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  • I miss my Y and R

    I remember watching this show with my father when I was growing up.. been watching for 20 years or so.. well I was watching until recently. Haven't watched since right before Michael Mooney left. HE WAS AWESOME! But even before the news of his firing, it was hard for me to get into these morbid story lines. IT's awful. The show used to be about so much more than death and tragedy. I can't come home at the end of the day and watch a show about dying children and cancer scares. HORRIBLE. I really miss my Y and R :(
  • this is crazy

    The new billy sucks! Cant stand his acting and constint wine about everything... not to mention his fake pain.. horrible! Adam was an amazing part of the was the thinking behind taking him off? Kelly trying to go through the men on the show is played out... sharren already covered that! Need to get another billy for the show... i can not get over how bad the new one is! The show was a 10 now its a 1 in my book. I still watch it in hopes they change the new actors
  • Can't Watch

    I lost intrest in this show. It's painful to watch.

    Letting go of Micheal Muhney was a big mistake. He was the only reason why I watch. So talented !

    Y and R is no longer on my pvr. It was good while it lasted.

    No Billy, No Adam - No thanks!
  • Y & R, you've lost me.

    Not only have most of my favorite characters disappeared in rapid succession, like Billy, Phyllis, Adam, which has seemingly left everyone else directionless, but the show has taken such a dark turn that I simply can't watch it anymore. I tried, too. I really wanted to watch Billy Miller's final episodes, but I couldn't stomach the pain, the disturbing manslaughter of a child story line, or the relentless, scorched earth policy that seemed to follow. Just hearing the music would force me to turn off the . How long is this painful unraveling of all the characters involved going to go on? You've dug yourself a terrible hole with the Delia story. If the characters just get over it and move on they will seem heartless, but a more realistic portrayal is just too depressing. Especially in Soap Time, which drags on for EVER. Why don't you just drop a bomb and get rid of them all? Put everybody out of their misery? I don't think most of us tune into soaps to get depressed. (that's what cable's Sadly, I tried to revisit the show, once I knew Billy & Adam's pain wracked episodes were finished, and all I found was a terrible, depressing mess. Only enhanced by the addition of a new actor best known for one of the creepiest . characters of all time (Twin Peaks). Where's the balance? Where's the love? I honestly don't know how you're going to recover, unless maybe you can pull a Dallas where everyone wakes up and finds out the entire last year and a half was a . it seems to me that whoever's running this thing has got some serious issues they should be working out on the psychiatrist's couch, not on the viewing public.
  • No billy

    That was a big mistake. With Phyllis leaving? Adam? But nobody can play Billy it won't be the same. A lot of times you know you will get used to the new guy but not a new Billy. What a mistake.
  • Ughhh Victor!

    Nothing against Eric Braden but I'm sooo tired of this character. I actually don't know anyone who doesn't find him annoying. I never used to miss an episode of Y & R but now I only watch once or twice a week b/c that character is ruining the show for me.

    Please Y & R, PLEASE stop making him do all the stupid things he does. (hiring a Cassie lookalike to stalk Sharon for example) Please stop making him defend all the idiotic things he does. Please stop making him win every battle against Jack. And please stop making him so utterly annoying.

    Actually, it would be great if you just showed him less. Much, much less.
  • You've got to be kidding!

    Getting rid of both Billy and Adam was a bad mistake. I've been watching Y&R since it began and sadly I won't be watching it now. It's not holding my interest anymore and I can't believe both Billy and Adam, along with Phyllis and Catherine, are gone. Looks like the show is on its way out! Too bad, I used to love it.
  • Victor and Jack

    I am so tired of the same ole same ole with Victor. The longer he is on the more self centered and nasty he becomes. Time to end this very long and over due war between Victor and Jack. It's about time he took a LONG vacation.
  • Not so much a fan anymore

    The writers and decision makers should all be fired. In the last year we lost Catherine, we lost Phyllis, we have lost Adam, we lost the good Billy, and the show is terrible. I do not find myself rushing home to see what I missed anymore. I have no interest. What set YR apart from the others was longevity. Lately you change main characters too much. Too many new faces and no history. I would imagine YR is going off the air in a few years because of poor decisions just like As the World Turns. That used to be the best with Reva, Josh, Holden, Lilly, Iva, Vanessa, Lucinda, But I stopped watching it when politics got in the way and they changed the show too much. I may be getting my shows mixed up a bit, but it used to be I would tape YR, AS the World Turns and Guiding Light. To bad. I wish Mr Bell were back in charge. Cricket can you help?
  • the new billy

    I really think the new Billy is horrible actor bring back the old Billy and Adam. I am fed up and don't care to watch anymore why mess with a good thing.

