The Young and the Restless

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  • Tasteless - Poor Execution

    The Y&R writing may be poor but the writers are not entirely responsible for the poor and tasteless fashion in which the entire ensemble has been presented to us lately. What had made the show work so well was the finest sense of aesthetics of Mr. & Mrs. Bell (whom I neither claim to know nor to ever have met). Everything was always well executed: decor, music, writing, directing, lighting, wardrobe; even pouring a glass of water, a cup of coffee, a glass of orange juice(remember breakfasts at the Abbotts!) was an art that took our breath away; the beauty of a bouquet of flowers, a broach, a necktie (remember John and Brad Carleton!), a ring, a necklace, a bracelet (remember Mrs. C's accoutrements!) was magnified! Even when the storyline was not great, the show was executed well enough to keep us away from our daily toils. As a matter of fact, most of the time, Y&R was never about the storyline; it was about nothing; the writing was the simplest around, the most fluid you can find on the soap format; nevertheless, we were fascinated by the simplicity and mesmerized by the connections, human and spiritual connections in fate, destiny, faith, accurate portrayal of matters of life dealing with laws, business, matrimony, etc. Y&R's problem today is a dichotomy of miscalculated EXECUTION and lack of respect for ESTABLISHED VIEWERSHIP. IF IT AIN'T BROKE, DON'T FIX IT! For instance, why the cheap redecoration of all Genoa City's famous households was necessary? It seems that the current Executor of the show likes to stick it to viewers. Case in point, for no obvious reason, she killed the matriarch (Maureen Bauer) of The Guiding Light, a destruction from which the show (longest-running ever on Television history) had never recovered, and from which the show ultimately died. Y&R has been deeply wounded by its current executive leadership. Y&R's makeover by its current leadership is senseless, unnecessary and deleterious to its longevity. Under its current leadership style (which is the antithesis of the very essence of Y&R), I am afraid that this phenomenal creation of Mr. Bell's genius will suffer the same fate as did The Guiding Light. I know that I am wasting my time and breath by writing because no SONY or CBS executives will read this, but stranger things have happened. I hope that there are savvier and better well-connected viewers out there that are as unhappy as I with the mockery of Y&R that comes on our living room on daily basis, viewers with the know-how to help save our daily escapade: Y&R.


    Senseless Death!

    The Y&R's Honchos should read an interview that Mr. Bill Bell did with the Soap Opera Digest after the senseless death of a child character, namely that of Cassie Newman. While he praised Sharon's heart wrenching performance, he regretted having scripted such a horrific and senseless death of a child and promised his faithful viewers that he would never write a senseless death of a child again. Now came Jill Farren Phelps with her wrecking ball to demolish Y&R the same way she did the Guiding Light. Upon her arrival, Phyllis, Guinevere, Ronan, Kay, Delia, Ashley, Angelina, Carmine, Sophia, Harmony and Tucker's characters are all gone! And Adam is on the chopping board! On the other hand, why is the show so dark? What happened to the Lighting department? What happened to the wardrobe department? T-Shirt style is now Y&R's fashion statement! How about Abby and Summer? Are they congenital twins??? Although I quit watching the show, once in a while I tune in to see if CBS has finally decided to rescue its daytime crown jewel by yanking the show from Jill Farren Phelps. I have been watching the show for thirty-three years; now I am so sad to see that it has been turned into such farce! Although I don't want to, but I MUST STOP WATCHING IT AS IT NO LONGER BRINGS ME JOY! CBS and SONY, PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE bring back the four Emmy Awards winner Kay Alden (as HW and Executive Producer) and the thirteen times Daytime Emmy awards nominee and six times winner Heather Hill as head Director!!!! My new rating for the show is ONE (1)!

