The Young and the Restless

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    Can't stand Ian when he first came on the scene and to this day I still find him way annoying. I can't stand Mariah either, these two just spoils the story line and make it not worth watching. I don't know why Dillon and others stand around and listen to the rubbish ramblings that comes out of Ian's mouth! I would have just walked away. In this case - I just fastforward!! Let's hope the writers are not going to draw out this stupid Ian/Mariah story!! Sharon's acting is not helping either! How about more of Stitch instead - how about someone coming forward to clear his name and pair him off with Victoria. They go well together. I prefer him to the 'new' Billy ! The new Billy does not go with Victoria or Chelsea. Less of stupid Ian, aggravating Maria and the 'hard to stomach' Sharon!! ENOUGH is enough! This soap is going to the dogs!! 8/29

    New Billy - a bit better than the old new Billy - the stress is on 'bit'. Definitely no zing!! The latest Billy is portraying the 'Billy' we all like incorrectly!! When 'snitching' on Snitch - the Billy Miller wouldn't have stood there with a stupid smirk on his face!! Downright off putting!! With Billy Miller - he would have gotten away with murder and we would still be on his side. With these two new Billys - whatever they've done or are doing - somehow just brings the worst reactions out of their fans!!! There is no connection with the fans!!! Chelsea and Billy - a big yuck! Why is Kevin getting away with a crime just because he has connections and Stitch gets to pay for his?? They seem to knock down the good actors and give the bad actors the thumbs up!! Enough of Kevin already and kick him out of the police station and get the hospital to file a suit against him! I also agree about Cain and Lily - boring couple! Has Lily opened her own 'Match a couple' club?? Get her a life!! Neil and his new wife - terrible to watch. Get Devon his old girlfriend back - not the terrible beanpole model actress, the first girlfriend!! How about bringing back Sophia and Ronan Malloy and Chance - they are better actors/actress!!! Less of Chelsea's father - pathetic actor. Hunter King also not a very good actress. ENOUGH already of Sharon and Nick - lost interest to watch them. Bring Phyllis and her son back already! 07/07

    I agree with the other reviewer that it's time to get Phyllis back!! She was nasty but in an interesting but not irritating way. The new Kelly is a little bit of an improvement over the old Kelly - but just as nauseating! The new Billy is still way past nauseating!! Sharon and Nick .... not worth watching ... ughh!! A lot of fastforwarding whenever they are together!!! Now the secret is out about the Cassie 'clone' (hope we are not going to see anymore of her!) How about blowing Sharon out of the water with her so called 'secret' and get it over and done with. Had enough of her already!! One more rating down!! Almost time to stop watching! 4/25

    EWWWWWW!!!! Sharon and Nick making eyes at each other is making me gag!!!!!! Victoria and Snitch - they seem to match nicely ... Billy and Kelly - a definite NO!! Enough of Victor the dictator!! How about nice things happening to Adam and Jack for once??? Every episode is gloom and doom - not so enjoyable to watch anymore! The way the story is going and has already gone, is making me lower the rating! 1/10/2014

    YES, please send Sharon posthaste on a slow boat to China! ENOUGH of Sharon. I really cannot stand her acting! How could the writers even make her dead daughter to be so devious and ugly in mind for that age? When I saw that I couldn't even believe what I was watching. Get Chelsea and Adam back together, I think they go very well together. How about more on Devon?
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  • Fed up

    Let's get real, Neil and his wife have a lot more chemistry than Devon and her. They look like brother and sister and when they kiss or do a serious scene it looks like they are about to laugh. But that's all the credit I'm giving the Neil/Hillary relationship, I'm sick of seeing Neil with 20 yr olds. And his over dramatic way of falling for them. Him and Jack get engaged at the drop of a hat. Both are with women for a month before they are trying to marry them. Jack always looks desperate. I'm totally sick of Sharon/Nick constantly going over this secret, when it finally comes out no one is going to care anymore because we've been knowing this whole time. Love love love Dylan, please don't mess that up. Have Victor and Nicky take a long vacation for a yr or so or get her back with Paul, it's almost painful to see them in a scene together, they make each other look old. No more scenes at Newman/Chancellor, I know Newman ent was the basis of the show in the past but no one now days know what they do there anymore, but walk around in cute clothes. Lastly what's up with all the cut offs right before someone is trying to confess something? Sorry for venting so
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  • My Favorite is going on????

