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  • Tired of this long storyline

    Can you please speed up this Jack/Marco Sage/Have/Adam storyline. This has gone from ridiculous to extremely boring. It doesn't seem like you have a clue who you want Stitch to be with, Sharon and Dyhlan have absolutely zero chemistry. You all are all over the map and driving those of us who have been life long viewers crazy in the worst way. Please please please end this craziness fast
  • Will tolerate Victor

    We enjoy Y&R and want it to keep going.
  • I don't like Victor

    I don't know why you writers always let Victor get away with everything. Why can't Jack ever win over Victor that's not right. I am so (Tired) of Victor, its just so frustrated to see Victor win all the time it makes me want to stop watching the show because you writers are so into Victors character that it doesn't matter if everyone is getting tired of Victor. Please stop favoring Victor over Jack. Please let Jack get the last word.

  • Victor sucks

    PLEASE GET RID OF VICTOR, why do you always let him get over on jack?? Punch Neil (really). Why jacks not winning??!!


    It has finally reached the point that I can expect the worse from the writers of Young and the clueless. I have for many years enjoyed this show. It has lost all reason and has gone so far from good writing it is a great example of how to destroy a show. Example: What is the deal w/Ashleys brain thing. One day you see her with a headache then she is in the hospital then out. I have found the writers throw something in then have to go gather up the actors to do back story shots to try and make sense of what happen. Just look at Abby and Austin having an affair. I believe Pratt thinks of something at home and then makes the actors and crew go along with his thoughts. I have often wondered if the Actors are fit to be tied with what has been going on. The actress that played Avery is leaving. Has she had enough, just like the viewers? I would hope the Bells would wise up. They have a poor leader in Pratt. Just like Gab in Abbot Newman. This is why I am thankful for the DVR I now fast forward so much because there is nothing good to watch. They have taken all character from Victor. He use to push the edge and you could understand how he got away with something, now you question why they really have turned him into a psyco. He has no remorse or emotions. Like the other reviews I hate to see it go but if it is going to be like this let it go,
  • The Y & R has gone from bad to worse!

    These are the stupidest story lines, I ever saw. Y & R use to be pretty good, but all these new characters are adding to all the messed up psychotic story lines, which there are, too many going on. Its hard to follow what's going on & who's doing what to whom. Every time, something bad happens to Victor they find a way to keep his character around. Doesn't this guy ever want to retire? He is as old as methusila. Why don't they kill him off?? I'm sick of him. Nikki too, She has lost her looks & got fat. This lady Avery is sickening, she's always bawling & they made her a psycho but the law does nothing. In real life, You would be sent to jail for doing the same things. Good she's leaving. This show has run it's course & as old as it has been on, Its time to end it. Nothing on this show makes any sense & all these character's act like a bunch of dingbats. This soap is over it's limits, & it's gone. The writers are running out of things for a good story line. Everyone on this show is always at each others throat's or are trying to kill each other. It has truly gone to the dogs. Next.


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  • Is Time Victor Pays

    Get to the point to long and drawn out always get away with all kinds of time he pays for his actions
  • Just keeps getting worse...

    Terrible story lines. Too much going on and most of it just doesn't make sense. Michael is a cry baby whiner who is acting so pathetic I ff the parts he plays. Neil is just getting spiteful and creepy and brings nothing to the show. His friendship with Niki is just awkward. Ok Joe is part of the Innocence Foundation and Avery gushes on about how great of a man he is despite growing up with an abusive father. Then all of a sudden he's an abuser and Avery just suddenly remembers she was in an abusive marriage with him -really? Phyllis doesn't notice the love of her life was replaced by a total stranger on their wedding night? Chelsea loved Adam so much but doesn't notice any familiarity of Gabes eyes or voice but notices simularities of Adam's bad attitude toward Victor. She calls out Adam's name while making love to Gabe and doesn't wonder why that does'nt bother Gabe? Victor is already powerful and wealthy but yet he steals Jabot. (pathetic) He has no issue sending Jack away to suffer and be tortured by crazy Kelly. He does evil things yet never ever faces any consequences. He does not love his family. He loves money and power and doesn't let his family just live their lives and is consequently driving his wife crazy. He has repeatedly ignored and abandoned her when she needed him-to go off and meddle in other peoples lives and just cause hell. Enough of evil Victor the jackass. At least have him admit responsibility for not being there for Niki during her bad times-when he pretended to be on business trips while Ian was tormenting her-The hairbrush DNA thing-Phylliss in the coma etc. Also having Niki wake up with a random drunk was sickening. She is the matriarch of the family and that was out of character for her imo. And the Niki looking like she died epidode was so dumb. Y&R is becoming soooooo stupid and is getting very difficult to watch. Get good, consistent and believable story lines if you want this female 18-49 to keep watching. PS Justin Hartley is sexy though! :0)
  • victor finding identicals Been there done that too much

    When is Adam going to be Adam and this bull of Victor finding identical is ridiculous.