    I too am a long-time fan of Y&R, having watched off and on since the 70's. Over the years there have been some other storylines that have been a bit far fetched for my taste, but currently, it seems like nothing makes sense anymore! Killing off Delia was way too heart-wrenching and maudlin. Sharon and her antics are maddening in addition to her being a horrible actor! Her and Nick together again is almost intolerable to watch, and to top it off they let one of the best actors on the show get away and fired the other one! Unbelievable!
  • The new old Billy

    Billy is the very worst actor I have ever have watched. You need to get him back off the show before everyone refuses to watch it!
  • Terrible casting

    Going to have to stop watching .The new Billy is so bad I cannot watch him He makes many of us cringe . Getting rid of Adam was a bad mistake , Billy and Adam were the best characters in the show .When is the REAL Phylis coming out of her coma ???Not a substitute one . So GET BILLY AND ADAM BACK or thats my last viewing . You have made a real mess of it

  • i have been watching the young and the restless on and off for years not anymore

    i have been watching the youngand the restless on and off for years not anymore I have been watching the show ever since I was 12 my mom got me into it im 35 now I wont watch anymore because two of my favorite characters are gone billy and adam I have been watching the show on and off for the last couple of years because of my work schedule it has been difficult to find the time to watch ever since I got married and found out my wife and mother in law watch the show I got back into it now im done two of the 6 cast members on the show are gone it wont be the same for whatever reason they are gone I liked them Dylan McAvoy Tyler Michaelson Avery Bailey Clark and Nicholas Newman are the other cast members and I am already annoyed the nick cant seem to catch a break on the show this just make it worse get rid of Sharon atleast pleast I cant stand her I will give the show a few more weeks to see what happens but im done
  • Good bye Y&R

    After 34 years we are calling it quits. We are very upset and bored with everything about the show now. How dare you fire Adam, allow Billy and Phyllis to quit, and then hire new people to replace the people we loved and were a part of our day. We feel sorry for those left to try and work on that show, we doubt it is fun anymore. Over and out.
  • yuk adam gone

    I cant believe they got rid of helped make the show just when he was getting his life together he gets imagination on this one Adam bad guy so hit delia the plots is getting dumber Y&R has been losing great actors and actresses
  • Y & R Tanking

    It was bad enough getting over the biggest matriarch's death on the show last year, then to screw with the storyline because the producer thinks she has something to prove. Well, congratulations. In a day and age when the daytime serial is already an endangered species, your little pissing contest may very well be the nails in Y & R's coffin. I give it a year, tops.
  • The Young and the restless sucks !!

    I hate the show now , I have watched from day 1 and will no longer watch without Michael Muhney and Billy Miller. The whole story line has sucked since all this crap with Delia. Billy loved her so much he would have never left her in the car alone in the first place. You guys have given Mchael Muhney hell since day one he has been the under dog !!. Since you like shaking things up so much , Bring back Adam and Billy and kill off VICTOR !! I now have an extra hour to do things I love to do , since young and the restless is no longer on my agenda !!
  • show sucks yea all the fans are for Adam

    hey guys young and the restless sucks bring back Adam you new writers are nothing like MR> BELL as cricket she knows sorry good by oldand wreckless

    I have been watching YOung and the Restless since I was 8 years old and I am 44 now and I am no LONGER wAtching the show since you have takenv the two best characters on the show off! As far as making everyone love Adam and Chelsea together and watching a changed loving man do an accident like that is horrible writing! that Billy is more to blame for leaving his daughter in the car that night as it is child neglect and would have never ever happened if he would have taken Delia in store for two minutes! They have made it look like Adam is so terrible and that is bull! you have lost many avid fans for firing Adam and getting rid of Billy!!!!! they MADE THE. SHOW!!!!!!!
  • Adam needs to stay

    Please don't let Adam Michael Muhney leave the YR Today was so depressing and a terrible ending too. Adam needs to stay .I am so upset with the higher ups with this show. this show should be boycotted!!!!!
  • Adam Leaving NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    All i have to say is that Adam came in and took that role. Most men wouldnt even take a role messing with another man. It shows he is tryely a man that needs to be in a higher level of acting. The thing i cant get is the rumor is out that he mess with someone TIT'S Well we don't know the story and Adam is to Dam good looking to take or play, yeah he play. Did anyone think that who ever she was did this to get Adam out of the way. Who ever she was was an adult, and she played the back out game cuz didn't wont anyone to know she was tease with Adam. NO one on the show are babies and i just cant believe that he would get fired over that . Sex is always in the show and he get canned for that. Seriously, Adam like you said hold your head up and watch what door God is going to open, You are a good looking man and dam good actor. looking to see you on the big screen, you were being held back anyway. Many stars came form those soap operas. Love you Adam. Dale C Houston TX
  • Bye to one of my Fav such as Adam

    What a way to say bye to Adam my Fav.. I so agree that he did not hit Billy's DD... however Adam is leaving the show and being replaced.. He was a good actor
  • The Old and The Useless

    I have been a fan for 30 years but the writers have made the story line" Old "and the outcomes" Useless" because they never get resolved. I used to love Young because the bad guys always got found out and punished in a reasonable time. Now it is just frustrating. The writers lack any sense of what the fans want or how to bring closure.