    Remembering the Backbones of Y&R Reflection 1

    A house does not come into being without an abstract structure, viz. calculus, geometry, trigonometry, physic, chemistry, etc. Some of the backbones of the stellar performances that we used to watch on Y&R comprised some unseen elements that are often taken for granted and deserve to be remembered or highlighted. Today I am writing about the Y&R's golden days Head Director, Heather Hill. Ms. Hill brought into being the magical words and the scintillating characters that the Creator, Head Writer and Executive Producer, Mr. Bill Bell, scripted as what I consider as the backbones of the show backbones of a show (like GL or Y&R, must be ageless and untouchable; characters like those of Bert and Maureen Bauer as well Ross Marler who were ill-advisedly killed off on GL; no matter what happens in real life to those who portray backbone characters, they must survive the actors who portray them; killing off a backbone character (like JFP did with Maureen Bauer) is conducive to the demise of the show (like that of GL, the longest-running television drama : 1937-2009). Regarding Ms. Hill, she seemed to have been the go-to director for Mr. Bell. Her directed scenes usually give you the illusion that the performance of the actors and the background music as well the scripted words were so synchronized that it was impossible not to perceive the end result as a byproduct of one individual rather than many: writers, music composers, director, assistant directors, actors, camera operators and editors. Under Ms. Hill directorship, melody, words and action were welded into an incredible harmonious symphony. The most surprising of it all is that the actors seem to be acting to the sound of Jack Allocco's compositions which are timeless and ageless what happens to his music? Why those masterful compositions are no longer being used?. Ms. Hill's direction and movement are of the same pitch as that of the composition that is being used for any particular scene. The big cloture scenes - for usually Thursdays, Fridays or Mondays - where the souls of the characters are usually turned inside out usually use the same tireless background music, which you can listen to for forever and get the same pathtique the heart wrenching, the communion between the viewer and the character that the French Classical playwright Jean Racine sanctified as the quintessence of the genre drama. Longtime fans of Y&R, let us write what we remember of the golden years of Y&R!


    Classical Y&R Is Gone - Nowadays Y&R is a Charade of Its Former Self!

    The current regime of Y&R is turning the show into a spitting image of GH. This format has never worked on the Tiffany network. After having destroyed the GL staple, I thought the head honcho of the show had learned the golden rule of "If it aint broke, then don't fix it!". For those of us who have been watching Y&R since the early 80's, it is deplorable to tune in to see how our beloved show has been turned into an abominable circus just so that Jill F. Phelps' ego can be satisfied. Why such a staple is being wasted? Our beloved and dramatic writer, Bill Bell, must be turning in his grave. We remember how he made us watch the rustic Drucilla whom he turned into a precious ornament of the show; we remember how he brought us the duos of Nina and Rose, Nina and Cricket, Danny and Phyllis, Danny and Lauren, Nick and Sharon, all of whom he put through the fire with gut-wrenching performances, all of whom he purified and turned into perfect ornaments of the show; through the building process of these characters, we watched them grow, not into soap years, into wonderful and productive beings. How about Victoria and Nicky Newman's performances on Mondays, Thursdays and Fridays? How about Ashley, Victor and Jack's renditions? How about Jill and John, especially when Jill fell off the ladder and lost the baby, the storyline which catapulted the show to the number 1 rank spot for the first time sending GH to the #2 spot ? Jill and Jack? Jill and Katherine? How about the romantic scenes at the rich and famous restaurant of Genoa City? How about Ms. Chancellor's soliloquy in her radiant living room, where her jewelry and silver accoutrement booming into the screen and took our breath away; Mr. Bell had a way of turning a glass of water, a bouquet of flowers, a porcelain cup, a piece of jewelry, a jug of water into actors, something the ancient Greeks, especially Aristophanes, invented. How about the touching tears of Nicky as well as those of Victoria Newman, something that the Classical French playwright, Jean Racine, was famous for. The classical Y&R is now gone. As for me, I have already stopped watching the nonsense that comes on to the screen every day. I had watched my lovely GL for 25 years until the current Y&R executive producer touched it and sent it down the tube. I just wonder how Melody, Eric, Jess and others feel about this masquerade of Y&R that they are being forced to play! For the Y&R that I'm used, I will be generous to give JFP's Y&R a rating of 3 out of 10.
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    I consulted Dr. Wakina after ready the testimonies about him with FAITH. Though the spell process took 7days to call his distracted spirit back to where it belong and it wasn't easy for me, but I am finally happy today that Henry is fully back to me. We are happier than before and he appreciates me more all because of Dr. Wakina's love miracle. This spell is not evil and Dr. Wakina did not do any blood sacrifice for us, I respect his religion and power that's why it worked out for me. Contact him via his email: dr. wakinalovetemple [at] gmail. com