    I sit here listening to Y and R and I say listening because I had to stop watching to let you know my thoughts. I have been a Y and R fan since I was am 56 now. I DVR episodes when I am not able to watch at the scheduled time. Lately I have to fast forward through many of the episodes because I cannot stomach the characters you are now focusing on in your storylines,,,Nick was your worst used to fastforward it is Avery (Ms. Sugar and Syrup), Dylan (Mr. Deer in the rid of should not be on the of them are so sappy! Put Chelsea back with were great together.

    The new Kyle and . I am listening to Kyle has no bring back the other Kyle and Abby. What happened to them? If it pay, give it to them!

    I really wish Heather Tom were back as other gal, rid of her, too!

    I don't know what is going on at Y and R, but fix it!
  • I mean Boring! 4.9

    The Y and R is starting to make me lose interest, really tried to give it a chance. I have talked with people who watch and they feel the same. No, we don't want Niki drinking, and tired of Sharon, she needs a new doo. Ian Ward, well adds nothing to the show, getting old, and the Mariah storyline is boring as stand to watch any segment summer is in, as her being the cause of MM being fired, and not looking forward in trying to adjust to the new Adam. In reality, Chelsea, Is the main draw for us, like the Jack story line, as well as stitch and Dylan. My group also likes the new Dr. Leslie's husband. Leslie is becoming slowly a little more likable, but please Stitch, and let the truth come out soon 4.9


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  • Switching--can't handle this!!!

    The show will not be on long! firing Michael --big BIG mistake--new Billy--does not fit--Neil and whats her name on The Price is Right???? SILLY! now come on--rediculous!!! and Jill and her partner--stupid--get real! This is becoming the most boring, silly, stupid soap opera! that I used to enjoy---and the look alike that Victor has found of Sharon's dead daughter--now really! and if Adam comes back as a different person, having been burned and plastic surgery I presume---that will be the end!--for me for certain
  • Viewer since the first episode--

    My friends and I began watching the show during its first week on the air. We were in college then. I remember visiting my boyfriend at his college and seeing all the guys in the frat house sitting in the TV room watching the Brooks sisters. Over the years, I have watched the show on days off from work during the school year and during my summer breaks. Now that I am retired, I tape the show and watch it in the evenings. I agree with many of the comments below. It seems like the Billy Abbott character should disappear for a few years. No one is going to be happy with anyone who is hired to replace Billy Miller. Also, the actor who plays Neil has lost his edge over the years. It seems like it is time for that character to also disappear. He has become very over dramatic and a bit cheesy. I was sorry to see Michelle Stafford leave. She was a good actress with credibility. I remember the actress who is replacing her from another soap opera. I am hopeful that she will be able to take on the role. I am disappointed in the actress who is playing Kelly. I remember her from "As the World Either she was a much better actor back then, or the role she was given was better suited for her. She does not seem like a real person on this show. She has the over processed blonde hair and is being dressed in provocative dresses that do not go with her age and former profession on the show (teacher). I am assuming that this is being done for a specific reason. It is too bad that the show seems to be losing the newer viewers and some original viewers. This is now the last soap opera I watch. The only three soap operas I have ever followed were As the World Turns, Guiding Light, and The Young and the Restless. If Y and R does not soon improve, I guess I will be saying goodbye to the soap opera world all together.
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  • billy

  • Sharon

    Please put sharon in a coma and bring phyllis out...
  • how my relationship was restored

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  • Emmy Trophies

    Did I miss something somewhere -- anyone know why they are placing Emmies in different screen locations on Y&R this past couple of weeks. Have seen on Kevin's desk, Chloe's apartment, Jack's living room. Is it an inside joke Just curious.
  • does anyone agree???

    first off i would like to say that i am a huge fan of the show. i have been watching now for about 7 years and i just don't get why nothing exciting is happening anymore. Victor isn't in any shady deals or planning anything, jack has stopped getting revenge. i just don't know what is happening to my favorite show. i just do not see where the show can go from here they are just dragging everything out. for example victors internal investigation with the feds and how the father is of victors baby, she was supposed to go and now it has been five days and still no appointment. i just don't want the show to lose an audience.
  • Please bring back the old Billy

