather to drop the charges against Victor, but she bravely refuses. Jana and Kevin happily embrace in prison. Jana is stunned to see the party that Kevin arranges for her at Crimson Lights. Nikki seeks advice from Kay. Kay is stunned to see Nick packing his things and leaving Newman. Kay tries to talk to Victor, but he refuses to discuss the matter with her. Michael tells Victor that there is new evidence against him, but a fearless Victor urges Michael to find a way to prove his innocence or he'll fire him.moreless
    • Ep. #8819
      Ep. #8819
      Season 35 - Episode 216
      Nikki and J.T. are pleasantly surprised when Victoria awakes from her coma. They assure her that she's safe and inform Victor, Phyllis and Nick about his daughter's recovery. Victor asks Phyllis to stay and work for him at NVP, and she suggests Victor should give Nick the job back, but Victor won't make the first step. Dr. Webb comes to check on Victoria. Victor announces to his family that the murder charges against him have been dropped, and then berates them for not trusting him. Gloria wants Kevin to buy the poison with Jeff's money. Kevin fills Jana in on their newest scheme. Jack and Sharon try to find a loophole that can keep Gloria away from the mansion, and they later discuss the weird relationship that Gloria and Jeffrey share. Jeff wants to make love to Gloria, but she refuses. She then takes Jeff's credit card when he doesn't see it. Nikki and Victor realize that they need to keep their divorce and Nick's firing a secret from Victoria.moreless
    • Ep. #9116
      Ep. #9116
      Season 37 - Episode 7
      Chloe is worried when she can't reach Billy on the day of their wedding. Billy returns to his room, where Jack and Ashley nervously question him about his disappearance last night. Phyllis sees Billy coming down the stairs at GCAC, so she pays Sharon a visit to remind her that she is a slut, so Sharon throws her out of the room, where Phyllis runs into Nick, who is disgusted by Phyllis' behavior. Billy arrives at the mansion and calms down a worried Chloe. As Chloe talks to Delia about the wonderful life ahead of them, the guests at the wedding begin to arrive. Jill tells Billy that she just wants him to be happy. Jack notes Sharon's odd behavior. As the wedding begins, Sharon feels sick and runs away, leaving Chloe insulted because she has no matron of honor, so Colleen decides to step up. Half of the wedding guests end up in another room, where Brock tells everyone that the DNA results are in confirming that Kay is his mother, making it clear that Jill isn't Kay's daughter. Jill is having hard time dealing with the truth. Phyllis goes to Jimmy's bar to ask questions about Sharon and Mary Jane overhears Phyllis. Nick finds Sharon in her room and pulls her into an embrace. Jill begins throwing insults at the people that Kay loves, so Kay takes a piece of the wedding cake and slams it into Jill's face. Jill does the same to Katherine. Chloe reads her vows and stuns everyone with how much she loves Billy, who is clearly uncomfortable. Just as they are pronounced man and wife, Mackenzie walks into the room.moreless
    • Ep. #8478
      Ep. #8478
      Season 34 - Episode 126
      Neil questions Nick about how he was able to move on from his marriage with Sharon and confesses that while he and Carmen haven't crossed the line, he thinks his marriage to Dru may be over. Nikki helps Victor during the seizure. Jack invites Sharon to spend time with him at the opening of the N.V.P. spa in the Caribbean. Jack continues working on a plan with Jeff. Carmen informs Phyllis about what Dru did to her. Sharon convinces Dru to move on with her life. Nikki overhears Jack's conversation with Victor, and then finds out that Victor loaned money to Jack. She confronts Jack about taking advantage of a sick Victor, and then tells him that she is now sure that he has been working behind their back all the time.moreless
    • Ep. #8570
      Ep. #8570
      Season 34 - Episode 218
      J.T. tells Kay and Jill that he found a V. Montgomery. Korbel and Jana argue at the coffeehouse. Jack agrees to wear a wire during his meeting with Bodi. Dru dreams of Carmen.
    • Ep. #8597
      Ep. #8597
      Season 34 - Episode 245
      Neil tells Victor that he wants a seat on the board of directors. David discusses Jack's political stategy with Nikki and Victor. Victoria shares with Brad that she is pregnant. Phyllis uses Brad's affair with Sharon to blackmail him into voting with Nick.
    • Ep. #8703
      Ep. #8703
      Season 35 - Episode 99
      Gloria meets William's twin brother Jeff Bardwell. Lily, Colleen decide to go to Indigo to have some fun. Daniel and Amber see Cane and Lily together. Jill tells Katherine that she is starting a new venture with Ji Min. Cane tells Amber that she doesn't want him as her enemy. Katherine offers Ji Min money if he never sees Jill again. Daniel gives Lily the keys to the apartment and that he isn't going to contest the divorce and that he is sorry for everything. After Jeff leaves, Gloria tells Michael and Lauren that she thinks the only reason he's in town is cause he's after the money that William left her.moreless
    • Ep. #8706
      Ep. #8706
      Season 35 - Episode 102
      The Judge tells Michael to produce his client or he'll face contempt charges. Kevin calls for help as Jana has another seizure. Katherine agrees to help Nikki. Kevin blackmails Gloria.
    • Ep. #6346
      Ep. #6346
      Season 26 - Episode 6
      Victor gets a divorce in the Dominican Republic. Jack is furious at Victor for asking Diane to divorce and then remarry Victor, and he embraces Diane. They kiss, and she doesn't pull away. Casey realizes she must tell Nikki the truth about Joshua's murder, as Nikki's health takes a turn for the worse. Jill informs Keith about Ryan and Tricia having dinner, and Keith attends the dinner and surprises Tricia. Neil and Dru say goodbye to each other.moreless
    • Ep. #8554
      Ep. #8554
      Season 34 - Episode 202
      Jill taunts Katherine to remember more stuff about the baby switch. J.T. helps them. After a fight with Jack, Ashley goes to see Victor at Newman and tells him that she is leaving Genoa City for Hong Kong, and will be taking Abby with her. Colleen arranges a meeting with Adrian at the Crimson Lights. Brad and Victoria talk to Colleen and Rebecca about going with Victor's plan.moreless
    • Ep. #8360
      Ep. #8360
      Season 34 - Episode 8
      Gloria overhears Jack saying that he is going to tell John about the problems with GloAgain by Jabot so she sneaks out of the house to get to the prison first and tell him herself. After asking Brad to move out of the apartment, an angry Sharon arrives at Phyllis's office. Devon receives his first payment for working at the G.C.U. Dru asks Lauren to give Lily a job at the boutique.moreless
    • Ep. #8306
      Ep. #8306
      Season 33 - Episode 207
      Phyllis is furious that Jack was looking into legal ways to block her and Nikki's wellness spa, then heads off to make sure the presentation goes well. Afterwards, Phyllis tells Jack that she quits. J.T. tells Mac that they both have their first loves after seeing her reaction to a postcard Jill received from Billy, but that they moved on. Michael tries to help Ashley by getting Glenn Richards to drop the charges, but his plans go awry when Ashley claims she shot Tom in self-defense. Nick and Sharon light a candle together in Cassie's memory, then Sharon admits that she's considering going on the trip.moreless
    • Ep. #8488
      Ep. #8488
      Season 34 - Episode 136
      The Winters family continues helping Devon deal with his deafness. Dru suggests that Devon should take a semester off to learn sign language, but he refuses the idea. Daniel decides to help out Devon by asking Billy and Colleen to attend Devon's classes and take notes for him. Colleen confides in Billy about how hard Professor Korbel's class is, and he suggests she should drop it, but she says she's intrigued by it. Gloria learns that Katherine sold Jabot to the House of Kim, and she informs Jill about it, who then informs Billy. With Sharon, Jack pretends to be devastated that Kay has sold Jabot to House of Kim, but he privately cheers to Ashley since he is the C.E.O. of House of Kim.moreless
    • Ep. #8643
      Ep. #8643
      Season 35 - Episode 39
      Brad tells J.T. to stay away from Victoria. Michael asks Katherine to keep the fact that she is buying back Jabot a secret. Lauren tries to calm Phyllis after she becomes a nervous wreck (thinking that she'll be all alone). After making love, Lily checks the computer while Daniel is taking a shower thinking whether or not she can still trust him. Nikki and Victoria ignore all of Phyllis' suggestions about Nick's memorial. Victor blasts Brad for trying to take Nick's place at Newman Enterprises after learning that he did the tax papers without his permission and Brad learns that Neil will head up the company along side Victoria.moreless
    • Ep. #8618
      Ep. #8618
      Season 35 - Episode 14
      Olivia Winters returns to Genoa City to deal with a family crisis and discovers Neil at Indigo and begins to see the signs that he has been drinking again. Jill is outraged when she reads an interview that Amber gave to a reporter. Michael tells Amber and Cane to come to the Jabot boardroom for damage control. Amber asks Daniel if he can hide her profile so Cane can't find it. At Victor's request Jack calls Ji Min to discuss getting N.V.P. and Jabot back together again. Kevin and Gloria almost hear Jack admit the truth about Jabot but they lose the signal.moreless
    • Ep. #8625
      Ep. #8625
      Season 35 - Episode 21
      Noah starts talking back when Phyllis asks him to do his homework. Victoria demands the truth from Brad concerning him and Sharon. Brad admits that he slept with Sharon, an irate Victoria says that she doesn't want to have this baby with Brad. Jack asks Sharon to get married tonight, she then invites Noah and shares her good news. Nick then tells Phyllis about Jack and Sharon nuptials. John appears and asks if can be invited to the wedding and watches as his son and Sharon exchange vows and become husband and wife.moreless
    • Ep. #8648
      Ep. #8648
      Season 35 - Episode 44
      Noah gets mad at Jack when he does the basketball move that his father taught him and Cassie. Evan gives Gloria a ring and William walks out of the Athletic Club which makes Gloria speechless. Amber nabs an audition forExtreme Catwalk, it doesn't go well until Cane gets her another one. Jack gets a visit from his Dad and he gives Jack a message from Cassie to give to Sharon. The producer confronts Cane and Amber and that they are married and disqualifies Amber from the show, which crushes Amber. Katherine tells Jill that Ji Min can stay at Jabot. Sharon is able to calm Noah down and he asks Jack if he wants to play basketball. William drops by Michael and Lauren's asks for Gloria's hand in marriage.moreless
    • Ep. #8346
      Ep. #8346
      Season 33 - Episode 247
      Victor tries to convince Victoria she can do better than Brad, but Victoria insists she loves him. Lily doesn't want to return home but Daniel isn't sure running away is the best idea. Gloria has a valuable ally in her battle against Jack and Ashley. Neil considers siccing the law on Lily and wonders why Dru is so afraid of a teenage girl.moreless
    • Ep. #8601
      Ep. #8601
      Season 34 - Episode 249
      Jack proposes marriage to Sharon. Victor asks Nikki if she is trying to convince him to vote for her and not Neil Winters. Jill and Gloria make a toast to Extreme Catwalk. Lily nearly stumbles upon what Amber and Daniel where doing on the net.
    • Ep. #8373
      Ep. #8373
      Season 34 - Episode 21
      Daniel overhears Brad confronting J.T. about sleeping with Victoria, and then he shares the news with Lily, who can't wait to tell everything to Colleen. Daniel regrets telling Lily about it. Ashley and Will are able to form an interesting truce while stuck in the elevator and Ashley later admits to Paul that he's not all bad. Victoria, Colleen and Abby are picking out the dresses for the wedding at Lauren's boutique. Victoria gives the girls bracelets, as a start of a great friendship. Michael arrives at the boutique with a scrapbook which he gives to Lauren, and which they will use to mark all the memories of his or her childhood. Paul revels to Michael that Emma Gibson might have died of food poisoning, not because she used the Jabot cream. Nikki finds a room full of flowers in the living room. Victor apologizes for what he did with Phyllis. After a little arguing, the couple makes up. Then Victor calls Nick and Victoria to come over to the house to make an important announcement---he's taking back the control over the Newman Enterprises.moreless
    • Ep. #8590
      Ep. #8590
      Season 34 - Episode 238
      Colleen wakes up and tells her father, Victoria and her mother that it was Jana who tried to kill her and not Kevin. David tells the woman who looks like Carmen that she took a big risk and that she has to leave because Neil saw her. After seeing Kevin on the computer dragging something, he goes to find Michael and J.T. grabs something and hits him on the head with it.moreless
    • Ep. #6343
      Ep. #6343
      Season 26 - Episode 3
      Victor reunites with Nikki and promises to b always with her, as he continues reminiscing about their past. Ashley suggests Cole should be with Victoria at the hospital. Veronica is happy to hear about Nikki's situation. Sharon rushes to comfort Nick. Chris wants to give Michael a second chance, but she isn't sure if Michael can change. Dru informs Neil about an opportunity for a modeling job, and Neil realizes their future as a couple doesn't exist anymore. Lynne is furious at Paul for not fighting for Christine.moreless
    • Ep. #8343
      Ep. #8343
      Season 33 - Episode 244
      Jack and Ashley are upset when Kay forces them to have a meeting to determine whether or not Gloria will get a seat on the board. Victoria admits to Nick that she's still in love with Brad, and she is shocked when Brad resigns from Newman.
    • Ep. #8368
      Ep. #8368
      Season 34 - Episode 16
      Sharon tells Nikki about the Nick and Phyllis affair. Victor warns Phyllis that he can't work with a person that he can't trust and later Nikki shows up to let her partner know how disappointed she is in her. Michael tells Gloria that the investigation is in progress, so it would be the best for everyone if she'd just confess what she did, because he doesn't want to cover for her anymore. Jack tells Ashley he thinks Victor was the one who mixed the cream with the solvent, but she doesn't believe him and later remembers seeing Gloria at the lab. Brad and Victoria agree on Abby being the flower girl at their wedding. Colleen and J.T. kiss, but J.T. pulls away as soon as he remembers the task Victor gave him. Later, J.T. questions Jill about Brad's past. Colleen tells Brad she might be getting back with J.T., but he isn't happy about it. Victoria wants Victor to walk her down the aisle at the wedding, but Victor tells her he'll never give her away to Brad.moreless
    • Ep. #8560
      Ep. #8560
      Season 34 - Episode 208
      After learning about Colleen and Korbel's affair, a furious J.T. fights with Colleen and then storms in Korbel's office. Lily comforts Colleen. Kay talks with William about Jill's son Phillip, and William warns her that if the body in the coffin isn't Jill's son, Kay is guilty of kidnapping. Amber continues seducing Daniel. Sharon and Dru find Dru’s car tires slashed. After Maggie Sullivan arrives to check out the scene, both Dru and Sharon are stunned when David appears at the garage, claiming that he went to the bank. Later, Dru receives a phone call from a mysterious person telling her that she'll pay for what she did.moreless
    • Ep. #8377
      Ep. #8377
      Season 34 - Episode 25
      Nick believes his and Sharon's lovemaking is the first step to a reconciliation, but she warns him that she can never trust him again after his affair with Phyllis. Nikki catches Victor comforting Ashley and then later lets Victoria know she will support the plan she built with Nick and Brad. Phyllis lets Daniel know she will always be there for him. Colleen isn't ready to forgive J.T. for sleeping with Victoria. Brad calls Sharon to ask about Nick's plan to bring down Victor and Sharon is shocked because Nick didn't tell her about it. Gloria calls an unknown person and says she has info that might be of the person's interest. Kevin visits John in jail and tells him about moving into the house to keep an eye on the entire family. Gloria brings Jack and Ashley the morning newspaper with a thrilling headline: "Dead Woman’s Husband Says Jack Abbott Is Trying to Buy His Silence."moreless
    • Ep. #8731
      Ep. #8731
      Season 35 - Episode 127
      Phyllis encourages Jack to come clean about the Jabot scandal while visiting her in prison. Victor tells Neil that he is certain that Jack will be found guilty. Sharon secretly meets with Brad at the GCAC to have dinner. Gloria can't wait to see Jack get exactly what he deserves with the help of the DVD that Kevin. Brad tells Sharon that what they shared together is real and is still there. Phyllis is surprised when Victor visits her and tells her that she can get an early release into a work release program if she testifies against Jack. Sharon is happy when Jack decides to tell the truth.moreless
    • Ep. #8641
      Ep. #8641
      Season 35 - Episode 37
      Katherine tries to console Nikki by mentioning the possibility that Nick may not be dead. Victor goes to the crash site to help in the search for Nick. Sharon tells a devastated Noah that the plane that his father was on crashed. Daniel apologizes to Lily and insists that the arguing is over. Jack ends his deceptions by giving Jabot back to Katherine, thinking Sharon can't go through another scandal. David embraces Nikki after hearing the news that there were no surivors. Daniel and Lily start to make love on the couch, but she is then reminded of the e-mail and then says that she can't do it and goes upstairs. Victoria ends up back at J.T.'s and ends up having a drink.moreless
    • Ep. #8852
      Ep. #8852
      Season 35 - Episode 249
      Jack informs Sharon that Jeff is on board with their latest scheme to scare off Gloria. Sabrina and her art friend Casey Spooner join Victoria for coffee and end up discussing Sabrina's relationship with Phillipe. Gloria begs Jeff not to turn her in. John acts as a part of Jack's conscience, accusing him of using John and Gloria's love for revenge. Victor tells Adam that Phyllis and Nick's relationship started as an affair. Victoria accuses Adam of undermining her, and Victor warns Adam not to make the mistake of excluding Victoria from the business again. Phyllis suggests calling Danny Romalotti to perform at the upcoming Restless Style event. Sharon and Jack put their plan into motion when they stage another fight and claim to have decided to move out of the mansion. Jeffrey then continues with the plan by pursuing Gloria to move into the master bedroom. The couple gets romantic, but Gloria starts shaking when a book that was meant to be buried with John is found on the nightstand.moreless
    • Ep. #8827
      Ep. #8827
      Season 35 - Episode 224
      The minister pronounces Victoria and J.T. man and wife, and the wedding guests congratulate them. Nikki and Katherine notice that Victor doesn't seem to look okay. Victor admits to Kay that Hope is dying of cancer. Brad questions Paul about the Ji Min murder case. Nikki catches Victoria's bouquet. Victor tells Victoria that he's leaving Genoa City for awhile. At the party for Heather, Daniel is jealous when Heather seems to be connecting with Adrian. The party takes a turn for the worse, and the guests leave. Amber and Daniel end up having sex.moreless
    • 2015/07/20
      Season 2015 - Episode 20150720
    • Ep. #9927
      Ep. #9927
      Season 40 - Episode 58

      Phyllis and Daniel are shocked when they get video footage that proves Daisy could have helped Phyllis and chose not to. Daisy denies the implication and defends herself with the fact that there is no audio. Cane confronts Genevieve about her true intentions, and Genevieve confronts someone over the phone for playing her. Heather evicts Ricky from the apartment for being a squatter. Paul investigates Tim Reid's disappearance.

    • Ep. #10000
      Ep. #10000
      Season 40 - Episode 131

      Victor shocks his family and friends by returning home.

    • Ep. #9916
      Ep. #9916
      Season 40 - Episode 47

      Lauren isn't happy when she finds out about Michael being a candidate for Walsh' replacement as a DA. Daisy and Ricky search through Phyllis' penthouse, and Ricky learns about Tim Reid. Kyle isn't happy when he learns about Nikki and Jack being engaged. Paul learns bad news about the contact he was supposed to meet.

    • Ep. #9908
      Ep. #9908
      Season 40 - Episode 39

      Paul meets with a friend of Ricky's late girlfriend and learns that she suspects Ricky might have had something with her death. Nikki accuses Victor of turning Kyle against Jack. Daniel convinces Daisy to move out of her apartment, and Ricky blackmails Daisy into giving him the apartment. Kyle tells Jack that he wants him to be happy, even if with Nikki. Kay warns Victor to go after Nikki before it is too late for them. Paul sees Christine and confides in her about her suspicion regarding Ricky.

    • Ep. #9950
      Ep. #9950
      Season 40 - Episode 81

      Victor has an offer for Sharon. Nick can't forgive Phyllis after finding out the truth. Adam has an offer for Kevin and Chloe.

    • Ep. #9937
      Ep. #9937
      Season 40 - Episode 68

      Eden puts herself in danger when she finds Daisy's things in Ricky's place. Daniel is being investigated as the prime suspect in the case of Daisy's disappearance.

    • Ep. #9939
      Ep. #9939
      Season 40 - Episode 70

      Paul is flabbergasted after realizing what he had to do to his own son to protect Eden. The police is having difficulty finding out what happened since Paul can't speak and Eden has no recollection of what has been happening that night. Ashley and the rest of Abby's family reacts to news that she fabricated her own kidnapping.

