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  • New writers

    Story line is getting boring. Drop Cane and Lilly enough about Rose put Sharon back on her meds and we all know Adam is not going to be charged for rape. Let,s bring a new actoress in to replace Phyllis.
  • Sharon oh Sharon

    FINALLY! Sharon has come to her senses in realizing that Nick is and always will be the LOVE of her life. We can debate Sharon's sanity because of the fact that she is taking advice to deceive that love, from the ghost of Cassie. We all take comfort where we can. But it's to late Sharon! Nick was ready, willing, and able to forgive and forget, but NNNooooo, you needed to prove that you didn't need him and that you were independent and that Adam was 'the one'. Now she is caught up in a web of lies that is causing pain and heartache to someone that Nick loves. Doesn't she know that it is going to end badly. My suggestion to Sharon is tell the truth . Before Phyllis or a fake Phyllis tells all and then she will never get a chance to make Nick understand that she really does love him in her own twisted way.
  • What's going on?

    It seems that the cast is degrading in quality. The new Abby, who is totally giddy, is almost nauseating and Michelle leaving after Jeanne's death leaves much to be desired to watch.
  • Do we need new writers?

    For the past three weeks, I have chosen to boycott this daytime television drama. The plots are so exhaustingly negative, specifically, the insidious paternity switches for Summer. First, the average, non-trained individual could not change DNA results in an actual lab. Second, no physician would stand in publicly accessible area and announce paternity results with the patient's name audible to the surroundings.

    I believe Y&R will lose a vast majority of intelligent viewers if these sad stories continue. They have certainly lost me.

  • Hey Dig that "Beautiful Red Hair" on Phyllis after Brain Surgery

    Gee writers give us a break Phyllis looks like she just got back from having a make over then someone who just got out of brain surgery. Where's the bandages from the surgery? and what up with her hair?

    I thought that a person who has Brain surgery they cut the hair? You did on Mrs. C when she was in the hospital with a head injury. Come on Phyllis has to feel really stupid playing a part of a brain surgery patient and looking so great afterwards can I have the same doctor so when this happens to me I can look so great too. Phyllis I luv u your a great actress but please do us all a favor and don't submit this role for the Daytime Soap Opera Awards u won't win if u do it's a non believable role sorry girlfriend but I still luv u anyways.

  • Script

    The writers really need to look at all of the sadness they are writing in. True turnoff. Hate to see Phyllis go. Sharon should leave!
  • Sharon wins again

    Why does Sharon keep winning. Now she has broken Nick heart as well as Noah and summer. This is terrible, I wish they would find Sharon a new man and not a Newman or an Abbot.
  • The new Kyle and Abby just don't cut it!

    Why did Y&R have to recast Abby and Kyle, the new abby does NOT measure up the Emme Rylan and the new Kyle does not have the flair, whit, and savvy of the previous 25-yr old Kyle! What bad casting decisions on the show's part. Oh the new Kyle is SUCH a bore!!! It's really souring me on the scenes that involve these two now.
  • Why is this show still on?

    First of all, parents not telling their daughter that she's about to sleep with her brother ... Tell her before the show really receive nasty emails.

    A husband going out on a pretend date with his cheating wife ... Please get a divorce already.

    None of the so-called graduates, who by the way grew up 13yrs from last year, were ever shown going to school or doing homework. They all end up working for Newman, etc.

    Lily and Tyler .... Victor and family ... the whole group .... Boring.

    Dylan and Chelsea actors should leave so that they can still salvage their careers. They should go prime time to other shows.

  • So close to no longer watching

    I thought the old writer was bad but this new writing team may even be worse. Why are we having a 1000 recasts? Why are all these washed up former SOAP stars on my show? I didn't watch Y&R for over 2 decades to watch a bunch of hacks from General Hospital, Hawthorn Heights and wherever else these horrible actors are coming from. I have never liked other SOAPS besides Y&R and have no interest in watching their actors on this show. And why oh why would they hire a writer from a SOAP that flopped? To ruin what was left in this show?
  • Young and the Restless

    Program today was there be a video out?
  • For Black and White

    As from the late"Micheal Jackson" It Doesn't Matter if Your Black or White. You yourself are mixed we all are, go to ancestory and find out more about yourself.
  • Re: Black and White

    I love how you think you can speak the minds of black and white. It's 2013, mixed people are all over, it's reality. Get over it!!!!!
  • Black and White

    Use to love this show. Now I hate it because everytime I tune in you are mixing up blacks with white people. The white people don't like it and neither do the blacks. If got had wanted us to be mixed up eve would have been black and adam would have been white. Get a grip! Stop mixing it up!
  • What is going on??

    Y & R has become so bad I can hardly believe it. The new producer - or who ever she is - is just ruining the show. Steve Burton is like a fish out of water and does not fit the part. Actually there is no reason for this Dylan character at all. And Avery - get rid of her - she is sooooooooooo dumb for someone who is supposed to be smart. The new development of a toryline around Neil's girlfriend is also dumb. And the new Kyle who started today is AWFUL!!!!!!!!!!!! What a disappointment this show is and has become a disaster. It is getting as bad as the STUPID Bold & Beautiful!!!
  • get a grip

    everyone needs to get a grip. nikki needs to stop looking her nose down on sharon and realize and remember she got her start on a stripper pole. the newmans also need to start showing so respect to adam for what he did. nick needs to wake up about his little girl and do something besides going to bed with avery
  • Steve Burton will always be seen as jason morgan.