    Why doesn't someone find an identical Victor b/c BEEN DONE!!! Already too much with

    Cassie and now Jack. When is Jack coming back? And Adam as Adam?

    I have been watching for 40 years and getting really not at all believable. Do better like

    you used to. .
  • Lilly is a bitch

    I am so sick of the lily character, she's always been a boring character but lately she's just a spiteful bitch, and oh my god find someone who doesn't instantly fall in love with nick, and this creep joe is just weird and creepy and the fact that even around is idiotic, but seriously get rid of lily I think everything would be better.
  • plz fire the writers/producers

    The doubles of multiple characters is so dumb. Please get rid of Summer asap, she is a whiny brat, I fast forward every scene with her in it. Even though I think the character of Phyllis is unreplaceable, im happy Gina is on the show, I loved her since she was on GL. Lily is so boring, please send her away and have Drew come back. And please please please stop destroying every couple that fans love. 1st it was Nick & Sharon, and now its Lauren and Michael. I know this is a drama, but people actually enjoy seeing happy couples on tv, and it's not boring if the writing is done properly.
  • can you please make it more boring?

    you find someone who has less sexual chemistry with nick? first it was sexless avery and now this girl who is so boring that i havent bothered to remember her name. your writers must hate your viewing public!

    I have been watching Y&R for over 20 years and I have never seen it in with such a horrible story line. Have never fast forward through so much of the show. The show has gone down hill since Michelle Stafford left the show. Replacing her with that Phyllis WAS JUST A HORRIBLE IDEA, She is just terrible. If you want to keep her invest in some acting classes for her. No one can play Phyllis like Michelle Stafford. Talk about no comparison, at least the new Adam has done is homework and studied how to be the old Adam . To have Ben go from Victoria, then to Ashley, then to her daughter is not only weird, but gross. The storylines with the kids and this murder plot is just boring, either reveal the real killer or move on. I'm over it already!!! Peter Bergan is such a great actor and a big part of the show, I can't believe he would go along with this fake Jack plot. That character Summer is such a winey spoiled brat. Can you guys write it in for her to take a long vacation?. Tired of having to fast forward through her parts,, but can't take the whining anymore. Victor of course is sexy as always. Hopefully being the leader for Y&R will talk some sense into the writers and have them change the direction they are going in, or they will certainly loose long time viewers.
  • How bad and slow can it get?

    Move on with the horrible storylines. I fast forward the 2 Jacks. I am tired of the kids talking about the murders over and over!! Wind it up!! The writes must think the viewers are stupid and believe these storylines. Not entertaining. Not believable. Poor, poor writing!!
  • Need new writers

    Young and restless has gone downhill fast. I PVR it and like to watch it at night, but with the bad writing I fast forward almost all of it. the two Jacks reminds me of the two Catherine's. the two Adams, two Cassie's what is it with all the doubles.
  • Awful story lines

    What are you people smoking?this Jack/Jack thing is really bad. Both story's are horrible. The murder investigation is also terrible. You need some better ones you have are asleep. Move on or your viewership is really going to tank!
  • One name is responsible for the downhill slide...

    CHARLES PRATT! He wrote AMC right into cancellation, anyone remember the poisoned pancakes?!?!and if the Powers That Be aren't more attentive to what the fans are saying, he'll do the same thing to Y&R? REALLY??? Phyllis can't tell the Jack look-a-like isn't really Jack? Ummm they SLEEP together don't they? And Chelsea can't figure out the similarities between "Gabe" and Adam after having sex with him either??? The Kelly keeping Jack hostage is just too stupid to even address other than can you say 'dumb cops'??? and SHE WAS STUCK IN THE NECK WITH A PEN and she is right back to normal in the next scene? Just too much bad writing to mention here, but CBS and CBS Daytime better do something quick. Even a 'BELL' show can be canceled if the bad writing continues...
  • Best show to worst

    Wow I have been watching this soap since 1980 and it has always had such great story lines. The writing is the same as All My Children before it got cancelled. If it doesn't turn around I am going to have to quit recording it because it is a waste of time to watch right now. I feel bad for the actors/actress on this show having to work off such horrible scripts.
  • What is happening??????

    I have watched Y&R for over 30 years and I can't believe how bad the writing and story line has become. Y&R used to have some depth to it's story line but the stuff lately is awful!!

    Something has to be done or this viewer is going to stop watching!!!

  • Fast forwarding

    TOO stupid for words. Fast forwarding as soon as I see Jack and Kelly and that situation. Plastic surgery on the entire body, voice, mannerisms, etc times 2. I feel so sorry for the actors that try to bring reality to this crap. Actors are earning their money. Writers are certainly not. Everything to do with Adam is pathetic.
  • All integrity, credibility, and believeability is gone!