    • Ep. #8807
      Ep. #8807
      Season 35 - Episode 204
      Gloria wakes up with a hangover in Jeffrey's apartment. Jack wants Sharon to run a foundation in his father's name, and she tells him she'll think about it. Nick informs Sharon and Brad about Phyllis returning to NVP. Heather has an interview with Jana at the prison. Kevin tells Michael that he started a campaign to support Jana. Jeff tells Gloria that they didn't sleep together, and then tells her that they are a perfect couple. He tries to set a date for their wedding on Valentine's day. Gloria makes up a perfect plan to get rid of Jeffrey, but Kevin tells her that she needs to marry Jeff first if she wants the plan to work. Michael confronts Jeff about the blackmail, but Jeff makes it clear to Michael that he can't do anything about it. April suddenly appears at the Club while Heather, Maggie and Paul are dining, and Heather leaves the room. April tells Paul that he shouldn't have told the truth to Heather. Nick visits Victoria.moreless
    • Ep. #8806
      Ep. #8806
      Season 35 - Episode 203
      Karen and Neil interrupt Cane and Lily's kiss outside Indigo. Lily doesn't defend herself and she tells her father that she is old enough to make her own decisions, although Neil doesn't think so. Jeffrey manages to get Gloria drunk enough to tell him the story of her life, and she doesn't realize that Jeff is pouring his drinks into the plant near them. Nikki offers Phyllis her job back at NVP, and she asks to talk to Nick first. Victor realizes that Nick doesn't trust his innocence and then asks him to leave his office. J.T. explains to Victor how he doesn't want to be put in the middle of Victor and Nikki's fight, so Victor relieves him of his duty to investigate David. Phyllis and Nick make love. Lauren and Michael are about to get romantic when Victor calls. Michael and Victor discuss strategy of the case, and then Michael returns home, where Lauren waits for him in a sexy outfit. Amber is heartbroken when Cane asks Lily out on a date and kisses her again. Karen and Neil have some romantic time together at Indigo. Gloria passes out in Jeff's arms. J.T. sees David meeting a strange man.moreless
    • Ep. #9077
      Ep. #9077
      Season 36 - Episode 219
      The park ranger informs Nick and Sharon that they can safely return to Genoa City. The pawnbroker refuses to trust Kay when she confronts him about ripping her off when she came to his pawnshop, but when she confronts him in a way only Kay knows how, he realizes this just might be Kay. Amber, Daniel, Kevin and Jana work on a backup plan for Kay in case her meeting with the broker doesn't go well. Jana and Daniel are confused about Kevin and Amber's fast return to friendship and plotting. Amber gives Kevin a present since she was mad at him during Christmas. A young boy finds Brad's body frozen in the lake, and J.T. sadly informs Colleen about it, as she breaks down in his arms. The family slowly learns the news of Brad's death, and Ashley and Victoria take some time to talk about their experiences with Brad. Jack convinces Phyllis to remain calm after learning about Brad's demise and tells her to go home wait for her husband. Phyllis informs Nick about the sad news, while Jack tells Sharon about it at the hospital. A teary-eyed Sharon, with Jack's support, tells Noah that Brad died. Jack removes himself from the room when Nick arrives and cries on the bed with Sharon and Noah.moreless
    • Ep. #8855
      Ep. #8855
      Season 35 - Episode 252
      Sharon and Jack are stunned when a cleanly shaved Alistair enters the room looking like an exact replica of John, and he swears that he won't tell anyone about his assignment or his true identity. Gloria confronts Jeffrey about putting John's jacket in the room, but he claims he didn't do it. John's ghost appears to Jack, questioning his latest stunt against Gloria. Paul asks Nikki to give Heather a job at Jabot. Heather is worried when Nikki questions her about the case against Victor, but Nikki explains that she was only testing her, and she offers her the job. Amber tries to sway Daniel to see Danny. Danny confronts Phyllis about Daniel's attitude, and he claims Phyllis is the one to blame for it. Patrick has to correct a mistake in the press that accidentally connected Victor with Restless Style. Phyllis visits Daniel and tries to convince him to talk to Danny. Paul and Danny talk about their lives, and Heather meets Danny. Phyllis asks Danny to make things right with Daniel. Gloria screams when she sees "John" in the window at the mansion.moreless
    • Ep. #8583
      Ep. #8583
      Season 34 - Episode 231
      Dru's children worry about her increasingly fragile mental state. Victor, Brad and Victoria visit the catacombs without realizing that Milan, Jana's father, is watching them. While J.T. and Korbel are searching for Colleen, Jana sets a fire in the building so Colleen and Kevin would die.
    • Ep. #8340
      Ep. #8340
      Season 33 - Episode 241
      Lily tells Dru that unless she and Neil accept Daniel, she's going to tell Neil that Malcolm is her father. Ashley and Paul start to get closer again. An emotional Phyllis realises that she has made a mess out of several situations and after sleeping with Jack she leaves as he tries to make their relationship more serious. John leaves a letter to Jack and Ashley saying that they have to accept Gloria into the family. Victoria and J.T. sleep together. Kay thanks Kevin for helping Mac with everything that is going on with her and J.T. and losing the baby. Colleen overhears the conversation.moreless
    • Ep. #8698
      Ep. #8698
      Season 35 - Episode 94
      Kevin calls Det. Sullivan and tells her that if you locate John Bonacheck you'll find Cane. A scared Amber lies to Bonacheck and says that the money is in an old abandoned silo. Daniel tells Bonacheck that he has the money and to come to Kevin's apartment only if he doesn't harm Amber. Jack and Sharon come to dinner at Neil's. Paul and Det. Sullivan learn that Kevin and Daniel's GPS where disarmed. Paul then realizes that they're up to something. Cane, Amber and Carson quickly try to untied so they can find away out before Bonacheck comes back. Nick lays into Phyllis about her not giving him a straight answer about Daniel's misdeeds and tells her he's sick of it. Ji Min consoles Jill as she afraid that Cane might end up getting hurt. Cane and Amber able to get loose and leaves Carson. Bonacheck tells Daniel to give him his money, Maggie and Paul arrive and tells Bonacheck to drop his weapon. Daniel and Kevin are arrested. Jill lashes out at Amber for taking advantage of Cane and embarrassing her family's name, she is then arrested. Sharon comforts as Neil is heartbroken by memories of his past with Dru. Michael is able to get Kevin, Amber and Daniel out on bail. Daniel calls Lily, but she doesn't want to hear him say that he loves her.moreless
    • Ep. #8587
      Ep. #8587
      Season 34 - Episode 235
      Dru plants a surveillance equipment in her house to catch the person that's been stalking her. David thinks she's going crazy. Amber and Cane return to Genoa City. Jill goes to Cane's place to tell him that she's his mother, but when she finds Amber there too, she decides it's not the right time to tell him. Nick and Phyllis realize that Michael and Lauren knew about Sheila being in town long before they did.moreless
    • Ep. #8374
      Ep. #8374
      Season 34 - Episode 22
      Nick and Victoria are both shocked and horrified when Victor gathers the two of them together to tell them that he is taking control of Newman again. Daniel and Lily invite Colleen and J.T. over for dinner, but the dinner comes to an abrupt end when Lily tells Colleen about J.T. sleeping with Victoria. Colleen rips into J.T. and runs away. J.T. is furious with Daniel for revealing the secret. Neil reveals a business secret to Brad. Victoria reveals Victor's announcement to Brad. Nick is angry because he feels like Victor is still trying to tell him how to live his life. At the G.C.A.C., Lauren and Paul end up having dinner. Paul asks Lauren if she's pregnant and she confirms his question. She tells him all about Michael's big life change, but Paul knows that Michael is still keeping secrets from her. William revels to Gloria, Jill, Michael, Ashley and Jack that the autopsy report didn't show anything new. They still don't know what caused Emma Gibson's death. Jill informs Gloria and Ashley about the Gibson family suing Jabot for $35 million for causing Emma's death.moreless
    • Ep. #9025
      Ep. #9025
      Season 36 - Episode 167
      Sharon is frustrated, as Jack tries to reach Ashley to explain what is going on between Victor and her. Nikki is comforted by her family as they discuss Victor's return. Victor and Ashley return to the ranch, where Victor rehires his staff and asks Estella to pack Nikki's things. Nina and Cane are officially introduced to each other. Karen and Neil share the news of their engagement. Murphy assumes that Marge is still drinking when Katherine starts talking about being unable to remember being at his place before. Amber still suspects Kevin is hiding something. Victoria reunites with her father. Victor is stunned to learn that Adam found and published his diary. Brad informs Heather that Victor is back in town, and Heather confronts Paul with the info. Liz tells Jill that she's glad she told her the truth about her paternity so she had spent time with Kay as her mother. Sharon confronts Lauren about Eden being a bad influence on Noah. Jack makes up another lie to Sharon. Noah gives Eden back her necklace. Lauren and Traci take some time to talk to each other, and Lauren finally apologizes to Traci for all the things she had done to her in the past. Phyllis realizes that Brad told the authorities about Victor's return. Mitchell tells Gloria and Jeff that Kay left Gloria something in her will. Heather arrives at the ranch to see Victor.moreless
    • Ep. #8375
      Ep. #8375
      Season 34 - Episode 23
      Kay and Jill discuss Jack's reaction to the latest crisis at Newman and both agree that he just isn't up to handling it. J.T. blames Daniel for everything that happened to Colleen and him. Colleen tells Brad about J.T.'s one night stand with Victoria, hoping he'll cancel the wedding, but Brad tells her he already knew about it. Victoria and Brad agree on letting Victor think Nick is ready to take back over the control of the company. Nikki talks to Victor about her fear of his job destroying their life again. Victoria informs Nikki about the agreement she formed with Nick and Brad. Sharon returns from Paris and is surprised to learn that Nick is ready to get a divorce.moreless
    • Ep. #8569
      Ep. #8569
      Season 34 - Episode 217
      Dru and Sharon are shocked to learn that David has been hired on at Newman. Sheila shoots Maggie and escapes, dying her hair so she looks exactly like Phyllis. Rebecca admits to Colleen that she's frustrated at how difficult it's proving to find the reliquary.
    • Ep. #8576
      Ep. #8576
      Season 34 - Episode 224
      Lauren is forced to shoot Sheila, then is relieved when Phyllis proves to be the real Phyllis. Paul goes to see Maggie in the hospital, and asks her not to reveal Michael and Lauren's part. Phyllis is happy to be back home with her family, but obviously upset at her ordeal. Kevin tries to comfort Michael, but he's still worried about Jana.moreless
    • Ep. #8316
      Ep. #8316
      Season 33 - Episode 217
      Victor is furious to receive court documents that state that Jack has filed an injunction against the wellness spa. Nick nixes the idea of using Newman products at the wellness spas. Daniel's friends show up to cheer him, but after Colleen makes a scene about Kevin and he leaves to keep the peace, Daniel kicks them all out. Michael and Jack both realise that the other knows who truly shot Tom as John tells Ashley he knows what he did.moreless
    • Ep. #8299
      Ep. #8299
      Season 33 - Episode 200
      Neil gives Daniel both the break-up letter from Lily and the Christmas gift Daniel gave to Lily, telling him that Lily wants nothing to do with him. Victoria thanks Sharon for being like a sister to her when Sharon agrees to put in a good word for her with Abby. Sheila helps Lauren when she is nearly knocked out and assists Lauren in getting out, which shocks her former enemy. Gloria doesn't believe Ashley's story. Nick and Sharon make love. Michael grieves for Lauren in the chapel and is shocked when he turns around and sees her standing there.moreless
    • Ep. #8575
      Ep. #8575
      Season 34 - Episode 223
      Paul and Michael head off to find Sheila but before they do, Paul gives Lauren a gun in case she needs to protect herself. Sheila misleads the guys and laughs at their failure. Noah is upset to learn about the kidnapping. Kevin continues his search for Jana.
    • Ep. #6350
      Ep. #6350
      Season 26 - Episode 10
      Danny and Paul agree that Christine deserves the time to think about which one of them she wants to be with, but both men break that promise immediately. Diane is worried and confused when Victor informs her that Nikki didn't die. She feels different now that Nikki and Victor are married. They kiss. Later, Jack informs Diane about Nikki's health. Sharon is worried because Cassie thinks she's the one that caused problems between Nick and her.moreless
    • Ep. #8715
      Ep. #8715
      Season 35 - Episode 111
      Lily can't understand why Sharon would defend Phyllis. Noah calls Phyllis to see that she is alright. Phyllis makes a video for Summer. Sharon explains to Neil why she defended Phyllis on the stand in court. Nick offers to help With Daniel's finances when he heads to trial. Kevin gives Jana the good news that she will be operated on. Adrian offers Colleen to move in with him. Kevin calls for help as Jana has another seizure.moreless
    • Ep. #8349
      Ep. #8349
      Season 33 - Episode 250
      Phyllis stops by to see Michael to make sure she hasn't broken the law by allowing Lily to stay with her and Daniel. Lily suggests getting married after Daniel tells her about Phyllis and Nick. Gloria blows them away with a speech about John Abbott, then later calls Victor to thank him for his help.moreless
    • Ep. #8858
      Ep. #8858
      Season 36 - Episode 1
      Nick isn't thrilled to see his father attending the Restless Style launch party. Gloria is convinced that John's ghost visited her. Katherine confides in Amber about the recent events in her life. Paul meets Felicia. Nikki can't keep her eyes off Victor and Sabrina. Lily is showing sings of exhaustion. Nikki confronts Victor about ruining Nick's night, but Victor isn't interested in Nikki's comments. Danny performs at the party. Jill returns home to find Amber and Kay fraternizing, and once Amber is gone, Katherine finally comes clean. She tells Jill about having a mini stroke and she admits wanting to return back to Jabot. Michael informs Gloria that he had seen Jeffrey talking to Jack. Lily collapses but Devon catches her, but he doesn't say anything to Neil. J.T. learns that there has been a security breach at Newman. Gloria follows Sharon to the hotel room, where Sharon meets Jeffrey. J.T. informs Adam that the breach was an inside job.moreless
    • Ep. #8857
      Ep. #8857
      Season 35 - Episode 254
      Jack, Sharon, Phyllis and Nick toast to the beginning of the launch party. Ashley arrives to the party with Felicia Forrester, who comes face to face with a worried Amber. Jill realizes that something is wrong with Katherine. Sabrina and Victor bond while taking care of Reed. Gloria, Kevin and Jana hold a séance to see John's spirit, as Jeffrey hilariously informs Jack about Gloria's stupid plan. A drunken Alistair arrives at the house during the séance, leading Gloria to believe that John is alive. Gloria faints while Jeffrey knocks out Alistair. Daniel assures Phyllis that he is okay with Danny. Amber comforts Katherine when she asks her to come over because she had a dream about John Abbott. Felicia announces that Forrester will join Restless Style. Chloe urges Lily to do her best at the party. Nick fumes when Victor and Sabrina arrive at the launch party.moreless
    • Ep. #8716
      Ep. #8716
      Season 35 - Episode 112
      Noah is angry at Sharon and Brad after reading about their affair online. Phyllis and Nikki argue over who will be taking care of Summer. Michael informs Kevin about what happened in the court. Phyllis is sentenced to six years. Jana panics before her surgery. Noah tells Sharon and Jack that until Phyllis gets out of prison he'll be living with Nick. Nick tells Nikki not to speak a bad thing about Phyllis in Summer's presence or else she'll never see her again. Paul tells Maggie that Heather can never find out that he is her father. Brad tells Colleen that she has a friend in surgery and offers to be there for her. Jana has a setback while in surgery. Phyllis is speechless when Summer calls her Mama.moreless
    • Ep. #8734
      Ep. #8734
      Season 35 - Episode 130
      Jack says that he is going through with the press conference. Kevin learns that Jana was transfered to Jackson Penitentiary. Victor watches Jack's possible downfall. Nikki tells David that she's worried that she's going to lose everything if the project fails. Kevin tells Jana that he'll get her out of jail if he has to break her out. Jack sees as Traci shows up for the press conference to lend him some support.moreless
    • Ep. #8358
      Ep. #8358
      Season 34 - Episode 6
      At the hotel Sharon continues to question Nick about his affair with Phyllis while Phyllis waits downstairs. Once she sees Sharon leave the hotel she goes upstairs to support Nick who doesn't want anything to do with her. Later Nick goes home to work things out with a very upset Sharon. Gloria tells Kevin that there is no way that she can be caught for sabotaging the new cream. Jack and Ashley ask Paul to investigate after they discover that an additional ingredient was added to the cream after all the initial testing was done. Michael warns Kay and Jill of the legal ramifications that could come as a result of tampered cream that they distributed. Lily and Daniel meet Neil and Dru for dinner.moreless
    • Ep. #8615
      Ep. #8615
      Season 35 - Episode 11
      Lily finds a picture of a girl's breasts on Daniel's cell phone. Jack almost hears Brad and Sharon discussing their affair. Neil reminisces about meeting Dru for the first time on top of the cliff where she fell. Nick brings Noah to see his mother in the hospital. Neil calls Phyllis a pathetic excuse for a human being, after learning from Sharon about the blackmail.moreless
    • Ep. #8305
      Ep. #8305
      Season 33 - Episode 206
      Gloria admires Ashley for taking the fall for John and later when Victor stops by the house he offers Ashley a home at the ranch as a way to get away from all the paparazzi. Sharon is touched to see that Noah made a card for Cassie at Daniel's suggestion and thanks Daniel for helping Noah get through the hard day, and tells him she doesn't blame him anymore for Cassie's death. Phyllis tells Nikki she wants to back out of the spa project after Jack offers her the job of creative coordinator for Chancellor Industries. Dru is upset when Neil asks Yolanda to run some errands Dru had asked him to run but he was too busy to do.moreless
    • Ep. #8593
      Ep. #8593
      Season 34 - Episode 241
      J.T. tries to apologize to Kevin for hitting him and assuming the worst, but Kevin isn't interested in listening to anything that the other man has to say. Victor agrees to support Jack's idea for giving away the NVP land. Nikki and Phyllis agree it's time to confront Jack, and Nikki wants Victor to expose Jack's secret. Now that he can stay in the country, Cane was to have his marriage with Amber annulled, so Amber asks Daniel to help her keep Cane married to her. Jill wants Cane to make a DNA test to so she'd be sure that Cane is indeed her son, but Cane feels offended by her offer.moreless
    • Ep. #8686
      Ep. #8686
      Season 35 - Episode 82
      Lily confides in Neil about Daniel's problems, and he offers help if she wants to divorce the guy. Brad wants his family to keep quiet about his secrets around Korbel. J.T. gives Victoria a present and they have sex. Michael wants William to know that he is protecting his family, and he is surprised to find weird notes from William.moreless
    • Ep. #8657
      Ep. #8657
      Season 35 - Episode 53
      Abby arrives to spend quality time with Brad. Victoria asks Brad to resign from the board of directors at Newman. Jack tells Phyllis and Sharon that more of the wreckage of the Newman jet has been found.
    • Ep. #8604
      Ep. #8604
      Season 34 - Episode 252
      Nick and Phyllis arrive at Indigo in time to hear Neil announce Jack and Sharon's engagement. Victoria and Nikki go the the Athletic Club and spend time away from their husbands. J.T. overhears Gina talking to a bellboy delivering Victoria's room service. Nikki agrees to come to Neil's party. Brad goes to the hotel to see J.T. and Victoria on the couch in each other's arms.moreless
    • Ep. #8364
      Ep. #8364
      Season 34 - Episode 12
      Sharon wants Nick to kick Phyllis out of the Newman Tower, and he ends up telling Nikki and Phyllis he found a new headquarters office for them. Daniel refuses Victor's offer of an internship at Newman, but later reconsiders when Sharon asks him to take the job. Colleen tells Lily she'd like to find out who J.T. had a one night stand with so she'd know who her competition is. She asks Victoria if she has any idea who is that person. Jack and Ashley are surprised to find out William Bardwell and the forensics team are sniffing around the Jabot lab. Gloria doesn't want to talk about Emma Gibson, and when Kevin realizes she isn't good, he decides to move in with her. Michael calls Paul to inform him about Emma's autopsy report.moreless
    • Ep. #8363
      Ep. #8363
      Season 34 - Episode 11
      Victoria notices that Brad hasn't included anyone from his childhood on their wedding list, but he doesn't want to talk about it. J.T. gives Lily and Daniel a toaster for their housewarming gift. When Lily and Daniel leave, J.T. and Colleen bond. Ashley is devastated to learn about Emma Gibson dying due to the effects of the Jabot lotion. William Bardwell warns Ashley and Paul not to interfere in the investigation. Victor tells Phyllis he wants Daniel to work in his firm. Sharon and Nick fight again. Jack tells Nick he should fight for the woman he loves, and Nick decides to do so.moreless
    • Ep. #8300
      Ep. #8300
      Season 33 - Episode 201
      Michael is shocked to see Lauren and for a moment isn't even sure if she is real, but she tearfully assures him that she is. The two embrace, both amazed to have each other back. Gloria confronts Ashley about Tom's shooting, having realised it was really John who pulled the trigger. The two are interrupted when they hear John arguing loudly, and realise that Esther inadvertantly told John the truth. Mac continues to argue with J.T. about having Scott and Kevin move out and when Kevin tells Mac he and Scott are moving in with Michael, both Mac and J.T. assure Kevin he is still welcome with them. Brad and Victoria are saddened when Abby is uninvited to a birthday party because of what is going on with Ashley.moreless
    • Ep. #8319
      Ep. #8319
      Season 33 - Episode 220
      Colleen and Daniel are ready to head somewhere else to eat when Colleen spots Mac and J.T. and suggests they say. Mac is upset and jealous to learn that J.T. spent the afternoon with Colleen and didn't tell her. Sharon apologizes to Phyllis for putting her in such an awkward position and leaves the office, not realising she left her keys on the table. Nick comes in and, after locking the door, he and Phyllis begin to kiss passionately, not realising Sharon is on her way back up for the keys. Victor and Nikki talk about the spas and Victor's regret about walking away from Newman, and Victor agrees to join in on the wellness project. Gloria is horrified to learn that Will Bardwell is questioning John and rushes to the hospital, demanding Bardwell leave John alone.moreless
    • Ep. #8296
      Ep. #8296
      Season 33 - Episode 197
      Kay advises Mac not to let J.T. make her decisions for her. Lauren wants Sheila's help, but Sheila tells her she'll have to untie her first. John's family tells him that he had a car accident and must have lost his memory. Ashley and Brad tell Abby about Ashley's arrest, and Brad is upset with Ashley for putting their daughter in this position. Kevin offers himself and Scott up to Michael as roommates.moreless
    • Ep. #8730
      Ep. #8730
      Season 35 - Episode 126
      Jack shares Sharon's disappointment. Jill vows to discover the cause of Ji Min's death. Michael informs Daniel, Kevin and Amber that each have two years probation and 90 hours of community service. Phyllis is ecstatic to learn that Daniel isn't going to jail. Nick continues to find a way to see his wife. Gloria wants the disc of Jack admitting the he owned Jabot anonymously so it won't get traced back to her.moreless
    • Ep. #8552
      Ep. #8552
      Season 34 - Episode 200
      With Nikki at her side, Katherine confesses to Jill about switching baby Phillip. Sharon and Nicholas both try to cope with Cassie's birthday anniversary. Amber's search for a man raised by a woman named "Violet" finally progresses.
    • Ep. #8557
      Ep. #8557
      Season 34 - Episode 205
      Colleen goes to Maggie Sullivan and points her in Kevin's direction, and he throws her crush on Korbel in her face. Dru tells Sharon she is scared of David. Neil warns David to stay away from his family. Michael interrupts William's dinner with Gloria. Jana questions Paul about serial killers. J.T. finds Colleen's notebook with Adrian's name doodled in it.moreless
    • Ep. #8620
      Ep. #8620
      Season 35 - Episode 16
      Kevin decides to kick it up a notch by putting some more libido enhancers in the coffee and the tea in the boardroom at Jabot for Jill and Ji Min. Sharon goes to Indigo to check on Neil who's continuing to drown his sorrows in alcohol. Lily becomes hysterical when she accidentally breaks a doll that he mother gave her. Kevin calls Gloria and tells her that they are making out. Devon gives Lily the flash drive that he found and stumbles upon the porn sites that he has been visiting. William and Gloria walk in on Jill and Ji Min as to their plan.moreless
    • Ep. #6354
      Ep. #6354
      Season 26 - Episode 14
      Victor tells Diane that he needs more to handle Nikki. He brings make-up to Nikki at the hospital, and Nikki is happy that they are a family again. Diane tells John she's hoping that Victor will eventually come back to her. Phyllis wants Christine to help Michael, who just applied for a new job at the Memorial Hospital, as a strategy to win his job back. Jill decides not to stay with Keith, and then is forced to move in with Katherine.moreless
    • Ep. #6345
      Ep. #6345
      Season 26 - Episode 5
      Victor pleads with Diane to give him a divorce, so he'd be able to marry Nikki and then remarry Diane after Nikki dies. Diane has a hard time trying to accept Victor's idea, but eventually, she gives in. Nick is angry at Victor for not being at Nikki's side. Paul interrupts Danny and Christine's romantic dinner and tries to spend the night with them, so Christine leaves the place during dinner. Neil tells Olivia that he is OK with divorcing Dru.moreless
    • Ep. #8818
      Ep. #8818
      Season 35 - Episode 215
      Amber is shocked when Katherine collapses and she tries to convince her to see a doctor, but Katherine refuses until she has another jolt. Michael informs Heather that the eyewitness from the club was paid to put Victor on the crime scene, and Heather is shocked when the D.A. and her boss tell her that she failed, and order her to drop the charges against Victor Newman. Maggie asks Paul to comfort Heather, but she blames Paul for interfering. Nick informs Phyllis about the changes including his firing and Nikki losing NVP. Neil and Lily discuss about Karen and Cane. Jill and Cane are irritated by Amber's stunt, and they both start tearing into Amber when they arrive at Kay's place. Victor is pleasantly surprised when Michael informs him that the charges against him have been dropped. Victoria's eyes start rolling when she's left alone with Reed.moreless
    • Ep. #9110
      Ep. #9110
      Season 37 - Episode 1
      As Marge's body is being exhumed, her ghost takes some time to narrate as the residents of Genoa City continue living their lives. Nikki tells Kay that there could be another explanation as to why her DNA doesn't match Jill's. Murphy prepares to make an important decision regarding his future. Victor tells Jill that he's convinced Kay is alive, but that it doesn't necessarily mean she's Jill's mother. Nikki pitches the idea about putting Kay's story in Restless Style. Kay arrives and Nick and Phyllis are immediately convinced that she is alive. Sharon writes a letter to her mother explaining how sorry she is for their past and for everything that's happened since Brad's death. Jack reunites with Kay. Amber urges Kevin to surrender to the police and explains that he has people that will fight for him, but Kevin won't do it and he pulls a gun on Amber, explaining that he wants her to use it in their next robbery. Victor tells Kay that anything he had with Nikki is over now. Phyllis teases Sharon by mentioning Billy various times to Jack. Nick and Phyllis are surprised to learn Sharon is living with Jack again, and that Billy and Chloe are also living there. Daniel informs Phyllis about what is going on with Amber and Kevin. Kay promises to Jill that she is going to make her life a living hell once she proves her identity. Jeff brings a bounty hunter to Gloria and explains his plans to track down Kevin. Sharon urges Phyllis to let her try to rebuild her life with Jack. Nikki goes to see Victor and says that they are now friends. Murphy arrives at the diner to find Kay ready to leave. He proposes to Katherine and she happily accepts, as Pearl and Joe Jr. look on. Marge's favorite music starts playing and they begin dancing. Now that her body has been exhumed, Marge is back in her coffin ready to finally rest in piece.moreless
    • Ep. #8582
      Ep. #8582
      Season 34 - Episode 230
      Dru is convinced that Carmen was recently in her apartment. When the mysterious person calls her again, she is convinced that it's Carmen. Jana leads Kevin into the freezer and surprises both Colleen and Kevin by revealing her secret---she killed Carmen.
    • Ep. #8577
      Ep. #8577
      Season 34 - Episode 225
      Kay tells Jill that she gave her baby to a woman named Violet Montgomery. Michael worries that Maggie will tell the police about the role he and Lauren played in Sheila's incarceration. Amber and Cane get romantic at his apartment. Will questions Paul about what happened with Sheila.
    • Ep. #8720
      Ep. #8720
      Season 35 - Episode 116
      Phyllis is arrested at the hospital. David and Nikki continue flirting. Jack shares his concerns with Sharon. Summer is diagnosed with an infection. Jill finds Amber standing over Ji Min's body.
    • Ep. #8801
      Ep. #8801
      Season 35 - Episode 198
      Neil is surprised to see Victor back at work. Paul tells J.T. not to be in the middle of Victor and Nikki's divorce. Sharon assures Noah that they are staying at Jack's house. Neil warns Cane that he shouldn't deal with Victor. Neil wants Karen to take him anywhere but here. Maggie is determined to nail Victor for Ji Min's murder. Ashley talks to Victor about Jack before heading back to L.A. Heather tells Maggie that the surveillance has been tampered and the missing footage has been erased. Cane tells Lily that they're going to announce the winner of the Fresh Face of Jabot contest today. Sharon confides in Brad that she is staying with Jack. Maggie learns that she has enough for an arrest warrant. Devon tells Neil that Lily is still hung up on Cane. Jack sees Sharon and Brad together at the GCAC and then leaves. Ashley brings food for Victor and Maggie then arrives and places him under arrest.moreless
    • Ep. #8746
      Ep. #8746
      Season 35 - Episode 142
      Jeff tells Maggie that he's wondering what William wanted his help with. Lauren throws a surprise party for Nick. Michael tells Phyllis the good news that she could be home within a few hours. While Colleen helps Heather with Gothic Architecture she spots a porcelain figurine that her roommate Macey had before she committed suicide, Adrian says that her parents gave it to him. Gloria goes to see Jeff at the GCAC and admits to her that he has been lying to her. Kevin tells Jana that he has a plan to get her out of jail.moreless
    • Ep. #9127
      Ep. #9127
      Season 37 - Episode 18
      Jill tells Cane he was foolish for not taking a position at Chancellor. Mac tells Billy and Chloe that she doesn't intend to leave Genoa City anytime soon and that they'll just have to deal with it. Billy reassures Chloe that they won't lose their daughter. Karen is deeply disturbed when Neil steps up and explains how much he loves Ana, but that the child should be in Tyra's custody. Jill tries to reveal to Jack and Ashley that Victor was the person that bought stocks from Gloria, but Ashley's pregnancy problems come in the way. The judge awards Tyra with custody of Ana, leaving Karen in a state of shock. Tyra rushes to hug her little girl, while Neil returns to the courtroom to find Karen's wedding ring on the table. Lily explains to Cane how bad things went in the courtroom and it finally forces Cane to think about how bad things could go if he got custody of Delia. Cane asks to speak to Chloe alone. Chloe is overjoyed when Cane tells her he is dropping the suit. Billy thanks Lily for her help. Jack brings Ashley back to the ranch to rest and runs into Adam, with whom he hadn't spoken in months. He uses the chance to accuse Adam of faking his blindness to get sympathy from Victor, and Adam promises to Jack that he will pay for his crimes. Ashley walks in on the conversation and pushes Jack out of the ranch, then apologizes for his behavior. Neil returns back home to find Karen packing her bags. He begs her not to leave, but she finally lets out all of her anger on him. She explains how he's always playing the role of the good guy and that their entire relationship was nothing but lies. She accuses him of using her to get over Dru's death and when he grabs her arms, she slaps him and continues sobbing. Tyra, Ana and Devon arrive at the apartment just in time to see a distraught Karen leaving.moreless
    • Ep. #8973
      Ep. #8973
      Season 36 - Episode 115
      Victoria daydreams about a forgiving conversation with her father. Heather and Adam are shocked when Victor interrupts them during an intimate moment. Adam tries to talk to Victor, but he refuses to listen and instead invites Michael over. Michael explains to Victor the drastic changes that Adam made in his absence. Neil learns that Victor is alive. Jill is upset at Kay for not realizing who Chloe is. Kay questions Esther about Chloe. Chloe explains to Cane that she changes her name legally. Cane tells Jill that he'll handle Chloe in his own way. Estella informs Victoria and Nick that Victor returned to the ranch. Victor reinstates Neil at Newman Enterprises and even promotes him to the head of the company. Victor berates Adam for his bad decisions. He fires him and evicts him from the ranch. Chloe doesn't hide the fact that she's embarrassed of her mother being a maid. Devon informs Neil that he quit his job to focus on music, and for one, Neil agrees with him. Cane kisses Lily, but she pulls away. Kay is shocked when Jill tells her that she offered money so that Chloe would leave the baby. Chloe arrives at the Chancellor mansion and demands to move in.moreless
    • Ep. #8723
      Ep. #8723
      Season 35 - Episode 119
      Noah tells Nick that he doesn't want to do anything else today except see Phyllis. Nikki realizes that Jack is only out to protect himself. Jill goes to Victor and asks him to release the tape of Jack admitting that he owned Jabot. Nikki and Katherine try to figure out a way to keep the tape from being released to the press. Warden McQueen tells Michael that Nick is to be banned from the prison indefinitely after learning that Nick is Phyllis's husband. Victor watches as the tape is played on the news.moreless
    • Ep. #8486
      Ep. #8486
      Season 34 - Episode 134
      Devon is terrified when he can't hear anything after waking up, and the Winters family is devastated when the doctors tell them that Devon is now deaf. Brad celebrates Yom Kippur and he apologizes for his sins to Victoria. Jack continues using Billy in his latest scheme, so John's spirit visits him to show how ashamed of his son he is. Kevin finds the connections between Jack and Raaz Cosmetics, and Michael happily informs Katherine and Gloria about Jack's scheme. Kay tells Billy that she doesn't intend to sell Jabot, and then Billy goes to Jack with the new info.moreless
    • Ep. #9044
      Ep. #9044
      Season 36 - Episode 186
      Adam waits for Heather at the airport, while she has to decide what to do with her life. Jack reminds Billy for the thousandth time that he needs to listen to Jack's orders since Jack took care of Billy, and Billy lashes out at him for everyone trying to control him. He goes to see his mother, who then tries to get him to work at Chancellor, but Billy reminds her that Cane is her favorite son and that he can't work with her. John warns Jack that his life is being destroyed. River appears at the same diner where Kay is working. Pearl tells Kay about Murphy's financial problems, so Kay ponders helping Murphy by pawning the ring. Gloria wants to be released from prison, but Michael warns her that it won't be that easy. Jack returns to the Abbott mansion and finds it redecorated, as per Sharon's instructions. Michael rushes Heather to do something with Victor being behind bars. Michael is forced to tell Eden the truth about River's crimes and he admits that he reported him to the police. Lauren reassures Michael that even though Eden is hurt, he did the right thing. Heather arrives at the airport and shocks Adam by arresting him before he can leave. Jack is blown away when Jeff tells him that Gloria was responsible for the skin cream fiasco.moreless
    • Ep. #9033
      Ep. #9033
      Season 36 - Episode 175
