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  • Get rid of the Mariah/Tessa storyline

    I have been watching Y & R since it has started. With the Tessa/Mariah story line I am going to stop watching !!!!! That is not what soaps should be. I am not the only person to think this way. AGAIN PLEASE GET RID OF THE TESSA/MARIAH STORY LINE.
  • Disappointed

    I have been watching Y&R since 1973 they used to mention/hint around about homosexual but never showed scenes and I really appreciated that because I love the show. I also think the Lord blessed the show because of it, but I am going to have to quit watching it. It feels almost like a death in the family. I thought for the last year you all would come to your senses and play them out and I was very hopeful when the She-man went on tour, but obviously I was wrong. Y&R is a disappointment to my Lord and Savior and to me. May God forgive us all on judgement day.
  • Been a fan for 15 yrs

    Why do we have to keep seeing Phyllis after Nick, how stupid is he after all she has done to his family. She is a disgusting, liar, and criminal. She needs to go to jail in this show and stay for life. She is horrible! Why does Victoria always has to have poor me issues. She always makes the wrong stupid decisions. If she is going to me a mogul, just let her do that.

    Yes pretty sick of the gay stuff with Tessa And Mariah. I am sure there are other actresses out there besides the Hillary clone!

    Sick of Kyle and What he did to Lola. He and creepy, stupid Summer deserve each other.

    Show is going down hill, won't be a fan for much longer.
  • Cut out Mariah and Tessa

    Long time watcher but will have to give it up. Disgusted with scenes with Mariah and Tessa. I find it hard to believe most of the viewers agree with this. You have ruined it for me!
  • What is normal to a few is not normal to the majority

    Please tone down or eliminate the bisexual scenes. Feels like it is being forced on viewers. You can normalize something through tv that is still not acceptable to many.
  • Boring

    So boring anymore. Same old stuff. Been watching for a very long time and just doesn't have it anymore. Sorry.

    PLEASE, PLEASE do not put Theo and Lola together! UGHH! Get rid of Theo - still annoying to watch!! 3/4/20

    Theo needs to go!! Typical the writers would bring back a stupid Hilary double!! 10/16/19

    New Adam sucks. New Phyllis, only loves herself, always slinking around not acting. 9/5/19

    Please don't bring up the Delia saga again!! So pathetic! 5/22

    Gee, do the writers have to make Mia really pregnant? So damn annoying and irritating person!!! The last episode or two without her in it was so enjoyable. Summer is still really annoying and pathetic!! 4/09/19

    How many times are the writers going to bring someone (JT this time) back from the dead? So stupid and ridiculous!

    PLEASE, no more of (all about me) Summer. Kill her off in surgery!! Too annoying to watch! It goes for stupid Mia as well, such an annoying actress - now we have to watch her and her fake pregnancy. Vomit!! 3/6/19

    Anymore scenes with stupid Mia, Fen, and Summer, will definitely kill the show for me! Soooo boring and annoying actor/actresses!! 2/8/19

    What are the writer's thinking? They have Charles all 'holier than thou' and outed his mom when she didn't realize that she killed Hilary, because his stupid girlfriend carried on. But now when (can't stand his acting) Reed ran into his grandma - he helps him to lie and to help fix the car because he didn't want to get into trouble with his dad? All for his own benefit, he covers up a crime, but when his girlfriend opens her mouth - he's all gung-ho? Glad she left - didn't like her acting. Fen's acting is terrible too. 12/19/18

    Mia is VERY ANNOYING. What a Vamp!! Too annoying to watch!! Rey shouldn't even take her back. The way she carries on with men is already one indication of what kind of a women she is - one with no morals. 12/03

    Just knew Billy would go right to Summer! EEWW!! He's old enough to be her father - disgusting!! 0/05/18

    Trust Hilary to leave the show with such drama. Everything with her is such a drama!! Definitely she won't be missed by me!! 7/24

    Hilary is so egotistical!! When Nate didn't fall under her (I LOVE ONLY ME) charm - she's all gung-ho to dig up dirt on him. Such an ugly personality!!! Can we please see LESS of her!! Fast forward when she's on! Summer is still pathetic! What a character - as bad as Hilary!! 7/03/18

    Sharon and Nick - UGGHHHH!! Abby - still pathetic acting (sure she's going for Arturo) - nothing new! Devon - useless! Pathetic!! Hilary - REALLY annoying and pathetic!! 5/17

