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  • Bye to one of my Fav such as Adam

    What a way to say bye to Adam my Fav.. I so agree that he did not hit Billy's DD... however Adam is leaving the show and being replaced.. He was a good actor
  • The Old and The Useless

    I have been a fan for 30 years but the writers have made the story line" Old "and the outcomes" Useless" because they never get resolved. I used to love Young because the bad guys always got found out and punished in a reasonable time. Now it is just frustrating. The writers lack any sense of what the fans want or how to bring closure.

    When Adam stole Sharon s baby and tortured Ashley nothing happened to him, in fact Sharon fell in love with him, ridiculous. Now he is being pegged as a murderer who left Delia to die when it was an accident and more Billy's fault for leaving Delia alone . I wanted Adam to tell Chelsea and now that Billy has him , I want Adam to tell Billy Victor knew and didn't tell Victoria but instead blackmailed Adam to see Conner. I want to see Sharron get caught in her lie before Summer becomes a grandmother and no one cares anymore. If the purpose of the show is to frustrate the viewer than they are succeeding but I have enough frustration in real life. When I watch Young I want to feel some satisfaction when the bad deeds come to the surface and are punished. I have been watching hoping I will get this satisfaction but it looks like the writers aren't capable of bringing closure to any of the secrets they dream up. My sisters and friends that watch all feel the same and do not want to become Old and Useless ourselves waiting for someone to notice Jill is missing and for Summer to know Nick is her real dad or for Victor to exposed "get that". So in order to keep my sanity I am finding something more worthwhile to do with that hour of my valuable time. I'm tired of being misled by the writers and "I'm mad as hell, and I'm not going to take it anymore" Goodbye from a former loyal fan.
  • Adam and Billy

    I can't believe Adam is the one who ran into Billy's daughter since there was not any damage to his car and there wasn't any impact. I seriously think someone else hit her before Adam came along and due to the darkness he could not see her laying on the ground when he stopped. Remember he did not walk around his car when he stopped and opened the door to see if the dog was ok. I just hate to think the writter's would be so crule as to do this to this family again. It would be a kick in the ass and would have a much better impact if it turned out Adam did not hit the child after all and he has been suffering the pain of thinking he did all this time. The writter's might be a little more creative than to make it be the obvious one in Adam as he has always been the BAD guy. It would be nice if it could be someone else who you would never guess is actually responsible for hitting her and leaving the scene. It would ne nice if it was a Good guy and not Adam for once who did this terrible thing. I for one would love to be shocked!! It gets boring to always know" who done it" in the beginning.
  • Why Adam

    Why can't it be possible that Adam gets away with this 'accident' since it was an accident. He's a good guy now! Jack needs to be happy and Phyllis needs to come back. As for Victor, he's just too busy and it's time for his 'downfall' he get away with entirely too much and I'm getting sick of his control over everything. Please, Please no more Nick and Sharon relationships. Adam should stay, he's a very good actor.
  • Michael Muhney fan bye bye Y & R

    Okay so Adam has been through a lot on this show and I love watching him evolve into a likable good guy. Why on earth would things finally start to go right for him, having a son and regaining Chelsea, and you get rid of him. I agree with other viewers in saying why can't something work out right for once!! If Adam and Billy both leave this show I am one long time fan who has had enough. What are the writers thinking?? Most of the other storylines with Abby and Tyler, Neil and Leslie, and Nick and Sharon googling each other just waste my time and make me sick. The new Abby gets on my nerves!! I love Victoria and Billy , and this thing with Adam and Chelsea so when they are gone so am I. Hear that click, that's me turning off the tv!
  • enough is enough

    it needs to be that adam didnt hit and run and let him and chelsea start their life together. as for jack phillis needs to wake up and tell the truth let something good go for a change and let victoria find out bout billies affair

    It is getting so redundant to keep hearing Jack talk about Summer as his daughter! The writers let us know the truth way too early. We want to be surprised along with the actors! My gosh having Nick the bad guy and put Summer through such a traumatic time. Then get to know Jack as a Father THEN TURN AROUND AND LET THE TRUTH COME OUT!! When we as viewers already the heck is wrong with the writers? LET SHARON GET BUSTED ALREADY DAMN!!!!! ALWAYS dragging and dragging the same scenerio's out. Could we please move on? So PREDICTABLE. Fired Adam, yeah that sucks, good actor go figure! Fen on the other hand? C'Mon people

  • Micheal Muhney

    What in the world are you doing firing Adam Newman and letting Billy Abbott go. I have watched since the very first episode and without the two if them I'm done. Both amazing actors.
  • Disturbing

    Writer's can you just make this all a bad dream that Billy is having, as we all know anything is possible in the world of soap. I've been watching Young and the Restless since the 70's and for the first time, I choose not to watch the show. This is the worst story line ever, using Cassie to assist Sharon in her devious plot to get Nick back, allowing young Delia to die and worst of all projecting Adam as the hit and run killer of his sons donor. This is not Tales from the Dark side or Dark Shadows; but for the first time it feels that way. Colleen, Cassie, Delia, not to mention Catherine's real life death. Enough already!