      As the Jabot shareholds meeting is about to start, Jack worries that Ashley might not make it in time. Jill is suspicious when Jack, Gloria and Jeff show up. Cane learns of Ana's fate and goes to the Winters apartment to offer support, but he's soon shown out the door. Tyra is upset that she could only visit Ana under supervision. Nikki tells Esther that she can't find Kay's ring and that she fears Jill might have hidden it. Pearl notices that Kay has a real ring on her finger, but Kay thinks it's cheap. Pearl later steals the ring. Brad and Colleen also arrive at the meeting, just as Nikki confronts Jill about the ring, but Jill says that the ring is not on her list of priorities. Jack is surprised to realize that Nikki doesn't seem to care that much about Victor anymore. Olivia warns Lily that hanging out with Cane's brother might not be the best thing for her. Jill is stunned and shocked when Gloria announces that she is now the majority owner of Jabot. Gloria is then surprised when Billy says that he will be running the company. Nikki tells Esther that she plans to report Kay's ring as stolen. Ana explains to her family that the foster family didn't treat her bad. Karen reaches out to Ana and relates to her pain of being in foster care.moreless
    • Ep. #8475
      Ep. #8475
      Season 34 - Episode 123
      Kay admits to Jill that part of her wants to sell Jabot to Jack just to get the failing company off her hands, but she's worried they could face a lawsuit. Michael wants to know from Phyllis about what is going on with Jabot. Phyllis tells him that Nikki and Victor wanted to buy Jabot, but things have changed since Victor landed in the psych ward. Michael worries that Jack will fire Gloria as soon as he gets a chance. Sharon has to deal with the fact that she is no longer an important part of the Newman family. Nick gives Phyllis tickets to the new N.V.P. retreat, so she could relax and get ready for the baby. Jack comes to Victor again and gets him to sign the papers to start the process of achieving money to buy Jabot. Jack informs Kay about the signature, but is then surprised when Kay decides not to buy Jabot. Victor is taken to the operating room.moreless
    • Ep. #9020
      Ep. #9020
      Season 36 - Episode 162
      Ashley and Victor make love, and later bask in the afterglow. Phyllis is frustrated when she can't find Nick, while Nick and Sharon continue touring through Paris. Esther is perplexed as to why she couldn't see that Kay was drinking again. Chloe tries to comfort Cane and fears that she can't show emotion, but Cane compliments her on trying. Amber and Daniel arrive at the Chancellor mansion, just as Esther receives a fax informing her that Kay ordered a service at the alcohol rehab center. Noah and Eden run into trouble while taking some time off in Paris and Noah ends up arrested. Nick and Sharon discuss about Cassie and they end up kissing, just as Phyllis walks by and sees them. She goes back to Nick's room, takes her things, and leaves without leaving a trace of her arrival. Nikki and Jill are full of emotions when they drag Marge's body out of the car, thinking it's Katherine. They inform the others at the Chancellor mansion that Kay died.moreless
    • Ep. #8580
      Ep. #8580
      Season 34 - Episode 228
      Kay is encouraged to learn that Paul managed to track Violet Montgomery down to Arizona but devastated to learn that the woman died years ago. Dru has a nightmare about Carmen and when she wakes insists to Neil that Carmen has been in their apartment moving things around. Kevin is devastated when the police confirm that blood found at the lake matches Jana's DNA. Colleen is grabbed on her way to her car after fleeing Adrian's apartment and wakes up to find herself in a freezer with Jana.moreless
    • Ep. #8357
      Ep. #8357
      Season 34 - Episode 5
      Phyllis tries to warn Nick that Sharon knows about their affair. Sharon sets Nick up using their tenth anniversary celebration as a decoy. She confronts him about his relationship with Phyllis. Ashley searches for answers about what went wrong with the new cream. Jabot tries to get back all the promo kits that have the cream in them but some people have already used it and been hospitalized. Daniel works things out with his parole officer after Neil covers for him. Lily and Daniel get used to life together and alone. Neil has Paul investigating the wedding and gives him the paperwork that was used. Neil questions why Lily used Malcolm as her father on the paperwork.moreless
    • Ep. #8699
      Ep. #8699
      Season 35 - Episode 95
      A videotape of Phyllis blackmailing Brad is played for the jury. Micheal tells Phyllis to take the stand to do some damage control. Lily asks Cane if Amber, Daniel and Kevin are keeping the money some where. Brad tells Victor that going public with Phyllis' extortion was Nikki's idea. David accuses Victor of trying to run him off the road, Victor tells David if he wanted him dead he would be. Brad is beside himself when Victor takes him off the project and gives it to Devon.moreless
    • Ep. #8362
      Ep. #8362
      Season 34 - Episode 10
      Victoria demands J.T. quit or she'll fire him, and when he reminds her that he doesn't work for her, she goes to Victor and asks him to get rid of J.T. Brad talks to Sharon about Victoria. Victor talks to J.T. and realizes J.T. is a good person. He hires him to investigate Brad's past. Sharon doesn't accept Nikki and Phyllis's decision to make her the N.V.P. spas spokesmodel. Michael, Jack, Ashley, Jill, and Gloria prepare for the Jabot press conference. Mac tries to cook for Kevin, but it all turns into a disaster. She asks Kevin to cover for her while she goes to the Indian reservation to find peace in her life.moreless
    • Ep. #8323
      Ep. #8323
      Season 33 - Episode 224
      Lauren learns the whole truth about Michael's involvement with the drug bust and Tom. Bardwell thinks that Ashley and Tom were drug dealing together and were a couple. Michael doesn't know how he would prove this wrong and decides that he has to confess about his and Ashleys involvement with Tom and the drugs found on his bike. Lauren is devastated by this. Michael calls Paul to get him to find new evidence to prove Ashley's innocents but he informs him that he is already on it for John. Paul looks for evidence on John's clothing and sends his clothing to the lab to get tested. Ashley finds out that Paul is helping her father and gets mad at him. Lily and Daniel see each other at Crimson Lights. Lily still has no idea that Daniel didn't get the letter so when he sees her he rips into her. They fight and Lily says that after seeing the way that he just acted she is happy that he never got the letter because she doesn't want anything more to do with him. Brad talks to Will Bardwell. He informs Brad about Ashley's involvement with the drugs and tells him that self defence won't fly because there is no evidence to prove it. Brad sees Ashley and they agree not to go ahead with the divorce because of Ashley's legal situation. Nikki warns Victoria about Brad because of the situation that he is in with Ashley right now but Victoria refuses to listen. She says that she is strong enough to deal with it. She decides that an August wedding would be perfect, but Brad tells Victoria he is not divorcing Ashley.moreless
    • Ep. #6352
      Ep. #6352
      Season 26 - Episode 12
      Nick is angry when Sharon tells him that she plans to take Doris, Cassie and Noah away for awhile, and wants to know why Sharon would want to take Cassie with her. Victoria and Neil share a dinner to update each other on their bad love lives. Jack wants Jill to leave Keith. After getting a warning from Lynne, Paul decides to spend more time with his mother.moreless
    • Ep. #8558
      Ep. #8558
      Season 34 - Episode 206
      Michael and Paul discuss what to do with Sheila while both men wonder if the other is covering up evidence in the Carmen Mesta murder case. Brad, Victoria, and Victor make plans to go to Switzerland. J.T. reads Colleen's e-mails to Lily about Korbel, and then later asks Korbel if he'd like to shoot hoops with him. Jana suspects Korbel as Carmen's killer. Sheila shoves a shank in her stomach.moreless
    • Ep. #8365
      Ep. #8365
      Season 34 - Episode 13
      Michael tells Gloria what could happen if the police finds out about the solvent mixing with the Jabot cream. Gloria tells Kevin she's really scared. Lauren tries to drop hints for Michael all day, but after he fails to get what she's trying to say, she finally comes out with it -- she's pregnant. Brad asks Victoria if she'd like to go to South Pacific for their honeymoon and she says yes. Later, Colleen accepts Victoria's offer to be her bridesmaid. Nick wants Phyllis to quit her job at the N.V.P., but she won't quit. Later, Phyllis visits Sharon and apologizes for her behavior.moreless
    • Ep. #6358
      Ep. #6358
      Season 26 - Episode 18
      Nikki thanks Diane for giving her Victor, but Diane tells her that Victor intends to return to her after Nikki gets better. Victor tells Nikki that his plans have changed, and that he only wants her. Victor then insists that Sharon returns to the ranch, and later questions Nick about why Sharon moved out. Tony shares a drink with Sharon after Grace turns him down. Nick takes Grace out. Paul asks for Christine's advice on what to do with his mother.moreless
    • Ep. #8332
      Ep. #8332
      Season 33 - Episode 233
      Colleen points out her 'stalker' to J.T. as J.T. erases the pictures in the guy's camera and asks him to leave Colleen alone. Colleen later thanks the 'stalker' and pays him for helping her out. Neil sits Devon down to talk to him about the crush that he has on Lily, and Devon tells Neil that he will move out if his feelings are a problem. Will Bardwell agrees to let John plead guilty to involuntary manslaughter and to drop all the charges against Ashley. Daniel invites Lily to come back to his place as Phyllis will be out all night.moreless
    • Ep. #8619
      Ep. #8619
      Season 35 - Episode 15
      Genoa City gathers to remember Drucilla. Neil assures Olivia that he won't drink anymore. Daniel tells Phyllis not to blame himself. Nikki tells Victor that she will do whatever it takes to get that Senate seat and wonders that he is not backing his wife instead of Jack. Katherine tells Jill if there's any hope for the two of them. Later on at Indigo Neil looks at a picture of Dru and then takes a drink.moreless
    • Ep. #8379
      Ep. #8379
      Season 34 - Episode 27
      Kevin and Gloria eavesdrop on Jack's board meeting with Jabot to find out what evidence is stacking up so far. Jack accuses Gibson of trying to profit out of his wife's death. Later, Gloria wants Kevin to put the tape of the board meeting conversation on the net, to fire up Jack. Nikki lets Victor know that she'll be standing by Victoria and Nick's side, because she doesn't want him to take over the control of the Newman. Michael informs Phyllis about Lauren's pregnancy. Colleen lets Brad know that she will never support his relationship or marriage with Victoria. J.T. buys a key ring and goes to see Colleen. He gives her the ring and the keys and invites her to come live with him.moreless
    • Ep. #8732
      Ep. #8732
      Season 35 - Episode 128
      Michael learns that Gloria gave Victor the DVD of Jack admitting that he owned Jabot, he then pours water all over Kevin's computer as Kevin watches. Phyllis tells Nick about Victor's offer to get her an early release from prison if she turns on Jack. Jack prepares a live press conference to tell the truth about owning Jabot. Nick then goes to Victor and says that if he can get his wife out of jail then to do it right away. Cane offers to take Lily to a concert and then to a club and is then surprised when Cane realizes that she's only 19 years old.moreless
    • Ep. #6356
      Ep. #6356
      Season 26 - Episode 16
      A hopeful Diane packs for her second honeymoon with Victor, but Jack believes Victor won't go with Diane. Nick and Victoria confront Victor after what they had learned from Diane, and he admits his farce. Cole asks Ashley to marry him. Olivia informs Malcolm that Neil is doing fine without Dru. Jill explains to Megan and Tricia why she can't marry their father.moreless
    • Ep. #8561
      Ep. #8561
      Season 34 - Episode 209
      Amber is hurt when Korbel tells her he isn't ready for a relationship. Colleen tries to convince J.T. to forgive her, but he tells her to pack and leave. Lily comforts a sobbing Colleen. J.T. informs Korbel about breaking up with Colleen, and then he learns from Amber that Korbel broke off whatever they had. After J.T. leaves, Amber finds J.T.'s files and realizes he's looking for Jill's biological son. Nick is suspicious when both Brad and Victor clear out their calendars, and takes his suspicions to Victoria. Paul tortures a sick Sheila and then finally gives her antibiotics. He arrives late for his date with Maggie, who becomes suspicious.moreless
    • Ep. #8566
      Ep. #8566
      Season 34 - Episode 214
      A conversation with Jana has J.T. wondering if Adrian killed Carmen. Michael finds Lauren destroying the nursery after a panic attack and the two complete the job so that it looks nothing like the one Sheila designed. Gloria arrives at Indigo with Ji Min after Jana warns her that Jill and Will are there together.moreless
    • Ep. #8642
      Ep. #8642
      Season 35 - Episode 38
      William can't hide his jealousy when he sees Gloria and Evan at the G.C.A.C. together. Phyllis pleads with Michael to make sure she doesn't go to jail. After learning that William is the D.A., Michael bolts from Crimson Lights and later comes back (when Paul tells him that he is loaded with millions). Paul gives Kevin a list of Jana's friends and relatives and tells him to wait 'till she contacts someone and then they'll make their move. Brad goes to J.T.'s loft and asks him if he has seen Victoria. He's surprised when Victoria comes out of the bathroom. Phyllis tells Lauren that if anything happens to her, she wants her to raise Summer. Maggie lays into Paul for not having a moment to pick up a phone and call her. At home, Brad demands answers from Victoria as to whether or not she is sleeping with J.T. Michael is told by William that he is moving forward with Phyllis' trial.moreless
    • Ep. #8326
      Ep. #8326
      Season 33 - Episode 227
      Valentine's day in Genoa City. Paul presents evidence that there is type-A blood (Tom's type) on John Abbott's jacket to the D.A., John, Lauren, Ashley and Michael. Until they can prove that the D.N.A. is Tom's they will not drop the charges on Ashley. Because of the latest evidence, Michael does not confess to Will Bardwell. Lauren and Michael share Valentine's day at the boutique. The Newmans have a family dinner for Valentine's day as Victoria mourns her relationship with Brad. Brad sends her flowers saying that he is not giving up on them. Nick leaves the dinner to go and see Phyllis. While he is at the office with her she receives flowers from Jack trying to make amends. Nick becomes jealous and goes back to the ranch and gives Sharon plane tickets to Paris as a present. Phyllis and Jack drink champage and agree to "bury the hatchet" and promise to always be there for each other. Colleen helps J.T. pick out a present for Mac. Later that night at the athletic club Mac and J.T. are together, Colleen and Daniel, and the Winters family are all there. Colleen tries to make J.T. jealous and tries to cause turmoil between J.T. and Mac. Colleen and Daniel are together so that Daniel and Lily can be in the same room together. However everyone is suspicious of them.moreless
    • Ep. #8645
      Ep. #8645
      Season 35 - Episode 41
      Sharon thinks Jack knows something that he isn't telling her when he informs her about selling NVP back to Victor. Victoria tells Brad that J.T. is her friend. Victor tells Michael that he wants Jack to end up with absolutely nothing. Colleen distracts J.T. so Amber can get his PDA away from him and gives it to Kevin to download whatever is on it, so Colleen can get the proof that J.T. turned her and Adrian into the Dean. Katherine tells Ji Min that Jill won't be going overseas with him and that she is buying back Jabot. Then she tells Ji Min that his services will no longer be needed once the sale is complete. Kevin gets the password, and Colleen and Amber are able to get J.T.'s PDA back in time before he even missed it.moreless
    • Ep. #8353
      Ep. #8353
      Season 34 - Episode 1
      Neil, Drucilla and Phyllis try to deal with Lily and Daniel's announcement that they are now married. Colleen asks Victoria to put a good word in with her dad where J.T. is concerned. Mac tries to hunt down Kevin. Sharon's suspicions are further confirmed when she realises one of Phyllis' gloves was found on the grounds.moreless
    • Ep. #8736
      Ep. #8736
      Season 35 - Episode 132
      Michael questions Gloria on where Victor got the DVD. Determined not to let her out of his life, Brad makes certain that Jack hears Sharon admitting to her kiss with Nick. Lauren is upset with Michael, and issues him an ultimatum. Victor tells Nikki that he will leave her with nothing. Warden McQueen sees Phyllis score a phone card from Charlene. Jeff brings the stuff that William sent him, Gloria is hoping the jar of cream is in the box.moreless
    • Ep. #8145
      Ep. #8145
      Season 33 - Episode 46
      Friends and family gather for Cassie's funeral, and Nick makes a heartfelt speech on how Cassie changed his life.
    • Ep. #8367
      Ep. #8367
      Season 34 - Episode 15
      Colleen flirts with J.T. when they share take-out at the loft and she is pleased when he admits how much he missed her. Victor is angry after learning about the affair Nick and Phyllis were having. Nick tries to defend himself, but Victor won't let him and he later expresses his sympathy for Sharon, who only wants to see Phyllis away from the Newman tower. Michael is confused after learning that Gloria was the one that mixed the cream with the solvent. Ashley decides to take a polygraph test to prove that she wasn't the one that mixed the cream. After she turns out to be innocent, William Bardwell brings a list of all possible suspects.moreless
    • Ep. #8333
      Ep. #8333
      Season 33 - Episode 234
      Lily and Sierra cover when Dru asks them how their studying went the night before. An angry Colleen blames Kevin for John's troubles with the law because Tom Fisher was his father. Jack tells the family Traci will be home as soon as her book tour is over. Jack and Ashley realise that John pled guilty in part to save Ashley. Mac appreciates Kevin supporting her during her pregnancy. Nick has to fill in for Nikki during a wellness center conference, putting the kibosh on his romantic plans for his and Sharon's tenth anniversary.moreless
    • Ep. #8632
      Ep. #8632
      Season 35 - Episode 28
      Michael demands an answer from William Bardwell on who filed the complaint against Phyllis. Victoria learns from Brad that he's the one the turned Phyllis in for extortion. Neil then refuses to give up his seat on the board as to Victoria's request. Nick goes and has it out with Brad at Newman. Brad and Nikki each discuss the plot to turn Phyllis into the police. Jack is ouotraged once again when Sharon didn't mention that Phyllis was blackmailing Brad. Nikki gives permission for David to use Phyllis' legal problems to further her campaign.moreless
    • Ep. #8578
      Ep. #8578
      Season 34 - Episode 226
      Colleen is surprised to find Adrian working on sussing out the answer to the leftover letters, and both are pleased to discover the letters spell the name of a Czech town. Victor, Brad and Victoria learn the same thing with Rebecca's help. Jack's co-workers congratulate him on bringing down Senator Bodi, and Victor suggests to David that he back Jack should he run for Bodi's postition.moreless
    • Ep. #8579
      Ep. #8579
      Season 34 - Episode 227
      Cane hooks Devon up with a young woman named Monica who doesn't seem at all bothered by the cochlear device. Brad asks J.T. to watch Colleen after Victoria convinces him to take her out of town with him. Kevin continues to worry about Jana's disappearance. Daniel, Lily and Amber spend Valentine's at Indigo. Colleen is shocked when, at Adrian's apartment, she finds a hair extension like Jana's and Carmen's driver license.moreless
    • Ep. #8697
      Ep. #8697
      Season 35 - Episode 93
      Michael tells Phyllis that Heather doesn't have a piece of evidence against her. Cane does his best so save Amber, and prepares to exchange the ransom money. As Phyllis' trial continues, Neil, Sharon and Nikki take a stand. Nick tells Sharon that he had everything with her and that he threw it all away. David tells Nikki that he has found a way to make sure that Phyllis goes to jail for a long time. Cane sees Amber and learns that her kidnapper is John Bonacheck.moreless
    • Ep. #8335
      Ep. #8335
      Season 33 - Episode 236
      Everyone in town is devastated by the news of John's seven-year sentence. Blame is put on Micheal and Gloria for the outcome. Ashley and Jack come up with a plan to send John to Ireland where there is no extradition treaty so that he doesn't have to serve his sentence. Devon catches Daniel and Lily together. They cover by pretending that Daniel was hassling her. Dru gives Daniel a lecture about staying out of their lives. Nick gets home after being with Phyllis while Sharon is preparing for them to celebrate their anniversary. Nick admits that there is something going on with him and is about to tell Sharon about his affair.moreless
    • Ep. #8298
      Ep. #8298
      Season 33 - Episode 199
      Nick is uncomfortable when Victor praises him for how he has stood by Sharon through everything that has happened, unable to forget about having sex with Phyllis. Lauren and Sheila continue their attempts to escape their prison, but aren't sure what to do when the room begins to collapse around them. Ashley agrees to let Michael defend her. Yolanda asks Dru how she feels about her working at Newman, and Dru lies, telling her it's okay. Devon refuses to give the break-up letter to Daniel.moreless
    • Ep. #8634
      Ep. #8634
      Season 35 - Episode 30
      Michael tells Lauren that he may have proof that Jack owns Jabot and not the House of Kim. Katherine tells Jill that Cane declined her job offer. Amber and Cane thank Daniel and Lily for paying their lunch bill. Kevin distracts William so Gloria can put the file back in his office. Jack blasts Ji Min for pitching the idea of bringing the Jasmine fragrance to Jabot and orders him tell Jill that it's a bad idea. Cane swallows his pride and accepts the job as head construction supervisor of Clear Springs, but later reveals his agenda to someone on the phone. Lauren sees Kevin and Gloria on the computer monitor and is shocked when Gloria admits that she's the one tainted the face cream. Victor and Michael approach Ji Min at the Athletic Club and tells him that they know that Jack is really his boss and they request that he help them bring Jack down.moreless
    • Ep. #8704
      Ep. #8704
      Season 35 - Episode 100
      Cane puts his authority into motion. Daniel asks Jack for a personal favor. Sharon and Nick end up trapped in a old vault, as the tensions between them rises. Lily asks Devon to fix her up with one of his friends. Neil learns that Daniel is working for Jack Abbott.
    • Ep. #6359
      Ep. #6359
      Season 26 - Episode 19
      Diane is shocked when Victor informs her that he intends to stay married to Nikki. He tries to embrace her, but she pushes him away. Jack talks to Jill about Diane. Sharon and Tony bond while Nick and Grace do the same thing. Phyllis is determined to leave Genoa City, but Michael refuses.moreless
    • Ep. #8589
      Ep. #8589
      Season 34 - Episode 237
      After seeing Carmen entering an elevator, Neil realizes Dru isn't crazy and tries to get Dru out of the psychiatric ward, but she isn't allowed to leave. Jack decides to run for state Senate. Kevin is angry because everyone still believes he killed Carmen.
    • Ep. #8950
      Ep. #8950
      Season 36 - Episode 92
      Adrian angrily confronts Jack about rewriting his article, but Jack doesn't care about Adrian much. Phyllis agrees that Adrian was put in a tough spot and she continues worrying because Sharon and Jack are making decision without consulting with Nick and her first. Jack tells Phyllis that he can buy them out if they aren't happy at the magazine. Michael tells Lauren that Sabrina lost the baby. Heather informs Adam that she was reinstated at the D.A.'s office. Sabrina dies after cardiac arrest. Nikki has a nightmare of David and Sabrina near a little girl. Genoa City learns of Sabrina's death. Sharon warns Phyllis that she is the last person that should be judging Jack. Adam tells Heather that he decided to change his name back to Victor Adam Newman. Victor thinks about the person that caused his wife to die, just as Nikki makes her way to the hospital.moreless
    • Ep. #8826
      Ep. #8826
      Season 35 - Episode 223
      Paul eavesdrops on a conversation between Jack and Sharon at the coffee house. Michael tells Jack he's glad that Jack's miserable. Sharon and Jack discuss about Amber's designs. Jeffrey wants to invest half a million dollars, and Gloria can't do anything about it. Michael wants to know about Gloria and Kevin's plotting, and he threatens to have Jeffrey imprisoned for blackmailing if they don't tell him about their plans. Sharon and Jack overhear an argument between Jeff and Gloria. The Hellstrom wedding begins.moreless
    • Ep. #9034
      Ep. #9034
      Season 36 - Episode 176
      Jill is extremely shocked when she realizes that Jack convinced Billy to go along with his plan to take over Jabot. Cane feels betrayed by Billy and makes it clear that he is ashamed of him. Both Jill and Cane believe that the company won't make it in their hands, but Ashley walks in and announces that she will be running Jabot. Daniel decides to start painting. Jana reminds Daniel and Amber that they didn't inform Phyllis of their decision to leave Restless Style. Kevin questions Amber about her insinuations that he might have had something to do with Kay's death. Jana keeps quiet about finding the stash in front of Daniel and Amber. Michael, Lauren, Phyllis and Nick chat about the latest in their lives and end up discussing about Noah and Eden, who continue sneaking around, but then end up confronted in Crimson Lights. Phyllis admits to Michael that she saw Nick and Sharon kissing in Paris, and Michael is confused as to why Nick would do that. Phyllis admits that she has something on Jack, but she won't say what. Noah and Eden refuse to stay away from each other. Ashley tells Jack that she will leave Forrester and work solely on Jabot. Jeff warns Jack that if he doesn't make him happy the deal could go away. Gloria and Jeff admit to each other that they both planned to betray each other once again, but that the takeover might have saved their marriage.moreless
    • Ep. #7090
      Ep. #7090
      Season 28 - Episode 245
      Billy and Brittany are stunned when they see J.T. kiss Mac. Rianna tells Brittany she's not surprised since she heard J.T. and Mac have been dating for a while. Mac tells J.T. that kissing wasn't in the ground rules, but J.T. points out that it got the desired reaction out of Billy. Jill tries to convince Jack to break up with Phyllis now that his subterfuge is over. Ryan tells Victoria that he and Keith are on the same side now, but their efforts to convince Tricia to get help have backfired. Tricia calls Keith from Matt's apartment and tells him that she's already left town. Keith shares the news with Ryan and Victoria suggests they contact Megan to see if she knows of her sister's whereabouts. When Matt hears about Tricia's phone call to Keith, he warns her not to leave the apartment or call anyone else without telling him. Alex finds Malcolm brooding and he explains that Olivia is no longer allowing him to see Nate. Angry, Malcolm promises that Olivia isn't going to get away with it because he's going to let Nate know that Olivia is forcing them apart. Jill and Jack tell Raul, Rianna, Billy and Brittany that instead of using the pool house for their spring break campaign, they're going to take the group to the Florida Keys. Brittany is happy when Jill tells her that there's no way Mac can weasel her way into this project at the last minute. Raul doesn't like the idea of Mac hanging out with a loser like J.T., but Rianna tells him she has a feeling that they don't have to worry about that relationship. Rianna tells Mac that her plan to get to Billy by dating J.T. is working. When Richards presents the evidence at Nick's hearing, Nick is on his feet protesting that he doesn't know what he's talking about. Nick tells John Silva and Victor that he's been set up. Neil tells Olivia that she can't cut Malcolm off from Nate.moreless
    • Ep. #8738
      Ep. #8738
      Season 35 - Episode 134
      Phyllis is devastated when Nick tells her that he kissed Sharon when they where locked in the vault. Neil and Karen embark on a kickboxing rematch. Noah shows Jack the present that he made for his screensaver on his computer which shows photos of them as a happy family. Brad tells Victoria that when J.T. goes out of town that she can call him if she needs anything. J.T. secretly makes plans to propose to Victoria. Jack goes to see Phyllis and she asks him if he can forgive Sharon.moreless
    • Ep. #8817
      Ep. #8817
      Season 35 - Episode 214
      The cameras flash as Cane removes Amber's wig who then starts sobbing. Michael confronts Heather about the eyewitness that she dismissed and then he asks her to drop the case against Victor, but she refuses to let go. Her boss gives her two days to find a new eyewitness or he'll pull her off the case. In Victoria's bedroom, Nick tells Nikki that he thinks she's moving too fast in her relationship with David. Reed is released from the hospital, and Victor gets to hold him for the first time. Sharon asks Gloria to give up her intention to buy the mansion, but Gloria refuses to give up. John tells Jack that it's time for him to move away and give the mansion to Gloria, but Jack refuses to listen to him. He is surprised when Sharon agrees that they can't leave the mansion. Michael confronts a waitress at the GCAC and learns that she way payed to put Victor on the crime scene. Jill suggests Cane should talk to Lily about their relationship. Katherine and Amber share a talk about boyfriends, and then Katherine collapses.moreless
    • Ep. #8750
      Ep. #8750
      Season 35 - Episode 146
      Amber attempts to record her album by booking some studio time with some of the money that didn't "burn" at the GCAC. Victoria is touched when Victor gives her a baby naming book. Daniel enlists Amber to help him with something. Lily is saddened by memories of Daniel. Daniel tells Colleen that Amber says that Heather and Cane are together. Heather tells Lily that she and Cane are spending time together. J.T. talks with a foreman at Clear Springs and says it going along nicely. Jill tells Cane that age shouldn't be a problem if you really love someone, he then calls Lily, but Lily doesn't answer.moreless
    • Ep. #8809
      Ep. #8809
      Season 35 - Episode 206
      Nikki, David and Victor visits Reed at the hospital. David confronts Victor about freezing Nikki's assets, and Victor tells Nikki that he'll return them if she dumps David, but she refuses to do so. Sharon is proud of Jack's new attitude. Amber questions Jill about the upcoming contest. Daniel asks out Heather again, but she declines him. Nikki tells David that she'd never let Victor control her life, and then she surprises him by accepting his marriage proposal. Colleen finds out that Brad is going to Chicago and she confronts his father about running around Sharon. Brad tells her that he knows what he's doing. Colleen tells Jack that Brad went to Chicago. Victor tells Heather that she's committing career suicide by pursuing the case against him. Sharon is surprised to see Brad in Chicago.moreless
    • Ep. #7904
      Ep. #7904
      Season 32 - Episode 57
      Thanks to the timely intervention of the police, both Bobby and Brittany are fine. Bobby tells Brittany how much he loves her, and the two of them decide to give romance a try before sharing a passionate kiss.
    • Ep. #8740
      Ep. #8740
      Season 35 - Episode 136
      Sharon tells Phyllis that she'll handle her marriage and that she should focus on her own. Victoria is delighted that Abby is visiting Brad for a few days and learns that Ashley is engaged to Ridge Forrester. Victor tells Jack that he should hand over his casino to him in case he might need money for his legal fees. Nikki tells Cane that they should hold off on borrowing any more money. Colleen says that she do a school project on Cane in order to spend time with him. Lily begins to see a charming side to Cane. Victoria says that she isn't ready to receive baby clothes from Nikki, Nikki says that she'll keep them until she's ready. Sharon enlists Noah's help in helping in surprising Jack with a gift.moreless
    • Episode 1
      Episode 1
      Season 1 - Episode 1
      The time is 1973, the place is Genoa City and the rest is history. This is the very first episode of Y&R and the birthplace of some of the greatest plots in daytime television.
    • Ep. #8739
      Ep. #8739
      Season 35 - Episode 135
      Jack and Nick get into it with each other. Sharon confides in Neil that she and Nick kissed, but Sharon is surprised when Neil told Nick to back off. Colleen tries to persuade Lily to get involved with Cane despite their age difference. Colleen invites Brad to come and have dinner with her and Adrian, but it turns out to be disastrous. Noah wants to know why Nick and Jack are fighting. Lily becomes jealous when Cane is seen to be training another girl and tells Colleen about it.moreless
    • Ep. #8850
      Ep. #8850
      Season 35 - Episode 247
      Sharon realizes that Jack is slowly letting go of his battle against Gloria and she urges him not to sell the mansion. Jeffrey is stunned when Gloria refuses to sign the divorce papers. She explains that she wants to be wooed the old fashioned way, and he challenges her to have sex with him. Jack and Sharon have dinner at the mansion alone, and Jack comes up with an idea to mess with Gloria's mind by making her think that John's spirit is haunting her. Jill confides in Cane about the problems with Nikki at Jabot. Lily's work once again interferes with her love life. Jill enters yet another discussion with Nikki, and Katherine questions them if everything around the office is fine. Kevin and Daniel confront Amber about the stolen money. Katherine takes a tour of the warehouse and later encourages Phyllis and Nick to give Amber a better job as a receptionist. Cane tells Lily that he would have asked her to move in with him, but he thinks it's too fast and he wants to gain Neil's trust first. Kevin interrupts a date between Gloria and Jeffrey at the suite, and Jeff tells them both that he finally had enough of them and that Gloria should prepare to go to jail.moreless
    • Ep. #8837
      Ep. #8837
      Season 35 - Episode 234
      Kevin pretends not to know anything about Gloria's health in front of Michael and Lauren. The trio informs Sharon and Jack about Gloria being in the hospital with her husband, but they are all surprised when the couple returns from the hospital claiming that there is nothing physically wrong Gloria. J.T. talks to Victoria about the possibility of moving into Nikki's ranch house. Vic tells Victor that coming to Genoa City is only a career move for him, and Victor has nothing to say against Vic's comment. Vic then asks him to call him by his middle name 'Adam', to avoid name confusion in the future. Adam meets Phyllis at the Club and they changes small talk after which Adam asks Phyllis out for a dinner, and she shows him that she's happily married. Sharon and Jack try to find out more about Gloria and Jeffrey from the video camera, but they notice it has been removed. After a meeting with Kevin at the coffee house, Gloria returns to the mansion, where Jeffrey confronts her about the poisoning plan and admits he knew about it all along and that's why he switched the poison with water. Victor tells Victoria that his son Adam will be taking over some of Nick's duties at Newman.moreless
    • Ep. #8822
      Ep. #8822
      Season 35 - Episode 219
      Victoria wants to get married, and J.T. gives her a new engagement ring. Nick and Phyllis discuss about possible job opportunities for Nick. Sharon and Jack worry about Gloria's upcoming move in. Victor warns Jack not to mess with him. Nikki accepts Katherine's proposal to be the CEO of Jabot. Kay wants to hire Amber as Nikki's personal assistant, but Amber realizes that she can't take the job because she will be too close to Cane. Victor refuses to give Brad the job that Nick used to have, and tells him that the only reason he's still at Newman is because he's good at what he does. Nikki and Kay learn about Victoria and J.T.'s marriage plans. Victor laughs off Nikki's new job. Jack is surprised when he realizes that Amber is a good designer. Phyllis, Nick, Jack and Sharon agree to start a new business venture together. Katherine urges Amber not to give up on her dreams. Brad learns about Nikki's new job.moreless
    • Ep. #8805
      Ep. #8805
      Season 35 - Episode 202
      Jill and Kay are surprised to learn that Gloria and Jeffrey got engaged. Lauren and Michael berate themselves for not realizing the trouble that Gloria is in, but Lauren wants Michael to concentrate on Victor's case and let Gloria handle the problems herself. Gloria wants to run away from Genoa City, but Kevin suggests she should try to beat Jeff at his own game. Neil learns that his new singer has the flu, so he asks Karen to sing at Indigo instead, and she reluctantly agrees. Devon and Roxanne continue planing a date for Lily and Alan. Katherine and Jill offer Cane a promotion to Director of Acquisitions. Cane is jealous when Lily introduces him to Alan. Gloria tries to get Jeff drunk to get more info, but he's more cunning than she'd ever think. Karen isn't able to perform, so Neil saves her by introducing another singer. She apologizes, and Lily catches them kissing. Outside of Indigo, Cane admits to Lily that he's jealous and they kiss.moreless
    • Ep. #10035
      Ep. #10035
      Season 40 - Episode 166