    Oh come on!!! Can you believe Devon?!! How much more stupid can he be?!! If he wants a child so badly - have it with his new girlfriend!! The new (think he's 'IT') Kyle is such a weazel!! 5/7

    Can someone stop that stupid train wreck of a Hilary? So annoying to watch!! Phylis is just as bad for giving bad advice!! 5/4

    PLEASE, NO MORE of stupid Hilary!! She is just so annoying to watch!! Devon is really stupid!! Just thinking with his bottom half!! 4/25

    Just when I thought it was bad enough that the writers are bringing Nick and Sharon back together, they bring Devon and annoying Hilary back together! Get rid of her - so off putting to watch! 3/30

    No fan of Abby but they sure are making her act like an idiot and a fool. Not that she isn't already portrayed as one already. Who the heck has sex with whomever just because they are feeling out of it? 11/17

    Can Hilary just disappear from the show!! She's so annoying to watch and take Juliet with her - they make a nice pair!! 10/05

    Ugh!!! When can we stop watching stupid (I'm the victim) Juliet? She's so depressing! The way she is going after Cain is so pathetic to watch! Bring in another mogul to bring Victor down! So annoying! 9/21

    The way the writers have Victor manipulating his grandchildren is just too disgusting to watch!! Really pathethic!! 8/28

    Annoying!! Enough of stupid Hilary and get rid of Juliet. She's got that kind of face that is so pathetic - hard to watch. She seemed to be well aware of what was happening when she had sex with Cane. Now she's acting as if she's the victim? She looks guilty as hell. 6/29

    Adam did not murder Delia.. it was an accident! So Chloe gets off scott free killing him? What about Billy? He left his daughter alone in the car!! He's also partially to blame. Yeah, one cannot forget Delia's death, because the writer's went on and on and on and on etc about it. Glad that Kevin will be finally out of the picture - he is just as annoying as Chloe! 6/14

    Hilary is still pathetic!! Don't like Juliet. They both must go. Terrible to watch! Thank goodness we've seen the last of Chloe! I suppose now we are going to see a lot of Kevin being pathetic and all whiny!!! Please shut him up!! 6/5/17

    Dillon is now starting to get quite annoying and is becoming quite pathetic like Sharon. He's been with Sharon too long, he's catching some of her stupidity. Why would anyone give shared custody to them? That kid is not even their son - he won't even remember much at that age. They are confusing him even more by hanging around. Since he is Nick's brother, why can't they just go visit instead of starting all that cr*p. Great job getting two psychos together - Chloe and Sharon!! Chloe and Kevin - BORING!! 12/3

    More about Delia again!? Billy is annoying!Just like 9/02

    Why is Adam always getting the short end of the stick? Are we back to the Delia saga again? Why do we have to sit and watch that over and over again? I understand the grief when a child is lost, but they've been carrying on and on about this for quite a while? 7/18

    Ewww!! Billy and Phyllis - Has Billy no respect for his brother? There's a line you do not cross - what a sleazeball!! Not one has come close to the original Billy. Never mind Phyllis!! Where's the loyalty and faithfulness? Of course, Psycho Sharon is getting away with it again? Can Hilary just die now? So sick of watching her 5/13

    Ugghhhhh!! Can we get rid of 'Mad' Max?!! To have someone so young premeditating and committing such a terrible deed (even if I don't like Abby) is hard to watch. What are the writers thinking!! Don't like his wooden acting either!! 4/21

    Gave the new "Billy" a chance - a tad better than the previous one - but still not holding my breath on this one - he seems a bit slimy to me like Joe! Can we watch less of stupid Hilary? The sudden quick switch back to Devon is really pathetic! 3/5

    Abby now pregnant??!! Ughh!! What with her stupid laugh and her pathetic acting. Max is a brat. Stitch let him walk all over them - their parenting skills suck. Hilary's acting sucks, we now have to watch Neil binge drinking again and acting like an ass?! 2/22

    How depressing!!! Sharon and her annoying psychiatrist is really pathetic. And as usual Billy in hospital bed, stilll carrying on about Delia and car accident. Time to get past that, the writers keep on bringing that up. 01/19

    Enough already - they keep on and on about Delia! Get on with the story - sick of hearing Billy blaming everyone but himself over and over! Enough already of Psycho Sharon - such a bad actress! 12/01