  • Disgusted

    Your decisions to let Adam, Billy and Phyllis leave Y & R are destroying your my friends are disgusted with your horrific story Fen, the new writers or you will be short Billy and Phyliss made the show now are going down the wrong you lost your truck? You must be lost!!!! Please find your all will miss he really cannot be replaced.

    Yes, I am disappointed with the recent changes in Y & R, starting with the death of Delia - which I don't think I will ever understand; and now with the decision to ax Michael Muhney from the show. I love the chemistry between 'Adam and Chelsea' and think he is a marvelous actor in general - I love "Victor" even though he does unloveable things and have even thought Michael Muhney (Adam) would be a great one to take on that role if need ever arises. My heart sank in learning of his exit from the show. Phyllis is not there any longer and I miss her too, although that was her decision and not the writers. It is like the people who made the show are slowly being replaced or role axed altogether. I don't know how much more I can take before I stop watching.
  • unhappy gal

    I hate watching y&r right is all talking & gloomy. Adam is wonderful with Chelsea ; now the writers have ruined the whole show. Phyllis needs replaced with a wild & crazy redhead like she was. Adam & Chelsea need to be sexy & happy. There's too much stupitidy , Deliahs death ruined the whole show. I want sone cheating , lying, muders & sex. Also let couples be hot together. Make Chelsea stop listening to deserves Chelsea & to be happy. Let someone else be the fall guy for Deliahs death. That new woman in thearapy with Billy is ugly & needs to but out. Victoria needs to Billy back. Please straighten this show out. I hate the show right now!

  • Billy's Guilt

    It's time Billy accepts help from the love of his life (his wife) instead of ignoring her. I can see where his "therapy" is leading--to an affair with the blonde from the therapy group that he keeps meeting. Don't do this please. I once loved Y&R because it was realistic but the realism is gone.... the storyline is are supposed to entertain but killing off a child then having a father who refuses to try to help himself get his life back is wrong on so many levels. We get it--losing a child is difficult but I'm so tired of Billy's non-acting.
  • Delia

    I think killing the child was too much for a soap. Now it's depressing to watch.
  • boring n predictable

    All a have to say is that you writers suck ass an all of you should've been fired a long time ago... I wish I could give this rating like a -0 show is beyond predictable and boring. ..
  • Y&R is so depressing!

    Something horrible has happened to every single character. We watch soap operas for entertainment and to escape from our everyday lives. Who wants to sit and watch terrible, depressing things happen to people day after day. Its time to say goodbye after 35 years. Goodbye Y&R.
  • Leaving a child in the car

    With some state laws it is illegal to leave a child under the age of 13 in a car alone. Billy is to be blamed for child neglect. What parent in their right mind would leave a 7yr old in a car alone at night, or at all!! To Blame this on Adam is absurd. He was trying to avoid hitting a dog, had no idea a child would be on the side of the road, unattended and in the dark!! (INSANE) This is giving the wrong message to parents. No one should leave a child in a car alone. It's getting old that everything thats bad, that happens it's blamed on Adam. This is the first time I have ever had a real strong feeling of not agreeing with the script. This is my favorite soap but I do not agree with the way this situation is sending the wrong message to the public. I admire how sometimes you touch on true realities like abuse or victims or even realities of Cancer and illnesses and at end of the show you give contact numbers how to get help. This message is you can be a parent and leave a child in the car alone and then put the blame on a driver for the neglect of a parent. How can you justify this. Did the writer even look at the laws! Why are you not showing how Victor hired someone to switch up Sharon's medicine, it's always Sharon or Adam. Crazy. Why is Victor unscaved from his corrupt behavior! Someone wrote in the fan club why not have Adam build up a new company with Jack and make it bigger and better than Victors. Let him and Chelsey get back together and make her the new High Society Charity Coordinator. Let something Victor does, bring Victoria, Nicholas, and Adam to unite as a team against him. Please bring some happy moments to the show. There should not have been a death so soon after katherine after all the years she devoted to the show. She deserved better than that. You should have had Nickie create a charity in honor of her! Please listen to the fans we depend on the show to bring entertainment to our lives. Also it's an insult to your actors and their talent to give them stupid story lines. You have such a great team, help make their stories shine so they can show their true talent.
  • the writing is the worst ever

    The writers are ruining Y&R, I agree with the bad dream, this is so %^$$%%^ depressing, My mom who has watched your show forever has quit until it is fixed
  • Vulgar Victor