      Jill wants to work side-by-side with Katherine at Chancellor, but Katherine is wary of her true intentions. Nikki and Billy await to get the full money for the ransom, while Victor takes matters into his own hands. Victoria tries dealing with Eddie. Avery and Nick enjoy dinner at a restaurant before being irritated by a noisy reporter. Chelsea continues being scared of the closeness between Sharon and Adam. Sharon spends quality time with Noah and Faith.

    • Ep. #9181
      Ep. #9181
      Season 37 - Episode 72
      Everyone gathers at the Chancellor estate for a 4th of July party and Jill is thrilled to learn that Cane is her true son. She takes every opportunity to rub it in Katherine's face. Paul tells Nina that there's a problem with the results as the blood appears to have been frozen and can't possibly be Cane's. Nikki and Victor remain at the hospital with Summer as Phyllis and Nick stay with the police, and they plead with Michael to get the judge to release Summer into their temporary custody. Agent Aucker arrives at the coffee shop and issues a search warrant for the missing phone much to Jana, Amber and Daniel's confusion, and when nothing is found Daniel agrees to take a polygraph test proving his story. Billy and Mac both make their excuses and leave the party. Nina arrives at the party and demands answers from Cane over his DNA test and the location of Phillip's body. When Michael is able to get the judge to release Summer into Nikki and Victor's care, Nikki says that she should stay with her and initially Victor is against the idea but later agrees. Feeling that his time is up Cane finally admits that he's not Jill's son or the real Phillip Chancellor III. At the coffee shop Daniel returns and tells everyone that he passed the polygraph and Agent Aucker tells them all not to leave town. Kevin stuns everyone by collecting a cake and revealing its true contents stunning everyone, the missing cell phone that Daniel needs to clear his and Jana's name once and for all. As Jill, Lily, Nina and Katherine demand answers all he can do is apologize for his deception but, no one is prepared for the sudden arrival of the real Phillip Chancellor III, who arrives to clear Cane's name.moreless
    • Ep. #8474
      Ep. #8474
      Season 34 - Episode 122
      Gloria goes to Kay after hearing from Kevin that Jack wants to buy Jabot, knowing that his first official act will be to oust her from the company. Carmen won't return Dru's phone calls. Neil warns her that Dru might end up in prison, but Carmen only cares for her safety. Neil informs Lily and Devon about Dru. On the court, Dru is sentenced to do community work, undergo counseling, pay for the damage she did to Carmen's things and stay five hundred feet away from her for 2 years. Jack tries to get Victor to sign papers to buy Jabot in the psych ward, but Nikki comes just in time to stop Jack. Ashley wants to send Gloria out to China on a business assignment, and informs Jack about the decision. While Jack thinks it's a good idea, Gloria refuses to go. Michael tells Kay that if she buys Jabot, the Gibson case could hit her. Sharon visits Victor. The doctor tells Victor that there are two options for him---either take medication every day or undergo gamma-knife radio-surgery. Victor chooses the surgery.moreless
    • Ep. #9900
      Ep. #9900
      Season 40 - Episode 31

      Nikki interrupts a moment between Sharon and Victor. Ashley and Jack talk about her marriage problems and Jack's problems with Kyle. Neil and Harmony continue battling their mutual attraction. Sofia is hurt when Neil admits that he has feelings for Harmony. Sharon tells Victor that she doesn't regret kissing him. Nick and Phyllis learn that they have a healthy baby. Eden and Kyle get closer. Harmony finds Tucker drinking and takes him to his office, where they get passionate and Ashley catches them in the act.

    • Ep. #8476
      Ep. #8476
      Season 34 - Episode 124
      After Michael tells him he wishes what he knew what Jack was planning for Jabot, Kevin installs tracking software at the N.V.P. website. Jack gets Billy to ask Kay if she'd sell Jabot to a third party, and then invites his banker Jeff Graham to a private conversation. Lily, Daniel, Devon and Colleen gather at the G.C.U. to prepare for the new semester. Just as Colleen is about to grab a drink, a rude guy takes it away. She is surprised later when the rude guy turns out to be her new professor, Adrian Korbel. During the class, Colleen is hurt by the fact that she was picked last, and that Korbel is so rude to her. The Newman family gather to greet Victor, who's operation went fine. The judge lets Victor go out of psych ward, so Victor can finally get back home. At home, after Nikki leaves the room, it seems like Victor is in a lot of pain.moreless
    • Ep. #10287
      Ep. #10287
      Season 41 - Episode 166

      Tension continues rising between Dylan and Nick. Adam is further conflicted about the hit and run.


    • Ep. #9834
      Ep. #9834
      Season 39 - Episode 219

      Jack's condition takes a turn for the worse, while the search for Patty continues.

    • Ep. #9951
      Ep. #9951
      Season 40 - Episode 82

      Christine wants Phyllis arrested. Sharon plays a trick on Victor.