    Really stupid story line - how in the world can doctors or so called psychiatrist can really get away with stealing a baby and planting a dead baby in its place? Sage has been with her baby since birth and don't tell me that a mother does not recognize her own child's face!! Now it's going to be all about Sharon again with her stupid fake baby!! 11/09

    Hilary fell down a cliff? Won't she have some sort of broken bones at least?? Some scratches or cuts? There's nothing like that!! 9/9

    Wow!! Another stupid story line. A double of Jack!?? Really??!! Don't tell me Phyllis who has seen and felt Jack's body, never mind his every little stupid actions and mannerisms, cannot tell that this is a fake!! Come on!!! How do you duplicate a voice?? Never mind the exact body shape? 04/15

    Really!!?? The whole lot of them surviving a crash?? Walking around like they just fell on their knees and not badly hurt from that kind of an impact? 02/19

    Can't stand Ian when he first came on the scene and to this day I still find him way annoying. I don't know why Dillon and others stand around and listen to the rubbish ramblings that comes out of Ian's mouth! 8/29
  • Whatva pile of garbage

    The Halloween show was crap. They should fire whoever suggested the idea, then fire the writers for an incredibly stupid script, then double the actors' pay for having to repeat the words written for them. There's an hour of my life I won't get back.
  • Too many annoying sound effects!

    Why do you insist on making all those annoying sound effects? Way too much back ground noise. Clip Klop of high heals, even in the gym or on carpet! This is annoying. Then 3 times a show they have to pour water, or coffee or a drink. do you think this makes your show seem more real? it makes it more annoying1 I already watch with closed caption on. Check out the other soaps. They don't do this. Please, please please.
  • That line with Victor is WRONG.

    Adam wins! WHY? Nick is without Chelsea, Summer and Connor and is sad. The business is suffering and Victoria. Must bring it back. Whereas Adam is in Vargas gambling. Really writers. Phyllis broke into Nates computer nothing happens to her, she acting like oh how could they. Please children could come up with better story lines. Do better or I am stopping viewing The Y & R!
  • Scat Adam!

    Get Adam off of the show or at least make him believable. He couldn't do half of the wicked things he does in a matter of minutes. Hacking into a doctor's records and creating medicines that look real are a little more complicated than it looks on the show. A character that is conniving and sneaky is one thing, but the writers have made him so evil that I don't even care to watch Y&R anymore!
  • Phyllis? Is that you?

    What's happened to Michelle Stafford? She's forgotten how to play Phyllis! She's the person who created Phyllis, WTH happened!??? And Summer definitely needs to go!!
  • Michelle Stafford has to go!

    Very unhappy with the return of Michelle Stafford replacing Gina Tognoli as Phyllis. There is no comparison with the a acting. Michelle just slinks around flirting withe camera, trying to be sexy. No acting ability. Get rid of her, she is hard to watch.
  • Eva LaRue too Young!

    Does anyone else think that Eva LaRue is too young to play mama Rosales. They need an older actor to play Ray's mom and they have her dressing in too expensive clothes for the way the character has been portrayed so far by Lola and Ray.
  • Please get a new actress to play Summer

    I've watched this show since it started. There's been a lot of changes some for the good some for the bad. but the actress you have playing summer is the most annoying person that's ever been on that show. She is not the caliber of actress to play that character whatsoever. She's supposed to be a Newman and doesn't even come close to having the class or charisma for that particular character. please get rid of her or I won't be able to watch it anymore she is just far too annoying and so out of her element in that character. Thank you.
  • Summer

    Her character is desperate and annoying. Either get rid of her or give her a man of her own. Her storyline and character get the fast forward every time. I'm one foot out the door and Summer has me bringing the second one over the threshold.
  • boring and disgusting

    You're killing viewers. All my friends have stop watching. Dragged out JT thing way too long. OMG, Phyllis and Summer need to die. You just lost my support. The show sucks and boring.
  • 2/20 episode

    An entire show of NIcky's life? Fast forward, fast forward, fast forward. Very disappointing just like your idea of honoring Kristoff.
  • Neil Winters

    I feel that Y and R should have had Neil die in a car accident on his way back home to where he is living close to Lily. I feel that this needs to be done sooner rather then April or May or whenever the honoring of Kistoff is being done. I feel that Neil should pass away since there is no one better to play Neil Winters then Kistoff. Have a memorial service on GC. Allow the rest of the cast to mourn him. Pls dont recast his role.
  • Mia, Cain, summer

