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  • Vulgar Victor

    Has anyone besides me noticed that every line Victor says usually has a profanity in it? Jack is always JackAss, Billy is either an SOB or a bast**d and old victor sure likes to use hell and damn a lot. What gives Eric? Is that something you had them write in your new contact that you get to cuss because you're now a old codger? And lest we forget, the new buzz word on the show is "The Universe" It seems it is now in control of everything an everybody. What happen to God? Last I heard He is very much alive and still in charge of the Universe! I guess if there is one thing I've admired about Y&R, it is the fact Christianity is always in the background and in the lives of its characters. Although not in the forefront, it is always there when they have a tragedy ... kind of like many of us. Sorry, Adam ... God isn't in the deal making business. He took care of Conner because Christians would have been praying for him in real life. Not because you promised to be good. I sure hope the writers aren't trying to go the way of so many other shows with "Political Correctness". Come on, God is alive and well in this country. Christianity is the still the mainstream religion. The "Left" of course wants to downplay all this so they want everything watered down. Be strong Y&R like Blue Bloods. Nothing wrong with showing strong family values. They're what America was built on!
  • Bad Dream

    Writer's can you just make this all a bad dream that Billy is having, as we all know anything is possible in the world of soap. I've been watching Young and the Restless since the 70's and for the first time, I choose not to watch the show. This is the worst story line ever, using Cassie to assist Sharon in her devious plot to get Nick back, allowing young Delia to die and worst of all projecting Adam as the hit and run killer of his sons donor. This is not Tales from the Dark side or Dark Shadows; but for the first time it feels that way. Colleen, Cassie, Delia, not to mention Catherine's real life death. Enough already!

    Billy and Khole,This is so would NEVER WANT TO EXPERIENCE THIS ......
  • Y & R falling off the high cliff THEY built?!?!

    So easy and predictable ,AND LAZY! Killing off a major child character,and sooo soon after Jeanne Cooper(Kaye Chancellor) died in real life world. Her character was killed ,but with marginal writing skills surrounding to Y & R ,the show that leads in new edgy story lines with matching cinematography, set designs,wardrobes and yes! the BEST cast of actors of all backgrounds,colors,and lifestyles in their acting skills and handling real life.

  • Move out writers

    move over writers i want to take over and write better and happier story lines o and also we need some of our former casts back i will mention we need danny and daniel and little lucy back so danny can have a chance to become a better father to daniel and to be the best grandpa in genoa city, so please please get new writers. one thing you do not kill an innocent child that is way so wrong secondly what are you writers thinking, are you really wanting your rating to go to the lowest like it has and also do you really want to lose viewers. thirdly we do not want no more sad story lines that is so ridiculous especially after just losing Katherine, we can not afford to lose anyone else, so bring back old charectors and bring in someone to play phyllis and we will be set. Thiirdly if one more innocent child dies i can gurantee alot of former viewers will quit watching for good.
  • what didn't they kill off Victor Newman

    you took an innocent child. I have no more respect for Y/R. After the 1st of the year you've lost a fan. Kill off an ADULT NEXT TIME!

    Also why didn't they have Adam MAN UP and go to police. He did not know he hit a child. he just saw the dog. You Bells have some problems.
  • Former CBS Soaps: Guiding Light .. As The World Turns and ....... Y&R

    This will be the headline soon ... depressing and morbid ... killing off and 8 year old ... the story doesn't even have any meaning not a Drunk Driving PSA or Texting and Driving PSA .... this is stupid and a poor story line ... Bring back MAB ...

  • Niki finding son

    Can you tell me how Niki came to the conclusion that Dillion is her son out of 1000's of people in that city. The writers never showed how she came to that conclusion. The writers have been weak with ideas and the death of that little girl is the worse of all.






  • Disugsted

    Why blame Adam for this , This is not him at all this part sound like Ashley or her daughter will do something like This part of the show need some work like ASP )
  • Disugsted

    The show has really deteriorated. I'm not sure what the writer's are trying to do with the show but it's not good. The show needs something interesting or happy, it has become so depressing. Why is Adam always to blame for everything? Cassy has passed, why must she be used as a tool to instigate Sharon to get back with Nick?
  • Give up this predictable writing

    I have watched this show since its beginnings. I am now done. This storyline of Delia's death to provide Connor with corneas is ridiculous and SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO predictable. This young actress was amazing and the life of the show. Now Victor will get his way once again, as Billy will turn to gambling or drinking to ease his grief and guilt and he and Victoria will divorce. She will work for Victor, blah, blah, blah. I would rather have seen Adam buy corneas on the black market and then get in trouble for that. I was hoping that the writers were tricking us into thinking Delia was going to die but would instead have her in a coma and then recover. But alas, they disappointed this viewer and I will not watch for a very long time, if ever again.
  • Death becomes Young and Restless

    I have watched your show since its inception. With the demise of Guiding Light and As The World Turns, your show has been the only one I now watch. Now that too will time by my choice. Shame on you! Your writers seem to feel that repeating the theme of "kill the daughter by car crash" is warranted every few years. This latest death sickened me as I saw it coming with the prominence of Delia's character, then the dog, then the necessity for a Corneal Transplant donor, etc. Weak plot, transparent plotline, and nauseating conclusion with the death of yet another little girl. First Cassie, then Delia...