    These other reviewers are right on the money. The "new" storylines are so boring that my husband and I, long time avid fans, are considering not watching any more. Today I couldn't help but think, "Please, not another 'whose baby is it?' The Adam/Chelsea thing is too asinine. Why has Chelsea been all for Billy for so long, but all of a sudden she started spouting off about her love for Adam? And supposedly she's hurt by Billy's behavior at their wedding, but she sure doesn't act like it.

    How is Kelly taking care of Jack's needs all by herself? And how did she convince two cops that she was a doctor taking one-on-one care of her patient in a crummy beachside shack? How stupid is Victoria to be daddy's right hand girl again after everything she's seen him do in the past? As cautious and conservative as Dylan is, why hasn't he asked himself why he's Sharon's only friend when she's lived there most of her life. And when did Mariah lose her streetwise edge and turn into Mommy's little girl? How come the show recently had so many disasters from which all the main characters walked away unscathed?

    I swear that all of the characters have turned into complete idiots bent on destroying each other, and the plots aren't believable any more. We'd love to see the show continue, but they're going to lose us if they don't make some radical changes for the better. I could write better storylines than this, and I'm not a professional writer.
  • Cringing while I watch Y&R - COME ON NOW CBS

    I really hope CBS, and Y&R creators, directors, producers, and writers see the recent outcry from devoted fans of Y&R. They are taking a great, long-lasting show and ruining it. The awful uncreative storylines are like runaway trains, and if they don't get the show and it's storylines back on the rails, this show will end up the same way All My Children, One Life to Live, and the Guiding Light did--GONE--off the air.

    Please don't kill Y&R!

  • So bad it hurts to watch..

    If this show gets any worse I'm done watching it! I have watched it from day one and why does Victor condemn Sharon when he's doing the same to Jacks family please please kill off Victor send Joe and Avery off into the sunset and bring the show back to the way it was.
  • Ugh young and the restless

    This story line is utterly ridiculous!!! A double for Jack and how does he know where the bathroom is in the house? He knows no details about the people in his life. And why wouldn't the real Jack call Phyllis first instead of Kyle or better yet call 911.
  • OMG not again

    Really, the same story line again. You seriously need new writers if you want to keep your viewers. How many times will a look alike magically appear or surgery changes a face. How stupid do you think your viewers are. Cannot stand to watch any more after being a loyal fan since the first episode.

    Now a former viewer
  • stupid

    Young and restless is getting stupid. Funny, how victor is always there to do all this crap and then never gets dirt on his hands. Time to stop watching this crap.
  • disappointment

    What has happened to the Young and The Restless, the show has really taken a bad turn. I have watched for over twenty years and I am not enjoying the stories any longer.

    Seriously??!! What right did Billy have to be so sanctimonious?. When he had his 'joy' - no problem, but when the other side does it to him - he goes all "Oh no - you cannot do that to me" and be all malicious (that is so not like the original Billy - this one really sucks!) He's acting like a woman scorned. What are the writer's thinking? That we would feel sorry for him? He still had to be 'fined' for leaving a child alone in a car - nothing was done about that! What about him shooting Adam? How about him getting caught for that!! I would love to see that happen - he's so annoying! Stitch and Abby??!!!! (SHUDDER!!!!) Abby is already sickening enough - to put stitch with her is really stretching it and making the story line worse!! Is she a nymphomaniac or something and even an ape can act better than her!! Also agree with the other person that the new Kyle is UGHHH!!! 04/30

    Wow!! Another stupid storyline besides the last one when everyone survived the air crash!! A double of Jack!??? Really???!!! Don't tell me Phyllis who has seen and felt Jack's body, never mind his every little stupid actions and mannerisms, cannot tell that this is a fake!! Come on!!! How do you duplicate a voice?? Never mind the exact body shape - this is one big stupid story line!! They are killing off some people in this weird murder thing going on, how about getting rid off the most annoying people instead of the wrong ones - for example, Sharon, Kevin, Kelly, Mariah and stupid Joe!! 04/15

    Really!!???? I know it's a soap, but the whole lot of them surviving a crash???? Walking around like they just fell on their knees and not badly hurt from that kind of an impact? . Real stupid story line! 02/19

    Billy still sucks in acting... new Abby is still terrible in her acting. Time to get Kevin to pay for his crime for hacking int o the hospital records and Billy for leaving a child alone in a car? What's wrong with the writers? The evil and wrong doings of "annoying" characters are left and not punished and the good gets it all the time? Sick of watching Avery's husband, Joe - so slick, slimy and cheesy looking. Didn't bring anything to the story - not worth watching. Repeat again - time to get rid of Chelsea's father, Jeff - useless and annoying character. Neil, Mariah, Lily boring acting and story line. Devon and his dad's wife - yuck.... story line also boring. More on Stitch. Give Cane a more better and active role that might give his wife a life instead of matchmaking and make her more interesting to watch! On the road to not watching anymore!! 01/21