    OMG!!!! Why can't you bring the old Billy back!? The two PATHETIC replacements have really taken away from the show. Billy Miller and Victoria were perfect together. I was happy to see the first replacement gone until I realized this guy is worse!! He can't act. Please bring Billy Miller back. PLEEEZZZEEE!!!!
  • Enough is enough

    When is the truth going to come out about Sharon it's so stupid that she gets away with what she's is Sharon going to come out of the coma WITH her memory in tact. When is Adam coming back? Chelsea is a tramp she needs to lose everything. It has to be proving that Ben did not kill his father and him and Victoria should be together. Enough is enough . This used to be the best almost true to life show now it's going in circles all they do is jump from bed to bed with the same people. I'm sick of Jack, Billy etc always putting down Victor but when something happens everybody turn to Victor for help.
  • I don't recognize my show anymore

    The writing is not capturing my interest anymore. Character changes are happening more rapidly then I can absorb. I am so bored with the Winters family and, in addition, the interaction between Jill and the Aussie, (whose screen name escapes me). I fast forward through the scenes that show those characters. If this keeps up, I'm gone.
  • OMG - please - the new Billy has to go!

    Sorry folks, but this new Billy has to go. He does not fit the part at all and is far too old. It makes me cringe every time I see him come into a scene. I have no idea why Billy Miller left, but the powers that be should really be trying to get him it takes, something has to be done. Ruining the whole show watching these new actors coming in trying to be Billy. Do something or guaranteed you will lose viewership. Just read these one likes the new Billy.
  • Billy Miller plz come back to Y&R

    I love this show! Been watching for more than 40 years! Please bring Billy Miller back! He is the best for this role! He played the gambler drinking cheater so convincingly. He was easily forgiven with at charm of his. These other two actors, Tom & the current guy, have no charm or on scream chemistry with Victoria! Tom is to calm & sweet, new guy just ain't working at all. Sorry, terrible casting assignment. Please get Billy Miller back. Looking forward to seeing Shamar in Sept. Thanks for many years of wonderfully colorful shows, both my grandmother & mother also watched.

  • Bad, New Billy

    If you can't get the old Billy back, couldn't you at least get someone more like him?This guy just doesn't have it!! He comes across weak, small, depressing, and too old! Can't stand to see him come on. This is just so bad a choice, I don't think I'll ever get used!
  • re: "the new billy"

    I recommend Kaj-Erik Eriksen as the "new" Billy He looks the part and he deserves the role. I need someone to pass this information along to the writers.
  • Billy

    I am a 30+ yr viewer.

    The new Billy misses the mark!

    The character has lost Billy's fun, whit and charm. The new fellow seems stiff and not all that believable. Feel like I am watching an actor play Billy. Disappointing!
  • Why does the New Billy look almost as old as Jack!!???

    I am SOOO disappointed Y&R. Billy Abbott is boyish, adorable and witty. Not old, sorry, I am not saying the guy couldn't be in a other role, good enough looking guy but not even close to what Billy Miller is suppose to look and act like. Get your crap together!! Should have kept Billy Miller or geez have kept Davis Tom. Horrible just horrible, now he looks old just like job on that part I guess. It's a complete joke, seriously.
  • Why all the drama with black s on daytime soaps?

    Hi everyone know it is just television but i cannot help but notice on the bold and beautiful and the young and the restless that the blacks always get some really ugly roles/ kills me to know that black actors cannot realize that producers are giving them parts to make them look cheap and without for instance the role of the black women on bold and beautiful Maya, Marcus, his wife his father all blacks without general hardly see Marcus Maya till now cannot marry and now she makes a fool of herself with and restless shows now Neil looking at a home for his black wife and her and his son in a dressing room making out why do they accept these type of roles it makes me so sick and the producers demonstrate in these soaps the disregard for black people look at the difference with hope she has constant roles and interesting ones all the whites in a matter of fact but the blacks need to wake up or the producers need to produce fairly as not all blacks live their lives with drama and disloyal behavior as they proudly display to the public in these soaps some black always in jail was a thief or something of that got money from his grand mom and does not know what to do with it i have never seen a white with a role to throw money off a roof top why do this to the black people his father is a business man in the show could they not instead show his dad teaching him to run business and successfully never see victor nor his kids doing this type of nonsense why do it to am sadden for this i am black and what i saw today with neil and his new bride made me sick and angry with producers of young and restless and The bold and beautiful.

    Thanks for reading
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