    We turn to TV and these shows for drama, entertainment, and sometimes a bit of tragedy. But your show has embraced death with a has become the one constant we viewers can count upon. If I want to see little children (btw, why are they always girls?!) killed, I can open any newspaper or watch the evening news.

    And if you think you are performing a public service by showing viewers not to leave children alone in cars, or to drive drunk, there are other ways to do this without killing off children. am done wasting that hour of my life.

    A very disappointed prior fan
  • The young and restless

    I been watching the young and restless when it first started, when Billy was driving and the dog was barkingI knew something was going to happen to his daughter, so I turn it off. I took a quick look when Adman was driving and hit something and he thought it was the dog. I turn it off again. We have so much happening in real life with our children please take it off TV. The writers save her from cancer and to let this happen isn't right. I know it's just a show but it happen too much in real life. Let the kids live. It was bad will you all let Casie die. I might start back watching the show in a year. Too much death
  • Can't beleive it!!!!!!!!

    Y&R has hit an all time low with this story line. New writers????? I have watched Y&R since it started but have to admit I will now get other things done during this time slot. The day you started killing off small children to better the life of another was the last show I will watch. I realize it is just a story but!!!! And why always Adam. It should be a bit closer to real life and in some ways it is but not this story. If the eyes from Delia are to be given to Connor ok but, didn't realize you could choose who was to receive organs. Just crazy.
  • Wow, if I wanted to be this depressed I would watch the news 24/7!!!

    I have watched Y&R since I was 5 with my Grandmother, now after 36 years I'm done. This ultra dark storyline is horrible. I don't want to feel depressed when I finish watching a program, the kind of depression when you lose a family member. I feel like the writers are too dark, we lost Catherine, we lost Phyllis, Summer is some what of an orphan, Connor is going blind and now this. For goodness sake, the writers haven't touched on any happiness in awhile. They continue to drag us further and further down depression alley. This is a morbid storyline and we were all aware that a child was going to die in order to get Connor the corneas but the only person you could think of was Delia??? Well, good luck Y&R, I'll find something else to fill that time slot. I don't need puppies and kittens, however Delia didn't need to die to in order to help Connor.
  • Really???!!!

    Y&R I've loved 4ever but this storyline is the WORST!! Friday was just scary with Billy having flashes of "Delia in the future" scenes. A teenage Delia waving goodbye to Billy as she transforms back to the child Delia and runs through a door that locks and wont let Billy out to catch her crushed me!!! Today's episode was devastating, almost as tortuous as Cassie's. Fans just said good-bye to Katherine C's character, Carmine finally gone and now this! Why?! A more believable storyline (not that it's better to kill off a toddler than a child) but lil Johnny is never really in the episodes and Victoria wants to be a corporate mogul again like Victor, Billy has the club and recovering from being a gambler, since Johnny is Chelsea's son, why not have him become ill and Chelsea/Billy/Victoria have to decide if he should survive or not so that Connor (her new son w/Adam) could get his corneas????? Adam could be his usual sneaky, dirty(sexy) self and plot to get the corneas by any means necessary. I'd definitely watch that, especially if I wrote I should be hired as a writer hint :)

  • the new writing team

    I'm not happy with the direction the show is taking. I do not want a dark tragic mess like these writers did at their previous shows. This is THE #1 soap so WHY FIX WHAT ISN'T BROKEN??? And again, making Adam the fall guy. I've watched the show since I can remember and the current storylines are as stupid as the one that kill John Abbott. And now Delia is dead AND the lead up to Connor needing corneas plays in yet Delia is not a donor because she's had leukemia and hasn't even been in remission very long...2 years maybe? 18 months?? STUPID. QUIT RUINING MY FAVE SHOW!!! ARGHHHHH
  • Death of Delia

    I have watched Y & R for years, but now that you wrote this HORRIBLE storyline you have lost me as a viewer and my daughter who grew up watching your show never will watch it again either. Seriously do your writer's like killing children and teenagers off the show. It was bad enough when Cassie died years ago.
  • Delia's death

    Soap operas are supposed to be entertaining not upsetting. The death of a child is never entertaining. I don't even want to watch until this death story line is over because it is too upsetting. And don't you think it's about time something good happens to Billy and Adam? I'm about tired of seeing them suffer.
  • This accident with Delia is making me sick.....