    I am a huge fan of steves, tried to start watching y&r when he came on the show and by day 3 i was over it. SInce he moved to nashville maybe he should try to get a part on the show nashville with his music talent. his former daytime co-star from . fits like a glove in that show. If you cant play jason morgan maybe you should think about not doing daytime at all.
  • 10084

    I don't like Victor being so vindictive toward Adam. I'm feeling sorry for Adam and wish he would get back together with Chelsea. I really enjoyed watching them in their loving moments!!!
  • Young but not restless........

    I am not a big fan of this show because of many reasons but 1. TOOOOO much Drama 2. This is more like a elder show than a children show and 3. Because the characters aren't acting that great..... But don't get me wrong my mom LOVES this show Love- Can't get OVER it watches it ALL the time! But sadly I give this show a thumbs down :/
  • Time lines. Score of 3

    What is wrong with the writers, Abbey went from a child to a young woman in a matter of months. Now Kyle left show as a boy of about 12 and now six months approx he is back as a young man able to drink alcohol which would have to make him 21. At this rate of ageing people Katherine would be 120, Victor at least 85, and heaven only knows the rest of cast. Guys, get your act together the viewers are not stupid and these gaffs are really annoying. I, for one find the writers have lost the plot and unless they improve, will be dumping viewing Y & R.
  • A clever title goes here!

    When your mind up to what go on in the real world sit down and pay attentions to this. My review on this when it actors want you to feel the pain an power intention in life they put there all in it so this is not the best one but the writers took time in what they want you to believe. Believe it our not this is the best cast that anybody could have put together. Thank You!!!!!
  • Choppy - choppy

    What's with the editing of Young and the Restless? Scenes cut off abruptly before a commercial - story lines just dropped - the most refreshing character was Abby Newman - she is gone. Peter Bergman is still an excellent actor, but his conflict with Victor is tired, tired, tired.
  • Overated.

    Can't believe THIS is on the air but others (AMC/OLTL) aren't.



    BOI IF DIS WAZ REAL LIFE!! I would kick Jack azz. I aint lyin... I can't wait 2 c how the story unfolds n I Pray Victor regain his company back. Nick needs to slap he Hell of Summer n bust up Phyllis n da FBI guy. I guess itz true, Phyllis really does have nine lives cuz she get a way wit a lot of B/S while Sharon world is crashing rite in front of her face. Can't say I feel sry 4 her but can someone say "KARMA".....n it goes BOTH WAYS!! I'm jus sayin.......
  • Fed Up

    Give me a break. How many times can Phyllis get away with her mess? I am sure I'm not the only viewer who is fed up with her getting off for all of her crap.Writers, get real and send her butt to prison or just kill her off the show! Also, I am so sick of the Victor, Nikki drama! The Phyllis debacle though was the last straw...I;ll just stop watching.
  • So Tired...

    Of all the old rehashed storylines Y&R! How many whodunits will there be? My bad... we know who did it... but its not like Paul or Phyllis is going to jail so WHY do they keep wasting our time? I am tired of All the storylines at this point. PLEASE End the Paul and Phylis saga! We are tired of Victor winning! How many times will he disappear and come back? How many amnesia storylines will there be? They chopped . Heather, Harmony, Abby and Genevieve... I can do without the entire Winters family minus Devon.. Sofia... summer... the list goes on...
  • Sharon

    I am sooooo sick of Sharon now being the bad person. Why are you writting this bull about her. The Newmans and there self absorbed crap about her and how she has destroyed their family. They have walked all over her for 20years and you wounder why she has turned out with mental problems. Why cant you get Phyllis out of the picture with Nick and have Sharon and him heal and stop treating her like she was the bad one. He cheated on her and destroyed there life together. All these women on the show jump from bed to bed and it's ok but she does what she has been taught by them and she's the tramp whatever. Niki sleeps around and has since dollars were being shoved into her panties. I so disappointed in all the writters. Why take a mom from her children what makes Nick the best parent, cause for once he has his pants up. Maybe if Sharon was a dude on the show she might be respected for bed hopping like the men are. Come on Phyllis is like way older then Nick and you want us to believe they are around the same age, and she's best for him. I guess having money doesnt make you smart it just makes you loose.
  • Maria Bell is gone! Ding Dong the Bell has rung and it's OVA!!!!

    Well, well, well, I guess even if you are married to the owner of the show, it doesn't mean if you suck they won't fire you! Well, Maria Bell, wifey-poo of Bradley Bell, son of the GREAT WRITER Bill Bell is GONE GONE GONE GONE GONE!!! I HATE her as a writer. She SUCKED and I'm so glad one of the writers who was on board with LML is back and going to fix everything and make the show great again. CBS is really giving them a chance to rectify this mistake. Now on to firing Lauralee, the worst actress on TV.
  • Phyllis

    Love her new hair color. She looks 100 percent better.
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