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  • Nick and Sharon ... and then there's Summer

    Please don't separate Sharon and Nick again. My husband and I started watching this show together and we both were hoping for a very long time that they'd be brought back together which I think is rare on Soaps.

    Now Summer having feelings for her mother's lover is just plain awful. I think the writers are having too much wine these days. Is there something wrong with a happy relationship that it has to get so twisted. I think Phyllis and Billy are a cool team, although, I think they could do more than sex.

  • More Kyle Abbott please

    I really like the actor playing Kyle Abbott. He is the best Kyle there has been, and he is gorgeous!!

    It would be great to see more of him on the show with a great story line.

    He is a breath of fresh air, I love his look!!!
  • Get over it

    The comments on Mariah and Tessa are rediculous. First off their characters are boring anyway. Second off, get off the gay and lesbian remarks. Unless you put on blinders, it's out there like it or not. Children shouldn't be watching this anyway. If you are so worried about it watch Sesame Street!
  • Stopped watching show due to lesbianism

    I had been watching the Young and the Restless for the last 15 years or so and i've always thought as this show as a traditional show, however, that has all changed when you put Tessa and Mariah together as a lesbian couple. Could you not be creative enough to think of other storylines? I am very disappointed after all these years that your show turned to the worldly crap and didn't keep your show traditional like i always thought it was. Before you had brought in lesbianism into the show i thought you were a unique show to watch and i always thought it was cool how you seemed different then the other soaps out there, but sadly not anymore. I drew the line in watching your show when you resorted to the gay factor being a big part of your show. i am really sad and disappointed terribly how your show became and i just had to walk away from watching it after all these years due to the gay crap you put in:(
  • Why did you have to throw in the Lesbian storyline?

    As the way of all other TV shows, I never thought the Y&R writers would join the rest and find it necessary to please the minority and add a Lesbian storyline with 2 good women actresses. Couldn't you have put Tessa and Mariahs acting skills and characters to better use?? I have been watching, faithfully the Y&R for 35 yrs and love all the storylines, awareness to such things as addiction, human trafficking,etc. Seeing 2 women romantically talk and kiss on the lips on daytime TV to seemingly please a small minority and offend a large majority is so disappointing. Will the next scene be 2 women in bed with eachother making love??? Guess I will be leaving my 35 yr Y&R family until this storyline comes to an end. I grew up with Nickie, Victor, Catherine,etc. So sad.
  • Writer's Bad Block

    I am wondering if the writer's are on drugs. This must STOP from a loyal fan. You cannot have the annoying Hilary and Devon to continue this relationship - SHE CANNOT BE PREGNANT. She needs to leave the show - she is VERY annoying! Also I don't understand what you're thinking when it comes to Nick and Sharon, they should NOT get back together! Please wake up over there, you may lose a loyal fan from over a 20 years of viewing.

    Just wanted to add, you should allow Devon and Simone to marry just to RUBE it in Hilary's face. Also Phyllis should NOT be allow to dictate how to handle the murder of JT - bad idea!!

    Thank you for your attention in this matter.

    Worried Fan

    . Another Review - Stinking Thinking!

    Writer's Still on Bad Drugs

    As of today's episode - April 27/18

    Now the writers have Hilary going to get Devon's sperm to get her pregnant thanks to Phyllis again?!! You have to stop this STINKING THINKING or you will lose another fan from over 20 years (as a reminder)! You need to get other writers and PAY THEM WELL to keep this show on air - PLEASE!!!


    Another added note

    After over 20 yrs of watch this show, I will be ending my restlessness. I will not longer watch this show. You should listen to your faithful fans. Until you get it together, I will not be watching this show. Your writers and on drugs by putting Devon and Hilary having a baby together, it's STINKING THINKING! Also Nick and Sharron back together. What's is wrong with you writers?!!