    I wish Y & R would dump them. BORING
  • miami calling Mia and other slug members

    may nick and Phyllis should accompany them to Miami

    Victor gets away with everything for many years it is time the he serve real time for crimes against others

    Christina should also find new place to reside maybe chief Williams should come to being in charge and hold the moustach accountable for all he has done
  • Young and the restless

    I find Mia to be a boring actress. It seems like everything is scripted. Time for a change. I find myself not watching when she is on.
  • You get the "F" words from

    Fabulous, FANTASIC-FOUR-STAR, I love this soap. I WATCH Monday & Tuesday tape the rest for Sunday, lay back and relax &enjoy !
  • Longtime Fan

    I think the Morales family should go back to Miami. Rey, Arturo, Lola and Mia are boring. I find myself fast forwarding through their scenes. The story line and their acting just isn't Y and R quality. Also, Lily, Cane and the kids are no longer of interest. I fast foward through them also. Re-focus on the characters and families of Genoa City that made this soap #1 for 30 years. I still love this show!
  • Y&R sucks

    I have been a loyal fan of the show since I was little watching it with my mother n now I still watch it with my daughter, but we change the channel more wish the writters would bring back the old characters like Adam, Chloe, Kevin etc.. Please end the "JT" Storyline already, Take Ray, Mia, Arturo, Lola off the show(bad fit) and don't nobody want to see two women kissing(ugh) it is inappropriate for Daytime. And us as fans think that can be left out! And why Jack always have bad relationships? And can Sharon stop lusting over EVERY new man that comes into town.. This show has become more and more senseless and boring EVERYDAY.. I think I speak for a lot of the Fans. Please make some changes

  • Young & Restless

    I have stopped watching when the writers from Days took over it was stupid that is way I stopped watching Days. I started watching again thought the stupidity would stop. Now it is NOTHING like it used to be, it needs to get back to the feud between the Newmans and Abbotts.
  • Mariah & Tessa

    My friends and I have watched the show for over 20 years but NO MORE!!! We DO NOT WANT TO BE SUBJECTED TO THIS GAY STUFF, Two women kissing. I'ts very offensive and should not be on day time. We have been changing the channel when that happens, but now we are DONE WATCHING!!!!

    My God, this show sucks! I began watching Y&R when I was kid due to my babysitter watching it everyday. Back then, the show actually had a story. Nowadays, there's no logic or realistic story to any part of the show. Y&R has become way too PC and left wing! Us viewers are not stupid and notice what Y&R has been doing for a few years now. Enough of this PC, socialist crap! Y&R keeps bringing in minority people to the extreme in attempt to appear PC and diverse. The problem is that it ruins the show and none of us viewers who are capable of processing a thought buy it or like it. It's a total bore!

    For years, I would fast forward through approximately 80% of the show and watch one show within 6 minutes max. I removed Y&R from my DVR list a few years ago and every once in a great while, I would check updates online; not very often, maybe once every 9 months. We added Y&R to our DVR list a few months ago, but end up very seldom watching any of the recordings. I was at my place in NY from December 2-27. I got back in LA late last night, looked at my DVR and attempted to watch the Y&R recordings. I skipped from 12/3 to 12/18; I just deleted those without watching a second of all those shows. I began watching a few seconds of 12/18, jumped to the end and deleted it. I then skipped to 12/24 and fast forwarded through 97% of it; watching it in approx 3 minutes. I skipped 12/25 and 12/26 and began watching 12/27. That didn't even last 2 minutes and majority of that time was fast forwarding through the show to the end to delete it

    No more. This show is total crap! Ashley was wise to leave. She obviously saw the very unstable future of this show and cut her losses early.


  • OH MIA !!!

    Oh Mia, you need to get rid of your side burns , very unattractive. And Lauren and Michaels so called son Fenmore, really does not fit the part and yes you need to find someone else. Other than that, the show is ok but needs more spice. Victoria needs a man and so does Sharon and why not the old maid too. Come on Y&R !!! ya need to put your ass into it.
  • Writers | producers not listening to fans

    FANS they think it's time for a younger generation! Please! Maybe one or two, but the fans miss the people who have made this show for 20 years. Victor, Jack, Neil, Nikki, Phyllis, Billy, Devon, Lilly, Paul, Michael, Lauren, Sharon, Victoria, Ashley, Abby, and if I forgot anyone it's because they have probably been kicked off the show! You are trying to appeal to an audience (younger) who don't even watch the show. Terrible recent storylines.
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