    • Ep. #9122
      Ep. #9122
      Season 37 - Episode 13
      Mitchell informs Kay that her will has been declared null and void and that her fortune is back in her control. He reminds her that Marge should get a proper sendoff, which triggers memories of Katherine and Marge meeting a few months ago. Kay tells Murphy about how they ended up in a car crash and decides to have a funeral for her friend. Michael is highly frustrated by Heather's demands in court and it seems as if he can't win because the charges are too big. Amber bursts out with anger a couple of times, angering the judge and eventually causing Kevin to flip out and be sent back to his jail cell. Lauren agrees to let Noah take Eden back home. Phyllis tries to remain calm while Nick and Sharon are together at the cabin, but the thought of them reuniting causes her to drive off to the GCAC. Nick and Sharon discuss about the last time they were at the cabin and somehow they end up making love again. Eden and Noah arrive at the tackhouse looking for Noah's parents but find the place empty, so they start to talk about their first time. The conversation brings them even more closer. Phyllis arrives in Sharon's room dressed as a maid and starts ripping her underwear and trashing her room. She even goes so far as to write "I hate myself" on the mirror, and then calls the police pretending to be a maid in shock. Gloria blames herself for what happened to Kevin and Kay immediately confronts Gloria about constantly being so self involved. The judge decides to put Kevin in a facility, while he sets Amber's bail at $1 million, which Kay decides to post. Nick and Phyllis end up in front of the tackhouse at the same time, and they're in shock when they enter the place and find Noah and Eden naked on the sofa. Michael and Jana arrive at the facility to find Kevin locked up. Sharon is shocked to return to GCAC and find her room trashed.moreless
    • Ep. #9132
      Ep. #9132
      Season 37 - Episode 23
      Heather refuses to step away from Adam when Victor begins to threaten her. Upon hearing Ashley yelling, Victor leaves to help her, while Heather sneaks upstairs to see Adam. Victor is concerned when Ashley claims she heard a baby crying in the woods. Jack is confused when Mary Jane mentions the portrait in the study because she never saw that part of the house, but she saves herself by saying she saw the house on the web. Kevin's family and friends occupy Crimson Lights worrying about what's next for Kevin, who was put in a straitjacket. Inside Kevin's mind, he begins battling with the chipmunk to find out who is hiding under the mask. Estella and Adam are worried when Ashley continues claiming she heard a baby crying and Victor reassures her that there were no babies on his private property. Olivia arrives at the ranch and expresses her worry over Ashley possibly losing her mind again. Heather and Adam talk about their love and end up making love. Murphy and Kay join the Baldwins at the coffee house, and are stumped when Gloria finally decides to come through and confess that she is the one that cooked up the entire mess by forcing Kevin to help her gaslight Katherine. Kay washes hands of Gloria, but the yelling ends and everyone is back worrying about what will happen to Kevin. Mary Jane and Jack begin to get too close at the Abbott mansion and Olivia arrives in time to interrupt them. Jack is worried when Olivia explains Ashley's condition. Victor sees Adam saying goodbye to Heather and tries to warn him to keep her away from the ranch, but even Adam refuses to back down. Victor warns Adam not to upset Ashley in any way. Kevin continues battling the chipmunk and manages to get the mask off, and finds himself inside. He finally comes to his senses and reunites with his family.moreless
    • Ep. #9925
      Ep. #9925
      Season 40 - Episode 56

      Phyllis explains to Nick what happened between Daisy and her. Daniel doesn't trust Daisy. Avery has a weird run-in with Ricky and Heather.

    • 06-28-2017
      Season 44 - Episode 221
    • Ep. #10136
      Ep. #10136
      Season 41 - Episode 15

      Lily gets carried away in company of Tyler. Dylan and Avery talk about the painful memories of their past.

    • Ep. #8710
      Ep. #8710
      Season 35 - Episode 106
      Noah tells Sharon that he wants to be with Phyllis and not to play with his friends. Colleen that Brad donated that painting to get him from getting the curator position. Noah tells Daniel that he thought that he didn't want to hang out with him since his Mom testified against his. Phyllis tells Judge Chong that he coming back should count for something.moreless
    • Ep. #10065
      Ep. #10065
      Season 40 - Episode 196

      Genoa City folk prepare to ring into the New Year. Michael and Lauren join Nikki and Victor for a private party, while further worrying about Fen's behavior. Fen destroys Jamie and Summer's friendship by revealing that Summer was behind the initial bullying. Chelsea meets Alex, but isn't able to bring herself to have fun and instead goes back to her room, where Adam surprises her and gives another shot at a reconciliation. Avery and Nick spend time together at Nick's club. Phyllis is upset when Daniel reveals his plans to move to Savannah. Jack spends the night with a woman named Stephanie.

    • Ep. #10110
      Ep. #10110
      Season 40 - Episode 241

      The Newman family gathers to celebrate Victor and Nikki's upcoming wedding. Michael tries to reconnect with his estranged wife.

    • Ep. #8729
      Ep. #8729
      Season 35 - Episode 125
      Amber and Daniel are saddened by Cane's intimate moment with Lily. Devon tells Neil to pursue Karen. Colleen wants Amber and Daniel to leave Lily's divorce party. Heather tells Amber, Kevin and Daniel that the stolen money was in a fire at the hotel. Lily gives Colleen some advice Devon becomes jealous when he sees Lily and Cane at the piano. Neil goes back to Indigo and he and Karen share kiss.moreless
    • Ep. #10058
      Ep. #10058
      Season 40 - Episode 189

      Jack finds out it was Kyle that leaked the article regarding his pill addiction. Jill realizes that Kay has had a heart episode and is relieved when Kay wakes up. She reminds Kay that her problems must stem from the fact that she isn't getting along with Tucker. Neil decides to go back to work after a conversation with Leslie. Phyllis is late to Summer's birthday party. Fen is frustrated with Jamie's presence at his home.

    • 2015/03/09
      Season 2015 - Episode 20150309
    • Ep. #9862
      Ep. #9862
      Season 39 - Episode 247

      Nick reassures Phyllis where their relationship is concerned. Paul and Jack work together to bring down Adam. Phyllis gets into trouble when she is caught not wanting to give Lucy away. Adam is faced with legal trouble following a nice conversation with Chelsea. Nick turns down a business proposal, but later both Sharon and Nick realize they can work together. Victoria wants Chelsea to stay away from Adam.

    • Ep. #10061
      Ep. #10061
      Season 40 - Episode 192

      After Sharon dismisses the prospect of a reunion between then, Adam dreams of a perfect Christmas family morning with Chelsea. Paul, Kevin and Chloe join Lauren and Michael for Christmas. Victor and Nikki exchange Christmas gifts. Jack and Phyllis get close again, but things don't work out of the best, prompting Jack to once again go back to painkillers. Sharon thinks of going back to work. Avery and Phyllis argue over Phyllis' tactics.

    • Ep. #10060
      Ep. #10060
      Season 40 - Episode 191

      Jack announces to his co-workers that next week Jabot will be a subsidiary of Newman Enterprises. Summer stumbles upon Noah with the cash. Nick and Sharon spend family time with Noah and Faith. Chelsea is worried about the future of her business. Chloe gets straight with Adam.

    • The Young And The Restless
      The Young And The Restless
      Season 2015 - Episode 20150304
    • Ep. #8717
      Ep. #8717
      Season 35 - Episode 113
      Heather offers Amber a deal one that she can't refuse. Jill offers to take Ji Min back. Amber visits Gloria to acquire the missing money. Cane cautions Ji Min to stay away from Jill and if he does he'll break his legs. Jill tells Jack that she hates him for bringing Ji Min into her life.moreless
    • Ep. #6344
      Ep. #6344
      Season 26 - Episode 4
      Victor tells Diane he'd like to marry Nikki in front of their children, because he's afraid Nikki might die. Sharon tries to comfort Nick, but he doesn't want anything from her anymore. Neil and Victoria discuss about Nikki. Dru informs Olivia about ending her marriage to Neil, as she looks forward to a future in fashion.moreless
    • Ep. #9910
      Ep. #9910
      Season 40 - Episode 41

      Shocked after seeing Victor and Sharon together, Nikki accepts Jack's marriage proposal. Christine and Ricky have an awkward exchange, after which Christine confides in Paul about the vibe Ricky is giving her. Daisy warns Eden to stay away from Daniel. Danny gives Daniel a pep talk when Daniel goes to see Danny in concert with Lucy. Ricky stops by to ask Danny questions about Phyllis, and Phyllis learns about it.

    • 10/7/2014
      Season 2014 - Episode 20141007
    • Ep. #9904
      Ep. #9904
      Season 40 - Episode 35

      Chelsea decides not to accept Victor's offer. Victor wants Sharon to go on a trip with him. Adam confronts Victor about pursuing Sharon. Nikki informs Nick of Sharon and Victor's relationship, and Nick feels sorry for Sharon's poor life choices. Daniel gets Daisy drunk and leaves, and Phyllis comes to confront Daisy. Sarge and Jack continue with Jack's therapy. Jack puts his two cents in on Sharon's poor decision. Sharon attempts to talk to both Nick and Adam about having a drink with Victor, but neither one wants to listen. Daniel makes out with Eden, and Daisy and Phyllis see them. Nikki and Sharon have a confrontation. The rest of the family watches as Sharon joins Victor.

    • Ep. #8727
      Ep. #8727
      Season 35 - Episode 123
      Victor becomes angry at Nikki when she cancels a meeting. Cane invites Heather to the party at Indigo. Lily and Colleen try to think of a theme for the party. Amber sets the shredded money on fire and goes back to the hotel, where she puts the burned money back in the heat duct and lights a match. Victor, Nick and Victoria see David and Nikki in their robes as they leave the hotel. Amber rescues Jill from the steam room.moreless
    • Ep. #10036
      Ep. #10036
      Season 40 - Episode 167

      Phyllis and Jack spend the day discussing what makes them a great team and about what mistakes they've done throughout their lives. Christine is frustrated when the evidence she got of Ricky killing his girlfriend isn't enough to free Paul. Noah receives a box full of money from his ex-girlfriend. Eddie shows a bit of sympathy for Victoria who tries to bond with him over their kids. Noah and Jamie both accuse Summer of being a cyber bully. Fen is upset to learn Summer has decided to stop bullying Jamie. Victor, Nick and Nikki argue with Billy over how to handle the situation with Victoria's kidnapping. Paul and Christine appear to get closer again.

    • Ep. #6362
      Ep. #6362
      Season 26 - Episode 22
      Victor arrives at the hospital to pick up his wife and finally go home. Nick is angry at Victor for continuing the sham-marriage, but Victoria informs him that Victor intends to stay happily married to their mother, and Nick is finally happy. Danny and Paul urge Christine to decide between them, but she wants to have more time to make a proper decision. Sharon finally decides to move back home to wait for Nikki. Malcolm suspects there might be something going on between Victoria and Neil.moreless
    • Ep. #10154
      Ep. #10154
      Season 41 - Episode 33

      Things heat up between Chelsea and Dylan. Nick wants to know what is going on between Adam and Sharon.


    • Ep. #9901
      Ep. #9901
      Season 40 - Episode 32

      Sofia confronts Neil about having feelings for Sofia. Kay and Nikki listen as Harmony admits in AA about sleeping with a married man. Ashley has to deal with Tucker's betrayal. Nikki interrupts a private evening between Sharon and Victor.

    • 2015/02/27
      Season 2015 - Episode 20150227
    • Ep. #10048
      Ep. #10048
      Season 40 - Episode 179

      Nikki and Victor welcome guests to their penthouse party. Adam is confused as to why Victor would want him there. Victor receives a surprise when Abby sends him Carmine as his waiter. Fen acts cold towards Summer. Nick manages to convince Avery to attend the party with him. Billy plans a surprise for Victoria. Sharon is troubled by her past actions.

    • Ep. #10112
      Ep. #10112
      Season 40 - Episode 243

      Chelsea prepares to reveal her pregnancy to Adam. Leslie begs Avery to drop the case involving her family.

    • Ep. #9909
      Ep. #9909
      Season 40 - Episode 40

      Just as Victor thinks of approaching Nikki, he witnesses Jack asking her to marry him, and leaves back home, where Nikki then catches Sharon in a dress kissing Victor. Phyllis is frustrated when she learns Daniel asked Daisy to move in with him. Daniel takes Lucy to see Danny at a concert. Paul and Christine discuss Ricky's odd behavior. Phyllis and Christine have a short exchange. Chelsea and Adam bond over being different than others.

    • The Young And The Restless
      The Young And The Restless
      Season 2014 - Episode 20141113
    • Ep. #8725
      Ep. #8725
      Season 35 - Episode 121
      Lily comes by and thinks that she caught Daniel and Amber while into something. Adrian gets nervous when Heather comes into the Athletic Club and talking with Gina, he then asks Colleen to leave with him. Amber and Daniel make a pact that they are through with relationships and sex. Lily and Daniel sign divorce papers. Brad tells Sharon that he is going to give her love and support. Amber tells Daniel her theory that Ji Min had the money. Amber and Daniel to get the same room that Ji Min was in, but run into Carson in the hotel lobby. Lily goes to Colleen for a shoulder to cry on as she says that she saw Daniel and Amber, Colleen says that things will get better. Amber goes into Ji Min's hotel finds the stolen money in the heat duct.moreless
    • Ep. #9899
      Ep. #9899
      Season 40 - Episode 30

      Billy catches up with Kyle and his plans to stay with Victor. Chelsea and Adam get passionate. Sharon and Victor share dinner and afterwards Sharon kisses him.

    • Ep. #8726
      Ep. #8726
      Season 35 - Episode 122
      Michael says to Amber, Kevin and Daniel that if they don't pay they got to jail. Nikki and David make love. Amber lies to Daniel about finding the money. Jack gets a visit from his father's ghost. Victoria tells Victor that if he isn't careful he's going to lose Nikki for good. Gloria stuns Amber when she announces that she is going to give her the share of the money.moreless
    • Ep. #8468
      Ep. #8468
      Season 34 - Episode 116
      At Jack's suggestion, Victor contacts Kay to discuss NVP buying Jabot to sell it back to the Abbott family, but Kay isn't interested. Jill registers Billy for classes at G.C.U. against his wishes, and tells him he has no choice in the matter. Nick and Sharon meet with their lawyers, and Sharon tells Nick that she wants to stay in their house with Noah. Jill and Kay create a position for Gloria -- Vice President of Creative Affairs. Jack takes Sharon home, and the two kiss.moreless
    • Ep. #9932
      Ep. #9932
      Season 40 - Episode 63

      Paul is entrusted by Lauren to keep a secret. Phyllis is worried about her future. Eden is confused about Daisy's presence at Crimson Lights, then later on she runs into Ricky at Heather's place.

    • Ep. #8457
      Ep. #8457
      Season 34 - Episode 105
      John's family and friends stop by his hospital room to say goodbye once Gloria finally agrees to let Jack and Ashley pull the plug as per John's wishes. An embittered Victoria speaks first with Nicholas and then Nikki about the state of her marriage, and Brad's relationship with Sharon. Lily shares her graduation news with Neil and he and Dru plan to throw her a special celebration dinner, neither being pleased when she shows up with Daniel. Phyllis prepares to go in for an ultrasound, which Nick shows up for just in time. Jack is by his father's side as John passes away.moreless
    • Ep. #8449
      Ep. #8449
      Season 34 - Episode 97
      Brad is mad at Nick because he arranged a deal with the kidnappers and possibly put Sharon's life in danger. He explains to Victoria that the kidnappers don't want money. Suddenly, Brad finds a tortured J.T. delivered to his door. He explains the entire event to J.T. and asks him to cooperate and help them save Sharon. Both Victoria and Brad blame J.T. for what happened. If he hadn't been digging into Brad's past, none of this would have happened. Later, Brad receives a phone call from the mysterious person who warns him to give him what he wants or he'll start taking more people from his life. Nick suggests that Phyllis go to Arizona to make sure that she and the baby stay safe. Kevin and Jana bond. Lily talks to Devon about Daniel. Devon ends up attacking Daniel, but Neil stops them. Phyllis tells Neil she thinks Daniel and Lily can get over this. Lily reminisces about the past with Daniel. Daniel goes to the hideaway, but Lily walks away without a word. Dru and Neil continues fighting over Carmen.moreless
    • Ep. #8439
      Ep. #8439
      Season 34 - Episode 87
      Colleen brings J.T.'s documents to Paul, and he comes to the conclusion that the photograph of the baseball team is linked to the baseball bat that was used to murder the Kaplan family. Colleen fears Brad might have murdered the entire family. Then later, someone calls Colleen and she can only hear weird sounds. She figures out it's J.T. Sharon tells Brad about her divorce and then wishes to elope with Brad, but their conversation is interrupted by Victoria, who fires Sharon from Newman Cosmetics. Later, Jack wants Sharon to continue working for N.V.P. and is then surprised to learn that Sharon no longer works for Newman Enterprises. Jack thanks Brad for letting Sharon go, and Brad has no idea what's going on. Sharon talks to Dru, who then goes to visit Neil, but they end up in a fight. Jack advises Daniel to tell the truth to Lily about Alex. After talking to Lily, Dru realizes Neil was happier than ever before while she was gone.moreless
    • Ep. #8436
      Ep. #8436
      Season 34 - Episode 84
      Sharon and Nick argue over Nick's decision to stand by Sharon and Noah, and let Phyllis raise the baby on her own. Sharon realizes Nick only wants to be with her because of Noah, and then says she doesn't want to be in a charity case marriage. Sharon goes to her car and Brad comforts her there. They start kissing and ripping clothes off each other until they realize Nick is watching them. Jack tells Phyllis he really wanted the baby to be his. Phyllis informs Daniel about the test results. Alex demands $25,000 from Daniel and Kevin. Kevin asks Gloria for money, but she refuses to give him any until he explains the whole story to her about Alex and his attempts at blackmail. Then she refuses to give him the money. Daniel informs Jack about Alex. Neil teaches Carmen how to shoot hoops and then things start to heat up. Neil returns home to change and is about to leave to Carmen's place when suddenly Dru returns home early from her trip.moreless
    • Ep. #8435
      Ep. #8435
      Season 34 - Episode 83
      Colleen admits to her father that he is being investigated by Paul and J.T., but Brad continues to lie about his past. Nick informs Phyllis that the baby she's carrying is definitely his. They enter an elevator together and halt it to talk, but they only end up fighting. Phyllis decides to raise the baby by herself because Nick won't leave his family. Nick informs Sharon about the test results. Phyllis informs Jack about the results, and he walks out immediately. J.T. tells Paul that the investigation of Brad Carlton isn't as fast as he thought it'd be. Later, J.T. meets with Cindy, a woman from Brad's past, who confirms that the Brad we know is actually George Kaplan. Kevin asks Gloria to loan him ten thousand dollars and lies about why he needs it. He informs Daniel about the money and then meets with Alex. Alex gives him the tape, but then later says he made a copy and demands more money.moreless
    • Ep. #8429
      Ep. #8429
      Season 34 - Episode 77
      Colleen confronts Kevin about the note she found at her table, but he has nothing to do with it, and Jana confirms Kevin was her all night. Brad finally tells Victoria about his real identity, and Victoria is upset. Later, Brad learns J.T. hacked into his computer. Meanwhile, Paul tells J.T. that Brad knows they're researching him. J.T. gives him new information about Brad's army days and they both realize they must return to Cleveland to gather more information. Colleen gives J.T. the scary note and he promises to help her as soon as possible. They kiss. Carmen and Neil spend some time together. Dru calls home and tells she'll be coming home tomorrow. Carmen goes to the office and asks Victoria if she can expand Dru's trip. Nick rushes to the hospital and, after arguing with Sharon, goes to see Phyllis who admits she is worried about the baby. Nick tells Sharon he doesn't want Phyllis' baby to be his, and that the baby might be Jack's. Sharon is surprised to learn that both Michael and Lauren knew about Phyllis' condition.moreless
    • Ep. #8427
      Ep. #8427
      Season 34 - Episode 75
      Neil invites Carmen back to the apartment for dinner when he notices she's bogged down with work, offering to help her out. Victor's condition is worse. Brad realizes Paul was investigating him and wonders why would he do it. Phyllis lies to Sharon at Newman Enterprises so Nick could do a DNA test to determine who is the father of Phyllis' baby. Phyllis and Sharon leave to take care of the business, and during their small-talk conversation, the girls realize they're lost. The car suddenly takes a wrong turn and crashes.moreless
    • Ep. #8465
      Ep. #8465
      Season 34 - Episode 113
      Dru and Sharon commiserate about their troubles; Dru tells her about Malcolm and Lily, and Sharon tells her about being kidnapped. Daniel and Lily begin working their way toward reconciling and spend the day together, enjoying a romantic picnic lunch in the woods. Nick and Phyllis help Noah with a school project and decide to put off telling him about the baby until the next day. Dru and Sharon see Neil and Carmen together at the G.C.A.C. and assume they are on a date, not realizing that she started the night off with Jack.moreless
    • Ep. #8467
      Ep. #8467
      Season 34 - Episode 115
      John's vision appears to Jack twice, trying to convince Jack to do the right thing and admit that he pushed John into writing the will. Nick wants to tell Sharon that he and Phyllis are going to get married, but Noah beats him to the punch. John's spirit is angry with Jack, who refuses to come clean, after the judge honors the second will and rules that Gloria gets nothing. Sharon and Jack run into each other at the G.C.A.C. where they toast to John's memory, while a disapproving John looks on.moreless
    • Ep. #10026
      Ep. #10026
      Season 40 - Episode 157

      Genevieve asks Tucker for help in clearing her name, but instead he offers her money to disappear. Heather decides to leave town with Christine in order to clear her father's name. Jack and Billy argue over Billy's treachery. Phyllis is having a hard time dealing with Adam's presence at Newman. Chelsea wonders if Adam is hiding something from her. Victoria is kidnapped.

    • Ep. #8573
      Ep. #8573
      Season 34 - Episode 221
      Sheila contacts Paul via the walkie-talkie at the hospital and tells him he has five minutes to get Lauren there. Lauren wants to try to talking to Phyllis over the walkie talkie via her cell phone. Dru continues claiming that Carmen is stalking her. Daniel and Lily learn about Sheila's plastic surgery and the kidnapping. Sheila decides to make Phyllis look identical as her, so people won't know the difference.moreless
    • Ep. #8574
      Ep. #8574
      Season 34 - Episode 222
      Ji Min asks Sharon if she will model for the new Jabot ads. Colleen admits to Brad and Victoria that she solved the anagram with Adrian's help, then tells Adrian she wishes she could share her family's secret with him. Ji Min questions Jill about her background. Amber calls an immigration attorney after learning that Cane's visa is going to expire soon. Brad talks to Sharon about the Grugeon artifact.moreless
    • Ep. #8571
      Ep. #8571
      Season 34 - Episode 219
      Kevin accuses Korbel of being behind Jana's disappearance, but Colleen protects the professor. Lauren arrives to see Phyllis and Summer and finds Phyllis bound and gagged in the closet before Sheila pulls a gun on her. Colleen brings the translated code to Victor, Brad and Victoria. Jack works on setting Bodi up for Victor, but when Bodi starts talking about Victor he destroys the wire. Sheila ties Lauren up, then leaves the apartment with Phyllis and the two babies.moreless
    • Ep. #9929
      Ep. #9929
      Season 40 - Episode 60

      Ricky and Daisy attempt to figure out what Phyllis was doing with a rental car back in 1994, and Daisy seems to connect the dots. Phyllis complains to Lauren about Daisy and they both manage to figure out that Daisy was able to hear her cries for help and chose not to. Nick and Victor discuss the situation in the family, while Nikki and Sharon argue in jail over their complicated history.