    Good bye and I will encourage other watches to agree with me!!!! "SAD

    Added note: You finally gave Hilary the boot - great! Now you should not allow the marriage between Nick and Sharon - bad mistake! Listen to your fans, we are the people that keep your show on the air. Find Sharon another man! You always portray her as an angel and we know better - stop it! I will leave the show again with your stinking thinking!!
  • Young and Restless

    The last show with Hillary was Great!!!!!!!!!. She went out with a Bang!!!!!! The best of Young and Restless Ever!!!!!!!
  • Sad to see the direction of the writing for this show

    The story line using Tessa and Mariah as gay really upsets me. I have watched this show faithfully for years. Gay people make up such a small percentage of our population. The masses do not want to watch this crap. It is not normail to let our kids watch two women kissing on daytime either. Axe this storyline or I switch channels for good.
  • Why is Y&R so boring right now?

    This is the most boring summer with Y&R I can remember! This year they've taken all the good people off... I wish they would bring back exciting people like Druscilla, Adam, Etc...
  • wrong direction

    Hi I have been a fan of Young & The Restless for years & years, My first Soap Opera was As the World Turns in 1958 when I was a Senior in High School. My friends and I are very disappointed that you have decided to make Mariah Gay! We all decided ( Married or widowed) we, don't have to spend our time watching this on TV. You all have the advantage of trying to push a subject but we, as stay at home women don't have to watch it. Thanks for Wonderful Years & I'm sorry you decided to go in this direction!

    Trust Hilary to leave the show with such drama. Everything with her is such a drama!! Definitely she won't be missed by me!! 7/24

    Hilary is so egotistical!! When Nate didn't fall under her (I LOVE ONLY ME) charm - she's all gung-ho to dig up dirt on him. Such an ugly personality!!! Can we please see LESS of her!! Fast forward when she's on! Summer is still pathetic! What a character - as bad as Hilary!! 7/03/18

    Sharon and Nick - UGGHHHH!! Abby - still pathetic acting (sure she's going for Arturo) - nothing new! Devon - useless! Pathetic!! Hilary - REALLY annoying and pathetic!! 5/17

    Oh come on!!! Can you believe Devon?!! How much more stupid can he be?!! If he wants a child so badly - have it with his new girlfriend!! Let's hope Hateful Hilary doesn't fall pregnant!!! The new (think he's 'IT') Kyle is such a weazel!! 5/7

    Can someone stop that stupid train wreck of a Hilary? So annoying to watch!! Phyliss is just as bad for giving bad advice!! 5/4

    PLEASE, PLEASE, NO MORE of stupid Hilary!! She is just so annoying to watch!! Devon is really stupid!! Just thinking with his bottom half!! 4/25

    Just when I thought it was bad enough that the writers are bringing Nick and Sharon back together, they bring Devon and annoying Hilary back together! Get rid of her - so off putting to watch! 3/30

    Nick is such a sucker. I wouldn't pay Chelsea's mom a single dime! 3/5/18

    No fan of Abby but they sure are making her act like an idiot and a fool. Not that she isn't already portrayed as one already. Who the heck has sex with whomever just because they are feeling out of it? Everyone is sleeping with anyone! What kind of show is this? There are no morals and fidelity whatsoever in anyone. You may as well have a porn show! 11/17

    Can Hilary just disappear from the show!! She's so annoying to watch and take Juliet with her - they make a nice pair!! 10/05

    Ugh!!! When can we stop watching stupid (I'm the victim) Juliet? She's so depressing!!! The way she is going after Cain is so pathetic to watch!! Bring in another mogul to bring Victor down!! So annoying!! 9/21

    The way the writers have Victor manipulating his grandchildren is just too disgusting to watch!! Really pathethic!! 8/28

    Not an admirer of Cain or Lily - but can Billy please SHUT UP!! He's so sanctimonious!! He's done many a stupid things and here he is acting all high and mighty!! Annoying!! Enough of stupid Hilary and get rid of Juliet. She's got that kind of face that is so pathetic - hard to watch. She seemed to be well aware of what was happening when she had sex with Cane. Now she's acting as if she's the victim? She looks guilty as hell. 6/29