    When Adam stole Sharon s baby and tortured Ashley nothing happened to him, in fact Sharon fell in love with him, ridiculous. Now he is being pegged as a murderer who left Delia to die when it was an accident and more Billy's fault for leaving Delia alone . I wanted Adam to tell Chelsea and now that Billy has him , I want Adam to tell Billy Victor knew and didn't tell Victoria but instead blackmailed Adam to see Conner. I want to see Sharron get caught in her lie before Summer becomes a grandmother and no one cares anymore. If the purpose of the show is to frustrate the viewer than they are succeeding but I have enough frustration in real life. When I watch Young I want to feel some satisfaction when the bad deeds come to the surface and are punished. I have been watching hoping I will get this satisfaction but it looks like the writers aren't capable of bringing closure to any of the secrets they dream up. My sisters and friends that watch all feel the same and do not want to become Old and Useless ourselves waiting for someone to notice Jill is missing and for Summer to know Nick is her real dad or for Victor to exposed "get that". So in order to keep my sanity I am finding something more worthwhile to do with that hour of my valuable time. I'm tired of being misled by the writers and "I'm mad as hell, and I'm not going to take it anymore" Goodbye from a former loyal fan.
  • Adam and Billy

    I can't believe Adam is the one who ran into Billy's daughter since there was not any damage to his car and there wasn't any impact. I seriously think someone else hit her before Adam came along and due to the darkness he could not see her laying on the ground when he stopped. Remember he did not walk around his car when he stopped and opened the door to see if the dog was ok. I just hate to think the writter's would be so crule as to do this to this family again. It would be a kick in the ass and would have a much better impact if it turned out Adam did not hit the child after all and he has been suffering the pain of thinking he did all this time. The writter's might be a little more creative than to make it be the obvious one in Adam as he has always been the BAD guy. It would be nice if it could be someone else who you would never guess is actually responsible for hitting her and leaving the scene. It would ne nice if it was a Good guy and not Adam for once who did this terrible thing. I for one would love to be shocked!! It gets boring to always know" who done it" in the beginning.
  • Why Adam

    Why can't it be possible that Adam gets away with this 'accident' since it was an accident. He's a good guy now! Jack needs to be happy and Phyllis needs to come back. As for Victor, he's just too busy and it's time for his 'downfall' he get away with entirely too much and I'm getting sick of his control over everything. Please, Please no more Nick and Sharon relationships. Adam should stay, he's a very good actor.
  • Michael Muhney fan bye bye Y & R

    Okay so Adam has been through a lot on this show and I love watching him evolve into a likable good guy. Why on earth would things finally start to go right for him, having a son and regaining Chelsea, and you get rid of him. I agree with other viewers in saying why can't something work out right for once!! If Adam and Billy both leave this show I am one long time fan who has had enough. What are the writers thinking?? Most of the other storylines with Abby and Tyler, Neil and Leslie, and Nick and Sharon googling each other just waste my time and make me sick. The new Abby gets on my nerves!! I love Victoria and Billy , and this thing with Adam and Chelsea so when they are gone so am I. Hear that click, that's me turning off the tv!
  • enough is enough

    it needs to be that adam didnt hit and run and let him and chelsea start their life together. as for jack phillis needs to wake up and tell the truth let something good go for a change and let victoria find out bout billies affair

    It is getting so redundant to keep hearing Jack talk about Summer as his daughter! The writers let us know the truth way too early. We want to be surprised along with the actors! My gosh having Nick the bad guy and put Summer through such a traumatic time. Then get to know Jack as a Father THEN TURN AROUND AND LET THE TRUTH COME OUT!! When we as viewers already the heck is wrong with the writers? LET SHARON GET BUSTED ALREADY DAMN!!!!! ALWAYS dragging and dragging the same scenerio's out. Could we please move on? So PREDICTABLE. Fired Adam, yeah that sucks, good actor go figure! Fen on the other hand? C'Mon people


    EWWWWWW!!!! Sharon and Nick making eyes at each other is making me gag!!!!!! Victoria and Snitch - they seem to match nicely ... Billy and Kelly - a definite NO!! Enough of Victor the dictator!! How about nice things happening to Adam and Jack for once??? Every episode is gloom and doom - not so enjoyable to watch anymore! The way the story is going and has already gone, is making me lower the rating! 1/10/2014

    YES, please send Sharon posthaste on a slow boat to China! ENOUGH of Sharon. I really cannot stand her acting! How could the writers even make her dead daughter to be so devious and ugly in mind for that age? When I saw that I couldn't even believe what I was watching. Get Chelsea and Adam back together, I think they go very well together. How about more on Devon?
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