    I have loved Y & R. for so many yrs. and to me, this is the awfulest thing that you have done, the way you have caused this terrible accident and Billy wouldn't leave Delia in the car and she wouldn't have jumped out of the car and on and on. Just a bad storyline for Billy and Adam and all the family that will be affected... This had bothered me more than anything that I have seen on your show and it is heart-breaking and sickening the way it is working out... Why did you do this to all these people???
  • Current Y&R storylines SUCK! I could write better!

    I used to watch Y&R to support my friends who act on there. I've seen good characters gone, just like good writing gone. I dvr'd the show this week and skipped everything to get the gist of it on Friday's episode. Billy leaving Didi in the car and she supposedly getting hit by Adam is lame. Adam would have/should have at least noticed that he hit something when they showed previously that he stopped for a dog.

    You want Y&R to be at the top like they used to be? How about writing scripts that are at the pulse of today's issues? That whole storyline about Summer and Kyle being siblings could have been taken a bit further to where they could be caught in bed and told that they are siblings. Of course, now we know they're not. How about Phillip being brought back in with his male lover and how Jill has to deal with her son being gay. Hell, make Nicholas bi with all his female problems and let Victor chew on that issue with all his machismo. How about the IRS coming down on Victor or Jack? What about Victoria finally getting pregnant with Billy's kids (triplets) via invitro? I would love to see Adam create his own business that then buys out Newman Enterprises as Victor's ego drives Chancellor Enterprises to the ground.
  • Young and the Useless?

    WHAT HAPPENED?? Y&R was my favorite show on TV. You must have new writers! This Nick and Summer storyline is just so very bad. Now finding out it really is not true? How bad and desperate can you get for a new storyline. This is the FIRST time I will stay away from this show. Get back your original writers as this show was always a number 10 and better than any prime time series.

    I will miss the show but now choose to miss it with this horrible story with no meaning.

    End it soon and I may come back!!!!!
  • bad.. adam hitting child avoiding dog billywow

    When I restarted watching it and adam supposedly hit didie no proof. Than instead of.. billy calling cops or mom or wife he reminisces. Please.. make show more believed. . This sucked
  • sucks

    Y&R is sooo boring, we've been waiting for weeks for something to happen, too late, we're done watching this show, we use to look so forward to watching it. Seems like it's the general consensus of all my friends that watch this show, too bad, it will be missed, and this isn't even worth rating. I've been watching this show for 30 years.
  • Why is Phylis gone????

    WHy has she disappeared from the show??? It makes me worry that they are replacing her!! I hope not! Noone else can play Phylis! She needs to come out of coma and put Sharon in her place! ASAP!!!

    Everyone gets into a bad situation and truth comes out except for Sharon. She is annoying on the program and honestly do not really care for this program anymore because the storyline is so unrealistic and boring, How come Sharon always gets away with things. Please find a better storyline than this.
  • Adam Newman is leaving the show???

    Adam Newman is leaving the show?? NOOO!!!! the man is just great, why would any show wont this man gone, he is wonderful!! funny, freaking good looking, the man is a great actor!! I hope young and the restless would reconsider letting this man go
  • JFP at Y & R--there WILL be a mob war!!!

    Y and R is ridiculous since Jill Farren Phelps (sp?) took over after leaving GH. Steve Burton left GH running some BS about having new projects lined up that were less demanding on his schedule allowing him to spend more time with family that had moved to TN. What a n load of BS. Steve has double or more airtime than he had on GH, he sucks as Dylan and JFP has tossed aside the actors and storylines we love in exchange for promoting her boy Steve Burton. But don't worry soon the Abbotts and Newmans will find out they are actually gangsters desended from prominent mob families and Steve Burton with be the #1 hitman. That's the only storyline JFP knows how to write. (Oh and please kill the storyline involving Neil, Leslie, Lily, Cane, Mason, Hilary----it's been dragged on and on to death multiple times.

    Please new writers!!!! I beg you to get Sharon on a slow boat to China. Her storyline desecrates the memory of her -- not Nick's -- daughter. I've even forgotten her name, and I've been a viewer since the show's beginning!! Lock her up in a mental institution so she can get the help she needs. Send her on a trip. She KNOWS how to run away and find a man!! And her little bratty daughter, come on. Stop turning Faith into a creepy little menace. Sharon is just running roughshod over EVERYONE and getting away with it. PUHLEEZE write something good for a change.
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