    Adam did not murder Delia.. it was an accident! So Chloe gets off scott free killing him? What about Billy? He left his daughter alone in the car!! He's also partially to blame. Yeah, one cannot forget Delia's death, because the writer's went on and on and on and on etc about it. Glad that Kevin will be finally out of the picture - he is just as annoying as Chloe! 6/14

    Hilary is still pathetic!! Don't like Juliet. They both must go. Terrible to watch! Thank goodness we've seen the last of Chloe! I suppose now we are going to see a lot of Kevin being pathetic and all whiny!!! Please shut him up!! 6/5/17

    Dillon is now starting to get quite annoying and is becoming quite pathetic like Sharon. He's been with Sharon too long, he's catching some of her stupidity. Why would anyone give shared custody to them? That kid is not even their son - he won't even remember much at that age. They are confusing him even more by hanging around. Since he is Nick's brother, why can't they just go visit instead of starting all that cr*p. Great job getting two psychos together - Chloe and Sharon!! Let someone find out about Chloe's evil doings!!! Chloe and Kevin - BORING!! 12/3

    More about Delia again!? Billy is annoying!Just like 9/02

    Why is Adam always getting the short end of the stick? Are we back to the Delia saga again? Why do we have to sit and watch that over and over again? I understand the grief when a child is lost, but they've been carrying on and on about this for quite a while? 7/18

    Ewww!! Billy and Phyllis - Has Billy no respect for his brother? There's a line you do not cross - what a sleazeball!! Not one has come close to the original Billy. Never mind Phyllis!! Where's the loyalty and faithfulness? Of course, Psycho Sharon is getting away with it again? Can Hilary just die now? So sick of watching her 5/13

    Ugghhhhh!! Can we get rid of 'Mad' Max?!! To have someone so young premeditating and committing such a terrible deed (even if I don't like Abby) is hard to watch. What are the writers thinking!! Don't like his wooden acting either!! 4/21

    Gave the new "Billy" a chance - a tad better than the previous one - but still not holding my breath on this one - he seems a bit slimy to me like Joe! Can we watch less of stupid Hilary? The sudden quick switch back to Devon is really pathetic! 3/5

    Abby now pregnant??!! Ughh!! What with her stupid laugh and her pathetic acting, we now have to watch her going gaga over the baby? Max is a brat - the writers now have him premeditating murder? Stitch let him walk all over them - their parenting skills suck. Hilary's acting sucks, we now have to watch Neil binge drinking again and acting like an ass?! 2/22

    People dying and or people getting sick. All this and the sadness over the start of the new year? How depressing!!! Sharon and her annoying psychiatrist is really pathetic. And as usual Billy in hospital bed, stilll carrying on about Delia and car accident. Time to get past that, the writers keep on bringing that up. 01/19

    Enough already - they keep on and on about Delia! Get on with the story - sick of hearing Billy blaming everyone but himself over and over! Enough already of Psycho Sharon - such a bad actress! How can a psychiatrist even have free control like that - unless she owns the clinic? 12/01

    Really stupid story line - how in the world can doctors or so called psychiatrist can really get away with stealing a baby and planting a dead baby in its place? Sage has been with her baby since birth and don't tell me that a mother does not recognize her own child's face!! How can anyone think that Sage wouldn't recognize her own child! Now it's going to be all about Sharon again with her stupid fake baby!! 11/09

    Neil is a terrible actor. I presume Hilary fell down a cliff? Won't she have some sort of broken bones at least?? Some scratches or cuts? There's nothing like that!! 9/9

    Stitch and Abby??!!!! (SHUDDER!!!!) Even an ape can act better than her!! The new Kyle is UGHHH!!! 04/30