    I want to use this medium to tell the world about Dr Marvel who helped me in getting my lover back with his powerful spell, my ex and i where having misunderstanding which led to our breakup though i went to beg him several times to please forgive and accept me back because i knew i offend him but each time i went i always feel more deeply in pain and agony because he always walk out on me and would not want to listen to what i have to tell him but on one faithful day as i was browsing i came across a testimony of a woman whose problem was worse than mine and yet Dr Marvel helped her with his spell. So i was happy and also contacted Dr Marvel for help via email and then told him my story but the only thing he said was that i will wipe your tears out with my spell so luckily for me everything want well just as he promised and right now i have got my lover back and we are both living happily. there is nothing Dr Marvel can not do with his spell and just as promise myself i will keep testifying on the internet of how Dr Marvel helped me. Are your problem greater that mine or less i give you 100% guarantee that Dr Marvel will put an end to it with his powerful spell, contact Dr Marvel today to help you email: or call him through his mobile number +2348106985072. His web site on


    My name is Janice in California USA, i want to say a bigger thanks to for taking time to help me cast the spell that brings back my ex husband .No one could have ever made me believe that the letter I'm about to write would actually be one day be written. I was the world's biggest skeptic. I never believed in magic spells or anything like this, but I was told by a reliable source (a very good friend of my was the one own told me about the Dr. Ofemo that him say man of is world that what ever him say so shall it be) the man call the Dr Ofemo is a very dedicated, gifted, and talented person,and is a good man that have help so many people to bring them Ex-lover back to them,It was one of the best things I have ever done. My love life was in shambles; And i said let me give him a try,and that was how he help me to get back my ex-husband. He did a love spell that make my ex-husband come back to me and marry me, With this testimony right now i am the happiest woman on earth and our love is now stronger than how it was even before. I will keep sharing this testimony all over the world. All thanks goes to Dr. Ofome for the good work that he has done for me and people. he deeply enjoy helping people achieve their desires,thanks to my friend who introduced me to him. Should in case anybody need his help you can contact him on his email or you can visit this restore my life in my matrimonial home you can thank him for me or email him for urgent help in any bad situation i promise you he will also help you,his email .
  • how i got my ex back

    i will love to share my testimony to you all the people in got married to my husband about 2 year ago we start having problems at home like we stop sleeping on the same bed,fighting about little things he always comes home late at night,drinking too much and sleeping with other women out have never love any man in my life except is the father of my child and i don't want to loose him because we have worked so hard together to become what we are and have month ago he now decided to live me and the kid,being a single mother can be hard sometimes and so i have nobody to turn to and i was heart called my mom and explain every thing to her,my mother told me about Dr ABEJIDE how he helped her solve the problem between her and my dad i was surprise about it because they have been without each other for three and a half years and it was like a miracle how they came back to each was directed to Dr ABEJIDE on his

    and explain everything to him,so he promise me not to worry that he will cast a spell and make things come back to how we where so much in love again and that it was another female spirit that was controlling my told me that my problem will be solved within two days if i believe i said he cast a spell for me and after two days my love came back asking me to forgive Am so happy now. so that why i decided to share my experience with every body that have such problem contact Dr relief the great spell caster on his email address:

