The Young and the Restless

Weekdays 12:30 PM on CBS Premiered Mar 26, 1973 In Season





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  • Hunter King a great actress? Ha!

    I for one will be glad she is gone, and I can only hope for good. She is not that good looking at all. Her acting is mediocre at that. How she won awards over others I'll never know. Yuck can't stand her!!!
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  • Can't watch bye y&r

    Thumbs down on Phyllis and Billy

    keep it real now. Everyone knows that if you inherit money you cannot try to get half of it in a divorce. It's time to get rid of Hillary or she gets what she deserves!
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    Y&R has become so very uninteresting that i am finding myself fast forwarding through most. Luka, hillary, & Summers story line BORING, WHO CARES. YOU got rid of a very watchable charactor when sage was killed off. She was great to watch, her expressions and her acting were believable. The whole baby storyline is getting on my nerves, not as much as luka and hillary, yikes! Im lucky if im watching 5 min of it anymore. What the Hell happened??????
  • Young & Restless

    I don't like Billy and Phyllis. How can Billy do that to his brother. How can Phyllis do that to Jack, with his brother!

    Lousy message to everyone! No wonder morals are gone
  • Feedack/Suggestion

    "My feelings for you are not going to

    "Really??? The person(s) in charge of casting and the person(s) doing the writing need to change! The same storyline in B&B and Y&R will be the demise of the programs. It started when Victoria Rowell left and was not allowed to return. Mistake!!! Then Billy Miller Michelle Stafford and Michael Muhney were released. Mistake! ( Hunter King should have been the one to leave in the latter Mishael Morgan is a real big mistake!

    Thad Luckinbill was wonderful; where is heTed Shackleford disappeared but we have to watch Miles Gaston Villanueva?????

    Robert Adamson is great! Jeff Branson and Shemar Moore are missed!

    Yes! Definite changes should be made! Y&R and B&B have been too good to let go down the preverbal drain.
  • Lousy acting

    Phyllis cannot act; whether she is happy or angry, her voice never changes nor her expressions. Also why keep aging Billy was it so the writers could make the Phyllis and Billy affair is believable?

    I fast forward all the love scenes with Phyllis and Billy because there is simply is no chemistry. If anything, change Phyllis or suggest she take some additional acting classes; not meant to be cruel but her monotone voice is really irrating; like nails across a black board.

    Secondly, how many times are the writers going to keep Sharon 'keeping secrets'. She is an exceptional actress and her and Dillion fit like a glove. It gets ridiculous to keep putting her back as the family liar. It's about time, the writers make her a favorable and descent individual and write her some solid lines.

    I'm about to stop my daily recording of Y & R because the story line is becoming rather boring.
  • It's my favorite soap! However...

    I can hardly wait to see Hillary feeling the heat of Blackmail. Somehow Neil or the family need to set her up for her Social ladder to come tumbling down. Just like Humpty Dumpty she needs to have a "GREAT FALL"!! I'm over all the super skanks like Hillary,& Phyllis, getting away with their crap while once innocent Sharon is being painted into the corner and turned into a (SELFISH MOTHER WHO LIES AND HIDES ) WHAT'S GOING TO HAPPEN EVEN THE TRUTH COMES OUT? SHE'S LOST A BABY ALSO.. MORE THAN ONE. GO EASY EASY!
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  • Do you want me to break all my TV's ?

    Watch a few days of the Young and Restless, with the ever boring puffy faced and bad hair days Sharon, the ever boring do nothing Nick, Nicki with her all too tight painted on clothes, Victor who simply buys too much hair grease, and not enough wrinkle cream, and can no longer get his annunciation or diction right-he mumbles everything, and now the boring Chloe and all the out of wedlock children and everyone having to have sex on TV, add CBS stupidity, and the worst of writers, and I want to fire all of them and destroy my TV

    Get rid of this trash show PLEASE! The cast and show are sickening.

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  • Get new writers and get rid of two characters ASAP!

    I have been a fan of the show for over 20 years. I know its a soap so characters come and go and the characters must have "drama" to keep people watching.

    However, the character of the Sharon is probably the worst written character I have seen on TV in a long time!!! How is it possible that they are going to make her explore the EXACT same theme she did a couple of years ago regarding paternity??? We already know this story and it was not interesting the first time.

    I have not been a fan of Sharon's character. She never had anything to offer than being arm candy for whichever rich man she married. She never had a skill, job or interesting dialogue. She is written as pathetic doormat or really dumb woman.

    I miss the days when the female characters had back bone and substance. Not just trophies for powerful men or to sleep their way around town. I also don't enjoy how stupid these women are portrayed ( Sharon, Summer, Marisa

    Sharon has done nothing in at least a decade? She rarely works, so she lives off of her divorce settlements? She has no interests other than her ex-husband? She has no life but she has a newly discovered mental illness that had her marry her father in law?? I cannot suspend that much disbelief.

    The Sharon character needs to go away along with Summer and Marissa. The new actress portraying Phyllis is fresh and exciting. At least her chemistry with Billy is worth watching. The character of Natalie also a good addition but she needs more depth.

    As a long time viewer, the women have become the least interesting part of the show, especially Sharon's character. Please, please, please get rid of her!!! I don't think a new actor will help. She is not interesting enough to keep around since it seems the writers are not interested in making her watchable.

    Its too bad there are no longer soaps to compete against Y&R. I think it only remains #1 since there is no competition.

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  • Please Y&R - I don't want to stop watching !!

    I've been watching this show since day one and have found myself challenging me to do something else instead of watching this show for a while now but the tipping point was killing Sage before she could get her baby back! While we're at it, let's KILL the following plots:

    - SHARON!! Let her get real help NOW!! She has such a great support group but can't get right!!

    - Hate Devon with Neil's wife. Kill her off

    - goodnes! I never thought I wanted Victor to go down but DO IT!! He's got more visitors in his cell that mcDonalds during breakfast!!


    OH I'm loving the Luca/Summer that up really nice!!


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  • duped by a child

    really young and the restless?if this boy gets away with steeling the tape i may never watch this show can he get away with out smarting all these grownups?
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