    Wow!! Another stupid story line besides the last one when everyone survived the air crash!! A double of Jack!??? Really???!!! Don't tell me Phyllis who has seen and felt Jack's body, never mind his every little stupid actions and mannerisms, cannot tell that this is a fake!! Come on!!! How do you duplicate a voice?? Never mind the exact body shape - this is one big stupid story line!! 04/15

    Really!!???? I know it's a soap, but the whole lot of them surviving a crash???? Walking around like they just fell on their knees and not badly hurt from that kind of an impact? 02/19

    Seriously??!!!! The new guy as Adam?? Yeah, he had a face surgery - wow, his voice changed as well??? How did the writers think they can get away with such a stupid story!! 12/01

    Can't stand Ian when he first came on the scene and to this day I still find him way annoying. I can't stand Mariah either, these two just spoils the story line and make it not worth watching. I don't know why Dillon and others stand around and listen to the rubbish ramblings that comes out of Ian's mouth! Sharon's acting is not helping either! The new Billy does not go with Victoria or Chelsea. Less of stupid Ian, aggravating Mariah and the 'hard to stomach' Sharon!! ENOUGH is enough! 8/29

    New Billy - a tad better than the old, stress is on 'tad'. Chelsea and Billy - a big yuck! Cain and Lily - boring couple! Neil and Hilary - terrible to watch. Less of Chelsea's father - pathetic actor. Hunter King also not a very good actress. ENOUGH already of Sharon and Nick - lost interest to watch them. 07/07

    It's time to get Phyllis back!! She was nasty but in an interesting but not irritating way. New Kelly is a little bit of an improvement over the old Kelly - but just as nauseating! New Billy is still way past nauseating!! 4/25

    EWWWWWW!!!! Sharon and Nick making eyes at each other is making me gag!!! Billy and Kelly - a definite NO!! 1/10/2014
  • Horrible

    It is unbelievable that you are allowing your show to start displaying homosexuality; this show has been on the air for 40+ years and now this. We already have enough of this kind of behavior. Ridiculous
  • Fan since 1980

    For the past 40 years I have been a loyal fan of Young and the Restless. This unique soap has been the very best of all soaps. Naturally!! That is why you have succeeded as you have!!

    But,I am so very disappointed In the direction the show has taken in the past week. Altho I could feel "this thing" brewing for a while between Tessa and Mariah I hoped and prayed the present outcome would be avoided.

    Tessa and Mariah are not that important to the story. They have little credibility to the show! And now we are forced to watch them in an unnatural relationship!! For that reason, I am forced to discontinue watching my once beloved show.

    This world is already going to hell with all the twisted notions being forced on us.

    Please, Please for the sake of your loyal audience, Give us a break!! Keep that mess out of Young and the Restless. It is totally unnecessary and only devalues your hard-earned reputation.
  • Long time fan

    I've watched since the show began basically. Started with my grandma. But I'm about to stop, especially if Tessa and

    Miraha start this love interest. Y and R have made it for 40 plus years without any of that going, no need to start now. Its sad enough it's on everything else. It's a personal choice, does not need to be in everyone's face.
  • What is happening?

    Been a fan since the beginning, but the story lines are so disappointing lately. It has gotten so boring. I have nothing against a gay couple being on the show but their relationship is just so boring. The entire show has nothing exciting anymore. Bringing JT back did bring some excitement to the story line but then you ruined it by the murder of him and Nick posing as JT, both stupid and boring. I yearn for the days of the Nick and Phyllis affair. Perhaps Summer and Billy are leading to something? Nick and Sharon just so overdone! Time for some new blood in both the actors and writers!
  • Good-bye Y&R

    Last year, after Mariah and Tessa kissed, I wrote that I have also watched Y&R nearly from its inception. The story line between Mariah and Tessa has greatly disappointed me. The show used to be a fun escape, and now I am faced with giving up a long time tradition with a show I have enjoyed so much and stop watching it for good. Is this the direction Hollywood really wants to take? If so, I think you are offending a lot of people and will lose a following of tried and true Y&R fans. That decision is up to you. And now you are at it again with Mariah and Tessa being a couple. I do not want to have these gay relationships forced upon me and this is where I draw the line. I am stopping my DVD recordings and watching this show that I have enjoyed for so many years. It's a shame you feel you need to follow this path. I agree with those who have already written. It's time to unplug and walk away from Y&R because it has left me first.
  • Disappointed

    Just want to say how disappointed I am

    about the characters Mariah and Tessa.