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    Hi My name is "BEKAR JOE" I was married for 15years with lilian my wife and 2kids and we lived happily until things started getting ugly and we had fights and arguments almost every time... it got worse at a point that she filed for divorce... I tried my best to make her change her mind & stay with moved out of the house and still went ahead to file for divorce... I pleaded and tried everything but still nothing worked. The breakthrough came when someone introduced me to this wonderful, great spell caster who eventually helped me out... I have never been a fan of things like this but just decided to try reluctantly cause I was desperate and left with no choice... He did special prayers and used roots and herbs... Within 7 days she called me and was sorry for all the emotional trauma she had cost me, she moved back to the house and we continue to live happily. what a wonderful miracle dr. trust did for me and my family. I have introduced him to a lot of couples with problems across the world and they have had good news... I strongly believe someone out there need's his help... via or Don't give up just yet, the different between "Ordinary" & "Extra-Ordinary" is the "Extra" so make extra effort to save your marriage/relationship if it's truly worth him +2348156885231 his website you can contact him through his website.

    I'm Davis brown from USA. My wife left me for no reason on 13th of June 2010. She moved in with another man, I felt like killing myself and I've tried so many spell casters but all to no avail. My life was very bitter and sorrowful. Then one day, a friend of mine told me about this spell caster called DR OGBIDI who helped her on her own situation when her husband left her. But at first i didn't believe it because i' have tested so many of them and it didn't work. she begged me further so I decided to try this spell caster called DR OGBIDI . I contacted him and i told him my problems and gave him all the necessary information he required. He just laughed and told me never to worry that my WIFE will call me back in less than two days and i believed, and after he has finished casting the spell my WIFE called me and started begging. She apologized and came back to me crying for a second chance. Today i and my wife and my two lovely kids are living happily like never before. I can really say that this spell caster is powerful because of his work my wife is home again. I'm now a very happy man and ever since she has shown me love like never before. Thank you DR OGBIDI I will forever be grateful to you. You can reach him on his email: or he will solve any problem you are facing now. Just contact him and see his work. once again thank you DR OGBIDI

    Had a huge bust up with my partner Bennett, phoned Dr. Grea in tears, he said he could help, I must admit, I was very, very skeptical as didn't really believe he would be back after all he said, but it was just a few days when he phoned and asked to come over to talk, we talked and talked and the silly misunderstanding was all forgiven and we are back together now for good, all thanks to Dr. Grea, I would highly recommend his services, they do really, really work. Get to him via: or visit his website on: .
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    Hello every one, I really want to share my testimony to the hearing of the general public on this site about how DR OGAGA helped me, December 2013, I saw a post on a particular site shearing testimony on how the great spell caster brought back her ex who name is Jerry so I just see it common and i said let me see what will happen because my husband left me and my three kids for another woman just like that, i and my husband was married for six years living happily before i new what was going on, he left me and go for another woman so when i saw the post, i contacted the spell caster on his email and he told me i should not worry that my husband will come back to me in three days after once he finish casting the reunite spell and to my greatest surprise, i now have my husband back to me again and i want to use this medium to let every body know that this is real and if you are out there having this same problem please contact the great spell caster on his email now because he can do the unexpected. his email is or . I WISH YOU THE

  • I want to share a great testimony on this website on how great prophet azza, help me in falling pregnant,

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    I never knew people still have powers and make things happened this way. My name is sandra ruths am from American. my boyfriend Slay Scot left me for another girl for three months' ever since then my life have been filled with pains sorrow and heart break because he was my first love who dis virgin me when i was 21 years old. about two years ago, A friend of mine kido matthew told me he saw some testimonies of this great Dr osauyi that he can bring back lover within some few days, i laugh it out and said i am not interested but because of the love my friend had for me, she consulted the great priest on my behalf and to my greatest surprise after three days my boyfriend is going to call me for the very first time after three months that he is missing me and that he is so sorry for every thing he made me went through. i still can't believe it, because it highly unbelievable it just too real to be real. Thank you Dr osauyi for bringing back my lover and also to my lovely friend who interceded on my behalf, for any one who might need the help of this great priest here is the email address or you can call the great man on +2347064294395
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