    Has anyone besides me noticed that every line Victor says usually has a profanity in it? Jack is always JackAss, Billy is either an SOB or a bast**d and old victor sure likes to use hell and damn a lot. What gives Eric? Is that something you had them write in your new contact that you get to cuss because you're now a old codger? And lest we forget, the new buzz word on the show is "The Universe" It seems it is now in control of everything an everybody. What happen to God? Last I heard He is very much alive and still in charge of the Universe! I guess if there is one thing I've admired about Y&R, it is the fact Christianity is always in the background and in the lives of its characters. Although not in the forefront, it is always there when they have a tragedy ... kind of like many of us. Sorry, Adam ... God isn't in the deal making business. He took care of Conner because Christians would have been praying for him in real life. Not because you promised to be good. I sure hope the writers aren't trying to go the way of so many other shows with "Political Correctness". Come on, God is alive and well in this country. Christianity is the still the mainstream religion. The "Left" of course wants to downplay all this so they want everything watered down. Be strong Y&R like Blue Bloods. Nothing wrong with showing strong family values. They're what America was built on!
  • Bad Dream

    Writer's can you just make this all a bad dream that Billy is having, as we all know anything is possible in the world of soap. I've been watching Young and the Restless since the 70's and for the first time, I choose not to watch the show. This is the worst story line ever, using Cassie to assist Sharon in her devious plot to get Nick back, allowing young Delia to die and worst of all projecting Adam as the hit and run killer of his sons donor. This is not Tales from the Dark side or Dark Shadows; but for the first time it feels that way. Colleen, Cassie, Delia, not to mention Catherine's real life death. Enough already!

    Billy and Khole,This is so would NEVER WANT TO EXPERIENCE THIS ......
  • Y & R falling off the high cliff THEY built?!?!

    So easy and predictable ,AND LAZY! Killing off a major child character,and sooo soon after Jeanne Cooper(Kaye Chancellor) died in real life world. Her character was killed ,but with marginal writing skills surrounding to Y & R ,the show that leads in new edgy story lines with matching cinematography, set designs,wardrobes and yes! the BEST cast of actors of all backgrounds,colors,and lifestyles in their acting skills and handling real life.

  • Move out writers

    move over writers i want to take over and write better and happier story lines o and also we need some of our former casts back i will mention we need danny and daniel and little lucy back so danny can have a chance to become a better father to daniel and to be the best grandpa in genoa city, so please please get new writers. one thing you do not kill an innocent child that is way so wrong secondly what are you writers thinking, are you really wanting your rating to go to the lowest like it has and also do you really want to lose viewers. thirdly we do not want no more sad story lines that is so ridiculous especially after just losing Katherine, we can not afford to lose anyone else, so bring back old charectors and bring in someone to play phyllis and we will be set. Thiirdly if one more innocent child dies i can gurantee alot of former viewers will quit watching for good.
  • what didn't they kill off Victor Newman

    you took an innocent child. I have no more respect for Y/R. After the 1st of the year you've lost a fan. Kill off an ADULT NEXT TIME!

    Also why didn't they have Adam MAN UP and go to police. He did not know he hit a child. he just saw the dog. You Bells have some problems.
  • Former CBS Soaps: Guiding Light .. As The World Turns and ....... Y&R

    This will be the headline soon ... depressing and morbid ... killing off and 8 year old ... the story doesn't even have any meaning not a Drunk Driving PSA or Texting and Driving PSA .... this is stupid and a poor story line ... Bring back MAB ...

  • Niki finding son

    Can you tell me how Niki came to the conclusion that Dillion is her son out of 1000's of people in that city. The writers never showed how she came to that conclusion. The writers have been weak with ideas and the death of that little girl is the worse of all.






  • Disugsted

    Why blame Adam for this , This is not him at all this part sound like Ashley or her daughter will do something like This part of the show need some work like ASP )
  • Disugsted

    The show has really deteriorated. I'm not sure what the writer's are trying to do with the show but it's not good. The show needs something interesting or happy, it has become so depressing. Why is Adam always to blame for everything? Cassy has passed, why must she be used as a tool to instigate Sharon to get back with Nick?
  • Give up this predictable writing

    I have watched this show since its beginnings. I am now done. This storyline of Delia's death to provide Connor with corneas is ridiculous and SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO predictable. This young actress was amazing and the life of the show. Now Victor will get his way once again, as Billy will turn to gambling or drinking to ease his grief and guilt and he and Victoria will divorce. She will work for Victor, blah, blah, blah. I would rather have seen Adam buy corneas on the black market and then get in trouble for that. I was hoping that the writers were tricking us into thinking Delia was going to die but would instead have her in a coma and then recover. But alas, they disappointed this viewer and I will not watch for a very long time, if ever again.
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