    • Ep. #8479
      Ep. #8479
      Season 34 - Episode 127
      Gloria presents her idea for Perfume on the Glo to Jill and Kay, and they are both impressed with what she has accomplished in such a short amount of time. Carmen informs Neil about Dru breaking the law by approaching her at the club last night. Neil thanks Carmen for not reporting Dru, and she is surprised at how can Neil still stand by Dru's side. Neil takes Victor to the jazz club and tells him he thinks of buying the place. Victor agrees with his decision. Sharon informs Dru about leaving to the Caribbean with Jack. Dru attends her first therapy session with Dr. Lynch, and is forced to admit some of the mistakes she did. After the session, Dru tells Neil that it was all for nothing, and that she won't go to any session anymore. Ashley and Jack are surprised when Kay decides to let Gloria work on a project. Nick realizes that Jack and Sharon left to a romantic trip together.moreless
    • Ep. #8472
      Ep. #8472
      Season 34 - Episode 120
      After berating her for what she did, Neil sends Dru home. Jack and Sharon kiss, and Sharon wonders if Jack is doing this just to get back at Phyllis and Nick. Noah refuses to sleep at the tack house. Victor pulls a gun on Nikki when she comes home, surprising him, and she finally manages to talk him down. She calls an ambulance to get there as soon as possible, and informs Nick about what happened. Gloria stops William and Ashley from leaving, and then takes everyone to continue the party on the basketball court, where she dances with Will. Dru is also there, and she sees Neil and Carmen together. She starts destroying Carmen's stuff, and Carmen finds her. Neil follows Carmen and then he can't believe in what he sees. The family arrives at the hospital to check on Victor, who is having side-effects from a medication. He tries to leave the hospital and then struggles with Nick.moreless
    • Ep. #8487
      Ep. #8487
      Season 34 - Episode 135
      The doctors let Devon go home, where the Winters intend to get the program that could help them communicate with Devon. Neil tells Daniel that he considers him family. Kevin tries to start the program, but it fails. Jack tries to make another deal with Katherine to buy Jabot, but she refuses his offer. Michael has Kevin run a check on the corporations looking to buy Jabot, and tells Kay that House of Kim is clean. Gloria is stunned when Ashley wants to enter the next business perfume venture with her. Katherine decides to sell Jabot.moreless
    • Ep. #8471
      Ep. #8471
      Season 34 - Episode 119
      Jack brings Sharon flowers when he picks her up for the N.V.P. gala. Victor's paranoia gets worse. Jack and Ashley are furious to see Gloria at the party. Gloria makes sure Jack overhears her congratulating Phyllis on her engagement. Gloria, Jill and Ashley vie for Will Bardwell's attention. Dru makes a fool out of herself.moreless
    • Ep. #8469
      Ep. #8469
      Season 34 - Episode 117
      Nick sees Sharon and Jack kissing through the window and reports his upset to Phyllis. Sharon confesses in Dru about her kiss with Jack, and Dru warns her to be careful. Billy forms an alliance with Jack after Jill refuses to give him a cushy office job and insists he start in the mail room. Dru tells Lily that Neil is cheating on her with Carmen, then tries to cover for her words. Ashley asks Will to escort her to the N.V.P. Spa opening.moreless
    • Ep. #8426
      Ep. #8426
      Season 34 - Episode 74
      Michael asks Gloria about his biological father, Lowell, just in case he needs to tell his own family about him someday. Katherine is surprised to see Victor as a totally changed man, and Nikki shares her fears with her. Lauren isn't OK with Nick and Phyllis meeting at their place, because she hates to hide anything from Sharon. When Sharon visits her at the boutique, Lauren feels even worse when Sharon says she's thinking of having an another baby with Nick. Meanwhile, Nick and Phyllis meet at Michael's place and they talk about their baby. Nick tells Phyllis about Sharon's baby proposal.moreless
    • Ep. #9935
      Ep. #9935
      Season 40 - Episode 66

      Ashley wants help from Tucker. Daniel is the prime suspect for Daisy's disappearance, as more people learn about her disappearance, as well as Abby's 'kidnapping'. Carmine and Abby get closer.

    • Ep. #8317
      Ep. #8317
      Season 33 - Episode 218
      Victor offers his lawyers to help Nikki and Phyllis fight the injunction, but privately suggests to Nikki that she drop Phyllis as a partner. Colleen apologizes to Daniel for making a scene and tells him that she's prepared to give Kevin a chance. Jack sides with Ashley after Reese tells them that John is a good candidate for a heart attack. After a visit to the school with Victoria, Abby asks Brad if she can go back to class. Phyllis demands answers from Jack.moreless
    • Ep. #8315
      Ep. #8315
      Season 33 - Episode 216
      Michael asks John not to tell anyone he has his memory back until they can figure out what to do. Dru worries about Devon after Neil tells her what happened with Yolanda. Sharon calls Nick on his cell phone shortly after he and Phyllis finish making love. Victoria admits to Brad how badly she wants to tell the world about them.moreless
    • Ep. #8312
      Ep. #8312
      Season 33 - Episode 213
      Nikki assumes that Phyllis' cheerful demeanor is thanks to Jack. John continues to have more flashbacks of the night that Tom was shot. Devon talks to Sierra after Daniel tells him he's getting over Lily.
    • 2015/07/03
      Season 2015 - Episode 20150703
    • Ep. #8311
      Ep. #8311
      Season 33 - Episode 212
      Colleen talks to John, who welcomes her back to town and admits that he does agree that Kevin has changed for the better, as Kevin admits to Mac that he's worried that he isn't completely a better person. Yolanda decides to stay with her cousin in Seattle after everything that has happened and asks Devon to come with her, but he wants to stay with the Winters family. Victor is convinced that Ashley is hiding something, and later she blurts out that she shot Tom in self-defense.moreless
    • Ep. #8309
      Ep. #8309
      Season 33 - Episode 210
      After a 'family' dinner at G.C.A.C., Yolanda comes out of the shower wearing her robe, which she drops when she sees Neil. Phyllis and Nick take a ride around the ranch, and after returning to the stable, their talk about Cassie turns passionate. Mac tries to surprise J.T. with sexy lingerie, but Kevin is the one who gets the shock. Daniel admits to Jack that he hopes he and Phyllis can work things out. Colleen is surprised to learn that J.T. has moved in with Mac and they are dating.moreless
    • Ep. #8308
      Ep. #8308
      Season 33 - Episode 209
      Neil looks for answers from Yolanda after he learns she is seeking an advance on her paycheque, and she tells him she's trying to make things simpler at his home. He tells her she's welcome to stay until she earns the money for a new place. Jack tells his father that Phyllis quit her job over the wellness center, which John agrees might be an interesting, although costly, idea just as Gloria finds the papers in John's office and pumps Jill for information. Colleen and Daniel catch up at the coffeehouse, and Colleen is in the process of offering to call Lily's school and pretend to be her mom so that Daniel can talk to her when J.T. walks in. Sharon admits to Dru how hard it is to be away from home right now, especially in Denver.moreless
    • Ep. #8307
      Ep. #8307
      Season 33 - Episode 208
      Brad is shocked to open the door and find Colleen standing there. She says she came home to lend Ashley and Abby her support. Gloria panics after Jack tells her that John always had the key to the gun cabinet on him and rushes to the dry cleaners to get it back. Victoria tells J.T. about her engagement, but asks him to keep quiet for now. Phyllis explains to Nikki what Jack had been planning, and Nikki sees why Phyllis quit her job. Devon tells Yolanda he's thinking of going to that school in Boston. Phyllis breaks the news about Jack and her job to Daniel. Sierra wants to show Daniel the other letter from Lily.moreless
    • Ep. #8304
      Ep. #8304
      Season 33 - Episode 205
      An emotional Kevin has to identify Tom's body at the morgue and wishes he had just one good memory of his father. He is curious when he finds a safety deposit key in Tom's personal effects. A depressed Daniel gets an older kid to buy him som alcohol but pours it out after he runs into Nick who reminds him that he's on probation and the next day would have been Cassie's birthday. Lauren is thrilled to see that Michael has turned their apartment into a beach so that they can finish their interrupted honeymoon. Sharon and Nick agree not to make a big deal out of Cassie's birthday if Noah doesn't want to. Sierra wants to tell Daniel about the second letter from Lily despite Devon's reluctance.moreless
    • Ep. #8331
      Ep. #8331
      Season 33 - Episode 232
      Things could hit a snag for the wellness spas when Phyllis doesn't want to use Newman-only products but after Victor, Nikki, Nick and Victoria discuss the issue with her more, Phyllis agrees. Kevin is shocked when Mac confesses to him that she is pregnant, but promises to be there to support her no matter what. Colleen tells Lily about a guy who has been following her, knowing that J.T. is listening, and J.T. offers to keep an eye on her until they catch up to this guy. Brad rails at Ashley for what she put him and Abby through, and blames her for losing Victoria.moreless
    • Ep. #8336
      Ep. #8336
      Season 33 - Episode 237
      John and his family prepare to say goodbye as he is about to go off to jail. He has heartfelt goodbyes with everyone inculding Kevin who he asks to keep him informed about Gloria and what is going on with her and his family while he is in jail. J.T. plans a romantic night with Mac but leaves in the middle of it to support Colleen with her family troubles. While he is gone Mac is with Kevin when something starts to go wrong with the baby. Noah gets a concussion while at basketball practice and Daniel takes him to the hospital. Nick and Sharon are called right as Nick was about to tell her about his affair with Phyllis. At the hospital after finding out that Noah will be all right Sharon wants to know what Nick was talking about earlier at that same moment Phyllis walks in.moreless
    • Ep. #8337
      Ep. #8337
      Season 33 - Episode 238
      Victor comes to give John some advice about Gloria before he goes to jail. There is a trip down memory lane and a tearful goodbye with his friends and family before John leaves. John gives Gloria a sealed envelope to open when he is gone. Jack and Gloria continue to not get along. Kevin comforts Mac after she loses the baby while J.T. is supporting Colleen. Daniel is caught picking up Lily when they thought that the coast was clear. Dru threatens to send Lily back to boarding school and get a restraining order on Daniel. Phyllis is at the hospital with Nick and Sharon after Noah gets a concussion while playing basketball. Nick breaks things off with Phyllis, who is devastated.moreless
    • Ep. #8425
      Ep. #8425
      Season 34 - Episode 73
      Kevin's first day on a job turns into a nightmare when Jill gives him a deadline, but both Ashley and the J.T. refuse to help him log in. However, Kevin finished the task in time, and both Ashley and Jill are shocked. Devon, once again, witnesses a moment of closeness between Carmen and Neil and fears it might grow into something bigger. Phyllis informs Michael about telling the truth to Nick. Brad is surprised when Sharon says Nick and her are thinking of having an another baby. Sharon reluctantly agrees with Jack's suggestion that she and Phyllis go on a promotional tour together.moreless
    • Ep. #8418
      Ep. #8418
      Season 34 - Episode 66
      Both Nick and Phyllis are surprised to find each other on the same plane. During their conversation, Phyllis dreams of three ways to tell Nick about the baby she's carrying. Sharon talks to Brad, who claims that Nick is doing his best to get back his family. Kevin goes on an interview to Jill and Ashley, and later Jill visits him to tell him he's hired. Victor gives Nikki the shares of the company, but she takes this as a bad thing, but Victor explains he did this only to be able to spend more time with his family. Jack invites Carmen out for dinner, because he's celebrating now that Victor sold him his shares at N.V.P. Nikki arrives and confronts Jack about it. Jack offers Sharon a job as his spokesmodel, and after the video conference, Sharon accepts the offer.moreless
    • Ep. #8432
      Ep. #8432
      Season 34 - Episode 80
      Colleen and Lily hang out together at the loft, and Colleen is upset when she gets a phone call from a breather. In his office, Brad pulls a baseball card out of his briefcase and fingers it as he flashes back to dragging a body through the woods. Phyllis learns that Nick received the paternity results but when she goes to his office, it turns out that he's taken off. J.T. and Paul meet with Kara in Cleveland and think they have a lead on Brad's past. Sharon and Phyllis both receive message from Nick, who says he needs time to think.moreless
    • Ep. #9944
      Ep. #9944
      Season 40 - Episode 75

      Christine learns about what Phyllis did to Paul back in the past. Anita wants to reveal something important about Jeff. Michael lets Christine know that as far as the police is concerned the evidence proves Paul shot an unarmed Ricky. Paul tries to relieve Eden who still can't remember anything on the night Ricky threatened her life. Daniel and Phyllis further discuss the situation with Daisy's disappearance.

    • Ep. #8359
      Ep. #8359
      Season 34 - Episode 7
      Daniel and Dru agree that the only way she and Lily can get on with their relationship is for Lily to forgive Dru for not being honest about her paternity. Ashley announces to Jack, Gloria, Jill, and Kay that they must stop the production on the lotion. Nick tells Sharon he bonded with Phyllis only because he was looking for comfort after Cassie's death. He wants her to forgive him, but she says it's too late. Brad tells Victoria that he knows Victor hired J.T. to be around the office only so he could know what he's doing all the time, and Victoria tells him he shouldn't let her father win and try to pretend he doesn't care about Victor's games at all.moreless
    • Ep. #9998
      Ep. #9998
      Season 40 - Episode 129

      The Newmans grieve Victor's "death." Tucker proposes to Sharon.

    • Ep. #8344
      Ep. #8344
      Season 33 - Episode 245
      Mac finally comes right out and asks J.T. where he spent the previous night and he admits to her that he spent it with another woman, but says that it wasn't Colleen. Michael warns Gloria that sticking her nose into Jabot business may not be the best way to forge a relationship with John's children. Colleen is confronted by a frustrated Kevin, who wants to know why she keeps playing games with him.

    • Ep. #8342
      Ep. #8342
      Season 33 - Episode 243
      Gloria sees red when Jack tells her that no matter what John wanted, she is never going to be part of his family's company and heads to Kay looking for help. Mac and Kevin believe J.T. may have gone to Colleen after learning about Mac's miscarriage, and Mac wonders if he cheated on her. Brad is believes that Sharon is trying to come between him and Victoria.