    I like this show and kept hoping these two

    wouldn't be put together as homosexuals .

    I'm a Christian and this is totally against what I believe. This always has to be shoved in our faces. I know my review and others probably won't make a difference because it's all about ratings. It would be nice if you would stop this storyline.


  • give me a break.

    We don't need to see two girls loving on each other. The only reason this shit is getting aired is because there is a big stink going on about gay relationships. Just allow them to be the way they want to be but everyone does not have to like it.
  • Hopee o

    I think they need to get rid of the new hope her acting really sucks.. pls get rid of her..
  • Victor versus Nick in custody battle

    I am so disappointed in the writers doing something so below the belt in showing the viewers that a grandfather can remove a grandchild right out from under a father's arm . Clearly that child will be raised by nannies and cooks and Nikki are past the age to raise a impression does this give the audience A grandfather who was in prison, a grandmother who commits adultry and they take away a child because of a person who is in recovery from mental illness. I am offended by the writers as an educator in special ed. People can recover with therapy and on the writers for making Sharon look bad.

    Today's episode just put a bad taste in my mouth .I am so sorry that they felt this was the way to go is why we have so many troubled kids today because of their improper upbringings.

  • Victor

    Really? I've watched Y& R my whole life and this is the first time I've ever thought about quitting. Giving Victor temporary custody of Christian? He is the one that is mentally ill!! Stop now!!
  • Billy!!! CYA!!!

    Ok Billy, secretly record Summer as she keeps trying you before you go to Phyllis!! Writers??!!!
  • Really!!

    I never do this but I have been watching young and restless for 30 years and I have never seen or heard such ridiculous story lines. It's all repetitive old storylines. Nick and Sharon really been there done that, Devon and Hilary come on victor being victor my god the writers need to come up with some new material, billy and Phyllis need to do something productive besides sex and I have always enjoyed the show but I don't bother watching very much any more same old same old get some new writers!!!

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  • Good grief

    I think it is ridiculous that Devon would even consider having a baby with Hillary the snake. What a dummy? I am sick of the both of them. It is so tiresome to continue to see this story line. Where is JT? How could they say Jack is not John Abbott's son, so ridiculous. I just love Victor's character. If he leaves, I will no longer watch the show. Victor makes the show. Sharon and Nick are bad together. Sharon is always looking for a man. Phyllis gets on my nerves. Victoria is too timid for me. How could she allow JT to abuse her? Kyle is such a backstabber. Send him back where he came from.

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  • You have got to be kidding!

    Nick & Sharon are pathetic! I can't believe you let them get back together again! That story is so overdone. Really disappointed.
  • Disappointed

    I have been watching this show, from day one. But I cannot stand the new Phyliss, I never liked her, as an actress. And the new Billy, yuck. I am glad you have people that aren't handsome, and beauiful. That's a plus. Cain, Billy, Ashleys new boy toy. Devon. All average looking. Don't know if I can continue watching this show. Really just can't stand this Phyliss. And who is dressing Abby come on people. Blue denim long shirt and that Gotti looking red long skirt. Come on people you can do better than that she needs to show off her figure not covered up with that horrible looking clothes.
  • Tweet-lee dee and tweett-lee dummer

    Who's Idea was to make Sharon and Phyliss cohorts. Nothing good has materialize in that union. They both look very stupid and phony!