    Seriously??!!!! The new guy as Adam?? Yeah, he had a face surgery - wow, somehow the writers have forgotten to transplant the black/brown hair, did Adam's hair regrow in a blondish brown color and did they change his vocal cords as well??? Did they also make him wear stillettos to make him look taller?? (sarcasm) How did the writers think they can get away with such a stupid story!! Second new Billy is still annoying - pity they had to make the baby his, now we have to suffer watching him more with all the stupid soppiness!! Bleah!! Fastforwarding more now then ever!! If I can give this rating a minus I would. 12/01

    Finally the cat is out of the bag!! Hopefully we don't have to watch Soppy Sharon and Nick so much!! Billy (second new one) still cannot stomach. Time to get Kevin to pay for his crime for hacking into the hospital records!! What's wrong with the writers!! 11/06

    All I can say is these last few episodes with Sharon is making me gag!!! Getting to seriously not watching it anymore! Must be the same writers of DOOL and BB. The story lines in those series are also sucking!! 9/30

    Can't stand Ian when he first came on the scene and to this day I still find him way annoying. I can't stand Mariah either, these two just spoils the story line and make it not worth watching. I don't know why Dillon and others stand around and listen to the rubbish ramblings that comes out of Ian's mouth! I would have just walked away. In this case - I just fastforward!! Let's hope the writers are not going to draw out this stupid Ian/Mariah story!! Sharon's acting is not helping either! How about more of Stitch instead - how about someone coming forward to clear his name and pair him off with Victoria. They go well together. I prefer him to the 'new' Billy ! The new Billy does not go with Victoria or Chelsea. In actual fact, he doesn't go - period! Less of stupid Ian, aggravating Mariah and the 'hard to stomach' Sharon!! ENOUGH is enough! What's with there being alcohol in the house/office when Victor knows Nikki is an alcoholic. Just doesn't make any sense! This soap is going to the dogs!! 8/29

    New Billy - a bit better than the old new Billy - the stress is on 'bit'. Definitely no zing!! The latest Billy is portraying the 'Billy' we all like incorrectly!! When 'snitching' on Snitch - the Billy Miller wouldn't have stood there with a stupid smirk on his face!! Downright off putting!! With Billy Miller - he would have gotten away with murder and we would still be on his side. With these two new Billys - whatever they've done or are doing - somehow just brings the worst reactions out of their fans!!! There is no connection with the fans!!! Chelsea and Billy - a big yuck! Why is Kevin getting away with a crime just because he has connections and Stitch gets to pay for his?? They seem to knock down the good actors and give the bad actors the thumbs up!! Enough of Kevin already and kick him out of the police station and get the hospital to file a suit against him! I also agree about Cain and Lily - boring couple! Has Lily opened her own 'Match a couple' club?? Get her a life!! Neil and his new wife - terrible to watch. Get Devon his old girlfriend back - not the terrible beanpole model actress, the first girlfriend!! How about bringing back Sophia and Ronan Malloy and Chance - they are better actors/actress!!! Less of Chelsea's father - pathetic actor. Hunter King also not a very good actress. ENOUGH already of Sharon and Nick - lost interest to watch them. Bring Phyllis and her son back already! 07/07

    I agree with the other reviewer that it's time to get Phyllis back!! She was nasty but in an interesting but not irritating way. The new Kelly is a little bit of an improvement over the old Kelly - but just as nauseating! The new Billy is still way past nauseating!! Sharon and Nick .... not worth watching ... ughh!! A lot of fastforwarding whenever they are together!!! Now the secret is out about the Cassie 'clone' (hope we are not going to see anymore of her!) How about blowing Sharon out of the water with her so called 'secret' and get it over and done with. Had enough of her already!! One more rating down!! Almost time to stop watching! 4/25

    EWWWWWW!!!! Sharon and Nick making eyes at each other is making me gag!!!!!! Victoria and Snitch - they seem to match nicely ... Billy and Kelly - a definite NO!! Enough of Victor the dictator!! How about nice things happening to Adam and Jack for once??? Every episode is gloom and doom - not so enjoyable to watch anymore! The way the story is going and has already gone, is making me lower the rating! 1/10/2014

    YES, please send Sharon posthaste on a slow boat to China! ENOUGH of Sharon. I really cannot stand her acting! How could the writers even make her dead daughter to be so devious and ugly in mind for that age? When I saw that I couldn't even believe what I was watching. Get Chelsea and Adam back together, I think they go very well together. How about more on Devon?
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