    • Ep. #8341
      Ep. #8341
      Season 33 - Episode 242
      Neil is fit to be tied after Lily tells him that she is still with Daniel, and Dru supports her daughter. Daniel is upset after learning that Lily overheard Phyllis and Dru talking about her paternity. Sharon is shocked to learn J.T. and Victoria spent the night together.
    • Ep. #8572
      Ep. #8572
      Season 34 - Episode 220
      Sheila takes Phyllis, Fen and Summer to a retirement home where she passes Phyllis off as her daughter and the babies as twins. Jack decides to take down Senator Bodi and tells Victor about his plans. A clerk postpones Carmen's murder trial. Victor tells Nikki about his plan to bring down Jack. Kevin talks to Daniel about Jana's disappearance.moreless
    • Ep. #8609
      Ep. #8609
      Season 35 - Episode 5
      Amber helps Daniel enter a new adult website. Sharon catches Colleen and Korbel kissing when she comes downstairs, and then agrees to keep it quiet. She almost tells Jack about it at the office. Will suggests Katherine should hire an attorney. Cane tells Jill that her conversation with Ji Min was being taped. Kevin wants Colleen to go on a date with him, as a way to get back at J.T.moreless
    • Ep. #8606
      Ep. #8606
      Season 35 - Episode 2
      Emily Stewart arrives in Genoa City to look for Alison, and talks with Amber. Victor and David tell Jack that he's a shoo-in to win the Senate seat. Katherine tells Nikki that she's determined to make things right with Cane and Jill. Brad threatens Phyllis to make sure that Victoria never finds out about him and Sharon. Katherine tells Nikki that she should run against Jack in the Senate race and offers to give Nikki her first campaign contribution. Nikki then vows to beat Jack at his own game.moreless
    • Ep. #8603
      Ep. #8603
      Season 34 - Episode 251
      Sharon tells Dru the news that Jack proposed to her and that Phyllis is blackmailing her. Nikki is furious when Victor insists that she withdraw from the race for the seat on the board of directors. Cane wants an explanation on why Amber wants an annulment, Katherine and Jill then arrive and tell him that he is her son. David tells Jack that marrying Sharon is a bad idea and that he should rescind his proposal. Dru questions Sharon on whether or not she still loves Brad. Nikki and Neil are tied with two votes a piece and Victor votes for Neil and gets him a seat. Nikki later lashes out at Victor for voting against her. Neil offers to take everyone to Indigo to celebrate.moreless
    • Ep. #8356
      Ep. #8356
      Season 34 - Episode 4
      Victoria talks to J.T. about her talk with Victor. Mac and Kevin kiss. Gloria stuns them with her rash. Later, Gloria talks to Mac about Kevin. J.T. and Colleen flirt and they are about to kiss, but a visit by Mac interrupts them. Ashley and Jack talk about what to do now that the new moisturizer turned out into a complete disaster. Nikki and Phyllis both don't like the idea of Sharon being the N.V.P. Retreats spokesmodel. Sharon rents a room at the Genoa City motel and tells Nick it's time for them to celebrate their 10th anniversary. Phyllis realizes that Sharon knows about her affair with Nick.moreless
    • 2017/03/17
      Season 2017 - Episode 20170317
    • Ep. #8626
      Ep. #8626
      Season 35 - Episode 22
      Nick learns from Victoria that while engaged to Brad, he slept with Sharon while she was still married to her brother. Nikki tells Victor after he thinks she's dropping out of the race that she is in this to win. Victor is stunned when Jack repaid the loan of 250 million dollars back to him. Sharon stuns Brad by saying that she and Jack got married last night. Katherine gives Cane a proposition to overlook the construction of Clear Springs but he refuses the job. Nick lashes out at Brad for hurting his sister the way he did. J.T. tries to console Victoria which resorts to them having sex. Sharon stuns Jack by saying that she slept with Brad one time.moreless
    • Ep. #8596
      Ep. #8596
      Season 34 - Episode 244
      Colleen meets with Dean LaMont and lies to her about her relationship with Adrian, hoping to salvage his career. Daniel checks out Ambers x-rated web page and lies to Lily and says he has homework to finish. Sharon tells Brad that Jack wants to take her to the hotel where they slept together. Phyllis then overhears Brad and Sharon discussing their affair at the Gina's.moreless
    • Ep. #8591
      Ep. #8591
      Season 34 - Episode 239
      J.T. learns from Michael that Kevin was innocent all along and Kevin is rushed to the hospital. Jill tells Cane that she is his birth mother as Amber overhears, Cane then tells her that since he is a U.S. citizen he and her don't need to be married. Brad tries to apologize to Kevin but he doesn't want to hear it. Maggie places J.T. under arrest for assaulting Kevin. Jana calls Kevin from his hospital room apologizing, but Kevin threatens to kill her when he finds her.moreless
    • Ep. #8610
      Ep. #8610
      Season 35 - Episode 6
      Victor tells David to make sure that Jack gets elected and not to discredit Nikki. Sharon breaks Colleen's confidence and tells Brad that she saw Colleen and Korbel kissing. Brad tells Colleen that pretending to dating Korbel will have dire consequences. Dru proposes that Sharon makes Phyllis think that she is still in love with Nick.moreless
    • Ep. #8608
      Ep. #8608
      Season 35 - Episode 4
      David tells Jack that he's going to need something to discredit Nikki the race. Colleen has no choice but to serve both J.T. and Korbel at the Athletic Club. Nikki and Victoria each discuss strategy. Victor tells David and Jack not to underestimate her. Lily nearly sees Daniel on the Strangersbynight website, so Daniel makes sure that Lily can't access it by storing it on a flash drive. Korbel learns that J.T. is taking a forensics class at G.C.U.moreless
    • Ep. #8607
      Ep. #8607
      Season 35 - Episode 3
      Amber and Cane's wedding party is underway at the Athletic Club. Jill tells Katherine it's probably a good idea that she doesn't attend the party. Jack learns that Nikki running against him. Amber tries to persuade Katherine to come to the party. J.T. keeps a close eye on Colleen and Korbel at the party. Amber is thrilled that Katherine changed her mind about coming. Jill then gets the DNA test back which proves that Cane is her son. Victor is irate when he learns that Nikki is running for the State Senate and tells her to withdraw her candidacy.moreless
    • Ep. #8605
      Ep. #8605
      Season 35 - Episode 1
      Kevin and Gloria find something disturbing in Ji Min's e-mails even though Gloria promised Michael she wouldn't snoop. Brad returns and settles things with Victoria by saying that they should have a fresh start. John's ghost visits Jack about his engagement to Sharon. Daniel tries to cover when Lily, Colleen and Devon see that e-mails from a sex site are in his inbox. Colleen lies to Lily, telling her that she and Adrian are through. Daniel goes down to his computer and registers by using his credit card.moreless
    • Ep. #7739
      Ep. #7739
      Season 31 - Episode 145
      Sharon walks in on Nick and Victoria going over the files and questions Nick and Victoria about what they are doing. When they refuse to give her an answer, she leaves, furious. After making love, Raul and Brittany decide that they will always lust after one another but that because they cannot agree on Brittany's job, they can never be together. Lily warns Kevin to leave because he is the prime suspect. Kevin refuses to go, insisting that he does not need to run, because he had nothing to do with the fire. Sierra catches Kevin and Lily in the alley and screams. Detective Weber questions Kevin about his whereabouts that evening. After questioning, Kevin is let off and he returns to his apartment, glorious over the fact that he got away with arson. A nervous-wrecked Brad again pleads with the official to try to find Colleen and seeing his opportunity, J.T. sneaks past the fire marshals, grabs a flashlight and enters what used to be Gina's place. Desperately, J.T. calls out to Colleen and breaks down when he finds Colleen's locket that he gave to her amongst the ashes. He reflects back to when Colleen told him to "Hold her heart" and goes ballistic, afraid that Colleen has symbolically given her heart back to him again. J.T. tears through the place wailing Colleen's name when all of a sudden, he hears a slight thumping and hears a weak "J.T." being called from a charred refrigerator door. J.T. tears down the door and finds a semi-conscious Colleen. J.T. lifts her up and carries her outside screaming "I've got her! I've got her!". He is met by Brad the paramedics load her onto an ambulance. The last scene shows Brad pulling J.T. into an emotional bear hug.moreless
    • Ep. #8978
      Ep. #8978
      Season 36 - Episode 120
      Upon finding out that Chloe lied, Lily tells Cane that they should have a future together. Katherine advises Chloe to leave Cane, but Chloe wants to make it work. Amber shows up at the Chancellor mansions and she breaks down crying about her relationship with Daniel. Kay urges her to stop playing games with Daniel. Colleen tries to get herself invited to Daniel's showing but he carefully refuses. Heather and Jill meet up with an FBI agent. Jill offers to give them the full story on the link between Brad and David and in exchange wants the FBI to convince the SEC to stop the investigation against her. Chloe is jealous to see Cane with Lily. Colleen questions Lily about a possible relationship with Daniel, and Lily makes it clear that it doesn't bother her. Brad is confronted by the FBI agent and handcuffed. Michael and Kevin meet up with a SEC agent to resolve the issue on the Jabot files that are missing. Katherine is freaked out when Cane and Chloe return to the mansion and continue playing games when Chloe brings Rocco, a new boyfriend, to the mansion. Amber lays out her feelings to Daniel and prepares to walk off when Daniel stops her and they decide to try to be together again. Cane calls Lily over to the mansion, where Kay demands that Cane and Chloe finally face the facts. Michael is surprised when River shows up at his doorstep.moreless
    • Ep. #8824
      Ep. #8824
      Season 35 - Episode 221
      Paul and Heather discuss about the Ji Min murder case. Amber and Daniel catch up on recent events. Phyllis makes fun of Daniel's hairdo. Victor and Neil discuss about replacing Nick at Newman. Heather tries to get Elroy to let her work on the case again, but he refuses the idea. As Daniel tries to comfort Heather, Jana thinks that Amber is jealous while watching them. Gloria and Kevin continue plotting against Jeff. Nick assures Jack that he won't return to Newman. Victor thinks that the new business venture that Nick is joining is going to be a bust. Jeffrey and Gloria get a newspaper reporter to take shots of the entire Abbott mansion. Maggie serves Jack with a warrant to search the premises. Daniel decides to throw a party to cheer Heather up. Victor receives a call from Hope. J.T. invites Nick and Phyllis to the wedding.moreless
    • Ep. #8742
      Ep. #8742
      Season 35 - Episode 138
      Lily calls Colleen for advice about Cane. David tells Nikki that Victor bought into the mineral drilling at Clear Springs. Amber asks Kevin if someone can cover her shift to cover for her, so she calls Daniel and says that she is free. Nikki confronts Victor about his deception regarding Clear Springs. Victoria doesn't know what to say when she gets a text message from J.T. asking her to marry him. Victor and Nikki agree to divorce. Lily, Colleen, Cane, Amber and Daniel all end up having dinner at the Athletic Club. Victoria says yes to J.T.'s proposal.moreless
    • Ep. #9135
      Ep. #9135
      Season 37 - Episode 26
      Kay and her friends prepare for the wedding. Billy promises to RSVP in both his and Chloe's name, but it looks like he has different plans. Jill tells Cane that she has no intention of going to Kay's wedding. Heather learns that Paul brought Annie and Roger to the police station, where Michael questions them about the time Clint was holding Kevin hostage. Billy tells Mac that he's coming to the wedding all by himself. Esther learns that Chloe is sick and calls her. Chloe learns that Billy intended to go to the wedding alone. Nikki tells Paul that she'll find a way to convince Jill to attend the wedding. Jill doesn't trust Nikki. Murphy attempts to see Kay, but Amber stops him. Cane hires Mac at Jimmy's. Michael learns that Kevin's gun wasn't loaded with bullets and uses it to his advantage. Esther goes to the police station to confront Roger for one last time. Brock arrives in Genoa City and Kay is happy that her entire family is now with her.moreless
    • Ep. #9022
      Ep. #9022
      Season 36 - Episode 164
      Adam tries to get Heather to get him out of a meeting with the FBI, but Heather won't do it. Adam meets with Agent Dillon, and he's stunned when he sees Frank Ellis arriving arrested nearby. Jack and Phyllis separately arrive to give their condolences to Esther. Jack tries to stop Phyllis to ask her about Nick and Sharon being in Paris together, but she just gives a short comment and leaves. Victor asks Ashley to stay with him in Paris, but she's keen on going to Genoa City and she asks him to come with her. Tyra and Gil begin dating. Karen and Neil discuss about life after hearing of Kay's death. Neil proposes to Karen and she accepts. Daniel tries to comfort Amber, who's heartbroken over Kay's death. Nikki and Jill spar while making arrangements for Kay's funeral. Jack visits Phyllis at the tack house and questions her about Sharon and Nick looking more chummy lately, but she disses the idea and he leaves. Phyllis finally freaks out and goes ballistic. Adam and Jack realize that Frank Ellis was brought to the FBI on a different charge. Paul supports Heather getting engaged. Nick arrives home and takes Phyllis in an embrace. Nikki takes some time to talk to "Kay" in a casket. Jill freaks out when she hears of Amber's idea to publish Kay's memoirs. Victor appears at Ashley's doorstep just as she finishes packing.moreless
    • Ep. #8813
      Ep. #8813
      Season 35 - Episode 210
      Sharon and Jack enjoy their getaway at the Bahamas, and they make love, followed by an agreement to start over. Amber manages to convince Daniel to pose as "Marina"'s assistant on an interview. Nikki and Victor separately imagine apologizing to one another, but when they snap back to reality, they have to face the drama in the courtroom. They both make statements and the judge rules that Nikki will keep the lifestyle that she got accustomed to, and that Victor is now the owner of NVP as a repayment for the loan. Katherine and Jill catch Cane and Lily making out on the sofa, and they both have different ways of comparing her to Cane's ex lover Amber. Cane and Lily meet "Marina" and Daniel during the interview, and Amber does her best to keep the new identity safe.moreless
    • Ep. #9137
      Ep. #9137
      Season 37 - Episode 28
      As the ceremony begins, Nina ties up Jill and puts her in a closet to prevent her from disturbing others, but Lauren releases Jill who angrily confronts Nina. Paul meets Mary Jane and is surprised at how familiar she seems. Jill calms down and the ceremony finally proceeds. Kay and Murphy are pronounced husband and wife. Jack questions Mary Jane about her talk with Victor and she says she was excited to meet a man with such a reputation. She feigns a headache and leaves. Kay tells Michael that she intends to talk to governor about granting amnesty for Kevin and Amber. Victor is stunned when Neil informs him about getting hired as a CEO at Chancellor. He asks Kay why she didn't ask him about it first, but Kay laughs off Victor's question and instead talks to him about how unfair he was to Nikki. Ashley tells Nikki that she knows she didn't have anything to do with planting Sabrina's things at the ranch. Billy accuses Cane of buying Jimmy's to get back at him for losing Delia, but Cane says it wasn't about that at all. Jill makes her way back to the party where she antagonizes a few people before Cane and Billy take her away from the mansion. Amber and Chloe bond over disliking Mac. Victor asks Nikki to dance and apologizes for accusing her of gaslighting Ashley. Nikki catches Kay's bouquet and happily laughs about it with Paul, while a concerned Victor watches. Jill ends up between the sheets with a young bartender. Jack visits Mary Jane and they also end up in bed. Murphy and Kay retire to the bedroom. Billy kisses Mac in the garden but she slaps him. Chloe witnesses the moment, but chooses to be peaceful and decides to take her husband home.moreless
    • Ep. #8848
      Ep. #8848
      Season 35 - Episode 245
      Phyllis and Nick give Nikki a tour of the warehouse. Adam attends a dinner party with Nikki, David, Phyllis, Nick, Victoria and J.T., and they all question him about his past. After a bit of a workout at the gym, Victor and Sabrina go to the Club, but Victor quickly loses his appetite when he sees the party of seven. Adam wants to know how Phyllis and Nick met, but they carefully avoid having to answer that question. Amber tells Kevin that Daniel and her are now dating. Daniel confronts Amber about the stolen money. Heather tells Daniel that their date went well, but that he didn't seem like he was quite there. Amber begs Daniel not to tell Heather about the money he found.moreless
    • Ep. #8825
      Ep. #8825
      Season 35 - Episode 222
      Doctor Walters checks up on Katherine. Cane is surprised when Amber visits Kay again. Nick wants to invite Sharon and Jack to the wedding too, and he asks his mother not to worry if Victor will be uncomfortable by Jack's presence. Gloria is surprised when the police don't find any evidence that links Jack to Ji Min's murder. Sharon wants Jack to let her move Noah out of the mansion because the presence of the police seems too much for him. Jill introduces Chloe, a fashion coordinator, to Lily. Paul agrees to be J.T.'s best man. Jack accuses Victor of being threatened by Jack's friendship with Nick. Gloria tries to get Noah to believe that Jack is a bad man, and Sharon immediately warns Gloria to leave her son alone. Victor promises to Victoria that he'll be on his best behavior during the wedding. Victor offers Neil a co-CEO position at the Newman Enterprises, and then informs Neil about leaving Genoa City after the wedding. Jeffrey and Gloria play loud Korean music in the mansion, and Sharon and Jack end up leaving the mansion, which leaves Gloria surprised.moreless
    • Ep. #8845
      Ep. #8845
      Season 35 - Episode 242
      Over the phone, Phyllis informs Nick about the power outage and how Adam came to announce that the Beauty of Nature will advertise in their magazine. Sharon questions Nick about Victor and Adam. Adam confides in Phyllis that he still doesn't care about his new-found father. Phyllis accuses Adam of being jealous of Nick. Later, Nick thanks Adam for his help with the magazine. Jack eavesdrops on a private conversation between Gloria and Jeffrey, and he realizes that their marriage is a total scam. Kevin tells Daniel that it seems like he's in love with Amber, but Daniel denies it, although Kevin doesn't believe him. Daniel visits Amber and they flirt a bit, and then end up having sex. Later, Daniel finds a stash of cash in the apartment. Kevin is shocked when Gloria suggests killing Jeffrey and framing Jack for the murder, and Jana overhears the comment and immediately advises Gloria not to do it. Kevin refuses to help his mother. Gloria is then shocked when Jeffrey claims that he wants to win her over the normal way and then tells her he'll divorce her.moreless
    • Ep. #8971
      Ep. #8971
      Season 36 - Episode 113
      Katherine, Jill and Cane are shocked as Esther welcomes Chloe into the Chancellor home. Chloe explains why she didn't want anyone to know she was in town, but both Cane and Jill suspect that Chloe was targeting their family since she first came to Genoa City. Victoria is surprised when the letter from Victor turns out to be quite sweet. Nick reads his letter and learns that Victor still thinks he's quite similar to him. He ends up in tears after reading that Victor knows he wasn't a good father, but that he thinks Nick has been a great father to his kids. Sharon and Noah show up with Noah wishing to go to public school, but Nick refuses to accept that idea. Nikki desperately tries to convince Victor to return back home, but he refuses. He insults her in every possible way, but Nikki still keeps trying to make him come back. Adam throws his letter from Victor into the trash before reading all of it, and Heather tries to pick it up, but Adam roughly orders her to leave it alone. Heather ends up reading the letter anyway, and she tries to convince Adam to get along with Victoria and Nick, but Adam isn't ready to share his fortune with anyone else beside Heather. Jill makes it clear to Cane that he needs to do everything to get rid of Chloe. Esther happily hugs Jill saying that they will be grandmothers. Back at home, Cane goes ballistic on Chloe.moreless
    • Ep. #8588
      Ep. #8588
      Season 34 - Episode 236
      Brad is hurt by what's happening to Colleen, so he seeks comfort in Sharon's arms. Victoria is upset that Brad doesn't want to talk about it with her. Adrian tells Colleen that he loves her, but she can't hear him. Kevin is being charged with Carmen’s murder, while Devon is finally free of all accusations. In a moment of desperation, Dru throws a camera against the wall, and the camera hits Lily. After that, Dru checks into the psychiatric ward. Meanwhile, Neil runs into Carmen.moreless
    • Ep. #6342
      Ep. #6342
      Season 26 - Episode 2
      Victor continues reminiscing about the past with Nikki. The family prays for Nikki's health, as Nikki finally opens her eyes. Katherine is shocked to learn about Nikki being shot. Veronica decides to come back to Genoa City as the real Veronica, and put her past as "Sarah" behind. Philip and Ryan are spending quality time together until Tricia arrives to move in with Ryan. Neil confronts Olivia about her earlier conversation with Dru. Dru confides in Malcolm about missing her modeling career, but Malcolm warns her to think twice before doing whatever she intends to do.moreless
    • Ep. #8339
      Ep. #8339
      Season 33 - Episode 240
      Neil warns Brad to be careful about Colleen dating Daniel. Jill and Jack talk about strategies on how to deal with Gloria as part of Jabot. Kevin comforts Mac after her falling out with J.T. about not telling him about the baby. Meanwhile J.T. and Victoria hook up at the athletic club and start drinking together. J.T. ends up going home with Victoria and things start heating up with the more that they drink. Jack and Phyllis reconnect as they talk about their latest problems. Phyllis ends up sleeping with Jack. While she is there and alone she starts to think about Nick and cries. Lily confronts her mother about Malcolm being her real father. Neil comes in and wants to know what is going on between them.moreless
    • Ep. #8301
      Ep. #8301
      Season 33 - Episode 202
      Scott is shocked to find Sheila waiting for him, and initially pretends he doesn't know about what she did. Sheila knows he betrayed her, though, and holds a knife to his throat. Luckily for Scott, Hawkins bursts in and arrests Sheila in the nick of time. Scott then shares a touching reunion with Lauren and Michael. Abby wakes up from a nightmare, prompting Brad to call Ashley. When Ashley arrives, Abby wants to know if her mother really did shoot Tom. Dru and Neil are thrilled to learn that Devon won a full scholarship to the University of Boston, but he surprises them when he runs out after telling them he didn't want them to know. John is determined to remember what happened to him.moreless
    • Ep. #8297
      Ep. #8297
      Season 33 - Episode 198
      Neil pushes Devon into giving Daniel a letter from Lily where she breaks up with him, but Devon admits to Yolanda that Lily gave him a second letter stating that the first letter was a fake. Ashley is touched when Victor promises her that he'll be there for her if she needs him. Michael takes Ashley's case off of Christine's hands, telling her that there's information she doesn't need to know. Lauren and Sheila nearly bond as Sheila tells Lauren about her difficult childhood.moreless
    • Ep. #8728
      Ep. #8728
      Season 35 - Episode 124
      Paul fires J.T. after seeing him at Indigo with Victoria instead of being on a stakeout and doing his job. Jana tells Kevin that she decides to give up her will for freedom. Daniel refuses to crash Lily's divorce party. Jill thanks Amber for rescuing her from the steam room. Daniel and Amber go to the party and they see Cane and Lily kissing.moreless
    • Ep. #8611
      Ep. #8611
      Season 35 - Episode 7
      Michael tells Katherine that he will represent her if her case goes to trial. Dru and Neil are glad that the whole "Carmen Mesta" fiasco didn't affect Lily and Devon's grades. Daniel tells Lily that he is failing big time. Jack tells Sharon that Nikki can't go on the shoot and Phyllis will go instead. Michael goes to Cane and tries to convince him to tell the D.A not to prosecute Katherine, Amber then tells Cane a "story" to help change his mind. Cane then decides to punish his grandmother, but Jill says that she should be punished. William Bardwell tells a devastated Jill that he is not pressing charges against her mother. Jack offers to pay for Colleen's tuition after learning that Brad cut her off financially. Lily discovers the porn sites on Daniel's computer.moreless
    • Ep. #6348
      Ep. #6348
      Season 26 - Episode 8
      As Nikki recovers in the hospital after being shot, Victor arranges to have them married, with their son Nick and her sister Casey in attendance. Diane is surprised when Victor informs her about the marriage. Miguel spots a beautiful woman at a bar, who turns out to be Veronica. Tony comforts Sharon and kisses her. Ryan surprises Nina with a gift. Cole also visits Nina and thinks of Nikki's shooting as a good theme for a book.moreless
    • Ep. #8371
      Ep. #8371
      Season 34 - Episode 19
      Nick is devastated when Sharon takes Noah and leaves for Paris as planned and calls Phyllis looking for solace, but she has to go because Jack is there. Neil is furious after Brad offers him to work with him on the Granville deal after he stole it away from him. Brad wants Victoria to make it look like she didn't give him a new position because he is her fiancé. Victor tells Victoria he hopes that her love for Brad isn't making her do stuff she usually wouldn't. J.T. tells Paul about investigating Brad by Victor's wishes and then Paul gives him the files he collected about Brad while he was researching Brad's past for Jack years ago. Victor is angry to learn that J.T. didn't find any new info on Brad.moreless
    • Ep. #8624
      Ep. #8624
      Season 35 - Episode 20
      Lily tells Neil that Daniel has been visiting a swingers porn website and feels that Daniel doesn't love her anymore. Daniel thinks about taking Amber's advice on getting Lily gifts. Nick tells Sharon that Noah is making sure that none of his parents will leave. Cane agrees to help Amber bring Lily and Daniel together again. Neil arranges an A.A. meeting which pleases Lily very much. Amber still leaves Cane in the dark about her past in L.A. After having a bad dream about Abby, Jack calls Ashley in L.A. and lets Noah talk to Abby. J.T. calls and says that he found out something about Brad and Sharon. Cane tells Lily that he was the one who gave Daniel that porn site idea. Jack tells Sharon that he doesn't want to wait to get married and wants to elope.moreless
    • Ep. #8321
      Ep. #8321
      Season 33 - Episode 222
      Paul and John meet in the hospital to discuss how Paul can help prove John shot Tom. Paul is hesitant because he has never had to prove a client guilty. Paul discovers that there might be some evidence on John because Tom fell into John when he was shot. Victoria and Brad announce their engagement to Ashley who takes it rather well and gives them her blessing to go public. Ashley gets talked into an interview with reporter Leanna Love who promises to show Ashley's side of the story but in the end turns against her and Brad and suggests that Ashley could be a cold blooded killer. Victor tells Victoria that she and Brad are moving too quickly and tries to convince her to postpone announcing their engagement. When Lauren finds out how Michael was involved with Tom's drug charges she thinks that Ashley is paying that price for his hatred of his step-father. Michael learns from Will Bardwell that Ashley's finger prints are on the drug bags found on Tom's motorcycle. Sharon is going on a business trip and questions Nick about what he will be doing while she is gone. Phyllis runs into Nick and Sharon in the hallway on Sharon's way out. After she leaves Phyllis tells Nick about Victor becoming the new business partner of her and Nikki on the spa project. They agree to meet at the hotel later. It's Devon's 18th birthday and Neil and Dru surprise him by having Lily home (and wrapped in a box). She will stay a few days for his birthday. After Neil and Dru leave Lily pressures him about Daniel and the second letter which he never admits to not giving to him.moreless
    • Ep. #8347
      Ep. #8347
      Season 33 - Episode 248
      Nick stops by Phyllis' to leave a basketball for Daniel. He's not there, and he and Phyllis end up making love in the living room. They both agree that it's the last time, but are shocked when Daniel walks in on them.
    • Ep. #8334
      Ep. #8334
      Season 33 - Episode 235
      John's family and friends testify as to the type of person that John is, then John gives his own speech to the courts. Nick and Phyllis head in to stay at a motel once the weather starts getting bad, as Sharon discovers the S.U.V. that Nick got her for their anniversary. Devon tries to probe Lily to find out if she has any feelings for him and invites her to a movie, but is later hurt to see her with Daniel. Everyone is shocked when the judge sentences John to seven years in prison.moreless
    • Ep. #8366
      Ep. #8366
      Season 34 - Episode 14
      Lily and Daniel are ecstatic about their first day at work. Neil stops by the boutique to thank Lauren for giving Lily the job there and is surprised to learn that she did it at Dru's request. Michael is happy to learn that Lauren is pregnant. He thinks of it as a chance to correct all the wrong he did in his life. Kevin accidentally blurts out in front of Michael that Gloria mixed the solvent with the Jabot cream. Daniel tells Phyllis he wishes he had never found out about her sleeping with Nick. Victor overhears the conversation.moreless
    • Ep. #8330
      Ep. #8330
      Season 33 - Episode 231
      Lily agrees to help Colleen snag J.T.'s attention. Mac tries to tell J.T. about the baby but loses her nerve when he tells her about John. Gloria is horrified when Jack wants to hire a new lawyer because he doesn't trust Michael but Kevin tells her not to rock the boat. Brad is shocked when Victoria tells him that John has been arrested because it means Ashley lied to him and Abby. Jill tells the Abbotts that stores are yanking Jabots products and replacing them with Newmans.moreless
    • Ep. #8370
      Ep. #8370
      Season 34 - Episode 18
      Gloria lies to Lauren about the reason why she and Michael were arguing. Michael gets Paul to do a little digging into Will Bardwell's evidence and warns Gloria that a Jabot security guard saw her in the lab that night. Nikki is angry after Victor pulled all of their funding from N.V.P. only because Phyllis. Phyllis informs Jack about Victor's move. Nick wants Victor to keep funding N.V.P., and after Jack confronts Victor, Phyllis wants Jack to give her a job at Jabot. Phyllis informs Victor about leaving the company. Although Phyllis no longer works near him, Sharon tells Nick she still wants the divorce.moreless
    • Ep. #8797
      Ep. #8797
      Season 35 - Episode 194
      Daniel tries to make Amber realize that Cane isn't interested in her, but she can't resist herself. Jack wants to show Sharon that he can change during their dinner, but she walks away. Nick confides in Phyllis about having hard time dealing with his father's behavior. Victor wants Paul to prove that Victor didn't kill Ji Min, but Paul refuses to do the job, but Paul suggests Victor should just let Maggie do her job. Nick advises Jack to give Sharon some space. Heather isn't ready to have a talk with Paul yet. Sharon seeks advice from Brad. Victor angrily confronts Nikki about the lawsuit against him. David asks Nikki to marry him.moreless
    • Ep. #8328
      Ep. #8328
      Season 33 - Episode 229
      Gloria steals John’s jacket that is being D.N.A. tested at the lab. When John comes into the living room he discovers Gloria burning the coat in the fire place and pulls small remaining pieces out. Paul and Ashley get closer as he reassures her that she is doing the right thing about her father and the murder case. Phyllis comforts Jack as he is upset about the recent situation with his family. When Nick sees them close together he becomes jealous. Back at the office Nick and Phyllis have a heated discussion about their situation and Neil can hear them arguing in the hallway and comes into the office in the middle of it. Colleen and Gina continue to cover for Lily and Daniel as they spend time alone together at the G.C.A.C. They do have a close call though when Dru comes in looking for Lily. Daniel and Colleen have to kiss in front of Dru to try and cover up as Lily hides out. Colleen questions J.T. about being such a different person from when she knew him. Kevin comforts Mac because she doesn’t feel well. Mac buys a pregnancy test.moreless
    • Ep. #7958
      Ep. #7958
      Season 32 - Episode 111
    • Ep. #8567
      Ep. #8567
      Season 34 - Episode 215
      Paul has a nightmare about Sheila attacking him. Victoria warns Colleen that her relationship with Adrian could jeopardise her family's safety. Michael is distracted with Sheila's existence as Devon's trial approaches. Sheila convinces Maggie to get the key to set her free.
    • Ep. #8705
      Ep. #8705
      Season 35 - Episode 101
      Cane tells Nikki that he is stopping the construction on Clear Springs. Nick and Sharon kiss while still being trapped in the vault. Lily asks Devon to help her find a date. Victoria is furious with Victor for the way he treated Nikki. Sharon and Nick are freed. Devon's feelings for Lily continue to grow as he makes plans for him and her, but he is devastated when he learns that she already has a date. Michael gets a phone call saying that the verdict is in.moreless
    • Ep. #8556
      Ep. #8556
      Season 34 - Episode 204
      Lily and Colleen talk about David's accusations towards Dru. Amber finds Korbel's drawing of Colleen. Sharon and Dru call Maggie to check out Dru's apartment after someone destroyed Dru's clothes. Lauren calls Michael on the phone while he's in the same room with Paul and Sheila, but Michael pretends to be in a store. David shows up at Dru's door, and when Dru answers she refuses to cop to Carmen's murder. Amber meets with the online guy, Cane. Paul goes out on a date with Maggie.moreless
    • Ep. #8505
      Ep. #8505
      Season 34 - Episode 153
      Devon is happy to see that Dru and Neil have brought a sign language interpreter in so that he can enjoy Aaron Neville's performance even though he can't hear it.
    • Ep. #8602
      Ep. #8602
      Season 34 - Episode 250
      Colleen continues to have a "relationship" with Rocky. Jill and Katherine prepare to say goodbye to Cane as he leaves for Australia. Amber tells Daniel that she doesn't want to leave Genoa City. Kevin is irate when Michael tells him that the assault charges against J.T. where dropped. Katherine recognizes a picture of Violet Montgomery holding Cane as a baby and her ring on her finger, she immediately tells Jill that Cane could be her son after all. Michael stops Kevin from hitting J.T. over the head with a wine bottle.moreless
    • Ep. #8647
      Ep. #8647
      Season 35 - Episode 43
      Lauren overhears Gloria and Evan on the baby monitor and learns that Evan is pretending to be her boyfriend to make William jealous. Adrian says that Victoria input is important for his book. Victoria then tells Brad that Adrian is writing a book about the treasure that was found in Kutna Hora. Brad learns from Neil that Devon will head his first major project at Newman which Brad doesn't approve of. Colleen learns from Kevin that J.T. was investigating Brad under Victoria's request. Victoria tells J.T. that Colleen and Adrian are still together. J.T. and Adrian have a intense rematch on the basketball court. Jill wants to know why she is buying back Jabot from Jack and to let Ji Min stay where he is. Michael tells Jack that he is representing Katherine to make sure that she doesn't get screwed. Katherine tells Jill that she is the owner of Jabot Cosmetics and that Ji Min is out. Colleen blasts her father for cheating on Victoria and for criticizing her relationship with Adrian.moreless
    • Ep. #6383
      Ep. #6383
      Season 26 - Episode 43
      In the entire episode, Christine reminisces about her past with both Danny and Paul, and has decided to finally choose between the two men, and then give them the news about her decision.
    • Ep. #8568
      Ep. #8568
      Season 34 - Episode 216
      Amber uses Daniel as a roundabout to get a date with Cane. Jill is devastated to learn that the man she raised as Phillip wasn't her biological son. Jack and Victor continue to scheme against Bodi. Brad is upset when he finds out about Colleen and Adrian's relationship.
    • Ep. #8646
      Ep. #8646
      Season 35 - Episode 42
      Victor presents Nikki a gift that she will be in charge of NVP. Nikki tells Victoria and Brad that she'll be running NVP. J.T. almost sees Kevin going through his e-mail. Jill asks Ji Min to be honest about his feelings. Phyllis tells Michael that she could be out of a job, after learning that Jack sold NVP to Victor who gave it to Nikki to run. Karen and David tell Nikki that buying Jack's company is a political liability and that Victor should be the acting President for the time being. Nikki tells Phyllis that she plans to make her leave from the company permanent. Victoria tells Nikki that she lost the baby before the plane crash. William asks Gloria to meet him at Crimson Lights and tells her that Evan isn't who he says he is. Ji Min confesses to Jill that Jack bought The House of Kim and that he owned Jabot and that Katherine told him to leave town without her. Victor tells Nikki that he is leaving Genoa City to look for Victor, Jr.moreless
    • Ep. #8586
      Ep. #8586
      Season 34 - Episode 234
      Lauren and Kevin talk about Jana. Phyllis is upset that Nick gave Sharon a gift to commemorate what would have been their wedding anniversary. Kevin is arrested for the attempted murder of Colleen. Brad punches Kevin.
    • Ep. #8830
      Ep. #8830
      Season 35 - Episode 227
      Hope explains to Vic how she kept his paternity a secret and that Victor stayed away only because she asked him to. Jack tells Sharon that there might be a way to get Gloria out of the mansion. Neil and Karen join Cane and Lily at Indigo. Cane gives Neil a gift. Neil and Cane tell stories from the past, and Neil admits to Karen that he's enjoying getting to know Cane. Gloria warns Kevin not to side with Jeffrey or she'll disown him. She goes home and takes another cup of poison. Jack and Sharon surprise Jeff and Gloria by announcing the new rules of the house. Jana is surprised to learn that Amber is moving out of the apartment. Vic refuses to have any contact with Victor. Hope begs Vic to give Victor a chance.moreless
    • Ep. #8821
      Ep. #8821
      Season 35 - Episode 218
      Gloria shows Kevin the poison that was delivered to her. Jeff threatens Kevin to stop hacking through his files or he'll send his mother to jail. Jill sarcastically comments on the Bardwell marriage. Kay advises Cane to talk to Amber and explains how hopelessly in love with him Amber is. Victoria and J.T. agree to get married as soon as Victoria is better. Neil informs Victor that he lost a round in the suit against him, and that he has to pay 75 million dollars to Jack, Kay and Nikki. Nikki and Victor admit to Victoria that they are divorcing. Jana tries to cheer up Amber. Jill tells Gloria about Katherine's decision to leave Jabot, and Gloria boldly suggests that she should take over, but Jill doesn't share the idea. Victor offers J.T. a job of Head of Security at Newman. Nikki tells Victoria that she's engaged to David. Brad visits Victoria and accidentally tells her about Victor firing Nick from Newman. Cane comforts Amber and explains that he won't be a part of her life anymore. Neil catches them in a hug and warns Cane not to hurt Lily. Gloria visits Kay and tries to get her to give her the position at Jabot, but she turns her down. Later, Kay offers the position to a stunned Nikki.moreless
    • Ep. #8838
      Ep. #8838
      Season 35 - Episode 235
      Victoria encounters Adam sitting in Victor's chair and they introduce themselves to each other and share small talk before getting interrupted by Victor. Nikki and J.T. secretly prepare to make a big move into the ranch house to surprise Victoria. Victoria tells Nick about Adam, but Nick has no interest in meeting him. Sharon tells Jack about seeing Jeffrey with the hidden camera the previous night. Nick thanks Phyllis for her support with the new venture, and they take a look at the warehouse where their office will be. Jeffrey laughs at Gloria's poor execution of the poisoning plan. The due then realizes that they need to work together on getting Jack and Sharon out of the mansion. Sharon confides in Phyllis about how she isn't as excited about the foundation that Jack gave her to run, and Phyllis encourages her to drop it and join them in their new venture full-time. Victoria is surprised to see that J.R. moved all of their stuff into the ranch house. She informs Nikki about meeting Adam. Nick tells Phyllis that he has no intention of dealing with either his father or his half brother.moreless
    • Ep. #8836
      Ep. #8836
      Season 35 - Episode 233
      Neil is frustrated when Victor refuses to advertise the company in Nick's magazine. Brad arrives to talk to Victor, but Victor ends up ordering Brad to leave. Nick, Jack, Phyllis and Sharon agree to naming their magazine Restless Style. Nick confronts his father after learning about the dismissal. J.T. is surprised when Victor offers to buy the house Nikki is living in on the ranch for Victoria, Reed and him. At the family dinner, Jeffrey admits to sending money to a woman in Korea. Gloria and Kevin's scheme comes to a breaking point when Gloria collapses, but Jeffrey doesn't even blink. Heather and Maggie agree that they need to move on from the Ji Min case. Amber encourages Daniel to ask Heather out, and when the two leave together, Amber watches in jealousy. Sharon is thrilled when Jack learns that he is no longer a suspect in the Ji Min murder case. Victoria informs Nikki that Victor offered Vic a job at Newman. Nick urges Victoria to join him in the business venture, but she, once again, refuses the offer. Victor is surprised when Vic shows up at his office.moreless
    • Ep. #8815
      Ep. #8815
      Season 35 - Episode 212
      Lily acts as if though it doesn't bother her that Karen spent the night with Neil, but she confides in Cane about her father moving on so quick. Maggie tells Paul that Heather has been having nightmares. Paul makes a wrong suggestion while talking about the case against Victor Newman. Gloria tells Jack that she got married to Jeffrey, and then she suggests buying off a part of the Abbott mansion, but Jack refuses to even consider it. Michael tries to get Victor do choose a different approach in court, but Victor, disappointed by Michael, fires him. Lauren fears that Victor could actually be guilty for the murder. Heather meets with a man who claims to have info on the night Ji Min was murdered, but when she doesn't get any new info, she dismisses him. Later, Michael runs into the same man and realizes that he knows something. Lauren and Kevin investigate Jeffrey. Michael bursts into Victor's office and informs him about the alibi.moreless
    • Ep. #8854
      Ep. #8854
      Season 35 - Episode 251
      Amber is speechless when Katherine gives her a very generous check. Danny accepts Phyllis' invitation to perform at the Restless Style party. Victoria tries to get Victor to attend the party, but he refuses. Nick asks Victoria to attend, and she agrees and invites Sabrina to come along. Gloria uses Lauren's presence at the mansion to continue avoiding having sex with Jeffrey. Lauren confronts Jeff about a phone call he made to Jack, but he makes up a silly excuse to cover himself. Gloria accuses Michael of sending Lauren to spy on her, but he convinces her otherwise. Amber realizes that Kay gave her the exact amount of money that she needs and she immediately confronts Daniel about talking to Katherine. Jeff asks Gloria to kick Lauren out of the house. Patrick talks Sabrina into modeling for the night. Daniel is angry when he sees Nick and Danny talking at Crimson Lights. Sharon and Jack are shocked to see how similar Alistair Wallingford is to John.moreless
    • Ep. #8741
      Ep. #8741
      Season 35 - Episode 137
      Jill asks Jeff if William was close to solving the Jabot case. Lily calls Colleen and tells her that Neil invited Cane to have dinner with her family. Gloria tells Kevin that he has to steal that jar of cream before Jeff can put the pieces together. Jack apologizes to Sharon for his behavior and they both order a pizza, but Sharon gets a call from Brad and she says that she can't talk right now. Michael tells Gloria that Jeff plans on fighting her for the right to her inheritance.moreless
    • Ep. #8473
      Ep. #8473
      Season 34 - Episode 121
      Sharon is surprised to find Phyllis at her home. Phyllis came there to info her about Victor's condition. Nick calls Phyllis and wants her to be at the hospital with him, while Sharon feels like an outsider, because she is no longer a part of the family. In the psych ward, a delusional Victor blames Nikki for everything that happened to him, while Nick and Victoria are surprised by how bad their father's health is. Later, when Victor comes to his senses, Nikki tells him he pointed the gun at her, and Victor is surprised to hear that. Neil is upset when Carmen when she calls him to say that she filed a police report against Dru, and wishes she would have let him take care of things. Dru comes to Sharon's place and that's where the police finds her. Neil arrives at Sharon's house too late, so both Sharon and Neil go to the police station, where Neil bails Dru out. In the car, Dru blames everything on Neil. Later, Neil visits Carmen and finally breaks off the friendship or whatever they shared.moreless
    • Ep. #8974
      Ep. #8974
      Season 36 - Episode 116
      Jack agrees to let Noah have an internship at Restless Style. Phyllis informs Jack and Sharon about Victor's return from the dead, and Jack immediately decides to post the news on the website. Adam tells Neil that he hopes there are no hard feelings between them, but Neil orders J.T. to escort Adam out of the Newman building. Victoria and Nick reunite with Victor, but later they're worried when Victor refuses to have any more contact. Jeff and Gloria discuss about their honeymoon with Jana and Kevin. They admit they were separate for awhile and doing their own business. Kevin wants to get involved in the Jabot takeover, but Gloria refuses to let him get involved. Phyllis and Nick talk about exploring other options beside Restless Style. Sharon and Noah visit Victor, who refuses to reunite with the family. Sharon asks Victor to rehire Nick at Newman because the tension at Restless Style is becoming unbearable. Victoria informs Nikki about Victor's return. Victor's videotaped statement runs on the television. In it, Victor says that Neil is the new CEO of Newman Enterprises, and then explains that he wants some peace and quiet away from the press and his family and friends. He then proceeds to dismiss his entire staff.moreless
    • Ep. #8752
      Ep. #8752
      Season 35 - Episode 148
      Katherine can't believe when Nikki tells her that Victor is calling in his loan. Nick lays into Victor for treating his mother like this. Lauren is pleased that Amber came through with delivering the plans for her store. Maggie is surprised to learn from Lauren when she says that she and Paul used to be married. J.T. finds a crack in the cement at the parking garage at Clear Springs. Nick questions Jack on whether or not he killed Ji Min. Victoria is shocked at what Victor has done. J.T. shows Cane and Katherine the cracks and that fixing could cost a fortune. Nikki and David watch as the construction begins to collapse in front of them.moreless
    • Ep. #8829
      Ep. #8829
      Season 35 - Episode 226
      Phyllis agrees with Nikki that Nick should forgive his father, but Nick just doesn't want to deal with it. Devon watches as Chloe begins working on Lily, and he's worried when Chloe says that Lily is overweight for a model. Cane shares his concerns about Chloe with Jill. Victoria tells J.T. that she intends to return to work soon, although J.T. advises her not to rush things. Victoria asks her mother not to rush into a marriage with David. Nick gives Victoria a job offer, but she refuses it. J.T., Phyllis and Nick are forced to tell Victoria the truth about the birth of her baby. Jill is shocked to learn that Nikki made David Co-CEO of Jabot. Walter continues blackmailing David. Hope talks to Victor about raising their son Vic. Vic walks into the room and is shocked to learn that his mother has pancreatic cancer. He tries to get her to agree on a therapy, but she tells him there is nothing that anyone can do for her anymore. Victor learns that Vic got a full scholarship to Harvard Business School. Hope finally tells Vic that Victor is his father.moreless
    • Ep. #8835
      Ep. #8835
      Season 35 - Episode 232
      Neil agrees to a business deal Nick proposed. Phyllis tries to get Nick to contact Victor, but he tells her that Victor knows where he is if he wants to talk to him. Nikki gives expresses her condolences over for Hope's death to Victor. She tells Victor that she will soon be moving off his property. Michael informs Lauren, Gloria and Kevin about tracking down Jeffrey's mystery woman from Korea. Gloria invites the family to a dinner at the Abbott mansion, and later agrees with Kevin that it will be the perfect time for the conclusion of their poisoning plot. Sharon and Jack find the hidden camera and realize that Jeffrey was tampering with a bottle from Gloria's purse. Jack offers Jeff a large sum of money to convince Gloria to move out of the mansion, and Jeff is interested, but Gloria interrupts them. Victor informs Victoria about Hope's death and about meeting Vic. Victoria isn't happy to learn about Victor offering Vic a job at Newman. Victor talks big of Vic in front of Nick and Phyllis. Brad assures Nikki that he won't back out of their business deal. David tells Nikki that everything is ready for their moving to the new suite. He expresses his concerns over hiring Brad. Jack, Sharon, Phyllis and Nick decide to use the camera to film the Bardwells violating the law. Gloria tells Kevin that the poison doesn't seem to be affecting her anymore. Vic leaves Hope's farmhouse.moreless
    • Ep. #9138
      Ep. #9138
      Season 37 - Episode 29
      Sharon reveals to Doris that she's pregnant and that the father could be either of the three guys she slept with. Doris urges her daughter to find out who the father is. Jill wakes up refreshed after a wild night with the bartender. Nick is stunned when Victor asks him to be the COO of the Newman Enterprises, while Adam listens in disgust. Kevin's family and friends welcome him to Crimson Lights and try to make the best out of his freedom, but Jeff makes things tough with his usual tasteless jokes. John's ghost appears to Billy urging him not to use his job to hide from his wife and child, and then gives a little advice to Jack also. Phyllis is frustrated to learn that Victor wants Nick to take a full-time job at Newman and urges her husband not to get sucked into Victor's world again after everything they've been through. Jill apologizes to Kay for the scene at her wedding, but their conversation soon turns into another fight. Ashley is convinced that Estella is gaslighting her. Phyllis apologizes to Sharon, but Sharon doesn't care. Nick thanks Phyllis for apologizing and then tells her that he's decided to go work at Newman. Phyllis pleads with Nick to reconsider. Victor tells Adam that he's flying in a specialist to check his eyesight. Adam is upset over the low chance of getting away from the ranch. Billy tries to get himself hired at Chancellor, but Kay tells him that she already hired Neil. Jill, Jeff and Gloria meet to plot against Victor. Jill decides to move back into the Chancellor mansion. Sharon tells Jack about her pregnancy.moreless
    • Ep. #8760
      Ep. #8760
      Season 35 - Episode 156
      Jack gets another visit from his father's ghost, and tells him that he's thinking of stepping down as Senator, John tells Jack that he didn't raise no quitter. Jack and Victor accuse Maggie of leaking information. Everyone surprises Noah since that he can't go out for Halloween. J.T. lays into David and says that he'll pay if he finds he's responsible. Jack is determined to find out who leaked him to the press as the prime suspect to Ji Min's death. Nick takes Noah trick-or-treating around the hospital. Jana tells Phyllis that it's possible that John could've been not in the right mind when he cut Gloria out of the will. Victor goes the chapel and prays for Victoria. Jack comes to the conclusion that the dog hair may have come from Victor's dog Zappato.moreless
    • Ep. #9136
      Ep. #9136
      Season 37 - Episode 27
      Murphy and Kay nervously prepare for their wedding, as guests begin to arrive at the Chancellor mansion. Sharon learns that Nick is trying to fix his family situation. Gloria, Jeff and Jill drink together and complain about Victor. Phyllis it touched that Jack remembers it's her wedding anniversary with Nick, only to learn he was talking about Restless Style. Jack asks Mary Jane to be his date for the wedding. Jeff convinces Jill to attend Kay's wedding. Michael is irritated when Heather refuses to back down in Kevin's case. Victor is still convinced that Nikki is gaslighting Ashley. Neil tells Lily and Cane that he quit his job. Murphy asks Victor to be his best man since Kevin isn't around. Sharon promises Noah that things will get better in his life. Back in her room at the GCAC, Sharon is shocked to learn that she is pregnant. Nick and Phyllis slowly move towards full reconciliation. Ashley warns Mary Jane not to hurt Jack. Victor approaches Mary Jane, and Jack wonders what they were talking about. Kevin manages to make it to the wedding, but refuses to be Murphy's best man. As the wedding finally begins, Jill makes her way to the mansion where she's stopped by Nina.moreless
    • Ep. #9903
      Ep. #9903
      Season 40 - Episode 34

      Phyllis tries to stop Daniel from going through with his plan, but Daniel is keen on it so much that he asks Kevin to help by finding the Justice of the Peace for an immediate wedding. Ricky tries to warn Eden regarding Daniel. Paul and Avery look into Ricky's past relationship. An angry Ricky decides to find Danny Romalotti in order to get the dirt on Phyllis, while Phyllis phones Danny to come to town in order to help her with Daniel's problems. Michael, Lauren and Kevin are confused when they hear of Daisy's plans to marry Daniel. Daniel and Daisy finally do get married, and Daniel kisses Lucy instead of Daisy.

    • Ep. #8820
      Ep. #8820
      Season 35 - Episode 217
      Jill notices the change on Katherine, but she's interrupted by a visit from Amber, who pretends coming to get her scarf. Katherine confides in Amber, as she reminisces about her past loves and the fights she had with Jill. Karen wonders if she's moving too fast with Neil, but Neil assures her that Lily's reaction to news shouldn't bother her. Cane compliments Lily, as a jealous Devon looks on. Neil and Karen arrive at the photo shoot and Neil tells Lily he's proud of her. The doctor checks up on Katherine again, and Jill arrives to see Amber is still at the mansion. Kay surprises Jill by announcing that she's stepping down from Chancellor Industries and leaving everything to Jill. Jill suspects that something happened to Kay, but she simply explains that she wants to move on to the next stage of her life, and even start writing memoirs.moreless
    • Ep. #9182
      Ep. #9182
      Season 37 - Episode 73
      Everyone is shocked at the sudden appearance of the supposedly dead Phillip Chancellor III. He arrives to try and help Cane, who has been found out as an impostor, much to the dismay of Jill, Lily and Kay in particular, as she collapses at the sight of Phillip. Billy and Mac take an opportunity to meet up and secretly hook up at the hotel. Just as they start to reconnect, they are interrupted by news of Kay's collapse and the fake DNA results...moreless
    • Ep. #8660
      Ep. #8660
      Season 35 - Episode 56
      William is rushed to the hospital and Gloria informs Michael that Will found out that she tainted the cream. Amber suggests Cane should give her "cousin" a job at the Clear Springs construction site. Jack tells Noah that his father collected rocks when they went to Yellowstone before. Sharon thanks Jack for sharing a story about to Nick to Noah. Phyllis and Sharon learn that Jack is purchasing the Clear Springs land from Brad. Daniel and Lily have their first therapy session, and she later says that she is not going to attend the session again and that it's his problem, and he should learn how to deal with it. Kevin gives Michael the analysis that William had done on Gloria and that no one else but him knows. Nick is shown to be alive somewhere and is being taken care of by someone.moreless
    • Ep. #8846
      Ep. #8846
      Season 35 - Episode 243
      Neil asks Karen to move in with him. Although she wonders if it's the right thing, Neil explains that he is ready to commit to her fully. Phyllis and Nick enjoy playing video games, and then their talk turns to Adam, whom Nick bashes, but Phyllis tries to get Nick to see things from a different perspective. J.T. and Victoria discuss about Reed's illness while taking care of him. Adam daydreams about kissing Phyllis. He visits Victor and they discuss about Adam's involvement in the magazine advertising. Victor tells Adam that he has a choice to make someday to either be alone or claim his rightful name--Newman. Daniel confronts Amber about the stolen money he found and she claims she got it from Plus. They end up making love again, after which they discuss their plans for the future.moreless
    • Ep. #8832
      Ep. #8832
      Season 35 - Episode 229
      Hope thanks Victor for being there for her and their son, and they talk about how much alike Victor and Vic are. Vic still doesn't trust Victor. Gloria kicks Noah's dog Fisher out of the house for some time, and Noah, Jack and Sharon start searching for the dog, while Gloria takes another sip of poison. Pat gives Karen musical advice. Devon is dismayed to learn about the 'perfect night' Lily spent with Cane. Cane tells Neil that he spent the night with his daughter and that he might be in love with her, but Neil warns him to use the word 'love' properly because it means a lot to Lily. Lily confides in Colleen about falling in love with Cane. Neil is surprised to see Karen singing on-stage. He tells Karen that he is finally learning how to let Lily live her life alone. Pat and Spyder perform Everytime I Fall Back at Indigo.moreless
    • Ep. #8834
      Ep. #8834
      Season 35 - Episode 231
      Victor asks Vic to come to Genoa City with him, but Vic is keen on returning to New York even after Victor offers to double the salary he's usually earning. J.T. prepares for his first day working at Newman. Katherine wants Amber to be her personal assistant in writing. Amber asks for Kay's advice on love. Victor informs Katherine over the phone about Hope's death. Nick questions Neil about putting the Beauty of Nature on the website that he is developing with Sharon, Phyllis and Jack, and Neil agrees to sleep on it, although he warns Nick about how Victor will react to the offer. Nikki and Victoria get into a disagreement about Victoria returning to work at Newman. J.T. assures Nick that he won't let anyone manipulate him. Vic is overcome with sadness when he reminisces about his mother. Victoria sends an e-mail to her friend Sabrina. Katherine informs Nikki about Hope's death, and they both discuss the possible change in Victor. Nick refuses to contact when Victor when Nikki fills him on the news. Jana tries to give advice to Amber about Daniel. Vic is surprised when Victor offers to buy the farmhouse to save it from selling, and Victor asks Vic to give Genoa City a chance.moreless
    • Ep. #8749
      Ep. #8749
      Season 35 - Episode 145
      Maggie tells Jill that dog hair was found on Ji Min and it's possible that it came from Jack's dog, Fisher. Jill confronts Jack about the evidence against him. Michael is shocked when Gloria accepts a date with Jeff. Sharon questions Jack that Jill's accusation that this could ruin his career. Jeff confesses to Jill that William made the wrong choice in marrying Gloria. Phyllis asks Rev. Anderson to tell her about the last weeks of John Abbott's life. Jack gets as visit from his father and asks his advicemoreless
    • Ep. #8724
      Ep. #8724
      Season 35 - Episode 120
      Victor gloats as Jack is put in a miserable position. Nick wants Noah out of the Abbott mansion. Nikki asks Victor about releasing the tape. Jack announces the recording is a fake. Katherine wants to hold a press conference claiming that she bought back Jabot not knowing that Jack owned it. Victor tells Jack that he is going to be investigated for his conduct as a senator.moreless
    • Ep. #8691
      Ep. #8691
      Season 35 - Episode 87
      Victor works against Nikki, but then later decides not to do anything. Nikki rejects David's offer for dinner. Brad and Logan get stuck in an elevator and suddenly become much more closer. Nick and Phyllis start making out, but Nick backs out before anything else can happen. Amber snoops through Carson's stuff and learns more about his plans. Meanwhile, Kevin tries to distract Carson so Amber and Daniel would have enough time to research Carson's place.moreless
    • Ep. #8581
      Ep. #8581
      Season 34 - Episode 229
      Colleen and Jana are tasered by a mysterious man and although Colleen declines to tell him about the anagram, she admits the truth to Jana. Amber suggests to Cane that they marry so that he can stay in the country long enough to find his biological mother. Kevin takes off, planning to drive around and clear his head, and is shocked when Jana appears in his car next to him.moreless
    • Ep. #8616
      Ep. #8616
      Season 35 - Episode 12
      Lily wants to know why is Daniel like such a jerk, and they have a disagreement, so she leaves with Colleen. A frustrated Neil goes to Indigo and has his first drink in a long time. Daniel learns from Cane that Neil is at the bar, so he goes to help. Neil then tells Daniel that he shouldn't tell Lily about him having a drink. Amber tries to convince Lily that the picture of the girl is nothing to worry about, and Lily tells Daniel that the whole computer thing is nothing to argue about. Noah overhears Jack and his mother discussing their wedding. Phyllis tells Michael about her blackmailing Brad and says that he can't tell Lauren. Sharon reveals to Brad that she maybe doesn't love Jack and that she probably can't marry him.moreless
    • Ep. #8621
      Ep. #8621
      Season 35 - Episode 17
      William walks in on Ji Min and Jill kissing. Neil comforts Lily and tells her that he will fix her doll for her. Sharon shares her doubts about marrying Jack with Neil. At Crimson Lights, William tells Jill that he never want to see her again. Devon receives a visit from Kaylee who gives him a collage of Drucilla. Kevin helps out Daniel by erasing whatever was on the flash drive. Lily stumbles upon the website.moreless
    • Ep. #8631
      Ep. #8631
      Season 35 - Episode 27
      Noah tells his mother and Jack that he doesn't want to leave his home. Victor tells Nikki that he doesn't want David to make a mockery of his wife when he learns that Nikki hired him to consult on her campaign. While at the church Jack remembers his wedding to Phyllis. Nick and Phyllis exchange vows and are pronounced husband and wife. Det. Maggie Sullivan arrives and places Phyllis under arrest for extortion.moreless
    • Ep. #8310
      Ep. #8310
      Season 33 - Episode 211
      Phyllis returns home after making love with Nick and is upset to find Jack there with dinner. After Daniel leaves, Phyllis lashes out at Jack, telling him he can't make everything better between them. Daniel heads over to see Noah, looking to play basketball, but Noah is out, and Nick offers to play. Neil is shocked when a naked Yolanda offers herself to him, believing that he is interested in her. Devon walks in just after Neil tells her to put her clothes back on. Sharon and Dru have a heart to heart talk about their relationships while in Denver. J.T. assures Mac that Colleen knows all about their relationship while Kevin tries to assure a disbelieving Colleen that he's changed.moreless
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